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November 30, 2012

The Vacation - Part Three

Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Three - phase two


Rosita was as good as her word. She knew how to do everything,
and she made it seem easy. On the second day in the afternoon,
Sonia showed up and I shampooed her and gave her a trim. Rosita
told me exactly what to do. Later Marta came in and got the
same, then Marta's sister who wanted a cut and a curl. Rosita
was there the whole time telling me what to do.

By the third day I was doing friends and family of the hotel and
I was the busiest person in the room. I found out later it was
because I cost 5 pesos for doing anything. I think the shampoo
costs more than that, but the traffic livened up the place. A
girls' school class showed up and several of the ladies helped.

By the fourth day I was shampooing real clients, I spoke good
English and I was up on where the restaurants were and the
better clubs and the latest movies. The days moved fast.

On Friday the lovely Carol came for a cut. I shampooed her and I
wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss her but I'm a
coward. Rosita advised and I was pleased to realize she told me
to do what I was going to do. Nevertheless I thanked Miss

Whoever cut Carol before cut off too much, her hair is naturally
curly and I didn't shorten it anywhere, just evened it out and
let it form bangs and curl out at the ends. Carol liked it.

On Saturday I boxed up the whipping block I built the week
before to post it. When I realized the address I was sending it
to I got the strongest signal I was going to go home eventually,
I was sending it to Lisa.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

More beatings

On Sunday I got my third beating. I was doing Carol's laundry
and she caught me sniffing her panties. I didn't realize she
would be upset. Of course I didn't mean to let her know, but she
walked in on me doing it.

Carol said: "You may not masturbate and that is a masturbatory
behavior. This is a case of disobedience and you will suffer for

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I vacillated between thinking I was stupid for doing it and then
stupid for getting caught.

That evening when I was fastened over the hammock Carol asked if
I wanted to say anything.

I said: "Miss Carol, I'm not disobedient but just stupid."

Carol laughed and said: "This remedies both conditions."

My next utterance was a scream, but I managed to count and thank
her for the next twenty-five.

I got the wet towel and then later the collar and I expected the
same as before but Carol attached the chain with enough slack so
I could stand, not move much but stand on the bottoms of my
feet, the things for which I was grateful then.

Carol took the stool and came back and handcuffed my hands
behind my back. The door closed and the lights went out.

Time went very slowly, I came to realize I was going to be there
all night and tried to sleep. I guess I dozed because I was
startled when the light came on and I was handcuffed to the bed
in the slave's quarters.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the way to work in Carol's car on Monday she asked me if she
could trust me to do her laundry without abusing her underwear.

I said: "Miss Carol the short answer is yes you can. I revere
you so much that I would never do something you told me not to."

Carol said: "You're saying you didn't know I didn't want you to
sniff my panties."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I didn't know."

Carol said, "Then perhaps you are stupid, perhaps all men are."

I thought there was nothing to say.

Many of the magazines in the salon had how to articles and I
made notes. Rosita gave me customers who wanted radical changes
to their hair style. I found them pictures in magazines and
showed them how some styles affect certain facial shapes and
half the time they selected one of those styles and they looked
good and were happy. I discovered how satisfying it was when a
customer smiled at her face in the mirror after I cut her hair.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Rosita said I could work there as long as I wanted to. I told
her it was up to Carol. But in fact I wanted to go home to Lisa.
I wondered how long I was going to be here but I knew I wasn't
allowed to ask.

I wasn't allowed to say I'm hungry or thirsty because it showed
I was only thinking of myself. I guess it worked because I made
certain to fix breakfast and dinner for Carol. If she didn't get
breakfast, I didn't. I know she got food whenever and wherever
she wanted it, but Marta and Rosita didn't consider me a person.
So they just didn't think about it. They went to lunch and left
me working. And I didn't have entitlements such as leaving and
grabbing a byte.

On the following Friday Lisa came for a hair cut. I asked her
what she wanted and she said to suggest something. I spent
nearly half an hour showing her pictures, she demanded I make a
recommendation. I offered a trim. She said no. She wanted a new
style that I would pick.

I guess she knew how strong all the obedience training was so I
picked a style. I showed Rosita. Rosita looked at Lisa, then
back at the picture in the style book; she raised strands of
Lisa's hair and said maybe.

Of course I was scared. But under Rosita's direction it worked
and Lisa smiled at herself in the mirror and I got a hug which I
could return before she left.

In the debriefing I told Carol how I had deferred to her when
Rosita discussed how long I was going to be there. Carol only
said that was the right thing to do.

I guess I'll find out next week.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Saturday morning Carol announced it was spring cleaning for the
condo. She made a list of all the things that would get major
cleaning. She was going to read the newspaper and go shopping
while I did the work.

I emptied the refrigerator and defrosted the freezer. Of course
I removed everything and either put it into coolers Carol had or
wrapped it in newspaper to keep it cool.

I then scrubbed the oven, then the microwave, then I had to mop
the floor because I'd made a mess. I did the windows inside and
out and then stopped and fixed a sandwich. Carol came home and
caught me eating a sandwich.

Carol said: "I leave you to do work and I see that you're not

I said: "Miss Carol, I finished defrosting and cleaning the
refrigerator, the oven and the microwave, I mopped the floor and
did the windows, I'm halfway through the bathroom. I got hungry
and stopped for a few minutes."

Carol said: "You sound like one of our employees, you're a
slave. You work unless I tell you to stop. I don't remember
telling you to stop. This is a clear act of disobedience. I
think we have to start over with phase one."

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Carol."

Carol said: "Go stand in the corner next to the television,

I left half a sandwich on the kitchen table and I felt this was
so unfair and suddenly I realized how wrong I was thinking. This
time it really brought it down on me. Why should it be different
here than it was with Marta, I never said Marta, I'm going for
lunch. Why did I think I could do it here?

Carol said: "What did you do with the newspaper?"

I said: "Miss Carol I wrapped the food in it while I was
defrosting the refrigerator to keep it cold. Then I threw it

Carol said: "Destroying my newspaper adds to disobedience and it
will take all day to adequately punish you."

I struggled to stand absolutely still. I knew beyond any doubt
that I was going to get a beating.

Carol said: "Another element to your crime is the loss of work
you owe me for today."

Carol said: "I expect an answer when I talk to you."

I said: "Perhaps Miss Carol I could work the rest of the day and
I could serve the punishment during the evening and the night."

Carol said: "I will give you a postponement until after dinner,
then your punishment will start and not end until tomorrow."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

I finished the bathroom. Then I did Carol's bedroom. I removed
everything from the walk-in closet. I dusted the shelves and
vacuumed the carpet and put everything back. I washed the
baseboards in all the rooms.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I fixed and served dinner. I hoped Carol would be happy with the
work I had done or the food or the wine. But she seemed remote.
Before I took her plate she said: "You won't get dinner

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and threw her leftovers into the trash. I
cleaned the kitchen.

Before I finished Carol returned to the kitchen wearing a shiny
green teddy and the strap was in her hand. I finished just at
that moment. She looked so beautiful and desirable.

I moved the ottoman into position and took my position. Carol
fastened my arms and legs.

Carol said: "We will have two whippings, ten strokes for
destroying my newspaper and twenty strokes for disobedience. You
are a slave here and not a guest in my house. I'm going to try
to impress that on you. You will receive ten strokes and then
stand on your toes for an hour and then receive twenty strokes
and stand all night. Before we start tell me you understand the
difference between a slave and a guest."

I said: "Miss Carol a slave like me has to do what you tell him.
He has no entitlements. A guest expects to be treated graciously
and expects to be fed and made comfortable."

Carol said: "That's exactly right, so what possessed you?"

I said: "I didn't think ma'am."

Carol said: "The stroke doesn't count unless you receive it

Carol focused the strokes on my behind and I had difficulty not

When it was over the collar was placed on my scrotum and Carol
dragged the chain up so I was standing on the very tip of my
toes and she fastened it. She then handcuffed me so I couldn't
use my hands.

When she closed the door I tried to stand on one foot to nurse
the other one and that sort of worked but it increased the
strain on my neck. This was a horrible torture. By the end of
the hour I was almost hopping from one foot to the other, the
pain in each was excruciating, my penis felt like it was going
to be pulled out. I don't know how I lasted an hour.

Carol released the chain but to do it she yanked up and I
thought I was being castrated.

I was taken to the hassock and fastened, the collar and chain

Carol said: "Wait a minute; I have to use the toilet."

I waited many minutes, maybe fifteen or twenty.

I saw her go into the kitchen and pour some wine. She looked
beautiful and in some perverse way I was ready to receive a
monster beating. Her teddy outlined her pussy and in the back
the cloth disappeared between her cheeks. She's wore black high
heeled slippers.

Carol said: "Count the strokes or you will get extra." And pain
exploded in my upper thighs and successively in all regions of
my butt and thighs.

Because of the pain I became delirious or I moved around or
something but I got twenty four strokes.

Carol left enough slack in the chain so I could stand but I was
uncomfortable, I was held standing erect by the collar, I
couldn't change from one foot to the other without causing
strain on my crotch. I didn't think I could stay this way all
night but I didn't dare to call out or complain.

I screwed up but this is disproportionate punishment.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke hearing Carol move
about, but she wasn't releasing me. I needed to pee, I was
starving, I suppressed an urge to start jumping up and down and

The lights went on and Carol unlocked the door and came in with
the step stool.

She unfastened the chain then she unlocked the handcuffs. I was
so relieved to be free I forgot the rage that had filled me
minutes ago.

I said; "Thank you Miss Carol."

Carol said: "If I told you at 6:00 am to scrub the floor and
returned at 10:00 pm what would I be expecting you to be doing?"

I said: "I would be scrubbing the floor ma'am."

Carol said: "What if you got hungry?"

I said: "I would be scrubbing the floor, ma'am."

Carol said: "It's a simple question of obedience."

I said: "Miss Carol, I desperately need the toilet."

Carol said: "Go ahead and then come to the kitchen."

I returned to the kitchen with the collar on and chain. Carol
removed the collar and said: "I want you to remove the contents
of the drawers in the cabinets in here, and clean the drawers
and put them back."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I could see that Carol had fixed herself breakfast. The coffee
pot was almost full of coffee. She didn't offer me any. This was
another chance for me to show Carol I understood that I can't
help myself to food or stop working. So I focused on the

Carol was in and out of the kitchen, I guess to make sure I
didn't grab any coffee.

Carol fixed herself some lunch while I was working on one of the
drawers. I wasn't offered anything.

Carol said: "I want you to assist me in the bathroom."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and followed her.

I knelt and unbuttoned her slacks and pulled them down and I saw
that her panties had blood soaked through and I saw it had
gotten on the slacks.

Carol said: "I want you to clean me up and then soak my clothes
and get the blood out."

I moistened a wash cloth and wiped the blood off her thighs, I
found some pads, and I got her clean panties and slacks. I said:
"Thank you Miss Carol."

Carol said: "Why are you thanking me?"

I said: "You let me serve you in such a private situation."

Carol said: "I let you do that because it's nasty and it's
humiliating for you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was almost finished with the drawers when Carol said: "When
you finish the drawers remove the contents of the cabinets and
dust and cleanup any spills. And put the contents back.

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And no mention of food.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


When I was almost finished with the cabinets Carol said: "When
you finish prepare dinner because I'm hungry. Remember you may
not eat anything."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Of course I wouldn't do anything to disobey this lady. I served
her dinner and stood waiting on her. When she was finished she
mashed the food and scraped it onto the floor.

Carol said: "You will eat that, when you're done, make sure the
floor is clean. If you want more you can eat anything you want."

I said: "Thank you ma'am;" and knelt and ate and licked the
floor clean. Of course I mopped it. And I drank lots of water. I
cleaned the kitchen and then I said: "How can I please Miss

Carol said: "You can get some cream and rub it into my feet and
I will talk to you."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and got the cream. I also got a little
electric heater I saw earlier and I got some towels.

Carol said: "Why did you get the heater and the towels?"

I said: "So you won't have to put your bare feet on the floor
and so your feet won't get cold, ma'am."

Carol said: "Aren't you afraid that I might think you are not
doing what I told you?"

I said: "I see Miss Carol's point. I am at your mercy ma'am." By
then I had her shoes off and her feet on the towel and the
heater was at work. I should have figured out a way to warm the
cream. I wanted to kiss her toes but I respected the punishments
she meted out.

Carol said: "As a practical matter a good slave would bring
towels and a heater without being told. But the point of my
training is that you do exactly what I order you to do. You know
well the consequences of my deciding that you have disobeyed me.
I think I have been too lax with you. I let you sleep in my
room, I let you complete room cleaning after a little more than
two weeks. I think a week in the laundry will make you less risk

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I thought my "lax" treatment was over, Carol fastened me to the
bed in the slaves room. My only regret was not undressing her.
I'd like to have spent one night not being handcuffed or
fastened to a bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part four here

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 29, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 91

From: Boz 4444
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 10:11:17 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 91

The previous episode, Chapter 90, is at:-

James spent a nervous few hours lying on his small bed. He had
no idea what would be happening other than the assessment day
had something to do with it. He gently felt his buttocks and
hoped that their tenderness following last night's beatings
would not be made worse.

At the appointed hour he was waiting for the driver who greeted
him politely being just about the only member of staff who
hadn't been informed of his new status. The drive was for nearly
an hour and the driver not receiving any encouragement to talk
from James, it was carried out in silence.

He was dropped off in the street of large white town houses that
has obviously housed the upper classes for many years. He
climbed the flight of stone steps and stood in front of the
imposingly large blue painted door ringing the door bell.

Following a pause the door was opened by a tall fair haired girl
in her mid-twenties dressed in a form of school girl uniform of
skirt, blouse and tie.

James muttered his surname and remembered to add a polite

To his surprise the girl gave a wide grin and invited him
inside, leading him along through a large hallway into a small
reception room. She indicated that he was to sit on one side of
a small table and she sat on the opposite side. She introduced

"My name is Anna... but you had better call me Miss Anna in this
place. It's my job to prepare you for what is to happen later.
Now Hough, has anyone told you what you are here for?"

He replied that no one had, which seemed a cause of some regret
to the girl.

"Oh dear... then I will have to break the bad news... you see
your wife has agreed to Madam McKenzie, who owns this house,
giving you what she calls an 'Introductory'. Now I read from
your file that you already receive 'Maintenance Beatings'...
well Madam will lay on a more severe thrashing to make you
totally aware of the authority of females and what will happen
should you fail any part of the training that you now have been
scheduled for. I had better warn you that this will probably be
worse than anything you have experienced so far and indeed is
designed to be. Whether you will have to come back for further
punishments will be up to you but I truly believe that you will
do everything to avoid such a return visit. I have to tell you
that Madam believes that the cane is the best implement to use,
that you will be naked and that there will be witnesses that you
cannot object to. Basically Hough... this is going to be hell
for you, but if you accept it with anything less than total
obedience, Madam can... and will... make it far worse for you.
Do you have any questions?"

"When will it happen Miss?" he enquired respectfully.

"In around an hours time, but first I have been told that I have
to perform a certain service on you. You see the form completed
by your owner has the box ticked that requires you to be milked
before the beating. This is to ensure that there is no sexual
endorphins in your system that would make the beating seem less
severe. I'm sorry... I know it will be humiliating for you, but
it has to be done and done really thoroughly until you are
really drained. I will do my best to make it as pleasant as
possible for you as I know just how you must feel."

The look on James's face indicated that he thought this comment
was just so much mock sympathy, he had become so accustomed to
the cruelty of some women in recent times.

Anna stood up with a look of annoyance at his scepticism. "Why
do you think I am wearing this silly uniform James? You are not
the only one that Madam has here for training."

Without any embarrassment she turned, raised her schoolgirl
skirt and pulled down the large pair of dark green uniform
panties. Her buttocks and upper thighs were a mass of heavy
bruising, most of which were in horizontal stripes.

James did not need to be told that she had been thrashed as
severely as he was apparently about to be.

She explained: "This happened three days ago so I'm still damned
sore. My owner-husband authorised it so, like you, I just had to
accept it without question. Believe me... it hurt like hell and
no one offered any sympathy. It's something that people like us
just have to learn to accept and work through. For me the
humiliation was nearly as bad as the pain."

Anna was soon taking advantage of a sympathetic ear, "Madam
McKenzie has made sure that the frame to which you will soon be
strapped with your backside up in the air exposes the victim and
leaves nothing to the imagination... particularly when it
happens to a female like me. You just know that her audience are
staring at your most embarrassing bits and you just have to
blush and accept it. Afterwards, even when the pain was still
peaking, I was more concerned about the rough handling that the
people were encouraged to do as they 'examined' the punished
area with their fingers."

She replaced her panties and skirt. "Let's get the milking over
then Hough. Follow me please."

She led him down the stairs into the basement area. They walked
past a door from behind which he could hear voices.

Miss Anna screwed up her face and whispered with some disgust
that they were the witnesses starting to assemble. They entered
a white painted room with a sink and toilet and she closed the
door behind them.

She then asked if he had been milked before and when he
mentioned Mrs Brady's ministrations he had to explain, in
detail, what she had done and how she made the event as
unpleasant as possible.

Anna smiled and told him that he would find her methods more
than pleasant and told him to strip and lay back on a medical
type raised bed which was covered in a white sheet. She turned
her back as he stripped and she donned a pair of blue latex
gloves. As she turned back towards him she told him to lay flat
with his legs wide to give her the necessary access.

Anna then reached over and gently held his slowly erecting penis
with her left hand. She slowly pushed his foreskin down to
expose him and gasped with horror at the state of his glans, red
and sore from the recent attentions of Mrs Brady.

Wincing, James explained how it had been caused by the cruel
restrainer he had to wear and the abrasive cream that had been
used for his earlier milking.

James wasn't used to receiving kindness from a female, having
suffered only cruelty for quite some time now, and he was most
touched and relieved when Anna produced some cold soothing
ointment and proceeded to rub it in to the raw skin. It soon had
the secondary effect of hardening his penis further which Miss
Anna seemed to find amusing rather than offensive.

"I have to prove that I have milked you Hough, so when you spurt
it will have to be in the glass jar so make sure you don't

She then lightly held his scrotum in her left hand and then
started to slide her right gloved hand up and down his shaft
greatly aided by the slippery cream.

Anna certainly knew what she was doing. Long strokes were mixed
with short ones that concentrated on the glans. All the time she
was watching him for signs of approaching success and when the
time came she increased her hand action considerably until his
back arched, a long groan came from his lips and with the jar in
place whilst she continued pumping the organ, his ejaculate was

Anna then firmly squeezed the length of the shaft until all the
sperm had been squeezed out and extracted, she scraped the glans
with the rim of the jar to collect the last drops and moved away
from him.

There was another surprise for James. Anna picked up what was
obviously a house 'phone and spoke to "Madam" explaining that
the milking had been done and asking would she care to inspect

As the answer was clearly yes she quickly put the 'phone down
and told him to stand with legs apart and hands on head for her

It took just two minutes for the door to open and in "Madam"
walked. She was in her early forties, short with heavy hips and
a pronounced bosom, dressed in a white shirt with long sleeves,
a short black skirt and her dark hair in a long pigtail hanging
down her back. Her face was not unattractive but was devoid of
any humour. Her large eyes were gray and stared menacingly at
her next victim. She picked up the sample jar and spoke to Miss

"Are you sure you have collected it all girl?" Madam enquired.
"I don't want any embarrassing stiffies when he is paraded
before my guests and most importantly I want him to feel the
full force of the caning."

With that she placed the jar on the side bench then suddenly
grabbed James's flaccid penis with her hand. "Any life left in
this thing boy?" she demanded.

James managed to control his fear and stammer "N..no Madam

"We shall see... we shall see." With that she ordered Anna to
remove her tie and school shirt.

The girl looked amazed but rapidly did as she was told taking up
the same position as James but facing him when instructed. Her
white bra provided some privacy but still left her breasts
partially exposed to his view.

Anna blushed deeply in sheer embarrassment as Madam McKenzie
gave her next instruction:-

"Right Hough, you have my permission to handle this female's
breasts as much and as hard as you want. You will start by
removing her brassiere. And you girl.... will accept this
treatment... unless you want another dose of the cane!"

James was initially frozen to the spot not believing what he was
hearing. He looked at Anna whose face was now crimson. She
looked down at the floor and said just two words: "Do it!"

He went behind her, unclipped the fastener and allowed the bra
to fall down from her breasts as she obligingly lowered her
arms. They were not over large breasts, but firm and pointed
with large pink aureole and pronounced nipples that rapidly
erected as the cold air of the room hit them.

James started by squeezing the nipples in each hand then placing
a hand under each one lifted and joggled them as if to assess
their weight. He had been doing this for a couple of minutes,
and greatly enjoying himself when he was ordered by Madam to
stand back and resume his original position. Madam reached out
and grasped his now rigid penis.

"So girl, you have fully milked him!" she snorted in disgust.
"When I have a male milked he is supposed to be incapable of
erecting for several hours. You will resume his milking and this
time, do it thoroughly. I want him ready for my guests to
inspect in thirty minutes. Should you fail to extract a sensible
amount of fluid I will simply substitute you for the boy on
tonight's punishment display."

As Madam stormed out of the room Anna glared at James. "You
stupid idiot, are you deliberately trying to get me thrashed
again? I will certainly milk you now and without mercy so get
back up on the table!"

She started her pumping without another word or any hesitation
and it was as furious as she was, believing that she now faced
more caning as a result of his lack of control. Her compassion
for him and his upcoming punishment had all but evaporated.
Either she produced evidence of his draining or she was for the
same treatment.

James was surprised how short a time it took. Perhaps it was the
harsh rubbing of her clenched fist, perhaps it was the sight of
her still bare breasts joggling and swaying just inches from his
face. Whatever the catalyst was he spurted for the third time
that afternoon and it was only Anna's quick reaction with the
jar that caught it.

Anna now gave every indication of her desperation to avoid more
of the cane. She continued to pump, now extremely painfully for
James in the hope of extracting more evidence for Madam. She
even told him to reach up and hold her breasts in the hope that
more stimulation would return the lost erection.

Eventually she gave up, cleaned the area around his genitalia
and called Madam on the house 'phone to tell her that he was now

Madam McKenzie strode in, checked the specimen jar and pointed
out to Anna that the real test would be whether the male
displayed any form of erection when he was presented to the
witnesses. Even if he was a masochist, she had no doubt that
once she started to cane him sexual excitement would now be

Madam McKenzie gave James a cursory inspection around his
genitals and produced a steel bucket telling him that from what
she had read in his wife's report about his lack of bladder
control, he had better relieve himself before punishment.

Knowing that a refusal would make the situation incredibly
worse, James forced himself to overcome his natural inhibition
to urinate in front of two females and released himself noisily
into the bucket which he then placed on the floor.

Madam McKenzie then told Anna to replace her bra and school
uniform and for both of them to follow her.

They were taken into a large room that clearly doubled as the TV
room for the house. James, ordered to stand naked at the present
position facing the audience tried not to look at what was
obviously a punishment frame made out of steel tubes with padded
leather supports for various parts of the body.

Sitting around in comfortable chairs were three couples ranging
from their early twenties up to their fifties. Clearly valued
friends of Madam they listened intently as she spoke.

"Thank you all for giving up your valuable time to attend as
witnesses. You will no doubt recognise the female, albeit from a
less embarrassing angle than when you last saw her on the
punishment frame....."

A soft titter of amusement went round the room.

"...As you know she was caned at the request of her husband in
the hope of improving her general behaviour, which I hear it
has. I thought that you would be prepared to have her here
tonight for two reasons. Firstly she has been used to thoroughly
milk this male to ensure that there was no residual sexual
interest in being beaten but also so that you could see the
natural progression of the extensive bruising that was a
necessary result of her thrashing...."

At the mention of the milking one of older members of the
audience gasped, presumably surprised that Anna would be ordered
to do such a thing to a stranger....

"You eagerly went to great lengths to examine the weals and
ridges that the cane creates and now you can see the results
after just three days. She tells me that the bruising is still
rather tender to the touch, but you can disregard that
information if you feel that it will prevent you from carrying
out a thorough inspection. Strip girl, leave your clothes on
that stool and mount the frame," Madam McKenzie ordered.

Anna stood rooted to the spot. She had been given no notice that
she would again be humiliated by the group and that she would
have to strip in front of them. Her face was bright red and her
jaw was hanging open in shock. It was only a further sharp
command from Madam that made her move.

Mechanically she removed her tie, shirt and skirt, then her bra
followed and she slid her school type knickers to the floor.

Madam interrupted the stripping to tell her to leave the heavy
school stockings and garter belt in position.

Anna then climbed slowly on to the frame. It required her knees
to be well spread with her upper body stretched out to enable
her lower arms to lay on their respective supports that were
somewhat lower. This had her hips and buttocks as the highest
part of her body and not only sticking skywards but obscenely
spread so that the hairy anal cleft and vulva were totally
exposed. Her breasts hung under their own weight jiggling with
every movement she made. A discreetly hidden light in the roof
somewhere lit the intimate area so that not a hair root, wrinkle
or blemish could go unnoticed.

Madam then asked if any of the witnesses would care to carry out
an inspection of the girl to fully appreciate how effective the
punishment they had witnessed had been. The youngest couple
stood up and approached. The male eagerly placed his hands on
the buttocks and rubbed the bruised areas vigorously making Anna

The girl, a rather superior looking chubby brunette by the name
of Miss Callum took a pair of latex gloves from the box on the
nearby table and, having donned them, also stood close to the
displayed female asking:-

"When you gave us that most informative talk on administering
corporal punishment you mentioned that some receivers display
signs of sexual interest during the floggings Madam. May I check
this person for any signs?"

The girl knew full well that the form completed by Anna's
husband had been thoroughly ticked in all the boxes that
indicated how his wife was to be treated. Items such as "Own sex
handling" and both the verbal, handling, exposure and duties
under the "Humiliation" section were ticked.

As many of these experiences as possible would need to be forced
on the female to keep her owner satisfied with the way she was
treated. From the continuing deep blushing of the girls face
that extended down to her breasts, this particular humiliation
had been selected by her husband because of her fear of such

Madam assured the witness that a penetrative check would be in
order but perhaps they would all first like to see the video of
her thrashing that was taped at the request of the girl's

Anna was then ordered to stand next to James and in the same
position, then they were both told to face the large projection
screen as the lights dimmed and the video commenced.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On screen Anna was seen being escorted into the room by Madam
McKenzie and was soon strapped down over the frame with the
cameras, hidden in the roof and walls of the room, taking in the
indecent display of her intimate areas.

Madam produced a long cane that was to be the instrument of her
correction and this was handed round witnesses for their
examination and approval. Finally the cane was handed back to a
young male who had appeared and seemed to be an assistant.
Having swabbed Anna's buttocks thighs and cleft with a large wet
swab of some sort he ran the length of the cane through the swab
as part of some antiseptic procedure.

Madam then grasped the cane, flexed it between her hands several
times, took up a position to the rear and left of the girl and
raised the cane back over her right shoulder bringing it down in
a whistling arc to strike across the upper part of the stretched

Anna could be heard to gasp and she strained in a futile way
against the straps that held her to the frame. Madam had clearly
carried out such thrashings many times before and made each
stroke count with around thirty seconds between each one to
allow the pain to be absorbed.

The strokes gradually made their way down the buttocks until the
last four of the fifteen stroke flogging were laid, with some
difficulty because of the wide spread, across the tops of the

The witnesses then came forward to carry out a visual and
tactile inspection of the still trembling buttocks and thighs.
Anna could be heard sobbing as various hands and fingers were
run over the swelling ridges often making the pain worse.

The edited video then ended with the area being swabbed down by
the male assistant.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anna was ordered to take up the position on the frame once more
and Madam McKenzie told the female witness to carry out such
examinations that she considered necessary.

Miss Callum started by slowly cupping her left breast in the
purple latex gloves and gently lifting and swaying the weighty
item. Then, to emphasise the victim's vulnerability she dragged
her finger tip down the exposed anal cleft from the top to the
split of the vulva.

Next she toyed with the brown wrinkled anus, firstly gently
rubbing a finger tip around the rim and then suddenly jabbing
the finger tip at the very centre making the girl gasp and
thrust her hips away. Then, slowly but firmly, she used her
fingers to part the girls outer secret lips and then inserted
two fingers into the opening.

It seemed to hurt the girl and she emitted a whispered whimper
at the intrusion but knew better that to object to this crude
violation. Her husband had permitted any female contact and she
would just have to accept it or face worse punishment.

Eventually, after much probing and twisting the gloved fingers
were withdrawn and Miss Callum, carefully inspecting the gloved
fingers of her hand announced that she could see no indications
that the girl had found any sexual satisfaction from watching
the video of her beating.

Anna, with tears running down her cheeks from the humiliation,
was told to take up the same position as James and stand next to

Madam McKenzie spoke:-

"Thank you for your patience ladies and gentlemen. We now move
on to the main event for today which will be carrying out this
male's wife's request that he be given a beating that he will
not wish to have repeated. If you, Miss Callum would take a seat
next to the punishment frame I will be asking you to carry out
regular checks of this male for the slightest level of sexual
arousal during the session. He has, I am assured, been
thoroughly milked but one cannot assume that he has had all the
male semen drained...."

Madam McKenzie explained:-

"This beating is just part of a long training course for this
male during which he will be taught total obedience to female
authority. As well as having to accept the application of
punishment by any female put in charge of him, he will also have
to reach a high standard of personal service to any female that
he finds himself in the company of. Any ideas that he has any
choice to whom he offers servitude to, or any choice in the
nature of that servitude will be either trained or beaten out of

Addressing herself to the women in the room Madam McKenzie
proudly announced:-

"The eventual standard of service, ladies, is that when fully
trained, he will, without question or hesitation, obey any order
that you might give him. He will always carry out any, shall we
say more personal service, that you may find enjoyable to any
area of your body and at any time or place that you decide...."

James was finding it hard not to tremble with his fear as he
listened to the explanation of his fate, and wondered how these
monstrous people could possibly imagine he would become aroused
by the treatment he had just see Anna suffer on screen.

"All the time he will, after this evening's discipline, have in
the back of his mind what will happen to him if he fails in any
way to be obedient or does not comply with personal service to
the standard the lady requires. He will, I can assure you, be
very mindful of his need to show total respect to any lady."

James was then ordered to mount the frame. He immediately felt
the shame and sympathised with Anna in the way his thighs were
required to be widely spread and his back lowered so that his
already bruised and sensitive buttocks were forced high in the
air. He obviously could not see how he looked to the witnesses
but could feel the cold air around his opened anal cleft and his
dangling genitalia.

The numerous restraining straps with their Velcro grips soon
held him rigidly in place and he saw Anna's legs as she
approached. The cold swab being applied to his skin made him
gasp in shock especially when it was dribbled into his anal
cleft and stung his exposed anus. Both his thighs were wiped
removing any hope that they might not be struck.

Madam McKenzie was heard to remove an implement from the wall
rack and she then held it in front of his lowered face. It was a
different one to the one used on Anna in that it looked a little
meatier and slightly less flexible. It still bent as Madam
flexed it under his nose.

"Take a good look James". She whispered. "I have selected a cane
that you will really feel and come to respect as it will now be
necessary to really hurt you. I have no objections to you
vocalising the pain but I would warn you that if I hear any
insults or obscenities coming out of your mouth you will be
gagged and an extra set of strokes awarded. Extra strokes will
also be awarded if Miss Callum here detects any signs of sexual

Madam McKenzie stood back and held the cane out so that Anna
could wipe it's length with the antiseptic swab. She then took
up a position to his rear and his left, with Miss Callum taking
a seat to his immediate right.

Miss Callum immediately reached under him and gripped his
dangling scrotum firmly then his penis which she squeezed and
pulled none too gently. With some difficulty she forced his
foreskin back to expose the raw area which she continued to
squeeze and pull hoping to achieve some inflation.

James heard the swish of the cane behind him microseconds before
it struck across the top of his buttocks. It was harder than
even the strokes he had been given during assessment and his
immediate thought was of how many like this would he receive.
The pain of the thin weal hit him soon afterwards and caused as
much fear as sheer pain itself.

He knew only too well that he was now entirely at the mercy of
this woman, he would be given as many strokes as she thought
fit. There would be nothing he could do to change that in any

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

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November 28, 2012

The Vacation - Part Two

Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Two - phase one


Carol said: "Marta and I are off tomorrow. You will work for
Sonia tomorrow and Sunday, you will do what Sonia tells you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Will I have to punish you tonight?"

I said: "I don't think so ma'am."

Carol said: "Good you can start on the laundry after dinner."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" in a tone I would have used if she had said
we would have wild sex.

Carol said: "Have you done laundry before?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Carol said: "I will give you instructions."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Carol told me to separate the clothes by color, to examine the
clothes for stains and use a spray or hand wash it, to use
bleach on the white clothes and lots more.

Carol said: "Would you like to write down the instructions
before you start?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I typed the instructions almost exactly as Carol said, and
printed the two pages.

It was a good thing Carol had a lot of clothes, I'd say there
was two or three weeks of accumulation.

I examined Carol's panties and bras and blouses looking for
stains and realized I was in thrall to her. It was so proper
that she was reading or watching television and I was rooting
around in her dirty laundry.

I did two loads and folded the laundry, and set aside the
blouses that needed ironing. I put the folded clothes in Carol's
drawers and straightened the contents. I hung her trousers and
arranged them by style.

On Saturday morning Carol drove me to the hotel and told me to
stand by the back door and Sonia would be by and not to move
until then.

I said: "Yes ma'am;" If she said not to breathe I would have
died for her.

I stood like a statue for a long time, I estimate more than 30

Sonia was pretty, she was tall and slender, she had black hair
that hung over her back, her eyes had green elements, she had an
easy smile and I guessed her age was under 30. She wore the same
uniform I did.

She said: "Are you one of Carol's students?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "How long have you been doing this?"

I said: "I worked for Marta yesterday and the day before."

Sonia said: "If I show you the rooms we have to do, can you do
them by yourself?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sonia said: "I have some things I want to do, I don't know if I
can let you work by yourself. Can you work by yourself?"

I said: "My only instructions Miss Sonia is to do what you tell

Sonia led me to the basement where her locker and her cart were.
She got a list of move outs on the eighth and ninth floor. She
said: "Work on these, I will inspect your work so do a good

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I worked until I was exhausted and then I continued to work.
Finally I was on the last room. I realized it was after 6:00 PM.
I wondered where Sonia was, was Carol waiting for me somewhere?
I had feelings of foreboding, I had no cell phone, no phone
numbers; I was just an anonymous cleaner in a hotel.

Sonia showed up and said: "The rooms you did look fine."

We put the cart away and I was told to wait by the back door.

Sonia said: "You have to stand still."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was looking forward to seeing Carol. My spirits rose when I
saw her car approaching.

Carol said: "Did you work hard?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Was Sonia a hard taskmistress?"

I said: "Sonia gave me a list of about 55 move outs and told me
to do them and then she left, I didn't see her until I was

Carol said: "How can I be sure you don't need to be punished if
no one supervised you?"

I said: "Sonia said the rooms looked okay."

Carol said: "Good you have ironing to do tonight after dinner."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Do the ironing in the living room, I may read or
watch TV and I can watch you at the same time. If you damage my
clothes I will whip you unconscious."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I took care to read the instructions on the clothes and I used
the spray and was careful not because I was afraid of the
whipping which I was of course, but because I loved Carol.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Sunday was a repeat and I didn't see Sonia except at the
beginning and at the end.

When Carol picked me up I was glad to see her. But her demeanor
was different.

Carol said: "After dinner you will be whipped because the hotel
got a complaint from one of the rooms you did."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carol."

Carol said: "I'm sorry too. Because you are in training, you
will be punished for this."

Carol said: "I was hoping you could do something personal for me
like give me a bath."

I thought how much I would like to do that, but I felt like a
doomed man.

While I was serving dinner, Carol explained: "The hotel is not
involved in your program. They tolerate it because I'm the
personnel manager and they like the work I do and I assure them
they are getting top-flite work. Marta and Sonia get a sizable
tip from me for keeping you working and they understand somewhat
what the program is about. But a complaint brings everything
into question. We will review the matter tomorrow."

After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and the beating was becoming
imminent. I was doting on the cleaning when Carol came in
wearing a green teddy and holding the strap. She said: "Hurry up
or you're getting extra for making me wait."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And I hurried up.

After I was fastened over the hammock, Carol said: "You're
getting whipped because you failed to do a good job, resolve
that you will do consistent good work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

The first blow was excruciating and it set the tone for the

Carol said: "I have to give you twenty, please count properly or
you will get more."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I don't know how I survived that, I had never experienced so
much pain.

Carol left me and returned with a wet towel and laid it on my
backside and thighs.

Later she returned and released the hand and foot cuffs. I stood
and she wrapped a collar around my penis which was already
imprisoned. There was a chain attached to the collar and she led
me to the slave's quarters.

She stepped on a small stool and pulled up on the chain until I
was up on my toes. She then fastened the chain to a hook. She
took the stool and left. The door was closed and the light went

Much more than the pain and discomfort of being tethered this
way was the loss of Carol's faith in me. I had failed her in
doing something so simple as cleaning a hotel room.

After only about ten or fifteen minutes I realized that this was
very uncomfortable. My hands weren't cuffed and I tried to get
purchase on the wall and the chain so I could relieve the ache
in my thighs from standing on my toes. I tried one foot giving
the other foot a rest and flexing it, then relieving the other
foot, but that was failing when the light went on and Carol

She released the chain and led me to the bed and handcuffed both
hands to the headboard.

She didn't speak and I dared not.

The lights went out and the door closed. I wondered if crying
would help.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Marta 2

In the morning the lights went on and the lovely goddess
unlocked me and said: "Hurry and make breakfast, we don't have
much time."

I made and served Carol breakfast but there wasn't time to eat
her leftovers so I didn't get breakfast or coffee.

When we got to the hotel, no sooner had Carol fastened me to the
bar then Marta came along and released me. I guess Marta had
heard and there were no greetings or small talk. Marta knocked
and with no answer unlocked a door and pointed.

I went to work. I realized that if I dwelled on my misery that I
would screw up. I focused on the work and hoped we would be

Marta repeatedly told me to work faster; we had more rooms to
do! I tried to hustle but there are lots of steps and nothing
can be overlooked. In the midst of my hurrying up Marta asked me
to perform some service which was frivolous and slowed me down.
I knew these were tests and I realized the effort Carol was
making on my behalf. In that spirit I got the ice for the glass
of water Miss Marta requested.

I was relieved when Marta told me to take the cart to the
basement. She tethered me to the bar. I guess this is the life
of a low level worker. Some anonymous person accuses you and
your world caves in. I wondered what I could have done wrong to
get a complaint.

Carol came along and gave me a hug, I couldn't hug back because
I was handcuffed and chained to the bar.

Carol said: "You said you just did move outs and Sonia confirmed
that. The complaint came from a resident. It turned out that
Sonia forgot to do a room and the guest complained that the room
hadn't been made up and specifically that he needed towels."

Sonia showed us that the way the sheets were stapled together,
she just missed the room. The management will let the program

Carol said: "Will I have to whip you tonight."

I said: "No ma'am;" I guess I shouldn't expect any consideration
for the agony I suffered last night.

Carol said: "I still need that bath."

I tried to fix a special dinner that went well with Carol's
Chardonnay wine so she would drink more and perhaps love me

It partially worked. Carol drank a lot of wine. But after I
helped undress her she said: "Giving me a bath is not an
opportunity for you to feel me up. I can bathe myself. I want
you to make it better."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I said: "Perhaps I can wash your hair and back."

Carol said that would be nice. I realized I could have found
bubble bath, or I could have heated the room or lit candles or
played music, well next time.

I spent the next hour lusting after Carol. She was so

I was allowed to sleep on the floor next to her bed, handcuffed
and I was grateful.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


On Friday Carol told me at breakfast that Lisa was going to
visit me but I was going to have limited access to her.
(Whatever that meant)

I said: "Yes ma'am."

After Marta fastened me to the bar and left me, I saw Carol and
Lisa coming toward me. Lisa was dressed in a black cocktail
dress and looked gorgeous. I wished I could run to her.

Lisa hugged and kissed me and I tried to kiss back. I was hoping
Carol would release me but she went away and I saw she was
returning with a chair.

Carol said: "I will return in half an hour."

Lisa said: "Tell me how it's going. Have you been whipped?"

I said: "I can't even count the days until I come home because I
don't know when that will be. Will I ever come home?" I realized
I was a little pathetic.

Lisa said: "It all depends on your progress. Carol says it takes

I said: "I'm trying to be positive all the time."

Lisa said: "But you're not even finished with phase one. Are you
going to spend the entire time we have whining and begging?"

I said: "No Miss Lisa, I'm sorry."

Lisa said: "That was nice, I'm Miss Lisa, you have learned
something, tell me what you do. That's an order; you don't want
to disobey me?"

I said: "No ma'am; I work for two Latina ladies who are maids in
the hotel. I clean hotel rooms. I do the bathrooms, mirrors,
windows, beds and floors. There are so many steps. I've been
whipped twice. The first time resulting from talking after you
told me not to and then another time as a result of a mistake
someone else made. I cook, clean and do laundry for Miss Carol.
And I miss you so much."

Lisa said: "You are becoming useful; maybe I will have you

I whined: "Oh please Miss Lisa."

Lisa laughed. She said: "Will you cook, clean and do laundry for

I said: "Yes ma'am and more."

Lisa said: "What do I have to do?"

I said: "You don't have to do anything except to love me."

Carol came back and said: "Visiting time is over."

Lisa kissed me and she reached into her dress and pulled out a
key on a chain and said: "I play with this and think about you

It was the key to the cage my cock was locked in, I presume.

Lisa left. Carol took the chair back to where it was, then Carol
returned and released me from the bar.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


In the car Carol said: "Do you feel you've made progress?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I see that Lisa has to believe her life will
be better with me before she lets me return. I think she is
enjoying herself now."

Carol said: "That is exactly right. I will help you accomplish

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

On the following Friday on the way back to Carol's house in her
car she said: "Normally I let my slaves clean rooms for four
weeks, but you've performed well almost from the first day so on
Monday you will start in the hair salon, or as I call it, phase

On Saturday I constructed a whipping bench for Carol. It looks
like a saw horse except it's somewhat lower and has a larger
surface at the top. Bolts at the four corners allow the subject
to be fastened. A long strap at the top fastens the subject so
he can't wiggle from side to side. She made me try it out and
left while she watched TV but I didn't get whipped, although she
kept threatening.

On Saturday night I gave Carol a better bath. The bathroom was
dark except for sixteen candles, The boom box played some
eastern sort of music, the water was covered with 24" of foam.
The temperature in the room was 78 Fahrenheit and there were
three bath towels waiting. The room smelled of lilacs. Carol let
me wash her all over with a wash cloth.

I got to sleep on the floor less than two feet from the goddess.

Monday I was introduced to Rosita, the manager of the hair
salon. Rosita said: "If you're not too stupid I will show you
how to do hair but you must be able to follow instructions."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Rosita said: "In the evenings you will read the magazines we
have, you will look at the advertisements and learn the names of
the people, our customers don't know about American Football, do
you understand?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

That whole day I spent sweeping up hair, cleaning the bathrooms,
windows, counters mirrors and floors. I learned this would be my
job every morning.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part three here

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 27, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 90

From: Boz 4444
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 10:11:17 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 90

The previous episode, Chapter 89, is at:-

The week passed surprisingly normally for James. His wife made
sure that he was kept busy and Mrs Brady continued to supervise
the work in the ladies changing room and toilet area with her
usual unsmiling thoroughness.

He also had a fair amount of intimate laundry to wash but at
least he was learning to carry out this task to the
housekeeper's satisfaction. Unfortunately she did find fault
with his work in the boot room where, in her opinion, a pair of
his wife's riding boots were polished to a less than
satisfactory shine.

Thus, the housekeeper required him to strip below the waist, sit
with legs wide and feet on two chairs whilst she used one of the
wooden spoons to impress the need for hard polishing on his
inner thighs. At least she left his backside alone, which was
just as well as it was still heavily bruised from Mrs Cordell's

The marks from the spoon were still sore and vivid but the marks
of his caning were almost faded when Friday came around again.
He was becoming accustomed to this regular disciplinary session,
but on this occasion his wife told him that she had a dinner
date and that the scheduled Friday beating would have to wait
until she returned around 10pm.

He was almost relaxed about the event as he had taken great
efforts not to incur any further penalties from when he had been
assessed and as the report had yet to arrive he felt fairly
confident that he would get off lightly by recent standards.

That is... until there came a knock at the door, just after 7pm.
It was a special delivery and James was asked to sign. As he did
so he saw the logo on the thick envelope and realised that it
was from Mrs Cordell's assessment centre. He placed it on the
hall table where he knew his wife would find it when she came in
and.... waited.

By 9.45 he was stripped down to his punishment pants and at
attention at the door to the discipline room awaiting his wife.
It was some forty minutes later when he heard her come into the
house and was horrified to realise that she had company, and it
sounded like male company.

They spent some time, probably having coffee, and who knows
what, before he heard his wife come upstairs. She approached,
passing by before she spoke to him. She was dressed casually but
clearly to impress her date with a tight fitting designer dress
that showed her figure to the full. She carried the letter that
had been delivered earlier in the evening.

Had James spent the night opposite her at the dinner table as he
companion he knew what he would be hoping for when she invited
him back to her place for coffee, and he doubted that her male
companion who was probably still downstairs felt differently.

"Well James, a little delayed this evening but we can now deal
with your weekly routine beating for which you will have a
witness tonight. I discussed you and your behaviour with my
dinner date and he has expressed a wish to see how I deal with
you. I think you know him but obviously I require you to display
an adequate level of respect to him and address him as 'Sir' at
all times."

James could not believe that she would subject him to such an
abuse and humiliation, other women was bad enough, but what
choice did he have. He knew that he would just have to remain
respectful and servile in the hope that things would not develop
along the many lines that kept flashing through his head. The
thought of having another male watch him being ritually punished
was awful, and it would be hard to bear.

Just then he heard footsteps behind him and realised that they
had been joined by the male. A voice behind him added
considerably to his feelings of humiliation.

"Well Mr Hough, we meet again."

The man moved to stand in front of James who was still rigidly
at attention. James did indeed know him, he was at one time one
of his employees and someone that he had a real problem in
dealing with mainly because of his youth, good looks, athletic
build and rather superior attitude. It had reached a level where
James had fired him from his job as a Junior Executive and he
had done so in the most humiliation way in front of the other
employees to teach him a lesson.

"I hear that you are here to be punished, so I have asked your
wife if I might be allowed to observe. Afterwards Jayne and I
will be spending the night together as you will no doubt be in
no fit state to carry out your marital duties."

Turning to speak to Jayne he asked where the marks were that she
had told him about over dinner. Without any hesitation Jayne
told him to remove his punishment panties and to stand legs
apart and hands on head for inspection. The tone in her voice
encouraged no debate or argument.

James removed his ridiculous panties and took up the position.

The male sniggered in amusement and stood directly in front of
James looking him up and down then circling him to see the marks
and bruises. He pointed to his crotch and asked if the device
locked to his genitals was uncomfortable. Looking straight ahead
James said that it was. The young male picked up immediately on
his lack of respect.

"Sorry Jayne, but I thought he had been told to call me 'Sir',
perhaps he needs to be reminded of his new status in my presence
with a dose of one of these implements that you have told me

Jayne looked with a sneer at the now wretched James, "As usual
James you seem to insist on learning the hard way by failing to
obey me."

She opened the door to the basement punishment room and led her
boyfriend and James in.

"He is due for his weekly beating with the paddle," she said to
the younger man whom she addressed as Harry.

Jayne then selected a medium weight split strap from the rack.
"I think using the strap should provide a contrast and get the
message home about treating you with respect. Have a feel of the
implement and tell me how many strokes he will need."

Harry was grinning from ear to ear as he held the strap and
stared at James.

"I would say that anything less than a dozen hard ones on the
bare would be a waste of time Jayne."

Naturally, no one asked James for his view. He stood there in
the inspection position realising that he was about to be
severely hurt by his wife just to feed her new boyfriend's
sadistic fantasies. And that there was nothing he could do about
it other than to accept the pain as best he could.

He was soon bent over the leather caning bench with his body at
right angle to his spread legs and his hands gripping the

He heard his wife slip off her high heeled shoes and kick them
to one side before taking up a position to his left. The first
stroke of the strap demonstrated that she was out to impress her
boyfriend. It certainly impressed James as it lashed down on the
same area as the cane had just days before.

She gave all twelve strokes at full force and within a narrow
four inch band. He did his best not to show just how much they
hurt but his gasps and squirming were enough to indicate the
level of pain.

"He's clearly a wimp who can't take his punishment like a man,"
Harry smirked, "let me inspect him now."

Within seconds he was back in the inspection position in front
of the boyfriend who stared again at his plastic covered penis.

"I will ask you once more Hough... is it uncomfortable?"

"Yes Sir, it is Sir," snapped back James.

Jayne then seated herself on one of the leather surfaces and
opened the bulky envelope and took out the many pages and
photographs that it contained. She scanned through the sheets
and arrived at what must have been the summary. She read it
carefully shaking her head in disbelief at the comments. As she
did so she handed several of the sheets and photographs to Harry
who also took a seat and studied them carefully, with his
eyebrows frequently raised in surprise at what he saw.

"So James, you must have thought that your assessment was some
sort of fun exercise. Mrs Cordell was unbelievably unimpressed
with the levels of obedience and acceptance of discipline that
you showed. Your selfish attitude also carried over into your
ability, or lack of ability in providing personal service to her
lady assistants. On each section you were awarded marks
consistently below the minimum standard that she requires. Her
concluding remark seems to sum it up: 'This specimen will
require several periods of both strict training and severe
punishment before I will even consider spending more time on his
assessment. I fear that your kindness to him under your training
has resulted in a truculent attitude, a feeling of superiority
and a total lack of respect for females in general. I trust and
hope that you will follow my enclosed recommendations for his
much needed training in obedience, service and discipline.' What
do you think Harry?"

She carefully retrieved the page in question and handed it to
Harry, but decided not to read it all to James believing that
the recommendations would be more effective if they came as a

Harry nodded in mock seriousness and agreement as he read what
James would have to suffer.

The first item was that he should undergo a severe thrashing so
that he would be aware of the effects of a real, professionally
inflicted punishment such as were awarded in the Correctional

As the assessment had revealed that he tended to accept the cane
more easily before an ejaculation than after which could well
indicate a slight interest in the sexual aspects of punishment.
It would be prudent to arrange a thorough milking just before
the thrashing to ensure he felt the full benefit without the
pain being diminished in any way by any endorphin effect.

Jayne had often wondered if James might be a masochist, as he
fell so easily under her control and submitted in a slave-like
manner to her sexual demands. It seems that the assessment had
confirmed it....

She then read the name of a lady who specialised in such
punishments with her contact details. It emphasised that this
was a most serious solution but one that would change his
attitude to one that Jayne would find more acceptable.

Jayne realised that it was rather late to call the lady for an
appointment but resolved to be on the telephone to her first
thing in the morning in the hope of getting an early appointment
to start James's obviously overdue training.

The pages concerning his assessments in personal service did not
surprise her as he had already failed to demonstrate a really
effective amount of effort with herself. There were
recommendations on that type of training but also the suggestion
that he should attain a basic level of fear for female authority
first that only a formal and severe punishment could achieve.

Turning her attention back to James she pointed out to him that
her presence was required by her male friend in what had been
their bedroom, however, she would first have to administer his
routine beating to prevent any backsliding by him from his
already less than satisfactory standard of behaviour.

"I'm sure Harry would rather take me to bed than have to waste
his time watching a wimp like you get his just desserts! But
from this report it seems you urgently need some serious

She ordered him over the caning horse as he had been just a
little earlier. This time she used the restraining straps and
buckled them tightly around his upper spread thighs, over his
back and around his arms and wrists.

She explained to Harry that this would be 40 strokes of the
heavier leather covered paddle, given good and hard. He asked
what allowance would be made for the previous strapping and was
told that repeated beatings to the same area were not of any
concern to her. After all, if the area was somewhat tender, it
would be up to James to behave in a way that would not attract
further chastisement.

She explained that normally she spread the strokes evenly over
his buttocks but tonight she would concentrate twenty in the
same area of each cheek to get the message home as to how
displeased she was with his assessments. Hence the need to
secure him.

Without embarrassment and clearly delighting Harry, she then
pulled up her skirt to the waist exposing her stockings and
panties, climbed up on the horse facing James' rear and sat
astride him... and then she commenced the beating in the
position which usually caused her arousal from the writhing of
her victim beneath.

She started on his left cheek with an area low down that
encroached on his upper thigh. It was not a large paddle and she
certainly brought it down hard each time, with a blow every five
seconds or so.

Almost immediately James began to gasp, then moan as he squirmed
impotently against his restraints. The pain was still building
when she had finished the last stroke on his right cheek and was
climbing off... assisted by Harry.

She pulled her skirt back into place and still panting from the
exertion, unstrapped the now shaking male. Having apologised to
Harry for being, as she put it, a little warm and sweaty, she
went into a clinch with him with noisy kissing right in front of
her husband.

When they broke for air she told James to go up to her bedroom,
turn down the large bed and to make sure that there were
adequate tissues either side of the bed. Having done that he was
to go to the drinks cabinet and pour two large red wines for
them and bring them back up to the bedroom.

James, with buttocks burning and throbbing rushed to obey. By
the time he got back with the drinks the door was closed and he
could hear the sounds from within. Timidly he knocked and was
told to enter by his wife.

She was on the bed, covered by the bed-clothes. Harry's head and
shoulders were visible and from the look on his face his
intimate parts were receiving the sort of oral worship that
Jayne had always refused to give James.

He had no choice other than to stand at attention clutching the
drinks tray with the full wine glasses and bottle awaiting his
next order.

Eventually Jayne appeared above the sheets licking her lips and
told him to hand them the wine. He had to stand with his knees
touching the side of the bed to be able to reach over and place
the glasses first in Jayne's hand and then hand one to her

When doing this he was all too aware that he was naked and with
his inferior position only too highlighted by the cruel
restrainer that was causing him almost as much pain as were his
still throbbing buttocks.

As he started to move away from the bed the male, looking at
Jayne for her approval, told him to remain pressed against the
bed so that he had a full, close and complete view of his naked
wife sprawled out in front of him.

Jayne smiled her agreement as she sipped generous gulps from the
glass then placed it back on the tray. She then spread her legs
apart and started to stroke her sex with her fingertips
provocatively waiting for Harry to finish his drink.

James face demonstrated the pain that this sexual teasing was
causing his restricted penis but rather than achieving their
sympathy, this was clearly acting as a turn-on to both of them.
She then leant over Harry and reaching out, started to gently
play with the plastic device causing even more internal pressure
to her husband making him bend at the waist to reduce the
tension in his groin.

"What a pity you can't join in James" she purred. "It seems
really sad that Harry here will be having all the fun and you
will be having all the discomfort. It looks as if that chastity
device is really living up to the promises that the lady made
about it making it really uncomfortable for you to have sexual
thoughts... do stand up straight... it can't be that bad surely!
Perhaps I should send for Mrs Brady to give it a really thorough
scrubbing to take your mind off what we will be doing in the
next hour or so. And that reminds me...." she added with a sweet
smile: "I have plans for you tomorrow and she will certainly
need to give you a really good cleaning beforehand so off you go
to get a good night's sleep for now and then report to her at
one p.m. for a milking and scrubbing ready for what will happen
later in the day. Leave the drinks tray. You are dismissed!"

James exited the room that could only now be a place of
humiliation and pain for him and, having attended to his toilet
requirements, climbed into his narrow hard bed pondering on what
on earth she had planned for him.

Instinctively he realised that it probably had something to do
with his assessment but what it could be he could not
imagine.... which was perhaps, just as well.

His mind was soon taken off those worries by the loud moans of
ecstasy that wafted down the corridor, and his restrained penis
was soon suffering all over again as he thought of the pleasure
that Harry was taking with his wife.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was late in the morning until Jayne and her new boyfriend
were up and about.

James had already been obliged to put in three hours of hard
slog working in the renovation of the old toilets under the
supervision of Mrs Brady. Her standards were becoming higher by
the week and a careless failure to clean behind one of the
toilets resulted in James, sitting on the kitchen table with
trousers off and legs splayed, receiving more painful beatings
on the soft inner thighs.

In turn, he was becoming hardened to such punishment and
frustrated Mrs Brady by meekly accepting each whack with the
large wooden spoon without undue complaint and above

Even so, a dozen on each thigh left his legs painful to even the
touch of his coarse trousers. He knew that he would be seeing
her later and when she dismissed him she reminded him of the
fact that he would be meeting her in the kitchen at precisely
one p.m.

It was just before mid-day when he heard Jayne in her office on
the telephone. The bell to summon him came a few minutes later
when she was still engrossed in the Assessment report and the
telephone call. He snapped to attention on the mat in front of
the desk trying to ignore the ever present Harry.

The main telephone discussion seemed to be about an appointment
time and Jayne was both excited and relieved to hear that five
p.m. would be convenient for the person on the end of the line.

Phrases overheard were... "He will be delivered and collected of
course"... "I fully accept that severity will be required"...
"Little point in my investing in further training until we have
really established a total acceptance and fear of female
authority,"... "Indeed... indeed a thorough extraction will be
necessary to bring the pain aspect fully home...."

None of this one sided conversation gave James anything other
than a feeling of impending doom. But what could he do? He knew
only too well that a word from his wife and his financial
dishonesty would result in years in jail not to mention the loss
of his outwardly luxurious lifestyle. Whatever she had in mind
he would just have to accept as best he could. Surely that would
be better than becoming a "Prisoner"?

She eventually replaced the telephone, made a few notes on the
forms she had then looked up to address him:

"Well James, as a result of your appalling show under assessment
I have accepted their advice and arranged for you to be sent for
some professional training rather than leave it all to Mrs Brady
and myself. I am assured that at the end of this rather
expensive training you will have a deep respect for all females
and will be instantly responsive to all of their needs. It will
take place over the next few weeks at various locations around
the county. I am assured that it will be deeply unpleasant for
you and you will need to summon all your reserves of courage to
accept whatever they do to you without having yourself reported
back to me for cowardly behaviour. I will be giving each lady
involved in your training full and complete authority over you
when in their care, with permission to discipline you in any way
they consider appropriate at any time that you need it. From
what I know of you now, I anticipate that you will require a
very firm hand... until such times that you start to toe the

She smiled at Harry who sat on the opposite side of the room and
nodding sagely and seriously, all the while trying to hold back
and suppress his desire to burst into laughter.

Jayne continued... "Your first session will be this afternoon at
five p.m. with the lady that I have just been talking to. You
will be delivered and collected by my driver as you may not be
in too good a state to drive yourself back here. The session
today will be to train you in how you will be punished during
the rest of the course. Please don't bleat that you haven't
committed any offence as this will be punishment without reason
to let you appreciate the various techniques and levels that
ladies in authority may use. Off you go and report to Mrs Brady
who will get you cleaned up and prepared for the appointment. I
will be spending the rest of today with Harry here, but will
have you report what happened when I see you in the morning.

James was in a state approaching total panic. What in the hell
was going to happen to him this afternoon? Who would be the
woman that would have such total power over him and the
authority to punish him just for the sake of it? What would
happen on the other training days that his wife mentioned? With
all these thoughts rushing around his brain he went to the old
kitchen where Mrs Brady was already waiting for him.

Snapping to attention in front of the housekeeper he told her
that he was there for a milking and a scrubbing as he had been
instructed to do so by his wife.

Mrs Brady was dressed for her day off in a tight blouse and dark
slacks rather than dressed for her duties as housekeeper and was
clearly not pleased by being detained to attend to James' needs.
She ordered him to strip and when he was standing at his usual
present position in front of her she extracted the key from a
drawer and leant over to unlock the restrainer padlock. As she
pulled the component parts away from his body and then released
his penis he felt a great surge of relief even though he thought
it would not be for long.

His penis, around the rear of his exposed glans was red and very
sore due to the constant pressure from the plastic spikes every
time his organ swelled in the least. And the evening before it
had undergone severe punishment due to his arousal while beside
Jayne's bed.

If Mrs Brady had noticed she certainly didn't comment or make
allowances and soon had him on all fours on the large wooden
table with his head well down. She took down the small polished
copper saucepan that he had to keep burnished and she always
used for his "collections" and placed it under him, then donned
a heavy pair of ridged rubber gloves.

Before she started she gave him the usual reminder that this
would be made as unpleasant as possible then took a tube of some
ointment from a drawer.

Having placed a goodly helping on the gloved fingers of her
right hand she put the tube near his head so that he could read
the label. It was some form of cream to removed dead and hard
skin from ladies feet. As his foreskin was pulled even further
back and the cream was applied to his glans and the exposed
shaft he realised that it contained abrasive granules that
would, with friction, cause his penis more pain.

She reached between his parted thighs with her right hand and
pulled his foreskin down to cover his glans, then without any
comment, started her firm rhythmic pumping of his now engorged

Without the cream, the area where his shaft met his glans would
have been painfully sore to the touch. With the addition of the
scouring ointment and with the firm grip that she always used on
him, the pain became intense.

Despite this, the regular pumping action was still sexually
stimulating and with memories of the previous evening flooding
his mind his erection remained in place. His involuntary
movements of his pelvis was disclosing a certain strange
pleasure to Mrs Brady who determined that he would suffer for

Her left gloved fingers moved around the front of his left thigh
to grasp his dangling scrotum in a gentle grip. It was some days
since his last forced milking and it didn't take Mrs Brady more
than a couple of minutes before he dutifully spurted into the
saucepan. He groaned in appreciation hoping that she would then
stop the pumping action which now only caused pain rather than
any pleasure.

She did not stop. If anything she increased the rate of pumping
and held his still erect penis in a firmer grip. Her left
fingers increased the pressure on his testes to the level of
pain and she leant on his back with the firm pressure of her
large constrained breasts pressing into him.

He tried gasping and flinching against the assault but this was
her demonstration of how she would make the event as unpleasant
as possible. He had felt the pleasure and now he must pay the

It went on for some minutes until she tired from the effort and
releasing his genitalia, she stood up. She ordered him to an
upright position on his knees then, grasping his deflating
organ, pushed the foreskin fully to the rear exposing him to her
inspection. He could not help but look down. The whole shaft was
reddened and even throbbing. The gritty paste had added greatly
to the soreness caused by the restrainer prongs and there was a
dull ache in his scrotum where she had gripped him.

"Painful isn't it James?" she smirked.

She then casually remarked running her gloved tips over the
tender parts, "You can think yourself lucky that I don't insist
on two milkings this afternoon but I have been told that you
need washing before reporting for training later."

James was relieved, as the thought of two such treatments was

"You won't be having the restrainer put back on until you arrive
back here later tonight so you will have a period of freedom..."
Mrs Brady chuckled. "Not that it looks capable of anything other
than throbbing for a few hours. Go into the ladies changing
rooms and take a thorough shower, then dry yourself and change
into casual clothes. You will then wait in your room until the
driver arrives at four p.m. for your journey. You have a few
hours to think about what might happen during your training
which your wife has hinted will result in a great improvement in
your attitude. I will see if it has when I refit your restrainer
on your return."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 26, 2012

The Vacation - Part One

Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part One - Cancun, Mexico

I have nagged my wife Lisa for over 20 years to become my
mistress. I bombarded her with books about fem-dom both about
the benefits and the techniques. I bought her a computer program
to help her get into it at her pace. I bought a paddle and a
strap and a riding crop and hand cuffs for her to use. I even
tried placing myself under her control.

None of it had any effect. If I begged she whipped me with the
riding crop before sex. So I would describe our relationship as
"normal" with me having fantasies and I thought our relationship
had good communications.

We were on vacation in a hotel in Cancun, Mexico. We were there
because there were numerous golf courses and also pleasant spas.
The warm seashore contrasted to the gloomy weather at home in
Los Angeles.

I had golfed from the time we had arrived and was hungry and
looking forward to a nice dinner and sex afterward. Lisa didn't
disappoint. Dinner was wonderful and the sex was very good. I
had to pet Lisa for a while but she came and I thought I could

Lisa said: "A bath would be nice."

I said: "It's late sweetheart but go ahead."

Lisa said: "Be a dear and fix it for me."

I said: "I'm so tired honey, can't it wait until morning?"

Lisa said: "You want to be my slave but I ask for a little thing
and you tell me you're tired?"

I said: "I'm sorry baby, I'm just so tired."

I fell asleep and I don't know if Lisa got her bath or not.

In the morning I woke with Lisa snuggled close and kissing and
touching. This was very nice and I reciprocated.

Lisa said: "I see you're not tired now."

I said: "I'm not, I feel great and I'm sorry about last night."

Lisa said: "Good, hurry up and get up, I have a surprise for

I got dressed. I said: "What's the surprise?"

Lisa handcuffed me to the doorknob on the door between the
toilet and the dressing area. I became excited by what Lisa was

Lisa said: "You've been asking me for this for a long time and
I'm going to give you your wish, perhaps it will make us both

I was lost for words, I said: "Thank you Lisa."

Lisa said: "I hope you'll thank me after this is over. There
won't be any more golf; I may not even see you for a while."

I said: "What's happening, why won't I see you?"

Lisa said: "Dear Harry. You may not ask any more questions, in
fact you may not talk at all beginning now. If you do I will
report it and I understand that you will be made to regret it."

I became alarmed. What was going on, I wondered.

Lisa said: "Yesterday while you were golfing, I got into a
conversation with the lady that cleans our room. She told me
about a program they have here that sounded attractive. It's a
training program. She introduced me to the manager, Carol who
said that they train you in useful skills and make a subtle
attitude adjustment. It sounded so good that I enrolled you."

"I know this is what you always wanted and Carol explained it to
me that what you talk about doing when you're sexually excited
is not what you do when you're not. She said she will change
your attitude."

"I'm going shopping for clothes and jewelry and then I'm going
to checkout the night life in town;" Lisa said.

I said: "Can't I go with you?"

Lisa said: "Harry. I told you no more questions and no talking."

Lisa was acting differently, her tone of voice was authoritative
and she had never told me not to talk before; and I didn't know
what to make of it, from my vantage point I watched her getting
ready and I realized I had never watched her put make-up on
before. I decided this was pretty hot and decided to play along.

Lisa left and I was still secured to the door. I started to
investigate getting loose but there seemed to be no way except
to break something like the door knob or even the whole door. I
was fastened by something that looked like a handcuff for 3
hands. Two cuffs held my hands behind me and the third one
connected by a short chain was closed around the door handle. So
I decided to wait.

It was hard to get comfortable; I ended up closing the door and
leaning back on it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was over an hour but it seemed a lot longer, a woman came in
and said: "You must be Harry; I'm pleased to meet you, please
call me Miss Carol."

I said: "Hello Miss Carol, I'm pleased to meet you."

Carol said: "Stand up straight."

I straightened up. I estimated she was as tall as I - about six
feet, she had curly blond hair which she wore short and had very
blue eyes. She was well proportioned but a little plump. Overall
she was attractive but she was not my style. I would guess she
was 35 to 40 years old. And she was not a Latina, I guessed from
the accent, or the lack of, and the blue eyes.

She sat on the chair Lisa had been using to put on her makeup; I
could see her thighs and thought she was attractive enough to
take to bed.

I wanted to be released from the door and she wasn't making any
moves to do that.

She said: "I understand that you wished to become your wife's
slave and it hasn't worked out. We have a program of skills
training and attitudes adjustments that will help make that
happen. Your wife has enrolled you in that program. What do you
have to say?"

I said: "Miss Carol, I would like to be released."

Carol said: "I will release you after I have interviewed you and
briefed you. You can expedite that by being responsive to my

I said: "It's true that I have asked Lisa to let me be her
slave. But it was a very private thing between her and me. I
don't like others, especially strangers to know about my kinks."

Carol said: "I can appreciate that. However the program doesn't
exactly address your feelings in that regard. You have to enter
the program voluntarily. Your wife put you here and you are in
restraints. I want you to overlook your shyness and realize that
this is what you want. In some ways you have no practical
choice. You have no money or wallet or passport and you're in
restraints. The program won't succeed unless you want it to."

They say the devil hides in the details and I had no idea what I
was getting into.

  • Fact 1 this was Lisa's doing,
  • Fact 2 yes I wanted to become Lisa's slave,
  • Fact 3 I was fastened to this damn door, and
  • Fact 4 Carol was sort of sexy,

So I said: "I want to be in this program."

Carol said: "That's excellent. Your training will include
domestic arts, cleaning motel rooms and working in our laundry,
you will be trained in our hair salon, and you will learn
massage and cosmetic arts in our spa. You will be taught to be
courteous and obedient. You will be effectively my slave and I
will hand you to others for training. Your training will be 7
days a week, there will be no time off. You will be closely
supervised. Attitude is the foundation of the training."

I said: "I will do my best."

Carol said: "I expect nothing less, repeat that and add at all

I said: "I will do my best at all times."

Carol said: "Repeat it and add Miss Carol"

I said: "I will do my best at all times, Miss Carol;" and I
blushed and became aroused.

Then Carol unlocked the chain holding me to the door and removed
the handcuffs. She told me to sit down in the chair she had been
sitting at.

She handed me a multi-page document and said: "Sign this on the
6 pages, then initial each page by the page number. It says that
you're requesting to be whipped and you will not hold us
responsible for injuring you and the fee is not refundable. It
says that you're applying for employment here and are
volunteering without pay for a trial."

I signed but I heard alarm bells going on in my mind.

Carol said: "Good, now stand where you were before."

I stood with my back to the door. Carol sat again in the chair;
she let her skirt show more of her thighs.

She said: "When I tell you to do something, you will acknowledge
it with yes madam or yes ma'am."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "You will do the same for all the people who instruct
you. You will address them as formally as you can, Mr. or Miss
or Mrs. surname or Mr. or Miss or Mrs. first name. They should
call you Harry, because you are the lowest in the hierarchy."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

"Your trainers will think you are trying to get a job and will
report to me every day. You will avoid unnecessary conversation.
Your story is that you were an accountant and were convicted of
fraud and just got out of prison. Every night you and I will
have a debriefing."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" It was coming too fast I thought.

Carol said: "You will learn to be totally obedient. This morning
your wife told you to stop talking and you didn't. Turn around
and face the door. Don't move until I come back and release you.
You are being disciplined for disobedience."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and faced the door.

It became very uncomfortable very quickly. I tried to hold still
but finally I shifted my weight. And I did that several more
times before Carol returned.

She said: "Turn around and kneel down in front of me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I was attracted to her bare knees and I
noticed her breasts.

Carol said: "Did you move?"

I said: "Yes ma'am but it was hardly at all."

Carol sad: "Why were you being punished?"

I said: "Because I disobeyed Lisa, ma'am."

Carol said: "Did you think I would overlook you disobeying me
while I was punishing you for disobeying?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Carol said: "Good, then we will deal with this later. This
morning you will work for Marta, you will do exactly what she
tells you and show her the respect a slave owes his mistress.
Marta thinks you want a job cleaning rooms, her evaluation of
your work will be exacting and if she has to correct what you're
doing or has to tell you the same thing twice you may be
punished. I expect you to note the incidents and report them to
me when we have our debriefing."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"Marta will give you the jobs she doesn't like doing. Of course
you won't complain and you will be glad to do it, is that

I said: "Yes ma'am; Miss Carol I haven't had anything to eat or
drink this morning."

I thought I would really like a cup of coffee.

Carol said: "I will tell Marta and she may give you something to
eat at your break. I will tell you something that we will work
on later, you will learn to stop wanting things, you will think
of your mistress's wants and how you can satisfy them. For
example you should be thinking of how you will serve Marta; but
we will get to that and this is your first day."

Carol gave me clothes to put on. There was a work outfit
consisting of a blue long sleeve shirt with the hotel's logo and
matching color denim jeans. The only unusual object was a panty
girdle. It was pink with lace around the legs. Without comment I
put it all on. The effect of the panty girdle is that I would
have to sit down to pee.

Carol said: "The girdle is to keep you from masturbating. It's
forbidden. Confirm that you understand that."

I said: "Masturbation is forbidden and I will not masturbate,
Miss Carol."

Carol called Marta's manager and learned where she was working.
I followed Carol into the elevator and we went to the fifth
floor, and then down a long hallway to where a cart with the
paraphernalia for cleaning rooms stood, and entered the room
through the open door.

Carol said in English: "I brought you a helper."

Marta answered in Spanish and the little I understood was:

Marta-"What does he do?"

Carol-"Whatever you want him to."

Marta in Spanish: "Can you speak Spanish?"

I said in bad Spanish: "A very little Miss Marta."

Carol said: "You will do exactly what Marta tells you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Say it and add diligently and with joy."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy, Miss Carol and Miss Marta:"

I knew she would make me repeat it with Miss Carol so I'd
cleverly anticipated, or so I'd thought.

Carol said: "Now you will repeat it exactly how I told you to."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy."

Carol said: "Now add Miss Carol."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy, Miss Carol."

Carol said: "Now replace me with Miss Marta."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy, Miss Marta."

Marta said in Spanish: "He is a difficult one."

Carol said: "I brought him to the right person, he is learning

Marta laughed.

Marta was not pretty, she had black hair, dark eyes, she was
short and moderately plump. Her hair was folded into a bun on
her head. She had a loose blouse the same color as my shirt and
she wore jeans the same color. She was pretty when she laughed
but other times she looked concerned as if the world's problems
were hers.

Marta said: "Have you ever cleaned a toilet?"

I said: "No ma'am;" I saw Carol leave.

She told me 14 steps that I memorized with a mnemonic; I would
have liked to write it down.

Marta said: "Do this one now."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I could feel the tension and I knew that if I asked anything
about coffee or food I would get in trouble or if I asked about
how to do something it would be interpreted that I didn't pay
attention to the instructions or that I was disobedient.

I got to work. I was working on the third toilet when Marta told
me to also make the beds, she described the steps to remake a
bed for a resident guest and to strip and make the bed with
fresh linens for a new guest, except if the linen is soiled I
strip it, or if the guest has been staying for 7 days, then I
strip it. She had me repeat the instruction and was surprised
when I did.

I must have done 16 toilets and beds before we stopped for
lunch. We secured the cart and rode the elevator to the basement
to the employee's cafeteria. Cordon bleu would not have pleased
me more. There was a large variety and I was full before
sampling everything.

Marta had me take off her shoes and massage her feet. Of course
I did, and I was surprised no one turned to stare. Marta asked
me if I wanted to go to use the toilet. I said I did.

We went to the next room, and it was a move out, so Marta said I
could use the toilet before I cleaned it. Then she said I had to
leave the door open so she could watch.

Then she said: "I'm going to let you watch while I go."

I said: "Yes ma'am, thank you Miss Marta;" I wondered if this
was the "Joy" part.

Marta said: "Don't just stand there, kneel down here and
unbutton my pants and pull my panties off and get close."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but my voice was very hoarse.

Then we did about 45 rooms without interruption. My back hurt,
my arms were sore from exertion and I think one of the cleaning
agents was causing my eyes to burn.

Marta said: "You did good, I won't report anything to Carol."

I was ecstatic. I remarked to myself how strange it was to so
easily fall under the control of this tiny Latina.

I said: "Thank you Miss Marta, it has been my pleasure to work
for you."

Marta said: "I will handcuff you and lock you to this bar."

It was a handicap hold bar because there was an incline at the
point we were at in the basement.

I resolved myself to allowing that and let her fasten me.

I again waited for a long time, I was so tired.

Carol showed up and released me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Carol's house

She led me to her car and clicked it unlocked. I got in and
realized she was waiting for me to open her door for her. I
jumped out of the car and held her door. It was worth the effort
because I saw all the way up to her mid thigh as she got in.

I got back into the passenger seat and observed how her skirt
had ridden up and I saw the profile of her breasts and I
wondered how I hadn't realized how lovely she was.

Carol said: "Lisa told me that you're a good cook."

I said: "I like to cook but I only know how to prepare a few

Carol said: "One of the perks of my job is having a slave. You
will cook and of course clean up. You will clean my condo, and
do my laundry. As you learn skills I expect you to give me
manicures and pedicures and take care of my hair and help me
with makeup."

I said: "Yes ma'am, all of that will be my pleasure."

Carol said, "Tonight you will cook dinner and serve it and clean
up, then we will spend the rest of the evening punishing you for

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "There are 3 changes in attitude I work on.
Obedience is the first and it's simple you have to do what we
tell you to do. The second is humility, this is more subtle and
basically it's educating you to realize that the world is not
about you. The third is devotion where you take interest in your
wife's concerns, for example her clothes."

I considered that and once again wondered what I had gotten

Carol's condo was in fact a free standing unit in a gated
development. The furnishings were very tastefully done. The
colors were earth tones and green. There was a large room that
had a sofa and several matching chairs and a large ottoman. I
could see a dining room and as we walked through the house to
the adequate kitchen I saw a den with a giant TV.

Carol said: "Follow me to the slave's quarters."

Carol led me to a small room near the kitchen. I thought that
this was the pantry in a normal home. I saw my suitcase sitting
in a corner.

Carol said: "I have a special outfit for you;" She removed
several objects from a low cupboard. There were 4 pieces: 2
giant yellow leg-warmers with stirrups, a black garter belt and
a brown long sleeved T-shirt.

Carol said: "Put them on, do it quickly and fix dinner, I'm

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I tried to figure it out.

The leg-warmers were obvious, the garter held the leg-warmers
and I kept the girdle on.

Carol said: "Take off the girdle."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And removed it. I had to undo the garters
and do them back; all the time Carol watched. The problem from
my view point was that I was naked from the bottom of the shirt
to the top of the leg-warmers.

Then Carol produced a device that encased my penis in a block of
I guessed aluminum and Lucite; my entire penis was enclosed and
a ring around my balls held it in place.

Carol said: "Don't go through any metal detectors with that on."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Your wife has the only key. That will stay on until
she removes it, now go fix dinner."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I found ingredients to make spaghetti and a
salad and I hoped Carol would be happy.

Carol came into the kitchen and said: "Set the table for me,
serve the food and I would like some wine, you may not have any.
You may eat the leftovers. I would like you to clean my plate
after I've finished and use my utensils."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I realized how ridiculous I looked and then
eating her leftovers hammered humiliation deep into me. I was
being brainwashed.

The food was ready and I said: "Miss Carol dinner is ready."
I had the spaghetti with the sauce in a bowl and the salad in
another bowl, and a plate and a water and a wine glass on the
table. I tried to look like a restaurateur inviting a customer.

Carol said: "This is very nice, just as I want it. Please serve
me and then stand by while I eat in case I want something."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I stood serving her in silence, waiting for her next request.

The napkin on her lap fell to the carpet and I picked it up and
put it in her lap.

Standing there looking at her, made me think she was very

She emptied her wine glass and I offered her more.

She said: "No, I'm finished; you can eat what is on my plate on
the counter by the sink."

I took her plate and knife and fork and ate the spaghetti and
salad she left, she watched me do it.

Carol said: "You can eat whatever else you want and clean up in
here, hurry up."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I ate more spaghetti and cleaned the kitchen.

I said: "Miss Carol, may I write down the instructions Miss
Marta gave me today?"

Carol said: "Why do you want to do that?"

I said: "Because I may forget it by tomorrow and Miss Marta
would have to tell me again."

Carol said: "You can use the computer and printer."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carol;" I typed all the instructions I
had received. I was surprised at the clarity of my memory.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first whipping

Carol said:"Move the ottoman here, and lie over it.;" I did and
she fastened my feet and hands to hooks that I hadn't noticed.
Then all of a sudden I felt a burning in my behind that was
unlike any I had ever had.

Carol said: "When you are told to do something you will do it."
And she struck again.

I started begging her to stop, it was too hard, I couldn't

Then she struck again and I started moving around hoping to
mitigate the effect of the strokes.

Carol said: "I was planning to give you only 12 strokes, but you
have to receive them by counting and thanking me, there must be
no pleading or moving. If the stroke is not received correctly
it will not count. You may start counting at 1."

Another giant stroke followed worse than any of the others but I
managed to hold still and thank her. She dismissed my effort on
several more and I received a total of 17 or 18 strokes.

Carol said: "That was probably the least painful beating you
will receive from me. I will not permit any disobedience. What
will happen if you disobey an instruction?"

I said: "You will beat me, Miss Carol."

Carol said: "I will beat you harder, repeat that so you will

I said: "You will beat me harder, Miss Carol."

She said: "Now you will stand in the corner and not move for one
hour, we will see if you have learned anything from your
strapping;" And she released me from the handcuffs.

She said: "Stand next to the television so I can watch both it
and you."

At the same time I loved and feared Carol. I wanted her to love
me and not to be punishing me. I vowed to myself that I would do
exactly what she ordered.

It's hard to stand absolutely still, but I managed for what
seemed like a very long time.

Carol said: "Come into the bedroom, I'm going to let you undress
me and tuck me in."

I was ecstatic, I took off her shoes and asked her if I could
rub her feet, and she let me.

I removed her panty hose and her skirt and blouse and her
brassiere, we went into the toilet and I patted her dry, then I
stood while she removed her makeup. I wanted her so badly but I
was afraid to do anything that she hadn't told me to do.

I tucked her in and she told me to bring her handcuffs from a
drawer she pointed to. She handcuffed my hands behind my back
and said I could sleep on the floor next to her bed.

I lay there and for the first time I felt like a slave, I had
such passionate feelings and I was restrained and lying on the
floor frustrated.

I tried lying on my back but my thighs and ass were too sore
from the beating, the carpet seemed to prick the tender flesh
and it was hard with the handcuffs, so I slept on my stomach
wishing to make love to the goddess.

When I woke I realized during the night someone had put a
blanket on me. I didn't move because I didn't want to wake

Carol said: "Are you awake Harry."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Fix me breakfast, I want fruit, eggs and coffee,
then come back here and assist me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I stood and she unlocked the handcuffs.

I fixed breakfast and I served it like at dinner, I poured water
and coffee and orange juice as she wanted it. Finally she told
me to eat what she left on her plate while standing at the

She let me help her get dressed. I was clumsy because I was
overwhelmed with her attractiveness and I had never before done
the things she was asking me to do. I helped her put on panty
hose and fastened her bra.

She put on makeup like I had watched Lisa do just yesterday.

Carol said: "Clean the kitchen, make my bed, clean the bathroom,
and vacuum, and hurry because we have to go to work but first I
want some more coffee."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And I did all of that in my ridiculous
uniform with my dick swinging to and fro with the weight hanging
on it while Carol read the newspaper and drank coffee.

I changed clothes and wondered about the girdle, but I put it
on, I didn't want another beating.

Carol secured me to the same bar I was tethered to yesterday. I
didn't wait long before Marta arrived. We started right away.

Marta said: "Do the mirrors and windows."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

In another room Marta said: "Bring me a glass of water."

I was cleaning a shower, but immediately stopped and filled a
glass with water and brought it to her.

She said: "I want ice in it, it's not cold."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and went to get ice.

When I returned with the ice Marta was sitting at the desk
reading a magazine a guest had left behind.

I got a coaster and a new glass and put the ice in it and then
the water and placed it on the desk next to Marta and resumed
cleaning the shower.

In another room while I was washing the floor in the bathroom,
Marta walked in on the wet floor and said: "I need to pee."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I knew the drill to unbutton her jeans and
pull her panties down, and I tried to tell myself that I was
getting my money's worth with the provocations Marta was

I had come to sympathize with the ladies who clean rooms. They
are overworked and under paid. It's a hard physical job and
sometimes pretty yucky. And I related to Marta because we were
together in this misery.

The real humiliation here was that my wife or I was paying for
me to be here. I definitely didn't want any more beatings so
Marta could have asked me to do back flips and I would have

As we continued I gave Marta a foot rub, I got a duster from the
cart for her, and did everything she asked. I lost count of how
many rooms we did. By the end of the day I was exhausted.

Marta fastened me to the same bar. She got to go home but I had
to wait about an hour. People passed me but didn't pay any

I was surprised how happy I was to see Carol. It wasn't just to
be released from the bar; I realized I was in love with her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part two here

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 25, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 89

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 89

The previous episode, Chapter 88, is at:-

The next morning he breakfasted alone, but in truth had little
appetite knowing that he had an appointment at ten am with the
Assessor. His wife told him nothing about the Assessor or what
he would need to do, she simply packed a small bag and handed it
to him along with the address and told him not to be late.

He drove himself in one of his less conspicuous cars and having
parked, walked up to the average looking house on a large modern
estate. It was nine forty five when he knocked on the front

There was a long pause, then it was opened by a heavily built
but attractive lady in her mid-forties wearing a skirt and tight
white blouse over an ample bosom. She looked him up and down and
asked one question:


For some reason her attitude made James immediately nervous but
he managed to stammer out: "J.j.james Hough Madam."

She stared at him. "I believe your appointment is for ten
o'clock?" To which he agreed by nodding his head. "Then report
at exactly that time... and not a second early or late Hough."
...and the door was slammed in his face.

He realised that this had not been a good start. He wandered
aimlessly round the estate until it was just before the allotted
time and then walked up and knocked again. There was no response
so he knocked again. Panic was now setting in so he knocked for
the third time and much louder.

The same lady opened the door and told him to get inside. Once
the door was closed she turned on him in irritation taking the
bag out of his hand. "When I say ten o'clock, that is the time I
mean... and as for your hammering on my door in such an insolent
way... You have made a very bad start to your assessment Hough
and I can only hope that this is not a true indication of your
level of ability and respect. Follow me!"

She led the way into a small room that was obviously her office.
Telling him to stand at attention on the door side of a large
desk she took her seat, placed the bag on the surface in front
of her and sat staring at him in a way that made him feel
distinctly uncomfortable.

She placed a pair of half rimmed glasses on her nose, opened the
bag and took out a file. He was concerned to see his photograph
on the cover and guessed that it contained details on his life.
She slowly read the sheets inside the cover, with just the odd
glance in his direction and a snapped instruction to "stop

Without looking up she spoke "I see you had to be beaten last
night, what was that for?"

Blushing with embarrassment James told her that it had been his
weekly routine beating but he had also had a strapping for
failing to clean the housekeepers underwear properly.

She looked up over the top of her glasses. "Don't lie to me
James, ten of those strokes were because you failed to remind
your wife that you were due a beating, is that not true?"

James mumbled an agreement.

She looked up. "Well, so far today you have failed to obey my
order on the reporting time, been insolent to me in the way you
hammered on the door and now you have chosen to lie when I asked
a question. I have rarely had a boy here who has made such an
appalling start to an assessment day. You are well below the
acceptable standard so, if I were you, I would try to
demonstrate that these lapses were not indicative of your real
behaviour, unless you want me to report that you are in urgent
need of corrective training?"

James was beginning to feel like a young boy up before the
headmistress. His instinct was to rebel in some way but the
thought, never far from his mind, that his wife could not only
reduce him to penury but also have him committed to jail,
obliged him to obey this woman and accept whatever she chose to
dish out. He knew that he would have to endure this process of
assessment and just hope it wouldn't be too protracted or
unpleasant. He therefore simply agreed that he did not want such
a report to be made.

"My name, by the way, is Mrs Cordell but you will address me as
'Madam'. Before starting your assessment You will be medically
examined by a nurse who happens to be a friend of mine. She
lives in a house opposite this one, number 26, just cross the
road and knock... gently... on her door. I will see you on your
return and we can then get started. And take this with you," she
said opening his bag and handing him a small envelope that was

The house, similar to Mrs Cordell's was indeed opposite and
James soon found himself knocking... gently... on the door.
There was no delay this time and the door was opened by a lady
dressed in a full starchy nurse's uniform from her head dress
down to her sensible shoes. She was in her late forties with
short greying hair and a bored expression on her rather lined

"You must be Hough," she said. "Well, let's get on with it as I
am more than busy today. Go upstairs and into the room on the
left and wait there. Read and obey the instructions on the back
of the door and leave that envelope on the table."

James did as she had instructed and found a large room with a
medical bench and assorted medical equipment in trays on a
table. He placed the mysterious envelope with the equipment and
closed the door to read the notice.

There were two of them. The first headed "Females on Assessment"
which he ignored and the second concerned males:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Males on Assessment.

Males are to strip entirely and place their clothing in the
locker. They will then completely drink the glass of water on
the table. They will then stand on the small mat next to the
table with feet placed on the blue marked areas and hands on
head. Care should be taken to retain the penis in a flaccid
state at all times during the examination. No questions will be
asked by the male and every order by the Nurse will be instantly
obeyed without question. You should realise that the inspection
may be uncomfortable and embarrassing at times but there are to
be no complaints. You will also hold any position that the Nurse
requires without undue movement or attempts to obstruct her

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This was hardly comforting news but, as directed, he stripped
down to his restrainer, thankful that this device would prevent
any erection, drank the water, and took up the position. The
marks for his feet were certainly wide apart and he had some
difficulty in widening his legs far enough to comply.

The Nurse entered the room, glanced in his direction and
continued with a call on her mobile. It seemed that another
appointment had been made for thirty minutes time and that she
was irritated that it would overlap. She concluded the call by
telling the caller to tell the female to arrive on time and
expect a long wait.

The mention of a female was not overlooked by James.

Having replaced the mobile in a pocket in her blue uniform she
stood back and looked James over.

"We will start by taking off your device James, how long is it
since it has been off?"

James explained that it was only taken off on rare occasions for
cleansing and monthly for milking. It had been over a week since
it had last been removed.

The Nurse slipped on a pair of blue latex gloves, reached for
the envelope and opening it extracted the key that she needed.
It took a few seconds to removed all parts and deposit them in a
steel dish.

He now stood fully naked.

She lifted his penis, commented on its general redness and when
he flinched, it's obvious soreness. Then asked how it was

James described Mrs Brady's attentions to which the Nurse
remarked that it certainly looked cheesy and overdue for a
decent scrub.

She led him into the bathroom where there was a modern shower
cubicle and told him to get in, handing him a bar of soap.

"This is a power shower so you will find it very efficient. You
will soap yourself all over, particularly in the crotch area and
then stand whilst the soap is removed. Don't think of increasing
the temperature, it is set at maximum cold as this is not
intended to be a pleasant experience for you."

With that, she turned the lever to "Full" and as the icy jets
hit James, she closed the door and stood back.

It was unbelievably cold and powerful and took his breath away.
He rubbed the soap all over as quickly as he could and then
turned and twisted under the jets until the soap had been washed

The Nurse reached in and turned the shower off, but she was not
through with his ablutions. Taking the soap from the dish she
took hold of the wet, cold and flaccid penis and vigorously
rubbed the soap around the head, shaft and scrotum then told him
to stand with legs apart and hands on his head.

Taking the shower head from its socket she twisted the head to a
different setting and turned it on. There were now just three
small jets within a half inch circumference, but under an even
greater pressure. She held it just inches from his genitalia
and, moving it all around the entire region, blasted the soap

It was particularly painful when it hit his soft shrunken penis
which was blown sideways by the force of the jet. The Nurse
curtly told him to hold it firmly by the root which he did. The
jet was then directed at and around the glans, somehow he
managed to remain almost motionless until she was satisfied.

It wasn't over for him as he stood shivering with cold. Next he
was told to face away from her with his legs wide and reach
behind to pull his buttock cheeks wide apart.

The icy jet was then directed at the top of his anal cleft and
brought slowly downwards. It felt like three jagged icicles
especially when it reached his clenched anus where it remained
for several seconds before hitting the rear of his dangling
scrotum with full force. Even though the cold had contracted the
scrotal skin it still made them bounce painfully until the water
was at last turned off.

He was given a small towel to dry himself and she led the way
back to the other room where, still shivering and with aching
testes, he took his place back on the mat.

Holding a small flashlight in one hand and a tongue depressor in
the other the nurse gave his mouth and teeth a cursory
examination. Following that she used q-tips to check on the
cleanliness of both his nostrils and ears placing the soiled
ones in a steel jar. She then turned her attention to his
shrunken nipples, flicking them with her finger nails until they
became erect. Then she indicated to him that he was to climb up
on the examination bench.

Laying on his back he soon found his knees wide and in the
supports that pulled them back to a vertical position over his
hips in what would be an indecent display anywhere other than a
medical room. His body was lying at 45 degrees to the floor
giving him a good view of the surroundings. He glanced at his
cold penis which showed no signs of erection for which he felt
suitably grateful. Just then there was a knock on the front door
and with a snort of irritation the Nurse left the room.

James could hear a faint conversation and then footsteps on the
stairs which he assumed to be the return of the Nurse. To his
surprise a female entered the room and on seeing him stopped
dead and blushed furiously. She was in her mid twenties, tall,
slim with long fair hair and an exceedingly pretty face. A
subtle and expensive scent wafted around her as she stood in
what was obviously an expensive skirt and blouse looking
somewhat frightened.

She had obviously also been told what to do and read the notice
on the back of the door with a grimace. With one more glance at
James and a shrug of resignation she started to strip in front
of him.

She carefully removed her blouse then skirt and stood for a few
seconds in her designer underwear before slipping off the self
supporting stockings. She bent down facing away from James to
put them neatly away revealing her long tanned legs and bubble
shaped buttocks only partially covered by the small black

There were ugly fresh weals visible on her buttocks and further
heavy bruising evidencing a recent punishment. At least, thought
James, I'm not the only one who gets beaten.

Still facing away from him the pretty girl shyly removed her
brassiere then her panties to reveal even more weals. Having
placed the panties on a hook next to the females' notice she
blushingly turned round and took up the required position on the
mat. She had small upturned breasts with unusually long nipples.
She was unshaven around the pubic area.

James whispered "Who beat you? What for?"

She looked at him horrified shaking her head, but eventually
whispered back:

"My husband. Just before he brought me here, he said it would
show them what I can take. Last night it seemed that I was
supposed to have been insolent to one of his male friends and
the chap 'phoned my husband this morning to complain. I tried to
tell my husband that I hadn't, but I then had to take six with
the strap for insolence and eight hard ones with the cane for
lying about it."

Just then the door opened and the Nurse returned. She ignored
the girl who had braced herself into the required position and
walked towards James.

"If either of you feel in any way embarrassed you only have
yourselves to blame. You are both here to be assessed and there
were no requests on either of your files for any special
treatment or consideration. I don't normally examine with anyone
else present but as I am busy, I certainly have to today. It
might cause you both to be more sensible and not whine and
whimper as most of my patients seem to when things get
uncomfortable. We will start with you James."

With those words the nurse slipped on another fresh pair of
latex gloves and produced a steel inspection device that she
coated with lubricant. She then, to his surprise, transferred
more lubricant to his exposed anus causing him to shift a little
on his bench. Without any warning the speculum, as it could now
be seen to be, was roughly engaged into the opening and pushed
harshly fully in, making him gasp with shock. A ratchet device
was then operated and his anus stretched to a very uncomfortable

The nurse then moved to a nearby table and he found the pretty
female still in position with legs wide, to be looking at and
indeed... into his yawning anus.

He tried desperately to concentrate on something else, but the
combination of the speculum and the female proved too much and
he felt and saw the erection starting to swell his now warm
penis. By the time the nurse returned with a dish containing
some probes and a small light. He was fully erect.

"Did you read the notice of instruction?" she asked.

James agreed that he had.

"Then I will have to report this to Mrs Cordell as gross
disobedience so that she can deal with it," the nurse concluded.

The light was directed between the blades of the speculum and a
long cotton wool tipped probe was inserted to prod, poke and
scrape around the sensitive inner surfaces. Satisfied as to the
general cleanliness the speculum was abruptly removed and a
gloved finger inserted to feel and massage the prostate gland
for some time... with the nurse watching his face to note any
reaction. Eventually it was removed and the gloves changed.

His foreskin that had slid over the sore glans was snatched back
and his swollen penis examined in detail, right in front of the
embarrassed girl.

The nurse made no allowance for the tender areas and twisted and
squeezed as she checked all the folds and wrinkles before
transferring her attentions to his scrotal contents. The check
was thorough with her finger tips rolling and pressing around
the two bulbs and feeling for the connecting pipes.

James squirmed more in fear than actual pain and was told to
keep still and that if she wanted to hurt him she would press
harder... which she did to demonstrate, causing him to writhe
and grunt loudly.

The nurse moved up to his head and having made him open his
mouth to an uncomfortable degree, she then used a sharp dental
prodder and bright flashlight to examine all his teeth and gums,
using the probe to scrape and poke around the teeth and into the
tender gums, ignoring his obvious pain.

His ears were then examined with the scope device before she
took his blood pressure. Finally, with a stethoscope she
listened to his chest, both front and back.

Turning to the girl, the nurse instructed her to fetch two tall
glasses from the bathroom and when she did, told her to urinate
into the one she was holding. The girl looked in all directions
for some area that would afford her privacy but was told sharply
that the nurse had to see her do it as there was a requirement
for the liquid to be checked for drugs.

The nurse ordered James up from the bench and handed him the
other glass with the same instructions, adding that as they
would both have to urinate in full view of each other it should
reduce the embarrassment factor.

They stood facing each other with the empty glasses in their
hands. The female, blushing furiously bent her knees slightly,
placed her glass between her parted legs and with a look of
utter concentration tried to release her flow of urine.
Eventually, a small trickle came from her labia then a gush of
yellow liquid that soon filled the glass. From the look of
anguish on her face the embarrassment had changed to discomfort
as she tried to hold the flow back.

Just then, James managed to release, and soon filled his glass
leaving him with the same problem of holding back the rest of
his bladder.

The two samples were placed on a table for later analysis and
the nurse, having completed the paper-work for James told him to
get dressed and report back to Mrs Cordell. As he dressed the
girl was told to mount the examination bench as he had done and
a speculum was being inserted into her vagina.

His knock at the door was soon answered by Mrs Cordell. James
handed her the report and a container holding his restrainer
from the Nurse and followed her to the small office, taking up a
position at attention in front of her desk.

She sat down, opened the envelope and read the contents. It took
several minutes and her eyebrows were raised in surprise more
than once. Having placed the letter in a filing tray she looked
up at James and spoke:

"Well, Hough, not a good start to your Assessment. It seems that
you are fit enough but unable to obey simple rules and display
real respect for a female in authority. Your lack of self
control with your erections will have to be looked at as will
the continual use of that particular restrainer which may cause
some harm to your penis. I understand that it is somewhat
tender?"... James nodded in agreement.

"I will now start your Assessment. The purpose of this is to
determine the level of respect for ladies that you display, your
obedience to any order, request or suggestion, your acceptance
of any correction or discipline that might be ordered and your
overall level of subservience. You may find parts of this
humiliating and some parts certainly a little painful but just
remember that you are here to show me how well trained you are
in doing whatever I say or accepting whatever I might do to you.
I have two ladies here who will be assisting me. Their
identities will remain secret but you will obey them without
question... whatever they may require of you. Firstly, I will
give you the first of the tests in accepting pain. Come round
the side of my desk and hold out your right hand."

She stood and picked up a leather tawse. James stood in front of
her and raised his hand realising that she was about to lay on
an old fashioned Scottish school style punishment of presumably
the typical three on each hand. Having carefully moved his palm
and fingers into a position that she wanted, she raised the
tawse over her shoulder and brought it down in an arc to slash
into his presented palm.

"Youch" he exclaimed and instinctively drew his hand back to rub
it with his other. It hurt like hell but Mrs Cordell's face
remained impassive as she waited for him to reposition his hand
for the next lash. That came down and hurt even more. He had
just received the third when he presented his other hand almost
eager to change hands as the thought of another application of
split leather to the right palm was more than he could bear.

Mrs Cordell simply shrugged and started to lash that hand. Again
after three blistering strokes he held both hands protectively
under his opposite armpits.

James was glad that assault was over and didn't realise that Mrs
Cordell was simply testing his limits. She had intended to apply
at least five to each hand and her notes reflected his failure
to accept anywhere near that number. She sat down, motioned him
to the other side of the desk and wrote copious notes on to the
clip board.

She then delved into the bag he had brought and took out the
panties his wife made him wear for punishment on Fridays. She
wrinkled her nose in disgust then threw them at him telling him
to take them into the bathroom and wash them thoroughly.

When he returned with the wet item she ordered him to leave them
on the desk top and to strip naked in front of her. He found
this embarrassing and couldn't help it when his penis reacted by
starting to engorge again. Before it was too noticeable he was
told to put on the still wet panties because the lady volunteers
might not appreciate him being naked, and it was not their fault
that he had needed to wash them.

The fact that you could see nearly as much with the wet panties
on and the sheer cold discomfort of wearing them was not

"Now for your next test Hough. You will go into the room
opposite where a lady is waiting. She will tell you what she
requires and you will then carry out that instruction. I would
warn you that each of these tests is designed to assess your
obedience and for that reason they will be made as unpleasant as
possible for you. There is no requirement for the lady to shower
before your service, although she will most certainly want to do
so afterwards. The only comfort and enjoyment to be considered
is that of the lady and your aesthetic, olfactory or taste
senses will not be of any concern. She will be wearing a mask to
protect her identity and will submit a report to me afterwards
that will assess your respect, demeanour and compliance. Go now
and knock on the door."

Not knowing what to expect and why she had made a point that his
aesthetic, olfactory or taste senses were not to be considered
left him totally confused. He knocked on the door. A curt
female's voice told him to enter... which he did.

It was a small well lit room. There was a tall wooden stool on
which sat a large lady wearing a jogging suit and trainers. Her
head was covered in a black leather hood, out of which at the
back hung long lank dyed blonde hair. It only left her eyes ,
nostrils and mouth free so that her identity could not be even
guessed. At her feet was a small mat and she pointed to this
indicating that James was to kneel in front of her.

He found himself looking up at the heavily built woman wondering
what she had in store for him and knowing that as she was
covering up her identity it would almost certainly be something
unpleasant. She spoke:

"I have just come from a very hard session in the gym. It is
your duty to massage my feet so start by removing my trainers.
You will then do whatever I require."

From his kneeling position James unlaced each trainer then
slipped them off leaving them to the side. He was told to take
each one, place it over his face and inhale twice. The insides
of the rubber and canvas shoe certainly gave proof that her
workout had been to the point of heavy sweating. Both trainers
reeked of both fresh and stale foot sweat.

"Now remove my right sock and then I want you to clean my foot
with your tongue, taking particular care between my toes."

James started to lick the extended foot and tried to ignore the
smells of sweat and foot odour as best he could. By the time he
worked around to inserting his tongue between the damp toes it
felt sore and dry, but he knew that he must continue. And he did
continue with both feet until the lady appeared satisfied and
dismissed him with a casual wave of her hand.

Back at attention in front of Mrs Cordell, he awaited what next
she had in mind for him. It was, as she described it to him, in
the nature of an endurance test.

She pointed to a metal tray on the floor. It was almost covered
in dried peas. He was ordered to kneel upright on the peas with
his back straight and hands on his head.

The pain in his knees started immediately. It was a sharp
cutting sensation that had him bending at the waist as he tried
to accept it but he was soon ordered back to the fully upright
braced position that seemed to place even more weight on his
knee caps.

Mrs Cordell brought a chair and sat with her knees almost
touching his chest. She stared into his screwed up eyes watching
him closely as he absorbed the pain with just the occasional
glance at her wrist watch to check how long he had been on the
peas. She whispered that the longer he stood the pain, the
better would be his report and that anything under ten minutes
would be viewed as a failure.

She mentioned how the girls always seemed to be able to accept a
longer time and assured him that this was because males were
wimps when compared to females. James mused on whether in truth
this might be a consequence of their reduced weight or the extra
padding on the female kneecap.

It was 13 minutes before he gave up and without thinking rested
his hands on Mrs Cordell's knees to reduce the weight on his
knees. The sharp slap to his face came as a shock as she stood
with a furious look on her face.

"Don't you ever touch me without a direct order!" she snapped as
he took the weight on his hands lifting himself clear of the

She made no further comment but scribbled away on her report
form as James squatted down to pick the embedded peas from his
sore knees.

Having finished scribbling, she told him that he would now
undergo another assessment in the room where he had previously
been. He was reminded that the lady would be masked and that he
was to carry out anything... anything... that she ordered.

Just as he was leaving, the young female who had been on the
medical assessment arrived looking very flushed. She was
immediately told to stand to attention as Mrs Cordell read the
contents of the envelope that the girl, like James, had brought
from the nurse.

In the next room i was a different woman standing in front James
when he knelt, as ordered, on the mat. She was slimmer and
wearing a blouse and long black skirt with high heels and
stockings and James felt an immediate response to her femininity
in his groin. A similar hood to the one the other woman had worn
also hid her identity, perhaps making her less apprehensive
about ordering this male about. When she spoke she did so with a
soft cultured accent.

"Well James, I have been told that you need testing in providing
a personal service for a female. I will tell you exactly what
service I require and you will be assessed on the way you follow
those instructions, the effort you put into the task and the
degree of success that it achieves. I shall require you to
provide oral sex to me, cunnilingus if you prefer the term. You
will need to clean both my outer and inner labia before exciting
my clitoris and I expect your tongue to probe deep. It is to
your advantage that I have been looking forward to this for some
hours and so you will find me moist and receptive. It is equally
to your disadvantage that I do not climax easily from this type
of stimulation so you will need to work hard. Do you have any

James mumbled that he had none.

She then raised her skirt and told him to remove her panties.
James reached up and gently slid them down over her knees and
feet. He noted the dampness and scents of an aroused female as
she had promised, and his penis throbbed in response.

She then, holding her skirt high, walked over to a large well
padded armchair and sitting down raised each leg so that the
knees were splayed and resting on the arms. The room was well
lit and her extremely hirsute pudenda was spread before him. The
labia were only slightly parted and as he knelt between the
stretched apart thighs, he could again scent the musky smell
that he had noticed on the panties.

He had only performed this act on one female in his life and
that was his wife and only when she had ordered it. Despite his
arousal, he had always found the thought of this act unpleasant
but he knew that as with his wife, he had no choice if he were
to prevent some dire consequence being inflicted on him. He knew
that even if he tried really hard, anything other than a total
success would be bound to have its repercussions.

He approached the exposed lips with some caution then gently
reached out with the tip of his tongue to stroke it up and down
the crack. He immediately sensed a salty taste that increased as
his tongue slid between the labia to the extent that his face
was almost scratched by the coarse thatch of black pubic hair.
He continued to lick for some minutes before bringing his hands
forward then using them to spread the lips wide so that his
tongue could probe the wet and slippery depths with his nose
forced to inhale the strong musky odour.

Fighting his reluctance to have such a close contact he
assiduously licked both the outer and then the almost frilly
inner lips feeling the area respond to his touch by swelling
imperceptibly. With his tongue beginning to ache from the effort
he eventually moved up to the protruding, hooded clitoris first
licking then sucking the nub to full swollen prominence as the
thighs either side of his head flexed even wider to submit to
his attentions.

He tried everything he could think of to help her achieve the
climax that he needed to have, perhaps more than the woman
needed it. He licked, probed sucked swallowed, but there was no
happy ending to be found. After a few minutes the woman became
irritated then furious as she ordered him to return to Mrs
Cordell which he did.

Mrs Cordell told him to wait and went to the room herself. The
conversation was obviously short and when she returned the look
on her face indicated that James had failed. She however made no
comment but picked up an acrylic cane that was laying on a
shelf. She flexed it between her hands whilst staring at him.

"I note that you seem to have managed an erection even though
you have failed to satisfy the lady. I don't think it will be
erect for long."

She stood directly in front of him almost touching, took a deep
breath and continued:

"We move on. I am now going to use this cane to inflict pain. I
am not trying to punish you for your failure at this time, and I
accept that inflicting pain for no reason is a hard thing for
you to accept but it is necessary to assess how you react to
being deliberately hurt for no reason. You must hold position
during the infliction with absolutely no rubbing your buttocks
or trying to avoid the strokes. This is a very effective
implement for causing pain and you may rest assured that I will
lay it on with full force even though I understand from your
wife that you were relatively inexperienced with being beaten
until recent times. We will start with five strokes and then
that will be repeated after an event that you need not worry
about at present."

She was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was the female
looking more flustered and red in the face than before. James
could only guess that she had been to the foot woman, as he
thought of her, to demonstrate her licking abilities. She was
told to stand to one side and watch what was happening to James.

He was told to remove his still damp panties then place his legs
wide apart, bend over from the waist until his back was parallel
with the floor and clasp his hands behind his head. This was a
difficult position to hold without having to take the cane as

Mrs Cordell gave the metre long rod a few experimental swishes
that did nothing to calm James. He realised that the skin on his
buttocks would have been tighter if he had been made to bend
double, but even so, with his genitals dangling between his
spread limbs and his bruised skin feeling exposed and vulnerable
he knew that this would be hell for him. She stood to his left,
he heard her raise the cane and then the swish as it descended
to impact across his presented buttocks.

He had been caned by his wife, but never so painfully as this
expert laid it on. It felt like a hot wire had been dragged over
his skin and the pain did not reduce to any appreciable degree
before she raised the cane over her shoulder and brought it
whirring down for the second stroke... then the third... fourth
and final fifth. All were laid on to a thin band of two inches
across the centre of his buttocks... but he had managed to take
each unjustified stroke without breaking his position.

He was told to stand and saw the look of fear and horror on the
girl's face as he did so. He was then told to go down the
corridor to the bathroom and knock on the door.

As he left he heard the girl being told that she would now
undergo the same test and to position herself. He heard the
first stroke and following cry of pain as he knocked on the
bathroom door and was told to enter.

He was surprised to see the nurse who had carried out his
earlier medical assessment. This time she was wearing latex
gloves and a transparent plastic apron over her uniform.

"Welcome back James!" she said with a cold smile. "I have been
told to milk you so let's get it over with. Lean over the bath
with your hands on the far side and knees up against the edge.
Legs wide... wider. I can see that your penis is still looking
sore from that chastity device but it can't be helped if my
pumping hurts a little... my best advice is to concentrate on
ejaculating then the nasty business won't last too long."

She sat on the closed toilet seat, reached between his spread
legs and grasped his penis firmly with her right hand, then...,
suddenly snatched his foreskin back to expose the red raw area
behind his glans where the device had dug into his organ.

Before James had even a moment to collect his thoughts the harsh
pumping action started and her left hand came between his legs
to grasp, somewhat firmly, his dangling scrotal contents.

There came a knock at the door, and without breaking her rhythm
the nurse called out enter. In a mirror next to the bath James
could see it was the girl, naked, who had clearly come straight
from her caning. She was sobbing to herself but still keeping
her hand away from the soothing touch they would have had to her
throbbing wealed buttocks.

The nurse didn't need to ask her the reason for her visit,
knowing full well that she was there for the same treatment as
James. The girl glanced down at James's buttocks and exchanged
sympathetic glances with him in the mirror as the nurse stopped
pumping and withdrew her hands from between James's spread

"Since you are both here to have your sexual frustrations
released I don't see why I should have to do all the work. I
will position you both so that you can work on each other until
you achieve success. Naturally any failure to do so will be
regarded as disobedience and will probably attract a few more
welts on your backsides."

She soon had the girl, who's name was Emma, sitting on the
toilet with James at the present, then standing astride her
legs. The nurse instructed the pretty girl to grasp his penis in
her right hand and his scrotum in her left then to start
masturbating his erect and reddened organ making sure that any
product landed on her, and not on the wall behind her or the

James face was screwed up more in pain from his sore penis
rather than ecstasy from the girl's massage. More in the manner
of an engineer rather than a nurse the woman produced a bottle
of some sort of cream and liberally applied it to the shaft as
the girls hand slid the foreskin painfully back and forth.

It helped, and now James experienced both pain and pleasure as
Emma followed orders and pumped hard at the swollen red penis.
It took under a minute before the surge and inevitable
ejaculation came as he shot all over her breasts.

Neither were allowed to clean themselves before it was the girls
turn to orgasm. Emma, legs wide was stood, bent forward and
resting her hands on the toilet seat and James was kneeling
behind her with his face only inches from the cruel red and blue
weals that crossed her pale buttocks. His took some consolation
from noting that the girl had been caned every bit as severely
as himself.

The Nurse spoke:

"You know what to do James, right or left hand between her
legs... it's up to you... and give her a finger orgasm as
quickly as you can!"

He reached round her thigh with his left hand and gently prised
the vulval lips apart, then reached between her legs with the
right and introduced his fingers to her already swollen clitoral
area. Even his wife had commented favourably on his manual
dexterity and this girl was to be no exception in responding to
his touch. She soon started to sag at the knees then move her
hips in rhythm with his finger movements as she silently
clenched a few times and clearly reached her orgasm.

"James, you go back to Mrs Cordell and you Emma, clean yourself
up first and then follow him," ordered the nurse.

Mrs Cordell was waiting for them both. To the pairs' unease, she
held the acrylic cane arched threateningly between both hands.

"I will now repeat the five strokes of the cane which you will
both take without undue movement. I am well aware that your
buttocks are already somewhat sensitised and as these strokes
will be laid across the earlier ones it will be quite a
challenge for you to accept them, especially as they are being
inflicted for no reason other than I need to hurt you to assess
your obedience. You will be first girl so bend over as before
with your back parallel to the floor and legs wide apart."

She did and could be seen visibly trembling as Mrs Cordell took
up position. James could hardly believe that this woman was
about to thrash this defenceless girl purely to see how she
reacted... but she certainly did. All the strokes slashed
agonisingly down across the same band that the earlier ones had.
Despite her shrieks and violent shaking she managed to take them
and was allowed to change places with James.

He was mystified as to why she had not simply laid on all the
strokes in one beating. Why had he been milked half way through?
And why had the girl been sexually satisfied before taking the
second beating?

The thought as to whether this was part of the testing were soon
eclipsed by the pain of the first stroke. It was unbelievable
and seemed worse than the original ones. At the third he was
unable to control himself and his hands went to his rear to
protect and massage the area hoping to reduce the pain somewhat.
He realised his error and took his hands away but too late.

Instead of laying the cane on again and even adding more for the
lack of control, Mrs Cordell simply returned to her notes and
scribbled for several seconds.

He could not believe that the assessment was over... but it was.
Mrs Cordell told them both to dress, and in James case to ask
the nurse to refit his restrainer before they both returned to their
homes. She would be submitting a full report to their spouses
and would give no hint of how well either of them had done.

Something told James that in his case, things had not gone at
all well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 24, 2012

Jim's Story - part forty-two

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 00:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part here

part forty-two

Choosing the program.

There is more to office work than kneeling down for feminine
supervisors like Miss Sally and Miss Carmen, and going beneath
their skirts to to worship. Peggy had seven hair salon deals for
me to analyze.

My phone rang and it was Sally and she said she had a box for
me. It turned out to be two file boxes and a luggage dolly. I
wheeled it to my office. I began examining the contents.

I started on the folder in the front. There were three years of
tax returns, and monthly statements for perhaps three years,
pictures, and copies of advertising galleys. I didn't see any
summaries. I read and summarized the information, I realized it
would take about twelve to fourteen hours to summarize all seven
folders for Peggy.

It was time for my last toilet cleaning. It looked like I left
it earlier. I cleaned the clean mirror.

In a way I thought I might miss this chore. I reported to Carmen
and she was surprised how quickly I had done it. I said I
thought it was because of the lack of traffic from early
afternoon to later afternoon. Carmen let me get back to work. I
reviewed my notes from the class so I could summarize the
financials to fit the models.

My pretty wife came into my office, I curtsied and said: "Hello
Miss Sarah." She dropped her briefcase on one of my visitors'
chairs and walked toward the elevators. Despite the silent
treatment, there was no doubt that I was to follow.

I don't know what I did, but I grabbed the briefcase and hurried
after her. Because of our relationship I've never gotten this
silent treatment, she knows she can say anything and I have
limited options to say anything back. But from experience I know
how much trouble I can get into if I say anything.

Sarah had the car keys and handed them to me and I clicked the
car unlocked and put Sarah in the back seat and I put her
briefcase on the floor in the front and drove us home.

On the way Sarah finally said: "After dinner when you're in the
stocks you can tell me about what you and Sally did today."

I was stunned - Didn't she know I had done this for six or seven
women and many times for Carmen? Evidently she didn't. And
bringing all that up is not what I want to do.

I thought - did Sally coerce me? - Yes she certainly did, at
least implicitly, because she is going to prescribe the caning I
will receive. I was scared. Really the painful caning she was
going to give me was not the problem. After the revelations from
my trip only a few days ago to this in the office, it's
obviously very upsetting to her.

Does she even know what I have done for Betty? Oh my....

I resolved not to volunteer information. I can't resist
answering Sarah's questions. I have the sick feeling that this
is a crisis. It never occurred to me that Sarah didn't know what
has been happening with Carmen, the other staff and Peggy's
friend and Betty. She will think of me as some kind of tramp or
what Betty called me, a whore. Sarah will throw me out. And it's
all my fault.

I'll fix a truly great dinner, I'll make cocktails, and a super
dessert. I'll find a great wine. I'll brew the coffee so it will
be ready after dinner. What else can I do?

I thought the cocktails were doing their job, because Kathleen,
Betty and Sarah were talking and laughing. The last time I
cooked tonight's dinner they told me never to cook it again
because they couldn't stop eating it.

Baking a cake doesn't just make dessert, but it makes the whole
house smell delicious. I announced dinner and Betty said: "We're
getting a special dinner because Jim is going to get a caning

Kathleen said: "He hopes to soften us up."

I don't get away with anything with these women. They are so
powerful and I'm so pathetic. How did I get into so much

I served coffee and amazingly I had the ingredients for
Strawberry Shortcake. Betty and Kathleen were happy and talking
but Sarah was grim. I wanted to cry.

Sarah said: "Hurry and clean the kitchen. Then I want you in the

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am Miss Sarah."

While I was cleaning the kitchen the thought came to me that if
I blamed Sally then Sarah would ask Peggy to do something about
her and Peggy would tell Sarah what a whore I am.

I finished and went into the family room and curtsied three
times and Sarah said: "Remove all your clothes and put yourself
into the stocks."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I curtsied three times again.

I thought maybe she'll just come in here and cane me; then I
decided she would question me and I would say I attacked Sally,
then I imagined she already knew everything and would get even
angrier because I stalled confessing myself. Then I started
over. As they say making me wait like this allows the coward to
die a thousand deaths.

Maybe I should just run away before I'm fastened. It was getting
dark outside so I've been waiting over an hour, maybe over
ninety minutes.

Sarah finally arrived. She must have refreshed her perfume
because I could smell her even before she opened the door.
Without a word she fastened the stocks. Running away was no
longer an option.

Sarah said: "What do you have to say for yourself?"

I said: "Miss Sarah I am so sorry, I love you exclusively and I
would never do anything that might hurt you."

Sarah said: "Betty explained what they have been doing with you
and I think it's disgusting. I would like to cane everybody
involved including Peggy, but you're here and you're getting it

I said: "Thank you Miss Sarah."

She turned off the light and closed the door.

My thought was that if she gagged me I could just get the
beating, I wouldn't have to do anything.

Maybe it was another hour and Sarah returned applied a gag and
laid on about thirty-five strokes. She didn't dry my tears, she
didn't remove the gag, she just turned off the light and left.

A long hour later Kathleen removed my gag and let me blow my
nose. She said "that was a very good dinner."

I said: "How is Sarah, Miss Kathleen?"

Kathleen said: "She's crying and Betty is comforting her."

I said: "May I go to her, ma'am."

Kathleen said: "No, Sarah said you have to stay here forever,
that way she knows you're not with some other woman."

Kathleen said: "Don't look so horrified, she will probably
release you in the morning."

I said: "Thank you Miss Kathleen."

The lights went out and my wife has found out everything.

I wasn't released until 10:30 and it was a good thing because I
had been needing to use the bathroom for hours. Betty said:
"Hurry and dress you have to be at the office by 11:00."

I don't know how it happened but my wife and Peggy came to an
agreement and I of course suffered but that was expected.

I was only five minutes late. Carmen and Sally were waiting.
Carmen said: "You're getting extra for making us wait."

I said: "Yes ma'am. Have you seen my wife?"

Carmen said: "She will pin you down while I cane you."

I undressed and Carmen examined my behind and said: "Wow, she
really let you have it."

Carmen said: "You may not talk, bend over the table with your
arms outstretched."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I wanted to die from embarrassment.

Then the staff arrived and they were chatty and happy. Then
Peggy and Sarah arrived. Peggy started talking and everyone got

Peggy said: "Thank you all for keeping an eye on Jim. He is here
to pay the penalties for not showing us the respect we deserve.
In spite of our efforts to supervise him, he has misbehaved and
from now on he is restricted to his office. If you have business
with him, please visit him there. He is still required to
address us respectfully. Sally what punishment has Jim earned?"

Sally said: "We have three instances of failure to address us
with respect and keeping us waiting for five minutes. That's a
total of seventeen strokes."

Peggy said: "We will hand the proceedings to the very capable

Carmen said: "Sarah has volunteered to hold Jim down."

Carmen and Sally helped Sarah climb onto the table.

Carmen was unsympathetic to the beaten state of my behind.
Fortunately it was very dark and private under Sarah's skirt,
and nobody heard me crying from the pain. Carmen discovered my
thighs and lashed me there as well.

Peggy thanked everyone for coming and asked them to keep up
reporting on me. Carmen and Sally helped Sarah off the table.

Carmen said: "Stand up and face the wall, don't move and no

I was still sniffling, but I tried not to move. These women rule

Sarah said: "Jim pull your pants up and come with me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sarah said: "We're going to your office. Betty told me that you
did all these things because you were coerced. I don't want to
coerce you; I want to give you choices."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" because I didn't know what she was talking

I was behind my stand-up desk and Sarah was sitting in one of
the visitor's chairs. Carmen came in with chains and padlocks.

Sarah said: "My first choice is to take you home and not let you
out of my or mom's sight. But Peggy and I talked and we decided
that I could have the same control if I chain you to your desk.
What's your choice?"

I said: "My choice is to do what you want, Miss Sarah."

Sarah said: "Here is the program, in the morning when we get
here you will be chained to your desk, if you need to go to the
bathroom you can phone me and ask or you can wear rubber pants.
When we go home I will release you. You will pack your lunch.
For two weeks it will be two slices of white bread. Does this
sound good to you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "No one is coercing you?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Carmen watched all this.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At work I'm chained to my desk for whatever hours my wife works.
Sarah padlocks my ankle to the chain attached to my desk when we
arrive (Actually I do it, Sarah has the only key and she makes
sure it's secure).

She says if there is a fire, and if she is in a good mood toward
me, she will come down and release me.

I have to call her if I have to go to the toilet but often she
is in a conference or out and I have to wait. Then I have to
wait until she leaves to be released.

The chain has been shortened. At first I could walk all the way
around my desk, now I can only walk the width of my desk.

At home Kathleen makes sure I do the chores pretty much how
Betty organized them.

I love my job and my little family. There is nothing else to
tell. I'm subject to strict supervision at work and at home. I'm
occasionally caned at work for forgetting to address someone
respectfully or punished at home usually for laziness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 23, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 88

From: Boz 4444
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 10:11:17 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 88

The previous episode, Chapter 87, is at:-

It was Friday night and the inevitable session in the basement
room had come around all too quickly. At eight pm James stood
outside the door at rigid attention awaiting the arrival of his
wife. She arrived, dressed as usual in her short sports skirt
and vest like top.

He, of course was showered and stripped but still wearing the
degrading pair of his wife's white sports panties that he had
never been allowed to wash since an unfortunate incident. This
greatly added to his humiliation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The unfortunate incident was some weeks before when carrying out
work for Mrs Brady he had been denied the use of the toilet when
he asked to use one of the ones he was cleaning and preparing
for the use of the ladies in the local fitness group. She had
earlier encouraged him to drink a large glass of water as the
floor scrubbing around the toilet bowls had made him sweat

When the liquid had inevitably worked its way through his system
he found that his bladder was uncomfortably full, but his
request was denied as this toilet block was "for ladies only"...
and she didn't want it soiled by any "mere male".

As the minutes passed she found more hard and difficult work for
him cleaning the inside of the bowls with a hard toilet brush
and chemicals. He had to frequently flush the toilet and the
sound of the running water added greatly to his discomfort.
Again he requested her permission and again it was refused
saying that he should have attended to his personal needs

A full hour after his initial request he was in some pain and
desperately needed to release the pressure in his bladder, but
bearing in mind Mrs Brady's propensity to use the large wooden
spoon on his inner thighs and the freedom she seemed to have to
slap his testes whenever she felt like it, he was too frightened
to ask again.

Just then his wife appeared on a visit to Mrs Brady's part of
the house and to inspect the work he had done. They kept him
waiting at attention while Mrs Brady showed Jayne the work and
added frequent unjustified complaints about his behaviour and
work ethic.

This prompted Jayne to tell Mrs Brady that the solution was
entirely in her own hands and that she, Jayne, was the last
person to complain about heavy use of her "punishment spoon" or
any other form of discipline that still left his buttocks un-
bruised for her personal beatings.

Thus encouraged, Mrs Brady mentioned her belief that a male's
testicles, being his most vulnerable area, should also be
considered for discipline.

Jayne was doubtful as she had taken a dislike to even having to
look at his genitalia, hence his painful restrainer. To cover
them completely she had also insisted that he be made to wear
that pair of her sports panties.

The housekeeper then suggested that she demonstrate how she
believed he should be disciplined, and should Jayne approve, she
would feel more confident in using these methods more on him in
the future.

He was ordered to strip down to the punishment panties and Mrs
Brady soon had him sitting on the heavy scrubbed kitchen table
with his knees wide apart and each foot planted on a separate
chair. He made one more plea for relief: "Please Madam, I
desperately need to use the toilet."

Jayne snorted with contempt and told him that he could go after
the demonstration.

Mrs Brady produced the large wooden spoon for Jayne's

Having gently slapped her left palm with it Jayne agreed that it
was a fairly light implement and wouldn't do him any harm...
then she asked about the scrotum slapping method.

It was agreed that Mrs Brady would allow James to wear the
panties to prevent his wife's offence at having to look at his
genitals, but he would have to take ten spoon whacks on each
inner thigh followed by three ball slaps with her fingers
through the material of the panties. She would move from her
left to her right. First the inner thigh, then the scrotum that
could be seen sagging and protruding through the thin material
of the crotch followed by the other thigh.

James was in agony with his distended bladder consuming his mind
and his ability to think rationally. He knew that he could not
hold on much longer and just hoped that perhaps the pain would
take his attention away from his bladder problem.

When the housekeeper started on his inner thigh, the spoon being
applied even harder than normal to impress her employer, it did
just that and even though he was starting to sweat he was able
to hold on.

But then came the time for the three scrotal slaps. Mrs Brady
cupped the fingers of her right hand and gently felt them around
the hanging bulge in the panties. She increased his fear by
several notches by reminding him how much it would hurt and that
he would have to remain with his legs spread apart even after
the third slap. She lowered her hand... and brought it up hard
to contact the bulge.

She was on target, and it hurt, but still James managed to hold
on. Mrs Brady then turned to Jayne and explained the psychology
of punishing testicles. The first slap, particularly when they
were covered as in this case, was merely to gauge their position
and their ability to move. The second would be the one that
really hurt with the male realising that he would have to be
prepared as any undue movement would be taken as a refusal to
accept this particular type of punishment.

James knew that she meant what she said. He was now faced with
having to take the type of pain that he always dreaded. His fear
factor, already high, went off the clock and for a second or so
he was so frightened that he forgot that the control of his
swollen bladder was his main concern. He relaxed his sphincter
for just one second.... but it was enough to start the flow, and
once started, he could not stop it. His bladder released itself
and a torrent of hot urine quickly soaked the crotch of the
panties and ran down on to the kitchen floor.

The two women, oblivious of their responsibility in causing this
flood reacted with shock and horror. Jayne found the whole scene
revolting and stormed out having instructed Mrs Brady to deal
with him. Over her departing shoulder she also instructed him to
wear the panties until dry and continue to wear them as such
when on punishment duty as a reminder of his disgusting lack of

Needless to say, the housekeeper made full use of Jayne's
orders. She started again on his now wet thighs... but it was to
be twenty bruising slaps each side and with the wet spoon
wielded with sadistic force. She then ordered him to remove the
soaking panties, move the chairs from the table and place them
wide apart so that he had to squat with a foot on each. This
left his genitals and restrained penis hanging low.

She bunched up the wet and heavy panties and five times brought
them sharply up to slap his wet scrotum. The pain was
unbelievable but James knew he must take it... and he did.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since that terrible evening he had worn the stiff and odorous
panties, the smell of which was always greeted by his wife with
a screwed up face and expressions of disgust. And he was wearing
them tonight as he waited at attention outside the room.

When she arrived she clicked her fingers as an instruction to
follow her.

He knew that he faced a routine beating, but hoped that her
promise to lay on the strap for his lack of effort with Mrs
Brady's underwear that week would have been forgotten. It
certainly seemed so.

She carefully examined his inner thighs where Mrs Brady had
recently laid on more spoon whacks commenting on how long the
bruising took to dissipate every week.

Then, having stripped off his humiliating smelly panties he was
told to take up the normal position on the low leather bench for
the twenty slaps with the paddle on each cheek.

She was obviously in a good and charitable mood in that the
slaps were certainly hard, and stung as they always did, but at
least she spread them out over the entire buttock area.
Following his five minutes corner time, with hands on top of his
head, he was told to replace the panties and leave.

His hand was on the door handle when the voice behind him
snapped out: "So you have deliberately decided not to remind me
about your strapping then James?"

What could he say? He had been caught out and would no doubt,
knowing his wife, have to pay the price.....

She had trapped him and soon had him standing at attention in
front of her as she sat in the high backed chair. The chair that
she always occupied when she felt the need to lecture him.

"I stated quite clearly that you were to remind me to lay on ten
with a strap at the weekly maintenance punishment session, and
yet you totally failed to do so. I will take your omission as a
deliberate act of disobedience and deal with it accordingly. I
realise that these punishments are somewhat painful for you but
that is no excuse. They are, after all, for your own benefit and
should be accepted with good grace. I will endeavour to get
through your thick skull that when I give an order, it is to be

She stood, walked over to the rack of disciplinary items,
selected a strap with a wooden grip and a single blade well over
a foot in length, one and a half inches wide, and about a
quarter inch thick. She then resumed her seat... and her

"I have decided to give you double the original strokes and with
a more effective strap. This hasn't been used on you yet but my
guess is that you will find it unpleasant. For that reason you
will be strapped to the horse so that you won't be tempted to
avoid punishment. Following the infliction you will remain in
position and I will allow you to display your respect for my
body. Should you fail to achieve my... satisfaction... as you
often do... it will be another ten strokes. Now, remove your
punishment panties then mount the horse with your hands and feet
positioned for the securing straps."

He had only been across the large leather padded horse twice
before and neither time had she considered it necessary to
secure him. The previous times she had been harsh with him but
this time he sensed that she would be even harsher. And once he
had been thoroughly secured by the Velcro bands... she was.

There was a mirror positioned on the wall that enabled him to
see not only his face but whoever stood either side of the
horse. He watched with a frightened fascination as Jayne raised
the strap over her shoulder and brought it down... hard.

She then stood calmly and patiently watching the hands of a
large wall clock until a minute had elapsed and then laid on the
second stroke across the same area. This went inexorably on
until she had laid on the first ten strokes, all of which she
laid in a three inch band on the upturned crown of his buttocks.

James was still trying to control his breathing as the pain
continued to sweep over him when Jayne casually sat astride the
head end of the horse with her legs splayed and her skirt almost
around her waist. She leant back so that her white pantied
crotch was just inches from James's face.

"Take a good look, aren't you lucky that Mrs Brady didn't find
fault with your washing these panties. Just one mark left by
carelessness and you would have to take another thirty with this
strap instead of just another ten... ten that is if you manage
to provide a satisfactory level of service to this area. A lot
more if you fail! It may take time James, but you will learn
obedience no matter how long it might take me."

With that she slipped off the horse, picked up the strap and
started to lay what James hoped would be the final ten strokes.
This batch were concentrated on a three inch band beneath the
earlier ones which should have afforded him some relief, but as
this extended to where his buttocks and thighs meet it turned
out to be even more sensitive than the earlier application. Each
was laid on with vigour at one minute intervals and every one of
them was agony.

Finally she put down the strap, slipped out of her panties and
mounted the horse for the attention of his tongue.

He knew that despite the pain from the strap he would have to
put everything he had into the service. Her thighs were still
damp from her exertion and a faint smell of arousal reached his
nostrils as he brought his tongue to the inner lips protruding
slightly from the vulva. Even though her legs were widely
splayed the lips were hardly parted and he had to twist his neck
so that his tongue could separate the folds and enter the salty

He allowed some minutes of running his tongue up and down to
penetrate as far as it could before concentrating on the nub
near the top. As it swelled provocatively his job was made
easier and she was soon moving her hips and pressing against his
face making breathing difficult. He could feel his neck muscles
becoming tired and stiff and his tongue ached but the thought of
the extra ten strokes somehow kept him going... until she
suddenly climaxed and he was safe from further beatings... for a

Jayne had got what she wanted most of all from her new regime, a
husband so terrified of failing her that he would perform oral
service as though his life depended on it. The orgasm she
achieved while knowing this male was so intensely devoted to her
pleasure was absolutely fantastic and so powerful that she could
not bear going for a second climax, and she could not bring
herself to move for some five minutes.

Eventually, she slipped once again from the horse. She
unstrapped him and left the room without a further word.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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November 22, 2012

Jim's Story - part forty-one

Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 00:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part here

part forty-one

Bye Betty

I was the last to hear that Betty was leaving us to move to
Washington, D.C. where she is going to work for one of the
representatives from Nevada. I was serving breakfast when Sarah
said: "Betty is moving to Washington so mom will be taking over
as your governess."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but I was shocked, and thought my wife
could have said much more. Kathleen and Betty filled me in
during the next few days.

I was sad to lose Betty and I risked telling her.

Betty said: "I'm going to miss you. I would like to take you
with me, but you're tied to Sarah. If this ends, I may come back
and get to work on you seriously."

I said: "I'm doing your schedule from morning to night, Miss

Betty said: "The problem with you Jim is you're doing this work
because you want to, not because I'm forcing you."

I said: "As long as the work gets done, why does it matter?"

Betty said: "Because you're not really a slave. You're a
talented loving guy and we love you. Sex is what drives you not
the fear of retribution from us. As you yourself said,
withholding our love frightens you more than any punishment we
have dreamt up."

I said: "What should I do?"

Betty said: "Come away with me, I don't guarantee you will like
it but you will become a real slave."

I said: "I will always love you but I can't leave Sarah."

Betty said: "And I can't really take you away from her, she
would hate me forever."

I said: "And I have a very good job here and I guess I have the
same relationships at work as here."

Betty said: "Peggy talked about that, she wanted to force you
into a situation where you begged her for relief. Instead she
said you turned the situations into acts of joy. She then had
Carmen reduce the amount of time you had to do the work, and you
just adapted. She's caught between her bitchy instincts and her
management sensibilities. The more they abused and humiliated
you, the more love you expressed and you worked even harder."

I said: "I never know if I'm doing it for them or if they're
doing it for me. And my worst outcome is if they lose interest
in doing it for me, so I try to hold up my part."

Betty laughed: "You should have seen Peggy telling us to back
off making you get approval from us before doing anything. She
said they got you a stand-up desk so you couldn't sit and your
reaction was admiration of the quality of the furniture. She
said your concern about washing toilets was whether anyone
worried about the benefit to the company. And the hotel you
stayed at is called the back break palace but you told me how
much you appreciated it."

Betty said: "And if I had time, you wouldn't have a conversation
with me like this. I should be scandalized that a slave talks
about love and discipline as if he were my friend. I think a
strapping will help you feel more slave-like."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Betty, I didn't mean any disrespect."

Betty said: "Hold your apologies; I want to hear them after the
strapping. Are you finished with your chores?"

I said: "I only have your bathroom left, ma'am."

I'd thought that there was a risk of angering Betty if I talked
frankly about her leaving so it wasn't unexpected that I faced a

In an almost subconscious effort I tried to mitigate the
impending punishment by doing an extra special job cleaning
Betty's toilet. The windows, the mirrors, all the chrome and
porcelain gleamed. I scrubbed the tiles on the floor and walls
and put in freshly laundered mats and towels.

Betty walked in and used the toilet while I was working, of
course I was allowed to wipe.

She said: "You've done a nice job in here but you're still
getting the strap."

I only said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "Pull your pants down and lie across the bench."

I complied and said: "Yes ma'am;" No matter how often this
happens I still could not help feeling scared. I think Betty
knows how frightened I was because she left me there with my
thoughts for about fifteen minutes.

Betty said: "You know the drill, you will count, if you fall off
the bench or fail to count I'll give you more strokes, I would
love it if you resisted because then I will tie you down and
really beat you."

No matter how nonchalantly I anticipate one of these whippings,
the reality changes my thinking, why did I cause this to happen?
When will I learn? I could see how Betty could really change my
attitude with whippings like this.

I was pathetic taking it, I screamed, begged and cried. Betty
said I managed to get six extra strokes for my lack of

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day at work.

I was working on the shopping cart software when Sally called
and said I had to come to visit Peggy now.

I ran up the stairs and Sally was standing by the door to usher
me in. Unprecedented!

I curtsied to Peggy.

She said: "I want to talk to you about several subjects, I
understand you have had meetings where you did not show respect
to our female staff."

I said: "Yes ma'am, my feeble brain became overloaded with the
stress of creating an e-commerce web and I'm terribly sorry, no
disrespect was intended."

Peggy said: "I'm going to leave that problem for Carmen; I'm
interested in what you learned about hair salons."

I said: "It felt like a class for stock analysts or real estate
types. We learned how to assess a hair salon business from the
stand point of applying a value to it. We also learned, through
examples, which ones are likely to survive. I have lots of
materials that were handed out that are very interesting that I
would like to share, Ma'am."

Peggy said: "I have seven offers to sell me hair salon
operations. I have the financials from them and I have had an
accountant examine them for accuracy, completeness and
authenticity. I want you to look at them and give me your

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Peggy said: "I understand that you are a very busy man, I have
asked Carmen to ask the janitorial service to replace your
services. I want these properties analyzed."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "I cannot have you failing to show respect to the
staff however, Sally is scheduling a meeting tomorrow. I will
see you then."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I curtsied to Sally, and she said: "You have to do chores today
and our bathroom here will need another cleaning. Starting
tomorrow you don't have to do any chores."

I said: "Thank you Miss Sally."

I was consumed by the shopping cart program. I wanted everyone
to leave me alone until I went through it from beginning to end.
I was so excited because it was such a big step for our project.
I actually wanted to sit to read it, but my arraignment was
already scheduled by Sally so I stood.

We had our E-Commerce meeting. I presented the shopping cart to
Carmen and Linda and Janet. I stood and they sat. What was neat
was that there was a step by step how to put an item into the
shopping cart and recommendations how to treat it transaction
wise. I could see Linda and Janet literally sighing with relief.
I had made copies of everything and handed it to them.

I said: "I would like to have a meeting every day until this
site is up. Only Miss Carmen can give assignments but I would
like to suggest that Carmen will take the role of approving the
look and feel, she will make sure Sales agrees, but it will make
it easy for you to move along. I'm available as you need me but
I want to be out of the critical path because Miss Peggy has
asked me to do something else, but I emphasize that this project
is a very high priority and I will do whatever we need." I tried
to smooth over any disrespect by saying: "Thank you Miss Carmen
and Miss Linda and Miss Janet."

Janet and Linda left, they looked enthusiastic; Carmen stayed.

Carmen said: "I talked to Peggy this morning."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "You don't have to do the toilets from tomorrow,
but you still have to do it today. And you don't have to clean
the keyboards and monitors and more. But you have to get my
permission to do anything and report everything to me."

I said: "Yes ma'am. Did Peggy tell you what she wants from me?"

She said: "You are going to work on investment possibilities."

I said: "Do you want to know more?"

Carmen said: "Not now, but I want to tell you that at 11:00
tomorrow you're going to be our guest at a meeting where your
lack of showing respect will be dealt with."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "You brought this down on yourself."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "We couldn't have done this E-Commerce without you
and now it looks like it was easy to do."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, of course you will still be
working on this a year from now."

Carmen said: "You have to go and clean the toilet now."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am."

Normally no one is in the toilet, but this time there were four
ladies in there so I decided to come back. I had to do Sally's

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I curtsied to Sally and waited.

She said: "You may clean the restroom."

This toilet had a sink and a stall and it had a shower that
wasn't used. I was cleaning the sink and mirror when Sally came
in. She went into the stall.

After a few moments she said: "I could use a little assistance."

I immediately curtsied and said: "It would be a great honor to
assist you ma'am."

I knelt down between Sally's legs staring at her pussy. She
said: "I heard you can lick me dry."

I was getting very excited, I realized how Sally had screwed up
her courage to be doing this and had been coached by Carmen and
I wanted to do a good job. I would like to have kissed and
petted her, but she might not have thought that she should
permit that so I rubbed my cheeks against her thighs and noticed
that she reacted, so I just did that for a few seconds. Then I
made my vain pursuit of the elusive moisture. I said hoarsely:
"May I touch Miss Sally?"

She didn't say anything. I pressed my face and tongue in and I
found her clit and started licking and then sucking. She made a
sound and I put my hands around her butt and sort of pulled
myself into her and her hands grabbed my hair and we did that
for many minutes. She tried to lift her legs but her panties and
pantyhose imprisoned them. I felt her come and she pulled my

We got her shoes, pantyhose and panties off and I spent the next
twenty minutes nestled in her warm pussy, licking away. Her legs
were on my shoulders and I got a couple of good squeezes just
before she came.

Sally took my head in her hands and kissed me on my forehead. I
dried her with TP because I made her wet. Then I helped her put
on her panties and pantyhose and I put her shoes on and buckled

She said: "Make sure you clean up in here."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I reported to Carmen by standing against her cubicle wall. She
said: "You're late from cleaning the toilet."

I said: "I didn't clean the toilet Miss Carmen because it was
filled with people. I cleaned the washroom upstairs and I was
detained by Miss Sally."

Carmen said: "I didn't give you permission to do that."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen but you weren't here when I came

Carmen said: "I cannot make it any plainer, you have to ask me
to change the order you do your chores. I'm reporting you for
disobedience and you're getting caned tomorrow."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

But I was still standing there. I said: "Miss Carmen, perhaps I
could clean the toilets now."

Carmen said: "No talking."

I thought to myself - 'Bitch'.

Carmen said: "I won't tolerate sullen behavior. Say to yourself:
'I'm standing here to reflect on how important it is to do what
Carmen says'..."

I knew she could read my mind. I said: "Yes ma'am, I will try to
do exactly what Miss Carmen says."

A few minutes later Carmen said: "Go clean the toilet and do a
good job because I will be down to inspect."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am." And I suddenly felt
embarrassed. I always do a good job. Why do I have an attitude
now? I wondered.

The toilet was trashed with paper on the floor, water in the
sinks, un-flushed toilets and more. It looked like deliberate
sabotage. I focused on cleaning and it cleared my mind.

I was just finishing and Carmen walked in and took my arm. I was
in such a bad mood, but kneeling down in front of Carmen and
reaching up under her skirt was so sexy that my mood evaporated
and I just wanted to worship this woman.

She peed and I patted her dry and felt complete devotion. I
guess she sensed it because she kissed me as she stood up. She
really could read my mind I decided to watch what I was thinking
around her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part forty-two here

November 21, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 87

From: Boz 4444
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 00:16:02 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 87

The previous episode, Chapter 86, is at:-

Jayne was no longer in any rush to start organising the details
of her husband's new life, now that his penis was securely
locked up and no doubt suffering. So she deliberately kept him
waiting for several nervous days while she made a point of
dressing attractively to heighten his arousal, frustration and
hopefully suffering.

During this time he had been denied access to the newly equipped
room but guessed that it would be a place of some discomfort for
him. Trying to forestall his first visit he tried to demonstrate
his new found servility to his wife at every occasion in the
desperate hope that he would be able to retain his life-style
without the need for any further punishment.

Unfortunately the chances of his wife changing her plans were
less than zero. Eventually the day came:

He was called into her office late Friday afternoon and told
that he would be receiving his first training session when they
got home that very night. There would be no conversation during
their evening meal and after he had cleared away he was to go to
his room, shower thoroughly and put on a pair of his wife's
knickers that she would leave on his bed. Then he was to wait
until he heard a bell summoning him down to the basement.

His appetite had largely vanished by the time he joined his now
silent and serious wife for their evening meal. He did as he had
been ordered, anxious not to make things worse for himself and
was soon sitting showered and ready. The second he heard the
bell he hurried down to the basement to find Jayne waiting
outside the door to what she would later call the punishment
room. She told him to enter.

The room was without windows and exceedingly well lit. The floor
covering was of light gray vinyl tiles and the walls and ceiling
a clinical white. There were various items of furniture that he
was starting to take in before he was told to stand on top of a
white cross in the middle of the room facing a comfortable
leather office chair in which Jayne moved to sit.

"When you enter this room James, that is where you will stand,
at attention, awaiting my orders. As you will only be sent to
this room to receive punishment, I would strongly suggest that
you do not, in any way, irritate me or fail to follow my orders
exactly. Otherwise you may well finish up with considerably more
punishment than you were originally scheduled to receive. Remove
my knickers and stand closer to me."

He placed the item on a nearby bench and moved forward. Jayne
reached out and grasped his plastic restrainer to examine it in
detail, asking how he had found it.

He just remembered how he should address his wife in the nick of

"It's very uncomfortable Madam and rather itchy as I can't clean
myself properly. It also gets very painful when I start to have
an erection. Would it be possible to remove it for a while?"

Jayne smiled coldly. "No chance! I fitted it so that it would be
uncomfortable to remind you constantly of your new lowly
position in this house and as for being painful... that is
entirely up to you to control your basic urges. Let me
demonstrate: Kneel on the floor in front of me with your knees
apart and hands behind your head."

She was dressed in a short skirt with bare legs and trainers on
her feet. A thin vest covered her upper body with thin shoulder
straps and a deeply dipping front that exposed the tops of her
breasts. From the way those breasts moved independently it was
obvious that she had left her supportive bra in the bedroom.
Slowly she placed her feet well apart so that the kneeling male
could not avoid seeing her bikini style panties, then leant
forward greatly improving the view of her breasts.

"Take a look at what you won't be allowed to touch from now
on... unless I give you specific permission. Everything will be
on my terms and any frustrations you experience will just have
to be endured... and from the look on your face your useless
penis is causing you some discomfort right now. Am I correct

"P.p.please Madam, I can't stop it trying to get bigger and the
spikes are digging in to me. It really hurts."

"That is something you will have to learn to endure until such
times as you learn not to have an erection with that device in
place. I could distract your mind like this..."

She reached for his nipples with the fingers of each hand and
squeezed them both with some force for several seconds.

"But on second thoughts"... she released them "I would much
prefer to see you squirm because of your lack of control. If you
think this is bad, imagine how you will feel when you have been
celibate for several months and I have you carrying out some
intimate service on me. I would imagine that you will really
suffer then."

She stood up and walked over to a rack on which she had hung all
of her new toys.

"Don't bother looking around right now, you will be spending a
fair part of your free time in this room as I gradually train
you into how I wish you to behave. For now, I am prepared to
overlook your many errors over the past few days and will simply
start you off with what will be your routine discipline that you
will undergo once every week. Naturally, any errors that you
have committed will need to be addressed after that routine
discipline... but you needn't worry your head about that right
now. Get yourself on top of that low bench."

James found himself kneeling on all fours on a low black leather
covered bench about three feet wide. He was told that this is
where he would receive any minor punishments that didn't require
him to be secured. He was to keep his legs slightly apart with
his head well down and back curved to thrust his buttocks as
high as possible. The smell of new leather filled his senses.

Jayne took a leather paddle from the rack and held it in front
of his face. It was four inches wide and six long and about a
quarter of an inch thick. It would hurt, but not excessively so
and would set an example of how things would be from now on.

She told him that he would take 20 strokes, then added
smilingly, on each buttock cheek. He was not to move unduly or
try to protect himself with his hands even though it would hurt

And it did. More than his only previous experience with the
hairbrush. Long before the final stroke his buttocks felt on
fire, but still his wife relentlessly brought the paddle down
over and over again until the full allocation of 40 strokes had
been laid on.

He was told to return to the position standing "at the present",
as she called it, in front of his wife's chair with his backside
burning from the assault. She took two items off the rack and
stood in front of him.

"Another form of discipline that you will have to get used to is
penance. I will subject you to some uncomfortable experience
that you will have to accept without complaint. Tonight it will
be your nipples."

She carefully opened the jaws on a nipple clamp and applied it
to his right nipple then repeated the procedure on his left. It
hurt, especially with the way he was obliged to keep his elbows
back which stretched the skin on his chest.

"You will remain in position until I tell you to move. In
exactly twenty minutes time I will remove the clamps, and at
that point it will hurt a lot more than it does at the moment as
the blood is allowed to return to your nipples. In the meantime
you have permission to look at my body."

She returned to her sprawling position in the chair where he
could see the outlines of both breasts and the stubby nipple
protrusions. Then she raised the short skirt and opened her legs
to display the crotch of her tight white panties. Despite the
pain from his buttocks and chest he could feel his penis
starting to react and soon felt the effects of the spikes in the
restrainer start to add to his pains.

He could not believe how quickly his ambition to remain with his
lifestyle had reduced him to the virtual status of a slave, but
he reasoned that this was a passing interest on his wife's part
and if he rode it out, after she'd had her bit of fun, she would
tire of this and everything would soon return to normal. From
the deliberate way his wife stroked her vulva through the crotch
of her panties and the way the dampness was soon visible a more
experienced male would have realised that this was no passing

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Weeks turned into months with an ever increasing severity by his
wife. It was true that she was genuinely reluctant to inflict
serious punishments with the cane, but from time to time she did
deem it necessary and when that time came he certainly felt it
to his very core.

She seemed to find ever more degrading ways of causing him to
give her sexual pleasures that he would have found repulsive in
his days as a free man but to avoid the more severe visits to
the room, he had no choice.

His enforced celibacy was becoming more and more of a problem to
him and he eventually was forced to beg for some release from
the cruel device, if only to clean his permanently sore member.
Jayne simply said she would think about it.

It took two days of thought before Jayne gave him her decision.
With him on his knees after the evening meal she informed him
that she had decided to allow him a cleaning and release session
once a month. He would return home at lunch-time on the date she
ordered and report to Mrs Brady who had offered to carry out
what they had both agreed would be a disgusting job.

Jayne said she hardly needed to remind him that Mrs Brady would
have complete control over him and that she had been
specifically briefed to make the experience as unpleasant as

Two days later he was summoned into his wife's work office first
thing in the morning and took up the usual position of attention
in front of her desk.

"Today you will drive home at lunch time and present yourself to
Mrs Brady who will deal with you as I mentioned. Just remember
to be polite and courteous to her as she is doing this as a
personal favour to me given that she has better and more
pleasant things to do with her time, such as cleaning the
toilets. I expect you back here to report on what happened at
precisely 2 pm."

James managed to sneak away a little early and was soon parked
outside the house. He nervously let himself in, half looking
forward to the relief he so badly needed but worried just how
unpleasant the cleaning lady would make it.

He went through to the kitchen and found Mrs Brady seated at the
table drinking coffee. She was dressed in a blue dress that
reached her neck over which she wore a plain white apron. Her
face looked freshly scrubbed and the greying hair recently
pulled tightly back into a bun. There was no trace of a smile on
the face and she remained seated looking inquisitively at him.

"Well, James, and why are you here at this time of the day?" she

James was confused, Surely she knew. He then realised that she
was going to drag this thing out to make it even more
humiliating for him by making him explain. Having no choice and
wishing to get things over as quickly as possible he stood at
attention and spoke:

"My wife has told me to report here to you Mrs Brady for
cleaning and... relief. I understand that she has spoken to you
about it."

"The things I have to do to keep this job!" she sniffed. "I
might as well tell you James that I took some convincing and
believe me I won't be going out of my way to make this in any
way enjoyable. You will be entirely under my control and you
will do whatever I tell you. Not only that but I will be doing
everything I can to get you to beg your wife not to have me do
this on a regular basis. Do you understand?"

James agreed that he did, having no choice in the matter. For
her part, Mrs Brady was more than a little amused at the chances
of having this arrogant young male in her grasp and hadn't
really taken much persuasion by Mrs Hough. She had always wanted
to get her own back on males after her miserable marriage... and
this could be her chance. She knew that the one way to guarantee
that she would be doing this on a regular basis was to make it
so awful that he would complain to his wife and beg to be let
off another session.

With the order to follow her she walked through to the old part
of the house where the original kitchen had been. The room was
bare with high windows and just a large scrubbed wooden table in
the middle. Numerous old fashioned kitchen utensils and
saucepans lined the wall. On one of the side tables stood an
anglepoise lamp ready to give added illumination should it be
required. Ominously, a large tray covered with a cloth lay on
the table.

"Right James, lets get this over with. Strip off all your
clothes and put them... neatly... on that chair."

He did as she ordered and soon stood naked in front of her in
the rather chilly room. She looked down at his crotch and,
reaching forward gripped the plastic covered penis.

"So this is the source of your problems is it? I won't ask why
it became necessary to confine you in this way but rest assured,
any semblance of a sexual presumption on your part will be
instantly reported for your wife to deal with. From the marks on
your backside I see that she has dealt with you recently. What
was that for?"

Blushing with embarrassment James told her that he had received
a routine beating followed by six with the light cane two nights
earlier. The cane was for failing to reply to a business email
promptly that his wife had sent him at work.

Letting go of the restrainer she put her hand in a pocket and
retrieved a small key. This she put in the lock and having
turned it removed the penis covers and then the circular base
that had been around his scrotum.

The feeling of freedom was immediate and James could not help
sighing with relief and stretching himself. Mrs Brady carefully
inspected the device and then reached forward again and grasped
the penis as it started to erect for the first time for some
weeks without causing itself pain. She led him towards the
anglepoise lamp and switched it on. His foreskin had been
retracted by the fit of the restrainer and he could feel the
heat as his sore and reddened member was illuminated.

Mrs Brady soon admitted that it certainly needed cleaning and
James expected that she would allow him to shower. Instead she
went to the cloth covered tray and returned with a toothbrush.

"I anticipated that I would need to do some housework on your
penis James so I obtained one of your wife's discarded
toothbrushes and some of her minty toothpaste. Between them they
should do the trick. Oh... and don't blame me but she does
prefer the toothbrushes with the harder bristles!"

She carefully squeezed a generous amount of green paste on the
brush and then proceeded to scrub and scrape around the
underside of the glans snapping at him to keep still as if he
were a twelve year old. Then, having loaded more of the
astringent paste, scrubbed the glans itself paying particular
attention to the opening at the tip.

Despite this pain, when she eventually stopped her cleaning, he
was still embarrassingly erect. Placing the toothbrush back on
the tray she proceeded to examine him in detail by gripping his
testes, one in each set of fingers. James flinched and squirmed
at this invasion of his body by the woman.

"Feeling a bit full are they?... even more sensitive than they
would normally be? Well, James, we will have to see if we can
empty them. I want you up on this table with your feet hanging
over the edge, on all fours and with your forehead pressing the
table, knees wide apart and backside up in the air."

James positioned himself feeling more humiliated than at any
other time in his life. Mrs Brady drew up a chair and sat
between his feet and reached up with a tissue to rub it up and
down his parted anal cleft.

"As the person who has had the disgusting job of washing your
underwear I am not in the least surprised to see that you seem
to be extremely careless with your personal hygiene. I have an
idea that I can change your attitude to that task and will be
discussing the problem with your wife. In the meantime, a little
energetic scrubbing on my part should overcome your

Once again the hard bristle brush was covered in paste but this
time she vigorously used it to scrub the cleft from the top to
where it reached his dangling scrotum. Extra toothpaste was
added when she reached his anus and the scrubbing became even
more intense to the point that the bristles penetrated the
centre leaving the sphincter stinging and sore.

Eventually she finished and sat back in the chair.

"Now James, comes the bit where I empty your tubes. I have had
some experience of a similar nature in that I was brought up on
a dairy farm and learned to hand milk the cows. I don't intend
to treat you with any greater respect than I did those lumbering
beasts. I realise that you may derive a little pleasure from
this, but if I have any moving around or reluctance to follow my
orders, this is what you will get..."

She reached forward and slapped the back of his scrotum with her
finger tips.

James, caught completely unawares nearly leapt off the table but
was soon back where Mrs Brady wanted him under penalty of
another such slap.

She then stood and took down a tarnished copper saucepan from
one of the racks placing it under his hanging genitals. She then
covered her right hand in some sort of grease from the tray,
reached between his spread legs, grasped his penis from behind
pulling it backwards to the vertical and, aiming it at the
saucepan, started a firm and insistent up and down motion.

It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. His testes still ached
from the warning slap, his anal region stung from the scrubbing
and toothpaste and his penis was still burning from the same
treatment, but with the insistent movement of Mrs Brady's large
hard hand, he did feel the stirrings of what had been denied for
so long.

When she changed to a more rapid pace with her slippery grip it
was soon over as the surge of relief came and went all too
quickly. Her positioning of the saucepan was accurate and she
slowly squeezed and pulled until he was fully spent into the

He was soon ordered off the table to briefly wash himself in the
cold water of the butler's sink and then, clothes back on, was
on his way back to work. Though he did not appreciate it at the
time, Mrs Brady was already making plans to see a lot more of
him and it would be something for him to look forward to with
dread rather than pleasurable anticipation.

That night Mrs Brady spoke to Jayne at length. She explained how
she had done as Jayne requested but felt that she should be
given more authority over the husband before he came for another
session. It was soon agreed that Mrs Brady should be allowed to
use one of the displayed wooden spoons that were in the kitchens
discipline James whenever, in Mrs Brady's opinion, it would
benefit him. She then went on to suggest some ways in which he
could be made a little more aware of his new status.

It was checking his underwear and remembering that it had been
her job to wash them that gave her the idea. Instead of her
being responsible for the intimate laundry in the house James
could be required to hand wash both his wife's and Mrs Brady's
intimate items in the sink in the room where he had been milked.
Additionally she had in mind several other tasks that could be
carried out there in the evenings such as the thorough cleaning
and polishing of their boots and shoes.

Naturally he would need to be naked when working and Mrs Brady
volunteered to be on hand to check on his progress and pick up
on any little errors. There were also what had been the
servants' toilets that needed cleaning. True, they were only
used by the lady joggers who were allowed to run in the grounds
of the house, but there was no reason why they shouldn't be as
pristine as the rest of the house.

It was soon agreed that his first such work session under Mrs
Brady would be the following night. He found that he was no
longer allowed to eat in the same room as his wife but had to
take his meal and eat in the kitchen. He was then summoned to
stand in front of his wife as she told him about the new
arrangement that had been made and that it would start that
night. She was going out that night to what she called a social
engagement so he was to go straight to Mrs Brady's rooms and
report for an evening of work under her guidance.

He soon found himself shown to the old kitchen where Mrs Brady
took a seat in one of the old wooden servants' chairs and
motioned for him to stand in front of her.

"As you have been told James, you will be under my control when
you are sent to work in this part of the house. I expect your
total obedience to any instruction I give you otherwise... you
will find that I have some considerable authority over you.
Tonight you will be busy carrying out some personal washing for
your wife and me. To make sure that you have the right frame of
mind, you will carry out all these household duties stripped
down to your restrainer. Place your clothes on the chair next to

Knowing that his wife was out, James could think of no way
around his present situation other than to do as this lady
ordered. He dare not risk displeasing his wife, because she had
the power to see him in court and processed by the justice
system for embezzlement. Anything would be better than becoming
a "Prisoner" nowadays - he had heard stories of how bad that
could be.

He soon stood, naked, at the attention with the device
embarrassingly hanging down between his legs. He was then told
to go to Mrs Brady's bedroom, search through her laundry basket
and bring all the knickers, the brassieres, stockings and
suspender belts down to be washed.

When he reached the small impersonal room her found the basket
in her adjacent bathroom. It was jammed packed with items and he
correctly surmised that she had planned this situation for some
time and had deliberately avoided doing any washing herself for
quite a while. He had to empty the basket on to the tiled floor
then sort the items into two piles, one to take away for washing
and the other to leave.

Her panties were hardly of a sexy nature but rather of the
fuller heavier type that would be more suitable for a female
engaged in heavy manual work. Each of the six pairs appeared to
have been worn for some time and a certain smell of dried sweat
and other secretions permeated the material. He then found the
bras of the heavy rigid support type and a dozen thick woollen
stockings with just one substantial suspender belt that had been
used to hold them up her legs.

He carefully replaced the other items in the basket and then
took the items to be washed downstairs to the waiting
housekeeper. He placed them next to the large sink where he also
found a packet of washing powder that had been placed for his
use. With Mrs Brady looking on he opened the tap and filled the
lower half of the sink with hot water into which he mixed some
powder... and started his humiliating task.

It was the panties that caused him most concern on account of
the reinforced gussets and the accumulation of stains in the
area. It took some time rubbing each pair between his fingers
and vigorous scrubbing with an old scrubbing brush until they
appeared clean. Having rinsed all the articles he hung them to
dry on the overhead drying rack and awaited his next order.

He was taken to the very rear of the building an into an old
fashioned Victorian toilet block. There were six wash sinks and
three toilets in cubicles, all with ornate wrought iron
decorations and brass fittings. The toilets themselves with
their wooden seats looked as if they hadn't been cleaned since
before the turn of the century, and the 20th century at that.

Mrs Brady told him that it would be his job to bring these
toilets up to a high standard over the next two weeks. He would
have to spend much of his free time cleaning and polishing,
starting with the white tiled walls and then moving on to the
seats and bowls. She would inspect his work every night and
wanted to see a daily improvement... or else. All this cleaning
work was to take second place to any other jobs that he might be
given. It was, in a way, a task to fill in any free time he had
in the house.

He was then taken back into the kitchen and told to collect his
wife's underwear for washing. He entered her room with some
nervousness even though she was out, and emptied her wash
basket. What a contrast with Mrs Brady's. The underwear was of
designer quality and style, and his restrainer was soon causing
him pain.

All his wife's panties were thong or near thong type with the
bra's lightweight and made from thinner materials. Her stockings
were all self supporting with no need for suspension devices.
Having collected them together he returned to the kitchen,
filled the bottom of the sink with soapy water and started to
wash them.

It took a much shorter time even though some panties showed
signs of staining and they soon joined the other items on the
drying rack. Just then Mrs Brady returned clutching a pair of
her own that she must have removed from the drying line.

"James! when I said I wanted this laundry cleaning I meant
exactly that. I did not mean that you were to do a thoroughly
slipshod and careless job of cleaning my underwear."

She folded the article so that the inside of the crotch was
fully displayed. It was still stained. James could not
understand how that could have happened given the effort he had
put into the washing and the checks he made before hanging them
up to dry.

"You may not be aware but your wife has given me powers of
punishment over you and your lack of attention and effort leaves
me with no option other than to exercise them this evening. I
will now inflict some discomfort that will make you a little
more attentive to my instructions in the future. I don't enjoy
doing this sort of thing, but given the stupidity of your
behaviour I intend to make it painful. Bring that small stool
over here to me."

James was totally mystified and well he might be. It had taken
Mrs Brady some minutes to retrieve her perfectly well washed
panties from the line, mark them suitably and have them ready to
show him as "evidence". An opportunity to hurt someone like
James doesn't come around too often... and she was determined to
make the most of it.

She soon had the near naked male standing on one foot next to
the stool with his other foot planted on the top with his leg
well out to one side. The inside of his thigh was parallel with
the floor and totally exposed.

"Your wife seems to prefer beating you on the buttocks so I will
leave those unmarked for her use."

She brought her hands from behind her back. In the right there
was an old wooden spoon that she had taken down from the rack.

"I think that this will get my point across to you. Shall we say
a dozen whacks James?.... on each thigh? Before I start I think
I will show you what hard scrubbing really is."

She picked up the old wooden scrubbing brush that was still wet
from his using it on the panties. Standing behind him she
reached over his extended leg and started to rub the wet stiff
bristles up and down his soft exposed flesh. It wasn't long
before the whole area was reddened and sore but still she
continued with her harsh scrubbing. Finally, she put the brush
down and, having poured some type of medicated cleaner on to a
small towel, she rubbed the area until it was stinging even more
and now had a shiny wet surface.

She then moved to stand in front of him, picked up the spoon,
raised her well muscled arm so that the spoon rested on her
right shoulder... and brought it down on to the red thigh with a
loud "slop".

The pain was instantaneous and sharp. The way in which an
innocent domestic item such as that could be used to hurt him
shocked as much as stung. It took some willpower to remain in
position especially when she was working on his upper thigh near
his scrotum, but he managed to accept the twelve strokes.

The whole humiliation process was then repeated for his other

Mrs Brady then told him that he could continue working in the
toilet area until 10pm after which he was to report to his wife
in her bedroom and if she still hadn't returned, to wait for her
outside that door. She then left.

He started on one of the tiled walls in the ladies toilet. By
standing on a low box he was able to wash and then dry the old
Victorian tiles to a good standard or what he hoped Mrs Brady
would consider a good standard. He took care to stand with his
legs wide as any contact between his thighs proved to be a sharp
reminder of her authority. Looking at his watch he realised that
it was time to report to his wife and went back into the main
house and up to her bedroom.

There was no reply to his knock so, as instructed, he waited
ready to spring to attention the moment he heard anyone.
Eventually he heard his wife return and after spending time
downstairs she appeared in the corridor looking strangely
flushed. Her eyes immediately locked on to his thighs and she
was soon demanding to know what had happened.

There was no sympathy and no concern. Rather she was irritated
that he had been unable to satisfy Mrs Brady's standards and
annoyed that she had needed to punish him. She made him stand
with his legs wide as she ran her nails up and down the
scratched and beaten area watching his facial reactions to the
additional pain.

"Remind me to add ten with the strap when you get your next
routine beating James. And if there is the slightest mark on my
underwear when you finally finish ironing it... I will make that
twenty. All I can say is that your failure tonight has shown me
how I will be unable to fully discipline you without some
professional assistance. You should know that I am sending you
to be assessed by a lady who specialises in advising owners of
males like you. You will be sent there next Saturday so I would
advise you to put some real thought into improving your attitude
and obedience before that date. I'm afraid I have to give the
lady total authority to inflict whatever she wishes on you so
just how difficult and unpleasant your visit to her is will be
entirely up to you."

James, exhausted for his evening of chores could hardly believe
his ears as he stood in stunned silence.

"Now get back to your room!" Jayne concluded.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

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November 20, 2012

Jim's Story - part forty

Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 05:12:07 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part here

part forty


I brought coffee for Betty who was showing off her lovely
breasts. I tried not to stare.

Betty said: "We discussed what happened the last time you were
sent to a class. Kathleen said you would probably be unfaithful
again. Sarah was angry and said she didn't want to know the

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I felt like a fish on a hook.

Betty said: "I'm not expecting you to confess anything but I
know if I put you into other women's hands, one or more will use
you sexually, you're in their power, how can you say no, but the
reason Sarah is so angry is that you probably enjoyed it. We
want to make sure you pay the price for that enjoyment."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "I guess they were right, you probably did enjoy
being unfaithful. We are planning a major beating for you
tonight. I'm telling you this now so that you can be extra sweet
and loving and maybe earn some compassion for when you're
fastened down."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Betty said: "Start with breakfast, yesterday was spa day but
maybe you can squeeze in time for Sarah, but after breakfast you
have to clean the house and do laundry."

I said: "Thank you ma'am. I would like to take coffee to Sarah
and Kathleen and pay my respects as they wish and then make
breakfast and of course clean up."

Betty said: "You may do all that."

I curtsied and said: "Thank you ma'am."

When I entered the door to Sarah's room she woke. I curtsied and
offered the coffee. I got her robe and helped her into it.

If she's angry with me she will think I just wanted to see her
naked, if she's not angry she will think how nice this was. I
can't help liking to see her naked.

I said: "May I assist you ma'am?"

Sarah took off the robe, picked up the coffee and said: "Yes."

I followed her into the bathroom and knelt between her knees.
She peed and I patted her dry. I was hoping for more but I now
understood that I had been found guilty in absentia. I washed my
hands at what used to be my sink.

Sarah said: "You may dress me."

I found panties and bra and she approved. Since it was Sunday I
found socks and she approved. I would have kissed her toes but I
was trying to be very proper. After I put the socks on she said:
"I will finish later, you may go."

I curtsied and left.

I took coffee to Kathleen. She was already sitting on the
toilet. I knocked and asked if I may assist her and she said
that I could. She held the coffee and I patted her dry. I
offered to help her dress but was dismissed.

The fruit was all from last week and I had to trim off parts of
the cantaloupe and throw away half the blueberries and there was
a very ripe pineapple I rescued.

Betty was the first and I fried an egg and toasted bread for
her, she wore a yellow blouse and a black mini skirt, looking
very sexy. Sarah came in wearing a white tee shirt and skin
tight shorts looking very pretty. Neither brought their coffee
cups, so I poured new ones and poured water into their glasses.
Sarah had one of the yoghurts and blue berries.

Sarah said: "Where did you get the blueberries from Jim."

I said: "They were in the refrigerator since last week Miss

She said: "The ones in the refrigerator were moldy."

I said: "Yes ma'am but I threw the moldy ones away, these were
fine and I washed them."

She said: "If I find a moldy one you'll be sorry."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Then Kathleen came in and said: "I want an egg muffin."

It just happened there were a pair of not moldy English muffins
left in the package. I fried the muffins in butter because I
thought they might be stale. That pleased Kathleen.

Their conversation was about the trip to the Nordstrom store in
the valley where they were going to buy Betty a business suit.

Betty said: "After you clean the kitchen vacuum the whole house,
make the beds and pick up in all the rooms, and do the laundry.
That should keep you busy until we get back."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I worked non stop for hours.

I checked the refrigerator to see that I could prepare lunch if
it was requested and dinner. But not breakfast for tomorrow. But
I didn't want to add to my crimes by shopping without

The ladies returned and Betty found me and said they wanted
lunch but I should get drink orders first. I curtsied while
Betty said all that. I said: "Yes ma'am."

Kathleen wanted a beer, Sarah wanted white wine cold, and Betty
wanted a diet Coke. None were in the refrigerator.

I have these giant tumblers that I put the Chardonnay and a
Newcastle into, then I added water and ice and spun the bottles
for three or four minutes. Then I put the Chardonnay and two
Newcastle bottles into the almost empty freezer.

When I served the drinks I heard a fragment of a conversation:
Sarah said: "At least we know he had the penis restraint on the
entire time."

I curtsied three times and went to fix lunch.

After I cleaned the kitchen I asked Betty: "May I go to the
store to buy food?"

Betty said: "How long will it take you?"

I said: "Less than an hour, I'll go to only one store."

Betty said: "You may but you have an appointment with Mom to do
bills and investments and it is very much in your interest to
take care of Sarah."

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

It took only forty minutes. When you have a list and the traffic
god is with you shopping is quick.

I like my finance session with Kathleen because we have
developed a friendship based on working out investment problems

I felt that Sarah coming upstairs to our bedroom to get a
massage was half the battle won. I think Sarah is the most
beautiful woman in the world. I warmed oil and rubbed the length
of every muscle in her body. I massaged her breasts with both
hands. When I finished I bathed her.

While I painted her toenails she said: "Tell Betty I think you
were lusting at me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And I tried to keep my voice without
emotion because I know how easy it is to add sullenness to my
crimes. And I do feel resentful. I massaged her expertly.

Sarah said: "You forget that I'm going to cane you myself, I
hear an attitude in your voice and I don't like it. Stand in the

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I know there was nothing in my voice, she
can read my mind. I have to learn not to think resentful

Sarah came back and said: "I talked to Betty, after dinner you
will go into the stocks and we will all express our displeasure.
You can stay there in the corner, don't move."

I heard the door open and close and maybe Sarah left and I can
move a little, but maybe she didn't. I'm afraid of these ladies
when they get so hostile toward me.

I'm trying to seize the attitude high ground, all punishment is
for me. They are doing it for me because they love me. If they
didn't care about me they wouldn't go to all the trouble. But it
was going to hurt and it was unfair and I started the same
thought over and over.

Sarah came back and said: "Have you moved?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Sarah said: "I forgot you were doing laundry, the dryer is
buzzing, you may go back to laundry and cleaning. I will deal
with you later."

I said: "Yes ma'am and I want to say that I am very sorry I
displeased you."

Sarah said: "It's easy for you to say but I know you will be
sorry later."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I curtsied and went to do laundry.

I folded the towels and linens and smiled at how few linens
there were here compared to the hotel. Sarah's panties had to be
soaked. I scrubbed away most of the blood stains. I left some to
soak some more and put the panties and bras into little web bags
and threw it all into the washer. I had a basket of blouses and
slacks that needed ironing. I decided to leave it till later.

I checked all the rooms, I checked the refrigerator and there
was chilled wine, chilled beer, chilled diet coke and milk and
fruit for tomorrow. I just needed the goddesses.

I changed the table cloth in the dining room and vacuumed the
family room and dining room again. I washed the kitchen floor.

Kathleen arrived and I followed her into the family room,
curtsied and stood at very rigid attention. Kathleen said:
"Hello Jim what would you like?"

I said: "Would Miss Kathleen like a drink before dinner?"

Kathleen said: "What are my choices?"

I said: "We have beer, white and red wine, soft drinks, V8,
orange juice and water and of course I would be happy to make
coffee or tea."

Kathleen said: "What kind of beer?"

I said: "Newcastle Brown Ale or Miller Lite, I served a
Newcastle at lunch."

Kathleen said: "I'll have a Newcastle."

I curtsied and quickly came back and curtsied again and served
the beer with a glass and a napkin from a tray like a real

Kathleen told me to kneel down next to her. She said: "We missed
you very much; Sarah imagined you were out having a good time
with attractive women and we were eating carry out and junk

I said: "Miss Kathleen that is so far from what happened. Didn't
Betty tell you what she arranged for me?"

Kathleen said: "No, I didn't know anything about that, tell me."

I described the entire trip without mentioning Maria. I
summarized by saying I folded five hundred towels and cleaned
nearly one hundred toilets and wiped and cleaned mirrors; I
worked from 3:15 to 11:00 every day I was gone, mostly I wasn't
allowed to talk.

Kathleen said: "That's amazing, Sarah has to hear this."

I said: "I wonder why Betty didn't tell Sarah?"

Sarah arrived and I stood up and curtsied and stood at
attention. Sarah said: "What do you want?"

I said: "Would Miss Sarah like a drink before dinner?"

Sarah said: "Bring me some very cold white wine."

I curtsied and got a big glass (7 oz) Chardonnay and a napkin. I
curtsied again and served it.

Kathleen said to Sarah: "Ask Jim to describe his trip."

Sarah said: "Go ahead and describe your trip."

I did and I emphasized how Spartan the room was and not being
able to talk even at breakfast and all the toilets I had to
clean and all the towels I had to fold.

Sarah said: "You didn't party?"

I described the lunch on the last day and the festive mood and
that wine was served.

Sarah said: "Did you have wine?"

I said: "No ma'am, Miss Sarah wasn't there to give it to me."

Betty arrived and I got her a diet Coke.

I was in the kitchen getting dinner completed when I was called
into the family room.

Of course I went and curtsied three times. Betty said: "Jim we
are planning to give you a major beating tonight. Do you think
you deserve it?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Kathleen said: "I thought you said all you did was work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Jim, go fix dinner."

I heard Betty say: "What happened was a half dozen women had him
in their power they had straps and canes. One of them took a
fancy and had him. He couldn't do anything about it but he
enjoyed it. He's a little whore and needs to be whipped."

Sarah said: "Why didn't he say so?"

Betty said: "Because you would go crazy if you heard what

Sarah said: "I'm going to cane him until he tells."

Betty said: "Poor Jim."

Kathleen said: "I understand what Betty is saying Sarah; they
said he was a good boy, what would have happened if one of his
overseers got frustrated or angry. Imagine Jim threatened with a
cane if he didn't do some sex act and you threatening to cane
him unless he did."

Betty said: "And his biggest fault is he wants to please. I
think we need to take the responsibility of keeping him away
from women who have authority over him. I made the arrangements
to maintain his discipline while he was gone, but it just made
him more self-confident, most people in that situation would
have crumbled. He thanked me for providing the experience. He's
the cheese, what do you do if the mice come after the cheese,
you put the cheese away."

I went into the family room and curtsied three times. The ladies
were not in accord with each other.

Sarah said: "What do you want?"

I said: "Dinner is ready Miss Sarah, Miss Betty and Miss

It was Ribs and corn on the cob and barbecued baked beans with
Cabernet Sauvignon wine. It was my one and only strategic weapon
to soften the punishment. Everything was eaten up and lots of
wine was drunk.

Betty said: "Clean the kitchen and then put yourself into the

I had a dreadful feeling.

After I cleaned the kitchen I went into the family room and
reported to Betty I was going to the stocks. I didn't want to be

I was forgotten, I think I waited more than an hour.

Betty came in and fastened the strap and the top of the hand and
neck cutouts. She said: "Be brave Jim, Kathleen and I are having
a battle of the straps. You will judge which hurts more. It
would be a shame to have to give you extra strokes, so please
count the strokes and thank me without any begging."

I don't know whose strap will hurt the most, but I think Betty
puts more energy into her strokes. I could hear her grunting and
forcefully exhaling. She sounded like she was having a workout
in a gym. After twenty strokes Betty was out of breath and I
thought it was over.

I said: "Is it over Miss Betty?"

She said: "Yes sweetheart, you are very brave." Betty caressed
my head and gave me a kiss.

As always I was in pain, I had tears in my eyes, my nose was
running and I had no idea how much more suffering was planned
for me.

Just when the pain had dulled a little Kathleen entered and
said: "I expect you to count the strokes without begging, I
don't want to give you extra strokes.

I said: "Yes ma'am and thank you Miss Kathleen."

After I counted to twenty Kathleen said: "Which was more
painful, my strapping or Betty's?"

I said "Thank you Miss Kathleen twenty-one."

Kathleen said: "You poor baby, we'll come back and talk to you

Sarah turned on the light. She wiped the tears out of my eyes
and let me blow my nose into a tissue. Sarah said: "I'm going to
cane you hard. Explain to me why you're being caned."

I said: "Because I had sex with another woman and it is not

Sarah said: "Why isn't it allowed."

I said: "Because I'm exclusively yours."

Sarah said: "Explain that."

I said: "I'm Miss Sarah's slave."

Sarah said: "Does my slave tell me lies."

I said: "No ma'am, never."

Sarah said: "Betty said you don't want to tell me what happened
in Chicago."

I said: "No ma'am I don't want to."

Sarah said: "If I want to watch a movie and you want to watch
sports, what do we watch?"

I said: "The movie ma'am."

Sarah said: "Why is that?"

I said: "What you want is all that matters, ma'am."

Sarah said: "I want you to tell me what happened in Chicago."

I said: "I was assigned to a woman and told that if I failed to
do what she told me I would be beaten. That woman had a cane and
she wanted sex and I provided it orally and at a second session
we had intercourse."

Sarah said: "She unlocked your restrainer?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sarah said: "How did she get a key?"

I said: "I don't know, ma'am."

Sarah said: "Will you tell me everything I want to know?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sarah said: "Why did you think you would be allowed not to tell

I said: "Because I was so ashamed about what I did I hoped you
would not know."

Sarah said: "Because you were afraid of the punishment?"

I said: "I'm not cavalier about whippings but I wasn't afraid of
that, I'm afraid that my bad behavior will make you stop loving

Sarah said: "I will always love you and I'll keep tighter
control of the keys, and you will come to fear the punishments
you're going to receive."

Sarah said: "Do you think you can count, or for five extra
strokes you can have the gag."

I said: "Please Miss Sarah decide for me."

Next I felt severe burning in my rear, I guess she had decided.
I barely said: "Thank you Miss Sarah, One." Before another one

I knew from experience that the injury is superficial but it
felt like the cane cut into me at least several inches. I
couldn't stand it and I started sobbing. The counting and
sobbing made me choke and start coughing, but the strokes just
continued. I think I counted to twenty-three before she stopped.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I'm doing about one hundred percent of the strategic planning,
and most of the budgeting and work planning, Carmen worries
about vacations and manning the help desks. But I'm always
pressed for time because of my chores: cleaning six computer
monitors and keyboards, a four stall three sink toilet three
times every day and a single toilet one or more times a day.

Really I'm a full time Janitor and a part time Information
Officer. I mention all this because Carmen and I returned from
a meeting with our sales group and they decided they wanted a
full e-commerce site as soon as they could have it. The
marketing group was taking on a new line that would lend itself
to internet sales.

In my office me at my stand-up desk and my two web site
programmers and Carmen are responding to that meeting. Carmen,
Linda and Janet were insisting we can't do it because mostly we
haven't been doing it.

I interrupted and said: "Carmen your responsibility is to find
sites that you like that work like our sales associates want,
point them to it and ask them if they would be happy if those
sites were ours."

I assigned the programmers to make a form that opens a picture
and five other fields from SQL and to incorporate it into our
code. I will find us a shopping cart program that we can use
together with the credit card and tax programs. Everybody felt
they could do that. We agreed to another meeting tomorrow.

My job seemed hard but I called the company that makes our web
development program and asked what they recommended. Then I
called the company they recommended and downloaded their working
demo, and continued to pull on that string to get a credit card
processor and names at the post office and UPS to talk to. But I
had to go clean a toilet.

I reported to Carmen that I had cleaned the toilet. I faced the
cubicle wall. Carmen said: "You didn't address us properly and
you may not give assignments, I'm the manager."

I said: "Miss Carmen, with all due respect do you know how to do
this project?"

Carmen said: "No, but you still have to show respect like you're
doing now."

I said: "I'm sorry but we had so little time and I could see
that you all were developing an attitude problem."

Carmen said: "We know that but Peggy told us to report when you
don't show respect."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "Linda and Janet said it would be too mean to report
you, they said they were very happy with the meeting."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "I'm going to think about it. I like the way you
split up the work, it makes sense. But I'm the manager and you
have to show respect."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part forty-one here

November 19, 2012

Dress Code - ChapterĀ 3

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 00:16:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Shoekisser

Dress Code
first part here

ChapterĀ 3

The next day I walked into my interviewer/supervisor's office to
tell her about my landlady, and ask for help. Before I could say
anything, she told me she needed to do a panty inspection, and
made me raise my skirt and turn around slowly.

"Very nice. You do that well. I think to save time I'm going to
make it mandatory that you do that every time you enter my
office. Now, what can I do to..... excuse me, for you?"

I told her what my landlady had said and asked if it would be
possible for me to wear male clothing to and from work and
change in the lobby men's room.

"Absolutely not. The dress code applies anywhere on company
property. You'll have to find another solution."

I realized later that she had slipped and referred to my
landlady by name. Did they know each other? Were they in

"Can I start wearing a wig so it's not so obvious that I'm a man
in women's clothing?"

"You're not ready to pass. Plus the dress code prohibits wigs."

I started to look for other living accommodation, but, even
though I had good references and wore male clothing, people took
one look at my plucked eyebrows and painted finger nails, and
discovered they didn't have a vacancy.

Then it happened. I got a 30 day notice to leave my apartment.

I again pleaded with my boss, but got nowhere.

Finally, a week before I was to be evicted, she called me in,
and, after the mandatory panty inspection, told me she might
have a solution.

"We have a 4 bedroom apartment here on the property. It was
originally intended for new hires from out of town until they
could find someplace else. Now we have a vacancy. I talked to
the other 3 tenants about you moving in. They were initially
reluctant to have a man living there, but when I told them the
dress code applies since its on company property, they decided
it would be OK. I think we can relax the hose and heels part
when you're not working, but you would have to dress as a woman
all the time you're in the apartment. To make sure you don't
cheat, no male clothing would be allowed, and I reserve the
right to inspect the apartment at any time. In addition, I must
insist you sign a 6 month lease. Would you agree to all that?"

"I don't see where I have a choice."

Thus, I started dressing full time.

One Friday at quitting time, She called me into her office. Amy
was sitting there, and observed the panty inspection.

"I like that. Can I make him do that every time we meet?"

"That might be a bit much, but I am going to allow you to
inspect his apartment for me. Go home with him now and make sure
he hasn't hidden any ugly male clothing."

Amy announced that she would drive.

When we arrived, she got a package out of the trunk and led me
into the apartment.

She did a quick inspection of my bedroom, then said, "OK, time
for panty inspection. Lift your skirt and slowly turn around
like you do for the boss."

After I had made one revolution, she stepped close, put her arms
around me and placed both hands on my pantied butt. "You have a
nice ass." Then her right hand slid around to the front.

In seconds I was hard. I hadn't touched or been touched by a
woman since I was forced into women's clothes.

"What is that bulge in your panties, you naughty girl? Panty
inspection includes the contents of the panties. Let's take them
off," and she slid my panties down to my ankles, and had me step
out of them.

"Now, I want you to return the favor...." and she lifted her

I knelt and removed her panties. At that point I was so horny I
almost raped her. She had to slow me down. If I hadn't been so
sex-starved, I would have been reluctant to have sex dressed as
I was. As it was, I proceeded in spite of my attire.

I soon discovered being dressed in woman's clothes added to the
intensity of my arousal. The orgasm was the best I'd ever had.

After a recovery period, she finished undressing me, and had me
undress her. By the time we both were down to bra, garter belt,
hose, and heels, I was ready to go again.

When I could no longer get it up, she had me eat her. I had my
face buried between her legs when I heard the door open and my
room-mates enter.

"I'm jealous. I want some of that," I heard one say.

So, I spent the rest of the evening eating them. Eventually they
all tired of that, but the parting shot was, "I think we just
started a regular Friday ritual."

Amy, who obviously was friendly with my roommates, suggested we
all go out to dinner. They all agreed, and decided, since I was
the new girl, I should pay.

Later, after we returned to the apartment, Amy picked up her
mysterious package, and disappeared into a bedroom.

After a few minutes, she returned wearing bra, panties, hose and
heels. What had changed was the strap-on dildo protruding from
her crotch.

"I think its time you learned a little more about sex as a
woman. Take your dress off. Leave everything else on."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I wrote those first three chapters some time ago. The story
needs to go on, but I haven't figured out where. I am suffering
from writer's block, but maybe publishing what I have will now
inspire me.


November 18, 2012

Jim's Story - part thirty-nine

Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 05:51:03 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part here

part thirty-nine

School's out

All day I was thinking of Maria. Maria with the cane to whip her
assistants if they don't perform. Maria who feels better if she
whips them. Maria who is going to find a new boyfriend who
appreciates being caned.

I wondered how I would find a Maria. When Sarah and I married it
never occurred to me that there were Maria's out there. But I
had to pay attention to the class.

The class wasn't about doing hair, it was about the business of
hair salons. I thought it was incredibly interesting.

There were rules of thumb for everything; costs of improvements,
costs to advertise / new client, as a result the price of an
establishment is a function of the number of clients.

A realization came to me that Ms. Peggy wants to open hair
salons. Each lesson was accompanied with lots of notes and
documents, magazines, and even a flash drive with spreadsheets.
I wondered how I would ship it all back.

On the last day of class we all went out to lunch at a
restaurant that had a private room for us. One of the hair care
supply companies was hosting the lunch and gave us samples as
well as a delicious lunch and wine. Class was over after lunch.

I was tempted to visit Chicago for the afternoon, but I decided
to do the dutiful thing of returning to the hotel. I gave my
name at reception and the agent got an envelope and handed it to
me. I opened the envelope and the letter said:

"Hello Guest, you have unexpectedly arrived early. Sit in a seat
visible from the reception desk. You may not move or look
around. You will wait in that seat until someone gets you. You
will be watched. The management."

I said I was going to go with the program but this was
outrageous, before lunch I had just been treated like a VIP
businessman and now I'm totally objectified. Then I thought
again of the cost and trouble Betty had gone to and I sat in a
nice comfortable chair like the instructions said.

After a couple of hours it was Maria who found me. She was
wearing a pretty dress and a coat that was open. She looked like
a business woman. She said: "Wait here."

Maria talked to the reception agent and a few minutes later she
returned and said to come with her. She said: "I'm just coming
to work, you can wait for me in your room and I'll get you when
we're ready to work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She took me to my room and locked me in. I added my material
collection from the day to the stash from the previous days and
stretched out and relaxed. I was having a light doze when the
door opened and it was pretty Maria.

It had become my role to push the cart, I followed Maria.

During the second room, Maria said: "I have a surprise for you

I said: "What is it ma'am?"

Maria said: "You will have to wait until we're finished."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

It was eight-thirty in the evening when Maria said we're almost
finished, one room left. I cleaned the bathroom and when I
finished I came to help in the room. Maria was in panties and
bra and a bottle of champagne with two glasses sat on the
counter and nearby a key and condoms.

Maria said: "We will have to do this room again."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I hugged Maria and kissed her on the lips.
She kissed back and we got into the huge bed.

Maria unlocked my restrainer and it was the first time it was
out in almost two weeks. I ate her until she came, then I petted
her until she came, then she sat on top of my tool and we both
came, she sat on my face and came again. Then I bathed her and
found opportunities to kiss and caress.

Maria said: "Now I want to get the cane and supervise you
cleaning this room."

At that point cleaning one more room was no big deal, but Maria
found fault everywhere and threatened the worst imaginable
consequence. I cowered and repaired all the faults.

Maria decided I needed a whipping for generally sloppy work. I
was told to lie on the bed. Maria said that there were twelve
faults so I would get twelve strokes. She made me kiss the cane
and I counted the strokes. Happily it wasn't too hard. Maria let
me dress her and I straightened the room. Maria fastened my
restrainer back on me. I told her I thought she was excellent in
every way.

Maria took me downstairs and we said good bye and I was locked
into my room.

The next morning I woke up at five and cleaned and packed up.
The materials I received wouldn't fit into my suitcase but I got
it all into a large plastic bag.

Around 7:00 my door was open and the pretty lady led me back to
reception. One of the agents offered to send the materials to me
via UPS.

The same sweet helpful agent said: "You have to wait for Ms.
Adams next to her desk, there is no moving and you should look
down at her desk."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I stayed that way for about ninety minutes and Ms. Adams
arrived. She found the key to my restrainer and had me pull my
pants down and removed it. I packed the restrainer in my
suitcase. Ms. Adams said she will mail the key to Betty. Ms.
Adams gave me an evaluation form to fill out.

It asked:-

  • Was there adequate management? Answer 1-poor 5-excellent
  • Did your room meet your expectations? Answer 1-poor 5-excellent
  • Would you like to come again? Answer yes or no
  • Overall grade? Answer 1-poor 5-excellent

There were twenty questions about the food and the personnel; I
marked all five's and said I wanted to come again.

Ms. Adams said: "Wait for Kathy outside of my door."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I assumed Kathy was Ms. Dolan.

I guess I feel like an object being handed from one person to
another. I guess that's what Betty planned.

During the flight home I kept going over Maria. Every instinct
in me said to say nothing to Betty, Kathleen or Sarah. But I was
committed to not ever lying. But what will they do to me? I
feared. I knew that without lying there was no way not to
disclose my activities with Maria.

I decided to not lie but not to confess either. I simply won't
talk about it.

I was the last person off the plane because I had to wait for
Ms. Dolan. She escorted me off the plane and she and Betty
hugged while I stood by. Ms. Dolan and Betty led the way out of
the airport and I followed. I had to wait for my checked bag and
finally Betty came into the baggage area and she hugged me and
we kissed.

Finally my suitcase arrived and Betty and I walked to the
parking area. Betty asked me to drive and I did. She asked about
my trip. I told Betty that one part of me suffered mightily from
the unrelenting supervision and work. Another part of me stands
in amazement at the resourcefulness of my governess. And another
part of me is filled with love and appreciation.

Betty laughed and said: "I have already gotten a report from
Ethel and she said you were a perfect guest. The laundry
reported favorably and housekeeping said you did excellent work
and the administration said you were obedient."

I said: "Miss Betty I saw your hand-print everywhere and I will
never be able to thank you enough for the experience."

Betty said: "You didn't suffer?"

I said: "Of course I did, every day from 3:15 in the afternoon
until ten or 11 at night I was worked folding towels or cleaning
toilets, I was continually under the threat of strapping and
caning. Than I was locked in a dungeon, I had no privacy. But
part of me said this prison cell I was in cost more than a room
at the Ritz And I became more in love with you, I realized how
powerful and connected you are and you did all this for me."

Betty said: "What in the world can I do to you that you don't
come back and say you loved the experience?"

Miss Betty, "I didn't say I loved the experience, it was sort of
awful, but I saw your hand in all the afflictions and I felt
loved by you."

Betty sighed, and then we were quiet for a few miles. Betty
said: "How was your class, are you going to give me a new hair-

I said: "No ma'am, we didn't learn how to do hair, we learned
how to open a hair salon."

Betty said: "I misunderstood Peggy."

I said: "I hope Peggy didn't misunderstand the class, Miss

Betty said: "Sarah probably knows."

We arrived home and I carried my suitcase in and Betty fastened
the restrainer onto my penis. I hoped another key was around. I
said: "Ms. Adams said she will mail the key back to you."

Betty said: "Sarah has a key also."

Betty said: "I have several chores for you and I altered your
schedule until you're caught back up."

I was impressed and said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

She said: "Empty the rest of your suitcase and report to me in
my room."

I curtsied as she went upstairs and said: "Yes ma'am."

I wanted to see my wife but I didn't want to disobey
instructions. I didn't want to see Kathleen because she can read
my mind.

I was kissing Betty's feet. She said: "I want you to do three
chores. Empty all the trash cans and take out the trash, clean
the kitchen, and collect any laundry. When you're done report to

I said: "Yes ma'am; may I also clean spills and pick up trash I
see along the way."

Betty said: "I know you would do that anyway and I'm happy to
give you permission to do it."

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

My sweet goddesses made our house into a pig-sty. There were
dishes, food, trash and clothes everywhere, except in the trash
cans. It's a five bedroom six bath 4000 square foot house so it
took me over half an hour collecting everything. Then I cleaned
the kitchen and started a load in the laundry. And I hadn't
entered Sarah or Kathleen's bedrooms.

I reported back to Betty who was watching TV. I started kissing
her feet when she said: "Sarah wants you tonight. Don't keep her

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

I knocked on the door to Sarah's (our) bedroom, and then went
in. Sarah was watching TV. She was nude from the waist up. Her
dress was on the floor together with many other clothes and
shoes. I was on fire seeing her lovely breasts. I became frozen
with indecision. Should I stand and wait for recognition, should
I pick up clothing and straighten the room, and finally I
decided to stand and wait. I had made enough noise that I was
sure she knew I was there.

After a few minutes Sarah said: "Take off my shoes."

I thought that that was exactly where I wanted to start. I said:
"Yes ma'am."

I took off her shoes but she gave no other instructions. I
waited. I said: "May I get Miss Sarah a bathrobe?"

Sarah said: "Yes."

I helped her get it on. And then I waited for instructions.

Sarah said: "Clean up this mess."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I picked up the shoes, dresses, blouses, panties, bras and
pantyhose from the floor, under the bed and tangled in the
bedding. Most went into the chute to the laundry but some got
hung and the shoes went into the closet.

I went back to stand near Sarah awaiting instructions. After
another few minutes she turned off the TV and said I could take
her hose and panties off. I did and a slight scent wafted to me
and I was madly desirous of her. She got up and looked around,
the only clothes on the floor were her pantyhose and panties,
the bed was made, her room was back in order.

She took me to the bathroom and I knelt between her knees, she
peed and I patted her dry. She said: "You want to kiss me

I said: "Yes Miss Sarah."

Her hands took my head and I found myself eating my wife. I
wanted to touch her but I was afraid of doing it without
permission, I was even afraid to ask.

She said: "You can put your hands on me."

I took her ass in my hands and pulled her up so the angle was
perfect to eat her. She came violently and noisily. She let go
of my head. I asked if she wanted her robe.

She said: "Let's get into bed."

We did, but I didn't know what I was allowed to do.

Sarah said: "What are you waiting for?"

I started kissing her around her ears and then her neck. My
hands explored her boobs and tummy. I moved to kissing her on
the lips and she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled us
tight. I sensed she wasn't going to unlock me so I started
petting her, then she pushed my head down and I ate her for a
second time. We fell asleep cuddled together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part forty here

November 17, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 86

From: Boz 4444
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 11:15:12 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 86

The previous episode, Chapter 85, is at:-

Jayne was busy at her desk the next day when she took what she
later thought to be one of the most interesting 'phone calls she
had ever received. A representative from the firm that was going
to be installing the equipment in what she would later call her
training and discipline room called and asked if she was free to

The young girl explained that as part of the package for clients
that were prepared to pay for the best, they offered a home
visit by one of their Consultants who would be able to show her
the various punishment implements they had for sale. They would
also advise her on their use.

They could also offer her a full training session with male and
female training aides on which she could practice and so fully
appreciate the relative benefits of each implement. The girl
then went on to explain the advantages of prior practice so that
she, in a manner of speaking, hit the ground running with her

The cost was well within her generous budget and Jayne readily
accepted, and an appointment was arranged for the Saturday
afternoon, when she would have the house to herself.

At precisely two in the afternoon on Saturday a knock came at
the door. Mrs Brady had the day off and James had been allowed
to play golf so it was Jayne who answered the door.

Waiting outside was a well dressed lady in a business suit. A
little heavy around the breasts and thighs, short bobbed hair
and a cheeky looking face. She greeted Jayne with a broad smile
and introduced herself as Karen Toomer from the firm Tools for
Discipline. She waved towards a large black van that stood in
the drive and asked if it would be convenient to start unloading
her samples. When Jayne agree she went over to the back of the
van, unlocked the doors and out stepped a male and a female in
their twenties dressed in what looked like sports gear.

They hurriedly started to carry various cases and boxes into the
house passing Jayne with a deferential downward lowering of the
eyes. She showed them into the recently equipped training and
discipline room where they carefully placed their boxes on a

They were then joined by Miss Toomer who whispered a curt order
to stand at attention as she walked by them. Which they did.

Karen Toomer explained that the boxes and cases contained her
demonstration implements and that when Jayne placed an order, a
brand new and sealed item would be brought from the van. When
Miss Toomer noticed Jayne staring quizzically at the two persons
in sports kit she spoke:

"Ah yes, sorry for not introducing them, but I take the presence
of these two demonstration subjects for granted I'm afraid. I
have no idea of what their names are as we get a different pair
every day. That way they get a couple of days rest before they
are on the road again. As it happens you are the third customer
we have visited today so they are feeling rather sorry for
themselves and no doubt hoping that you won't be needing to try
my implements out on them. In fairness the last couple, a man
and his wife were most particular in trying everything really
thoroughly before they bought and I'm delighted to say, they
bought a lot of my implements and devices to use on their new
female prisoner-servant. So from where I stand a few bruises
here and there are not really my concern as long as I keep my
sales figures up."

The male, a well built tall man with short dark hair kept his
eyes downcast as did the female, a tall blonde with a good
figure and long fair hair in a pony tail.

Jayne could not believe that she would have these two people to
try any item she liked on but soon found herself, at Miss
Toomer's suggestion, casually inspecting them.

The female wore a short skirt and standing behind her Jayne
could see parallel lines across the backs of her thighs that
gave some indication of what she had been used for. When ordered
to stand legs apart she could see that those lines were also on
her soft inner thighs. When she ran her finger nails up and down
them the girl flinched as an indication that the area was still

The male displayed no such signs and when Jayne asked what he
wore under his shorts she was invited to find out for herself.
Apprehensively she cupped her right hand where his genitals were
and soon found that he wore nothing. She felt the signs of an
erection almost immediately and complained to Miss Toomer.

May I suggest Mrs Hough that to carry out a real inspection you
need to have the servants in a better position, let me show you:
Both of the subjects were ordered to the "present" position.

Jayne cupping the male's genitals immediately appreciated how
much more exposed he now was. She was surprised that she found
handling him so exciting as she was generally repulsed by her
husband's nakedness. But this was different. Here she could
squeeze and pull without any restraint knowing that he would
have to accept without complaint. She was just wondering what to
do next when Miss Toomer suggested that he be told to strip so
that she could really see what he had to offer.

He quickly removed his shorts and t-shirt and went back to the

Jayne circled him. He had certainly been used to demonstrate
some implements that day. His firm muscular buttocks were
heavily bruised and bore the weal lines of the cane right down
to the join between his legs and the buttocks. Starting to
really enjoy her new found power she ordered him to bend and
grasp his ankles. Then she slowly dragged her nails over the
area hearing him gasp and feeling him flinch beneath her hands.
His position exposed his anal cleft and she noted with some
surprise how even that recessed area was bruised, especially
around his puckered and exposed anus.

She knew that the two questions now uppermost in her mind: what
caused the small pea sized bruises and how painful was it to be
beaten there would be answered in due time, but for now she was
enjoying herself too much to waste time on that.

The male found himself fuming, as he usually did, with the cruel
humiliation of having to be handled and ordered around by this
woman that he had never met. No doubt she would be just like the
other two females that he had met earlier in the day who had
loved using him as they wished to try different paddles and
canes on.

Jayne's hands moved down and cupped his hanging testicles as if
to remind him of her authority to inflict pain. She slowly
applied enough pressure to make him stiffen in anticipation.

"As this one appears to be incapable of controlling his lust,
can I assume that you will be offering some ideas or equipment
that can be used in this somewhat tender area?"

Miss Toomer readily reassured her that they would be dealing
with "that area" later in her sales pitch. She then invited her
to inspect the female subject.

With the male back at the upright 'present', but with his penis
still sticking obscenely to the front, she moved and stood in
front of the clearly nervous girl.

This would be a first for Jayne as she had yet to have sexual
knowledge of someone of the same sex. She certainly had a
healthy curiosity about some of her friend's bodies, but had
never taken things any further. In truth she had no idea of
whether she would find any contact in any way exciting, but
thought some form of examination would be worth experiencing.
The girl's views were of course totally immaterial. She would
accept or do whatever Jayne wished... or suffer the

Jayne reached forward and corrected the girl's position slightly
by lifting her chin a shade and pushing her elbows further back.
The latter left her covered breasts looking, and feeling, even
more vulnerable. To emphasise this Jayne ran the back of her
knuckles up and down over the nipple areas and soon had the nubs
visible under the material to the evident shame of the girl who
held her eyes forward position.

"Do you keep girls shaved?" Jayne enquired casually.

"As you will see in a moment Mrs Hough, in this case she is
shaved apart from the crotch. We do keep some of them in the
stable fully shaved even there. I can have her changed for one
of those from the stable who has been shaved if you prefer."

Jayne declined the offer, stood back from the girl, and told her
to remove her T-shirt.

The girl then resumed the 'present' and stood there displaying a
supporting brassiere. Her breasts were slightly above average in
size with thin red lines visible across the upper surface. This
time Jayne did ask what had caused them.

Miss Toomer explained that the husband of her previous customer
had raised the subject of the punishment levels in female
correctional centres. He had heard that breast punishments were
the norm and felt that their new female prisoner/servant should
not go unpunished should she commit what the prison system would
determine to be a breast offence. Miss Toomer knew that strictly
speaking such punishments were not approved for females in
community service... but on the other hand... the approved
breast canes were expensive and carried a high level of
commission for her. She had therefore agreed to show the couple
the breast cane and allow them a few strokes in the hope that
they would buy one for their servant. Naturally, the pain and
humiliation that this would cause the female let alone their
servant, was not of any concern to her.

Jayne then snapped the order to remove the bra, which the girl
rapidly did. Her breasts were pointed with unusually large
aureola and long nipples. Both were red and swollen where at
least one demonstration stroke had been laid across them and
Jayne could see, by lifting both breasts by those nipples,
during which the girl sobbed in pain, that the underside had
also received strokes. She was curious as to how uncomfortable
the girl had found the caning in that area.

"How painful was this application girl?" she enquired.

"Please Ma'am it hurt a lot. My breasts are always sensitive and
I am due to start soon so that made them more so. I had
difficulty in remaining presented for the strokes and it took
the Gentleman several attempts to land a stroke exactly across
the tips."

Jayne grasped both breasts tightly in her hands and watched as
the girl visibly flinched. "Still sensitive are they? You will
have to hope that I don't want to test the breast cane myself
won't you girl?"

With her lips tightly clenched the girl nodded her agreement.

"Get those shorts off," came the next order, this time from Miss

Now she stood with just a small pair of white panties.

Jayne, standing behind, snatched them down to her thighs until,
with the thighs parted, they could not be lowered further. Her
buttocks and the backs of her thighs were even more bruised and
marked than the male.

When the girl was bent to grasp her ankles the small pea shaped
bruises were visible inside her inner cleft as well. There were
several areas where it seemed that small clumps of dark pubic
hair had been pulled out by the roots and that also intrigued
Jayne. But from the way Miss Toomer was laying out her wares on
a table, the time had come to try some samples.

The first one on offer was a small leather paddle that was
described as being ideal when smacking buttocks to prevent any
discomfort to the spanker's hand. Jayne tried this for three
slaps across the bent girls left buttock cheek... with some
force... just to let her know that there would be no leniency to
be expected from her.

They progressed through a range of paddles made from various
materials with the female and the male being used alternately by
being made to bend over a heavy stool. Jayne restricted herself
to just three whacks with each implement, however, the very
number to be tried out soon resulted in both pairs of buttocks
becoming changed into a deep red colour and each of the 'aides'
looking increasingly distressed as their turn came around each

Having put Jayne's selection into the order form on her lap top,
Miss Toomer moved on to the range of straps she had for sale.
She explained how these ranged from a lightweight tawse for hand
strappings to some real brutes that would not be unsuitable for
the most severe punishments. She told Jayne that she would have
to restrict her to just one trial stroke of each implement as
there were many more items to try and the two subjects were
already marked somewhat.

She did however make an exception for the hand tawse in
suggesting three to each hand.

The advantage of this form of punishment was that the recipient
was obliged to watch and could see the strap falling. Remaining
with hand outstretched knowing the pain that was to come was an
excellent discipline.

Jayne thought for a moment and then indicated the male to step
forward. Then, watching the look of relief on the female's face
dissolve, ordered her to stand next to him, and had them turn
facing each other. He was told to hold out his right hand and
the female her left. Both hands were at right angles to Jayne.

She raised the strap over her shoulder and brought it down with
a resounding crack across his palm. Then gave a similar stroke
to the female. She waited for around a minute knowing that the
pain would be increasing every second and make it increasingly
difficult to keep the hand in the position where it would soon
receive more pain.

But they both held position, having to watch the strap descend
to their throbbing palms without daring to move their hands to

The third stroke had the girl with visible tears forming. Jayne
kept them there for a good two minutes with them both
desperately hoping that their hand punishment was over but
dreading that it wasn't. As she turned away to place the strap
in her wanted area, both victims visibly relaxed.

"You may well imagine," spoke Miss Toomer, "the effect that say
a dozen on each hand will have. I recommend it for any cases of
clumsiness with their hands or when you want to sensitize the
hands or fingers before giving them some task such as intimate
body washing. It will certainly make them gentle with their

Jayne nodded and was thinking, 'and it would certainly
discourage a male, like my husband, from wanking!'

There were six straps of various width, length and thickness and
each of the two subjects had to take three of them across their
already seared nates. It took a superhuman effort to remain in
place as the customer and the sales lady discussed the relative
punishing power and effects of each with the implement being
laid on the buttocks prior to being raised for the stroke. The
female was nearly at her limit by the time the final strap was
brought lashing down and it left her sobbing with the pain and
humiliation after it fell.

Again, Jayne made her selection and the sales pitch moved on to
the collection of rods. These it was explained fell into two
types, there were the old fashioned but still effective wooden
type and the new acrylic versions. In view of the somewhat
sensitive state of the demonstration backsides Miss Toomer said
that the sales 'aides' would better be secured over the new
black leather horse and the girl was soon strapped down. She
then solicitously enquired whether the room was soundproofed as
the subjects may well give the odd yelp.

As she was bound to squeal a little a gag would be appropriate.
She produced a leather wedge with straps that fastened behind
the head forcing the soft leather into the girl's mouth.

Jayne elected to use the acrylics on the girl first making sure
that each was swished several times and stroked across the
waiting nates to ensure she was kept on edge.

The three stokes were delivered harshly and with little time
between each. Jayne achieved less of a wrap round but the female
was past caring and dribbling around the new leather tasting

The male was next and Jayne, using the leather buckles soon had
him immobile with his backside thrust up and legs indecently
apart displaying his genitals. He was not allowed the comfort of
a gag.

It was her first experience with the traditional cane and she
found herself enjoying the event with more pleasure than she
would have originally thought possible. Inflicting pain on
someone who had no ability to complain or resist was a most
pleasurable feeling she thought.

Her male victim would not have agreed. It was true that he had
become hardened whilst in the system, but he had never had such
a hard day as this in being used over and over again to test
these whip like implements. He braced himself against the
leather as the first whippy cane slashed down. There was then a
long pause as Jayne flexed and swished the next heavier rod.
This, when it hit him was a real bitch made worse by catching
him on the intensely sore area at the top of his thighs.

In comparison the third cane, described by Miss Toomer as being
of a "Judicial Quality" was even worse. Even the inexperienced
Mrs Hough was heard to comment on its thickness and lack of
flexibility with Miss Toomer stating that this was one for
special thrashings where you really needed to get a message
home. It was a "thudder" in style and left deep seated bruising.

It descended with a whooshing sound across the broadest part of
the target. Jayne put all her force behind it then, after it
landed, stood back as the male tried to get his breath back and
bucked against his bonds. It raised a thick weal in seconds and
from the gasps and grunts from the male... it was decidedly
effective in inflicting pain.

The atmosphere in the room then relaxed somewhat, at least it
did for the two ladies. Miss Toomer produced a selection of what
she called "toys" and handed each to Jayne to peruse. There were
two loops attached to handles, the first a loop of thin bamboo
and the second of flexible, but shaped plastic.

Then came a series of clamps that would grip any part of the
body but were intended for the more sensitive areas. Both
subjects found themselves at the present with a different clamp
on each of the four available nipples.

Jayne's earlier puzzlement about the cause of the small bruises
in the anal clefts was resolved when Miss Toomer produced what
she called an anal whip. A short wooden handle had a one foot
length of leather cord a quarter of an inch in diameter at the
end of which was a knot.

"This really tests your aim," she said smiling. "It's used on
the anal cleft and you aim at the centre of the anus for maximum
effect. As you can see from these two subjects the user often
misses but when you are on target the results are most
rewarding. Naturally, a miss is also, I understand,
uncomfortable. Would you like to try it?"

Jayne soon had the girl bent over, legs wide and with her hands
behind her pulling the bruised cheeks apart. She allowed herself
five shots at the target, a pink puckered rose bud that was
visibly contracting and dilating in fear and anticipation. It
was harder than it looked and three times the knot hit the soft
tender inside of the cleft and the girl flinched with a short
yelp of pain. The fourth time it hit dead centre and the girl
yelped even louder releasing her cheeks in protection. Ordered
by Miss Toomer to re-present she received the second dead on
target. As she stood, with buttocks now clenched, the look on
her face demonstrated the effectiveness of the anal whip on such
a sensitive area.

Finally, in answer to Jayne's earlier question about treatments
for the male's tender areas, Miss Toomer showed her what looked
like a fly swat but with a thin leather tab at the business end.
The male subject looked somewhat concerned as she explained that
it was ideal for laying across the scrotum. She ordered him to
bend over with legs wide then showed Jayne how to squat behind
him, raise the 4 inch square of leather... and bring it slapping
down on the dangling bulbs.

The reaction was immediate. He gasped and his whole body
lurched... but remained in position. "If you want to give more
than a couple of slaps I advise that you have him strapped down
on the flogging bench so that you can really lay into his balls
without giving him the opportunity of moving around. It probably
won't damage anything... but it certainly seems to hurt and
frighten them." She added with a grin.

In no time Mrs Hough had presented Miss Toomer with a
substantial order that the two subjects were told to collect
from the van once they had dressed themselves. Unfortunately the
gag that the girl had used proved to be the only one. Rather
than have Miss Toomer go to the trouble of sending another,
Jayne happily accepted the still wet used one muttering that
this wouldn't be the only well used item that her husband would
have to get used to.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

Members can read all previous episodes at:-

November 16, 2012

Dress Code - Chapter 2

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 08:36:44 -0800 (PST)
From: Shoekisser

Dress Code
first part linked here

Chapter 2

They both smiled for the first time today, and the interviewer
said, "Take off your coat and drop it in there", indicating a
waste basket.

"Wait a minute. I just had this suit cleaned and pressed."

"Don't waste any more time. Just do as you're told."

Feeling like a little kid in school, being scolded by a teacher,
I reluctantly complied.

"Take off that ugly tie."

"Hey, that's a brand new tie, and very expensive."

"Obviously, you have no fashion sense. Well, we'll see if we
can't change that."

The tie went in after the coat.

"Can I undress him?"

"OK, but don't get carried away."

Amy unbuttoned my shirt, rubbing her hands on my chest in the
process. She pulled out the tail and slipped it off. My tee
shirt followed, with more caressing of my chest. She then knelt
and instructed me to lift first one foot and then the other, so
she could remove my shoes and socks. While still on her
knees,she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, with more
contact with my crotch than was necessary. Finally, she hooked
her thumbs inside my shorts, preparing to pull them off.

"Just the pants. Leave his underwear on for now."

Amy looked disappointed, but did as instructed. She produced a
tape measure and measured from the floor to my crotch, which
again got nudged.

"What are you doing? He's not going to wear pants."

"But in-seam measurements are so much fun." she replied. "I do
need to get an idea of skirt length.", and measured from my knee
to my crotch.

Nudge. She arose and measured around my waist and chest.

Interviewer interrupted with, "Come with me."

I followed her into a bathroom where she instructed me to apply
shaving cream to my legs. I had just gotten started when Amy
entered and took over. Again the backs of her hands kept
"accidentally" contacting my crotch. She shaved my legs, then
proceeded to do the same with my chest, arms, and armpits.

While I was rinsing the soap off and drying, Amy left and
returned with a box.

"Put your arms out in front."

When I did, she slipped a lacy white bra on me and fastened it.
Then a matching garter belt. White hose were rolled on my legs
and attached. She then knelt and slipped a pair of black patent
three inch heels on my feet. Amazingly, they fit. She must have
measured my shoes. She told me to walk to the conference room
and back while they watched.

"The walk needs some work. Don't stand like that. Place your
feet like this," putting one foot in front of the other with the
heel near the arch.

While I was concentrating on trying to get my feet right, I felt
Amy behind me doing something to my waist. Snip snip and my
undershorts fell away. Amy scooped them up and said, "I'm going
to have these framed and hung in my office as the last symbol of
his masculinity."

She did, and they were a painful reminder to me every time I
went into her office. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Well, he needs some panties to comply with the dress code."
"We missed some hair," looking at my crotch. "Can I shave him?"

"Down, girl. There's plenty of time for that later."

Matching white lace panties appeared, and I was made to step
into them, so Amy could pull them up. After they were in place
she didn't settle for any "accidental" nudges. She grabbed my
crotch and squeezed.

"What do you have in your panties, girl?"

A white lacy blouse went on me and was buttoned up the back,
followed by a tight black skirt that just covered my knees.

"Incidentally, these clothes aren't free. You can pay for them
through payroll deduction. We insist on only the best, so they
aren't cheap."

I was then made to follow them out into the hall to an elevator
and down to the lobby to a beauty parlor. Seated in a chair, my
eyebrows were plucked, and make-up applied. Sometime during
this, I felt a sharp pain in each ear-lobe, and pierced earrings
were installed. I also got a manicure complete with red nail

I was then taken back to the office, and re-introduced to all
the employees. All of the scowls were gone and they now liked my
appearance, and many complimented me.

At quitting time my male clothing had disappeared, so I had no
choice but to go home as is.

As I was walking up the walk carrying my heels, I met my
landlady. She greeted me with, "Well, It's Cinderella home from
the ball," and laughter.

About a week later, the landlady again met me coming home. This
time she didn't laugh when she saw me. "I don't know what's
going on, but it has to stop. I'm getting complaints about your
appearance from other tenants. Either start dressing normally or
find another place to live."

Dress Code - Chapter 3

November 15, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 85

From: Boz 4444
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:20:22 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 85

The previous episode, Chapter 84, is at:-

Lang hoped in a futile way that the ground, or at least the
carpet would swallow her up and she would be free of this
humiliation. She was now at the absolute mercy of not just her
ex-husband's new wife but a whole group of females who seemed to
revel in the power their relative position gave them. It had
been decided that she would be punished and now she had to wait
for them to decide what form that would take.

Mrs Maxton was the first to comment on her thick underarm hair
and the way her equally dense pubic hair protruded from her
panties. She presumed that it was yet another indication of what
a slut Lang was when left to her own devices and how they would
have to try to make her aware of the need for personal
cleanliness at all times.

"I mean, it's fine for her to be allowed to wear your used
panties Sophie, but you will need to have them thoroughly washed
and scraped free of her rank hairs when she takes them off and,
by the way, would it not be better for us to decide her
punishment in private and then call her back to announce it?"...
she asked, more a statement than a question.

This was immediately agreed by the others and Lang was duly
ordered to leave them whilst her fate was decided.

Once again it was Mrs Maxton who led the deliberations using
words such as "taking her down a peg or two"..... "something
that she will really feel"..... and "this is not a time for

Sophie called her golfing husband on his mobile so that he could
give his views which, as she expected, added to the severity of
the sentence.

It was decided and agreed unanimously. Sophie called Lang back
in and ordered her to 'the present' in front of the group to
hear what form the punishment would take. She then acted as the
judge and spoke:

"Well Lang, we have considered your offence and what the
suitable punishment should be. Much as we would like to be
lenient, we feel that such is your attitude that any such
kindness would be taken by you as a licence to commit further
slovenly and careless acts. You will therefore receive fifteen
strokes of the cane across your naked buttocks. As your owner I
will lay them on and you will remain in position, accepting my
discipline. Have you anything to say girl?"

Lang said nothing but simply nodded her acknowledgement of what
was to come. She knew that remaining in position would be her
major problem and looked back to what now seemed the luxury of
being strapped to various punishment devices that eliminated the
incredible need for self control to remain in position when the
pain commenced. She would be thrashed simply for the enjoyment
of these women... and she would just have to take it.

The position Sophie chose was the worst possible. Having totally
stripped, Lang was told to take up the schoolboy position,
bending over to grasp her ankles in the centre of the room.
There would be no comforting chair to cling to or any other form
of support. To add to the difficulty she was then ordered to
spread her feet wide so that her crotch was fully displayed and
her buttocks spread as wide as possible and presenting the
largest possible target. Her large breasts hung down either side
of her face as she stared at the seated females from between her
shamefully parted thighs.

It was Sophie's first experience of laying on a cane and it
showed. There was none of the precision that Lang had
experienced from the wardresses who had previously caned her,
nor were the strokes quite so bitingly harsh... but they were
bad enough. They fell all over the area rather than in neat
lines and much of her right flank took the worst of the welts.
Even though the target area was large, there were several
overlays as the strokes fell every few seconds.

It hurt. It hurt like hell, but as, in her inexperience Sophie
laid the strokes on quickly the actual peak in the pain occurred
some seconds after the final stroke had fallen and she had been
ordered back to 'the present'. Lang stood in front of them, red
faced and with tears running down her cheeks.

Sophie announced that she was to remain at 'the present' until
told otherwise as they watched her contorted face try to deal
with the surges of pain from her beaten buttocks. The relief
that could have been gained from rubbing the large mounds had
been denied to her as had the privacy of being alone. Fully
exposed she would have to watch them enjoying her agonies until
they became bored and found another area of amusement. She had
to hope that it would not include her.

Later, when wine had flowed, Mrs Maxton related an incredible
story about two friends of hers: The wife was the daughter of an
extremely successful businessman who had been in at the start of
the micro-chip revolution. This had given the family everything
from houses around the world, to executive jets and a fantastic
life style.

This had, unfortunately, resulted in the woman, Jayne Hough
turning into what could only be described as a totally spoilt
bitch. She was now in her early thirties and shortly after she
married a decent but somewhat downtrodden male by the name of
James who was five years older than herself, her father had
died, leaving the entire business and associated fortune to her.

Outwardly charming to her employees and all who met her she
decided that she was less than enamoured by her new husband, but
that she would be prepared to continue with the marriage but on
somewhat different terms than he had originally envisaged.

To emphasise his new status she even called him into her huge
new office, had him stand facing her desk whilst she lounged in
her chair outlining how things would be from then on.....

James, who had no rights to any of her income or assets under
the pre-nuptial agreement, could keep the benefits of being
married to her such as the designer clothes, Ferrari cars and
world travel... but at a price: She would no longer be available
to him for his sexual needs but he would have to continue to
satisfy any such needs that she had. He would be totally
subservient to her in private whilst appearing a devoted husband
in public.

In brief, he would be her servant and a means of relieving any
frustrations she felt with life. Frustrations that her position
in society would prevent her taking out on a third party.

Faced with an alternative he didn't relish, the loss of all the
luxuries that had become so important to him, he agreed.

Had he thought back to the many hints that he had received
during the short marriage, he would have realised that Jayne had
a strange twisted personality that preferred domination and
causing hurt rather than the normal sentiments of a young wife.
When dismissed from her presence, he went back to his own
spacious office and so-called executive position, little
realising how his life would now change.

He arrived home in his Ferrari to find Jayne had already arrived
in the company Rolls having decided that henceforth they would
travel separately. Their housekeeper and cook was a Mrs Brady, a
pleasant enough Irish lady in her forties. She was short and a
little plump with a round smiling face and greying hair done in
a firm bun at the back. Having prepared the evening meal she
retired, as usual, to the servants' quarters and left them to
eat... in total silence.

Jayne had spent some time on deciding how she should discipline
her husband and had been researching the net. One site in
particular, known as DOMestic, took her eye. It had a Fem Dom
which you could download with "Instructions on how to
properly train and spank your husband
" which she found

There were not only the usual playful bedroom spankings for
erotic fun, but serious punishment designed to hurt for several
days afterwards too. That idea really appealed to Jayne. There
were also suggested rules and guidance on positions, implements
and duration.

It was suggested that failure to the keep to the household
budget, accounting errors made with finances and similar could
be made punishable along with things like forgetting household
chores, using foul language, being late and all the naughty
things like unauthorized masturbation.

This site, and many others that she found helped her decide on a
regime that would not only result in a fully trained and
subservient husband but also give her a large degree of sexual
excitement and satisfaction.

She expected that the suggested rituals such as making him wear
a special pair of punishment panties would humiliate him into
submission but had already decided that his penis was not to be
available to either of them and would require some form of
restraint at all times and not just when under a punishment

Following the meal, during which even James deduced that things
were about to change for him, his wife called him through to her
study and soon had him standing in front of her desk for the
second time that day.....

"I have already outlined how things will be from now on James
but there are several somewhat personal areas that I have yet to
cover. Firstly, any time we are alone you will only address me
as 'Madam'. Secondly you will, in situations like this, stand to
attention in front of me when I am talking. I intend to
introduce a strict regime for you that will result in you
becoming fully attuned to what I require in all aspects of our
life together."

"I realise that even though you have agreed to go along with my
ideas you may yet find a reason to disagree and to try to go
back on this agreement. I should tell you that your rather
foolish removal of company funds into what you thought was a
secret account has not only been reported to me but has also
been written up into a document that would earn you at least
five years in jail should it ever be released to the police."

"From now on James, when I say jump your only response should be
to ask me how high... and don't forget to add the word 'Madam'!
What is more James, I am more than aware of your disgusting
behaviour with one of the young secretaries during the night you
spent at the recent conference. I am more than prepared to use
that alone to divorce you but, provided you toe the line... my
line... from now on you will remain married to me."

...James shoulders visibly slumped at this information. He was
obviously shaken to the core but still tried to offer whimpering
reasons and excuses, all of which were laughingly dismissed by
his wife.

He thought back to when they had made such an impressive couple
to all their friends: She 5'10" tall slim with long blonde hair
great looks and great figure. Him, slightly shorter but with a
good athletic build, short cropped dark hair and good looking in
a manly way.

He realised that the only way he could hang on to both his
freedom and lifestyle was to go along with whatever she wanted.

She continued: "In case you wonder about Mrs Brady finding out
about this new arrangement, just remember that she really values
working for me and is well paid, very well paid for her
discretion. She has been fully briefed and as she went through a
very nasty divorce from a violent husband only recently, I think
you will find her very much on my side, should you try to garner
sympathy from her. She has been told to address you as 'James'
from now on rather than 'Mr Hough' as before."

"She has also been told to expect some fitters from a company
that I have been in contact with who will be arriving tomorrow
to make certain alterations to one of the empty rooms in the
basement. It will normally remain locked and you will find out
why in due course."

"As to sleeping arrangements, your clothes and personal items
have been moved to one of the guest suites where is now a
communication system that I can use to summon you to what is now
my bedroom any time I so wish."

"As to what we might call personal functions, I will no longer
tolerate seeing or touching that ridiculous appendage that you
seem so proud of let alone allowing it to penetrate me. You will
however carry out such sexual services that I do require and you
will do so without hesitation or question. In a few minutes a
lady that has been invited here by me will join you in your room
and fit a device that will prevent any further displays of lust
by you. You will treat her with respect and do exactly as she
says. Now go to your room, it is the smallest guest room with a
single bed just down the corridor from mine."

With a sinking heart James did as he had been told.

The door bell rang not long after and Jayne answered it. There
was a short rather over made up woman in a nurse's uniform
waiting and Jayne welcomed her into the house. They had met
when Jayne visited the local punishment centre when she was
investigating the plans she had for her husband and she had been
most helpful when Jayne needed to know about chastity devices.
She had offered to fit one on a home visit and Jayne had jumped
at the chance of avoiding any contact with her husband's
genitalia. She showed her the types available, the ones that
punished any attempt to erect and the ones that fitted
comfortably but prevented anything other than simple urination.
The one that Jayne had chosen was clear plastic and recommended
by the lady as one that would cause instant discomfort leading
to actual pain if the subject allowed himself to erect. Having
heard that he was of a larger size she had also selected one a
little too tight to ensure that it did its job thoroughly.

The nurse was taken to his room where James stood in nervous
anticipation. When Jayne had left, the nurse looked at him with
utter contempt as she slipped her raincoat off and left it still
dripping on his bed. She then told him to get himself naked...
immediately, as she donned her latex gloves.

James, still in a state of shock at the pace of events, removed
his clothes leaving them on the bed and soon stood nervously in
front of the nurse. Her uniform was in some ways reassuring.

Unfortunately for him his penis immediately started to erect...
even before Nurse Peel, as she had announced herself had
unpacked the large briefcase that she carried. Looking around
the room she picked up a straight backed chair, placed it in the
centre of the bedroom and sat in it with the opened briefcase on
a small adjacent table.

She then casually pulled up her tight skirt to expose her heavy
stocking clad legs and motioned him to come to her. She then
ordered him to place his bare legs either side of her knees and
his hands on her shoulders so that his genitalia were over her

Grasping his now fully erect organ in her right hand she spoke:

"Make the best of this display James as I am here to prevent any
further erection until such times as your wife decides you
should have one. This chastity device has two purposes: The
first is to deny you or anyone else any access to your penis for
any personal pleasure. The second is to prevent any erections by
making the internal area too small for an erect penis and,
listen carefully to this... cause you some pain should you
decide to ignore that fact and allow your penis to swell. It is
lined with sharp plastic tips around the glans that will really
hurt should you erect in the least. I have found that, properly
and tightly fitted males who are forced to wear this eventually
lose the ability to erect after many months of wearing it. They
become so frightened by the pain of the erection that they are
unable to erect even when it is removed."

"Now let's fit the retaining device that encircles your penis
and scrotum."

This plastic collar came in two half semi-circles and it was
with some effort that the nurse made the two halves engage
around the root of the penis and rear of the scrotum. In pushing
the two halves together she trapped several of his pubic hairs
but made no attempt to release them or apologise.

"We now have the problem of how to get rid of that disgusting
erection before we can fit the penile tube. I am not a heartless
woman, so I will give you a few minutes to think it away, but I
warn you, if you cannot do it by thought, my methods will be
somewhat unpleasant."

James could not believe that she was serious about him losing
his stiffy just by thought. He stood, legs wide looking down at
the nurse's ample chest and stocking clad thighs whilst he
gripped her by the shoulders. She retained a firm grip of his
penis and even moved her hand slightly along its shaft. He
desperately tried to think of non-sexual things but knew that
there was no chance that he would soften in the slightest.

Which is precisely what Nurse Peel expected and had, indeed,
planned for.

"Right then young man... if you insist on disobeying me... we
will have to do this the hard way."

She reached into her case and removed a tube of some sort of
cream which she rubbed vigorously all over his exposed glans and
shaft. It took only seconds before the burning started and
instinctively he let go of her shoulders to try to stop her
hands rubbing even more of the cream into the stinging skin. She
stopped, looked up at him with a threatening expression and
ordered him to grip her shoulders... "NOW!"

He had no idea of how much power this woman wielded, but obeyed
out of instinct. Certainly the cream had worked and she was able
to clamp the device on the now deflated penis and closed the
lock in place.

As he backed away clutching his device, she stood up and turning
towards the door called his wife to tell her that he was ready.
Muttering to him over her shoulder she said: "You will pay for
that insolence and for trying to assault me boy!"

When his wife entered the room James stood clutching his covered
penis with an expression of pain on his face. Jayne casually
asked the Nurse if she had had any problems in dealing with him.

"I most certainly have Mrs Hough and I can see only too well why
you have decided to place him in a restrainer. He seems a little
too proud of that organ of his and as to his general attitude...
I fear you have an uphill task ahead in breaking his appalling
lack of respect to us ladies. Had he been in one of the
Correctional Centres his grabbing my hand when I was trying to
fit the restrainer would have meant him being placed on report
and almost certainly receiving a severe punishment with the cane
for assaulting an officer."

Jayne was mortified and struggled to offer an apology by asking
the Nurse if she thought a punishment should be awarded right
now so that James might appreciate the seriousness of his

Nurse Peel realised that Mrs Hough's delivery of equipment had
not yet arrived and suggested that a good old fashioned beating
might suffice. When a lady was reduced to a level of rage by a
male she always felt that a timed beating was the most
appropriate way of working off her temper and ensuring that the
male would learn from his error. A brief search revealed one of
Mrs Hough's hairbrushes... an old fashioned wooden one with a
heavy oval back... that the Nurse, having slapped her palm a few
times with it, declared to be ideal.

But first, as she explained, she needed to do a couple of
functional tests on the new device.

James was sent to find a plastic bucket and when he returned was
told that he would need to urinate into it in the presence of
Nurse Peel and his wife to ensure that his restrainer was
correctly fitted. He was clearly shaken by this order and it was
only the Nurse pointing out that he was in enough trouble
already without making things worse that had him holding the
receptacle in one hand and pointing his plastic ensnared penis
into it with the other. It took almost a minute to overcome his
inhibitions and achieve a healthy flow through the end of the
device, but once he had managed that the Nurse ordered him to
stop - leaving him in a state of some discomfort as he tried to
hold back the stream.

Having placed the bucket to one side there next came the other
test. The Nurse explained to Jayne that she would induce an
erection to check that the swelling would indeed be painful and
that the device would contain and restrict any enlargement. She
sat in a hard chair and unbuttoned the front of her uniform to
expose her white bra that covered her not inconsiderable
breasts. Next she had James sit astride her lap facing her. She
then ordered him to place a hand on either breast and squeeze
them. He initially appeared inhibited and reluctant but soon
started to massage the firm breasts with enthusiasm...
enthusiasm that started to change to an expression of concern as
the device started to do its job... then an expression of
outright pain. The Nurse undid the front of her bra to let the
breasts become fully available to his hands. It was obvious to
Jayne that his pain was steadily increasing but his primitive
urges were preventing him from releasing the object of his
arousal and distress.

The Nurse suddenly pushed him to his feet where he stood almost
doubled up clutching his trapped penis, unable to either lose
the erection or release it from the cruel constriction. It took
some minutes before he was able to stand erect without pain by
which time the Nurse was decently dressed and satisfied that his
device was functioning correctly.

Jayne Hough then had James stand in front of them.

"I cannot believe that even you would treat a lady guest of this
house in such an insolent manner James. I had intended to start
your training when all my equipment had arrived but your
behaviour has forced my hand. Nurse has offered to beat you and
I think two minutes with the hairbrush on your buttocks will
suffice. Naturally, as your wife, I will then give you another
two minutes to really make you aware of how things will be from
now on. Nurse, would you please start."

She picked up her husband's Rolex from the bedside table, "I
will time you with James' wrist watch which, conveniently, has a
second hand."

James was now clearly still in discomfort from his over-tight
restrainer and the cream that had been applied earlier to his
penis. He followed the nurse's orders and knelt by the side of
the bed from which she had just removed her raincoat and bent
over it face down. Explaining that he had better be held in that
position Nurse Peel climbed up onto the bed and sat astride the
small of his back facing the target area. This caused her
uniform skirt to ride up almost to her waist displaying the
stocking tops and panties with the crotch pressed firmly against
his lower spine... but well out of James' line of sight. He was
surprised as to how heavy she felt and how difficult it would be
to escape.

She rolled up her sleeves, grasped the hairbrush and looked
towards Mrs Hough who held the Rolex in her hand. Jayne counted
down from five and finished with the words:

"Commence beating."

There were at this point several options open to Nurse Peel:
Should she deliver all the strokes alternately or to just one
buttock? Should she concentrate on a specific spot on the
buttock or spread the impacts? Should she deliver a rapid rate
or slower but with more force?

James soon realised that just his right buttock was the target
and a very rapid delivery would be employed. Mercifully, even
though he was in no position to appreciate the kindness, the
brush was brought down all over the entire area.

The intense burning sensation took his breath away. By the time
Jayne had called stop at the end of the rather generous minute
almost a hundred slaps had been given and his entire buttock
felt as if boiling water had been poured over it.

He was allowed four minutes for the pain to peak and start to
subside then the second buttock was beaten in the same
determined way.

Watching this Jayne found herself becoming more excited than she
thought possible. She could hardly wait to mount James but took
the Nurses advice and waited another four minutes. Then it was
her turn.

She sat down hard on his back having pulled her skirt high to
keep it out of the way. She leant forward to run her hands over
the vivid crimson buttocks feeling the heat rising from them.
Picking up the implement she waited for the order to commence...
and then let fly as fast and hard as she could.

Long before the first long minute was up she could feel the
muscles in her husband's back flexing and arching as the pain
got worse and almost giving her thighs a massage. When she
stopped she ran her nails over the right buttock and felt James
whimper and squirm his back in an effort to make her feel

Sympathy was most certainly not what she was feeling at that

The final minute came and went (actually it was almost 15
seconds more that the supposed time). She climbed off him,
embarrassingly noting a sticky damp patch where the crotch of
her panties had been in contact with his spine.

The nurse ordered him unsteadily to his feet and made him stand
in the corner whilst his bottom was visually inspected.

"A pretty nominal punishment for someone of his size Mrs
Hough... but perhaps a little foretaste of what will be in store
for him when you are fully up to speed."

Nurse Peel soon packed her equipment and Jayne showed her to the
door then returned to James' bedroom.

"Just to check that you have accepted that particular lesson
James, you can now display your respect for me: I will now lay
on the bed and you will lick my feet with your tongue until I
tell you that you may stop."

James had half expected that he would be required to show
respect to another area as this was a favourite service that his
wife enjoyed. He was somewhat relieved that, given his lack of
interest in feet this wouldn't be causing him pain with a
partial erection. Although things did get a little tight and
uncomfortable in that area as he had to watch his wife remove
her stockings as she sat on the end of the bed. She was soon
laying face down with her feet hanging over the bottom of the
bed and James was kneeling submissively and assiduously licking
the somewhat sweaty soles and between her delicate toes.

This total licking took some ten minutes before Jayne felt
satisfied. She toyed with the idea of having his sore tongue pay
homage to some more interesting areas... but then decided that
could come later in the week when she had all the equipment
needed to ensure his total obedience. Right now she ordered him
to bed where she knew he would sleep restlessly with his sore
penis and throbbing backside. A thought that brought her some
pleasure during the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

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November 14, 2012

better than the email digests

From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 09:36:57 +0000


In "Re: C: I am unproven as a sub" Suzanne wrote:

>I found your blog to be the most helpful one I've read so far.
>Is there a way to subscribe to it via email?

Yes, but it's much faster for you to read everything the
moment it's published by joining the DOMestic Newsfeed
or follow "DOMesticFemDom" on Twitter.

But if it must be email for you then DOMestic is also sent out
infrequently by email in a digest format. Join this at:-


but you should be prepared for email to blocked at your end by
various filtering systems, and you may not see the replies to
your own messages until long after they were published.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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Jim's Story - part thirty-eight

Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-eight


I was standing at my desk reading my e-mail when Sally called:
"Peggy wants you now!"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'll be right up." I ran up the stairs. I
curtsied to Sally who took my arm and led me into Peggy's

I curtsied and waited. Peggy said: "We're sending you to a hair
salon class."

I said: "Miss Peggy I'm a computer guy."

Peggy laughed and said: "Sarah said that's you would say that.
But Jim, what is the basic rule when we tell you to do

I said: "Sorry Miss Peggy, I meant to say - yes ma'am, where is
the class and when do I go?"

Peggy said: "The class is next week in Chicago and Betty is
making all your travel arrangements and Carmen and Sarah are
informed. Have a good trip."

I said: "Thank you ma'am;" and I curtsied and left.

I curtsied at Sally's desk, but happily she ignored me and I
went back to work.

Betty removed my restrainer and packed it into my suitcase.
Betty insisted I check my suitcase. I said: "I'm sure it will
fit in the overhead baggage area."

Betty said: "Do you want your sex toys examined in the security

I saw her point and we checked my suitcase. Then I was surprised
when she accompanied me through security. She had some kind of
pass. I wondered how she did that and I realized some people
need to be escorted, like infirm and children, and me. And she
just got it.

We arrived at the gate and Betty walked up to the podium and
asked for Ms. Dolan.

A few minutes later Betty introduced me to Ms. Dolan. Betty said
you will show respect to Ms. Dolan and say yes ma'am when she
tells you to do something.

Ms. Dolan said: "I've heard lots of good things about you Jim.
Take a seat over there where there are several. Stay there until
I come and get you. You may not have conversations, say you're
recovering from laryngitis if someone starts to talk to you."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I looked at Betty, was this good bye?

Ms. Dolan and Betty hugged. Then Betty took my hand and led me
to the chairs Ms. Dolan had pointed at, and gave me a hug. I sat
down and the lovely Betty left me.

I watched all the activity of people moving around to get onto
the plane. I was becoming a little uneasy because they had
announced several times that all passengers to Chicago should be
on board.

Ms. Dolan came for me. She said: "Follow me." As I did I noticed
how she was older than Kathleen, her hair was black and worn as
a bun, but I suspected dyed, she wore an Airline uniform that
was crisp, she wore nylons and heels, she was lean but I would
say stacked.

We went to the back of the airplane and in the last row there
was a seat that was reserved for the crew. She removed the
notice and told me to sit there.

She said: "You will stay here until I come to get you. There is
no talking and refrain from moving around."

I said: "Yes ma'am." - I thought it's only four hours.

After the plane took off, Ms. Dolan sat down again in the seat
next to me and said: "I will report on your behavior to Betty."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "You can move around a little bit and drink water when
it's brought. But you must not get up or talk to anyone."

I said: "Thank you Ms. Dolan."

She left and she was busy. I saw her look at me a few times. I
wondered what her relationship to Betty was.

When we landed everyone was off the plane. I waited several
minutes and then saw Ms. Dolan coming up the aisle. She said:
"You did very well, I have nothing to report."

I felt stupid but I said: "Thank you Ms. Dolan."

I followed her out of the plane and then to the baggage check.
She had her suitcases with her, but she waited while mine
arrived on the carousel.

I didn't know why she was waiting with me. Betty had been very
vague about where I was staying, and how I was getting there.
Evidently Betty had made arrangements with Ms. Dolan.

I got my small suitcase and followed Ms. Dolan outside to the
row of Taxis. She made arrangements with the driver and the
trunk opened up.

Ms. Dolan said I could put the suitcases into the trunk. I did
and I said: "Yes ma'am."

We drove into the city and stopped by a small hotel. Ms. Dolan
said: "I'll come in and introduce you to Ethel."

I took my suitcase out of the trunk and followed Ms. Dolan. She
asked for Ms. Adams.

A few minutes later Ethel came out and hugged Ms. Dolan,
addressing her as Elizabeth. They were happy to see each other.
Ms. Dolan introduced me to Ms. Adams.

Ms. Adams tone of open friendliness immediately changed to cool
business command, she said: "Go stand by that door, I'll be
there shortly."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I wanted to curtsy but I didn't. I
guess I'm just baggage.

Ethel and Elizabeth talked for a while and then walked to the
taxi and Elizabeth got in. I expected Ms. Adams to come back to
me but she went somewhere else. I was left standing by a closed
door in the lobby of an unknown hotel somewhere in Chicago
because I was told to wait.

I waited what seemed to me a long time, it was more than thirty
minutes, there was a clock above my head, but I couldn't look at
it without moving. Ms. Adams had a key to the door and we went

Ms. Adams said: "Your classes are from 9:00 in the morning until
3:00 in the afternoon. After class you will come straight here.
You will work here from 3:15 to 11:15. Doing whatever we assign
to you, probably folding linen, but we'll see. You will
completely obey and take direction from Ms. Blum and from
whomever she assigns you to. Miss Blum will whip you if you
don't do as she says. I just want to warn you. You will check
out and check in at the front desk. Your governess will get a
transcript. The rules are simple, you may not leave the hotel
except in the morning. You may not leave the laundry room until
you're taken to your room and of course you can't leave there
until morning. You have to work hard and follow instructions.
That's it."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Ms. Adams said: "Pull your pants down so I can attach your

There were other people at desks, but I didn't dare disobey, I
said: "Yes ma'am." I tried to sort of hide behind her desk.

She said: "Come here." I moved into everyone's full view and
said: "Yes ma'am."

It seems everyone except me has a key I thought. I pulled up my
pants almost as soon as she clicked the device shut. I saw her
put the key into her drawer. She got up and told me to follow

She took me through several doors and we rode a freight elevator
to a lower floor.

We went down a cellar walkway, no carpet, green paint worn
everywhere, bare bulbs providing inadequate lighting, and we
came to a door that had a hasp for a closure and there was a pin
in it. She took out the pin and opened the hasp and opened the
door. There was a table and a bed, there was a sink and a

She said: "This will be your room. Leave your suitcase here."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but this was a prison cell, not a hotel
room. From experience I knew Betty and my beloved ladies planned
every bit of this and complaining would not only be futile but
would offend the planners.

We then walked down several uncarpeted unattractive corridors
and walked into a giant room filled with oversized washing
machines and dryers and long rows of folding tables.

Ms. Adams said: "Everyday immediately after class you will come
here to work. This is the laundry and you can ask anyone how to
get here. I'm going to take you to Ms. Blum, she is the manager
and you will be working for her."

I said: "How will I get back to my room?"

Ms. Adams said: "Ms. Blum will send someone to take you to your
room. You may not go by yourself. In fact the only place you are
allowed to be is here."

I followed her past the machines and tables to an office in the
back. We entered the office and I saw a woman of about thirty-
five or forty years old. She had blond hair pulled into a bun.
There was one chair, Ms. Adams sat down and I stood.

Ms. Adams said: "Ms. Blum, this is Jim."

Ms. Blum said: "Your job will be to fold sheets and towels, can
you do that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Ms. Blum said: "Have you ever been beaten with a strap?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "That's what you will get if you don't work hard or
are not careful."

Ms. Blum got up and took my arm; she took me to an area next to
one of the folding tables and said "this will be your station.
Other people here will bring you hampers of towels and you will
fold them. Yet other people will take the folded towels away.
There is no reason to leave your station, except you may get
water from the fountain there," and she pointed to a water
fountain, "and you may go to the restroom there. I frown on
workers not being at their stations."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am."

She clicked away on her high heels. And a hamper full of warm
towels from the dryer arrived at my station. I started folding.
A pretty girl came over and took one of my folded towels and
unfolded it and refolded it in a different order so it ended up
being shaped differently.

I said: "Thank you miss."

She shook her head no, and put her finger on her lips. No
talking. This is a sweat shop.

I folded towels the way she showed me. I was almost finished
with one hamper when another showed up. This went on
continuously until I had done more than ten hampers. Ms. Blum
walked over and said: "When you finish that hamper come to my

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I went to her office and knocked at the door and waited, she
looked up and beckoned me in. I didn't take the chair. She said:
"You may not ask any questions, there is no talking to the other
workers. So far you've done okay but you will be constantly
supervised so keep up the good work."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

She said: "Wait outside my door, face the wall, someone will
come for you and take you to your room."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and curtsied because it just happened and
then blushed. I guess Ms. Blum had seen it before because she
didn't react.

I only waited a few minutes and a pretty lady came and took my
arm and indicated I should go with her. I followed her through
the dreary passage ways and arrived at the door with the hasp
and pin. She pulled out the pin and opened the door for me, I
went in and the door was closed and I heard her work the pin
into the hasp lock. I found the light switch and went to bed.

I guess because I was anxious, I woke around 5:30. There was no
shower, just a sink and on another section of the wall there was
a mirror that had some of the reflective material on the back
missing so you could only use small portions of the surface. The
ironic thing is that Betty probably could have gotten me a room
at the Ritz for what she was paying for this. Okay, I'll say it.
I'm very lucky. But of course this room sucks.

At about 7:30 my door was opened, no knocking, just opened,
another pretty lady indicated I should follow her and I was
ready. She fastened the door and we went into the Laundry room.
In a room off the main area there was a kitchen sink, cabinets
and tables and chairs.

There were boxes of donuts and pastries and muffins and coffee.
I took a napkin and a muffin and coffee and found a table and
chair. No one joined me, no one was talking. I had to wonder if
everyone here had a mistress.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Class was a joy. Lots of girls and just enough guys so I wasn't
unique. The morning was instruction about the beauty business.
At lunch there was plenty of talking. It got out I was from
California and that became a topic. The day went fast.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I reported to the front desk and was directed to the door we had
come through yesterday and the door was opened for me. The agent
told me to wait standing next to Ms. Adam's desk. She said:
"Someone will come for you, when you're told to wait here, there
is no moving and your eyes are looking down."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I wondered who all these people were; I could tell they were
serious and experienced. It's just amazing that Betty could find
them and be so near the school. I thought it was amazing and I
vowed to go with the program.

Along came a pretty lady, I think I recognized her. I couldn't
really look at her but I think she was the first escort from
yesterday. She took me to Ms. Blum.

Ms. Blum said: "I was satisfied with your work yesterday and
I've received no complaints from my staff. Normally I keep the
special guests working in here, but housekeeping asked me to
give them some help. You will assist the people who clean the
guest rooms. If there is a complaint about you I will give you a
beating you will remember for a long time."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Ms. Blum said: "Wait outside of my office facing the wall."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and didn't curtsy and she didn't comment.

After a few minutes a new pretty lady came to me and said: "Are
you Jim?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Come with me."

I followed behind her becoming a little mesmerized by her
swinging hips. We went down the dreary hallway to another
similar hallway and to a large room. I wanted to know who this
lady was but we went to a desk and she said: "Ms Anderson, this
is Jim."

Ms. Anderson said: "Hello Jim, you will work for one of our room
maids, you will follow her instructions and work hard, can you
do that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Have you ever done domestic work?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'm the housekeeper for three ladies."

She said: "Good, most of the work will be cleaning bathrooms and
mirrors and windows, you may also do some vacuuming and bed

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "The important thing is to do exactly what you're
told. The maids may punish you however they wish, you will be in
their hands."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Ms. Anderson yelled: "Maria."

A pretty young Latina came over.

Ms. Anderson said: "Maria this is Jim."

Maria said: "They gave me sixteen rooms."

Ms. Anderson said: "Take Jim and get started."

Maria said: "Have you cleaned rooms before?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I do the housework at home."

Maria said: "When we're around guests there is no talking and if
any of the supervisors are around there is no talking, in fact
just don't talk if anyone is around."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

We arrived at the first room and Maria knocked and then unlocked
the room. She said: "Start on the bathroom and I'll see how you

I said: "Yes ma'am."

The usual cleaning supplies were on Maria's cart and I scrubbed
the tub, cleaned the shower doors, and mirror, cleaned the sink
and toilet, washed out the coffee machine, emptied the trash,
all in about ten minutes. Maria vacuumed the carpet and I joined
her to help put clean sheets on the bed. Maria said: "Clean the

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Maria said: "We did three rooms in an hour, that's very good."

I thought I could do a bathroom faster by doing everything in
its proper order. I could tell that Maria was pleased. She
hadn't done a bathroom so far and besides showing me how to fold
the end of the toilet paper, she didn't have any comments.

We were in the last room, I was just finished with the mirror in
the bathroom when Maria came and pulled her skirt up and pushed
her panties down and sat on the toilet and peed. She said: "What
are you looking at? Do you want to wipe me?"

I said: "Yes ma'am." I knelt between her knees and patted her
dry and when she stood I helped her pull up her panties.

Maria said: "Make sure this toilet is clean."

I hoarsely said: "Yes ma'am:" I was quite aroused but I didn't
want to go much further because she would discover my

Maria said: "I'm going to ask for you tomorrow."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

She said: "Are you a special guest?"

I said: "I'm a guest, I'm locked into my substandard room and
I'm put to work in the evenings, does that make me special?"

Maria laughed, she had a lovely laugh, she said: "You're a
special guest."

She asked what I was doing during the day and how long I was

We went back to Ms. Anderson and Maria told her I was okay and
she wanted me tomorrow. She offered to take me back to my room
and Ms. Anderson looked me up on her computer and told Maria
which room I was in.

Maria told me that she has a cane to whip her assistants if they
don't perform, it makes her feel better to whip them but it
doesn't make them work better.

Then she said: "I'm mentioning the cane because you're going to
please me and if you don't, you know what you're going to get."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I will do my best."

I parked her cart outside of my room and said: "I hope we won't
be disturbed Miss Maria."

She rotated the backing of the hasp and it fastened the door so
it couldn't be opened.

She sat on the bed with a smile. I knelt between her legs and
kissed her thighs until she took my head in her hands and we
kissed. We ended up lying on the bed and I slid her panties down
and started rubbing her thighs and with my other hand I held her
breast and I kissed her neck. She moved my hand into her pussy
and I stated petting her and I cupped her breast with my other
hand and she had a spasm.

Then she sat on my face and I licked and sucked and held her
cute ass. When she came again she squeezed my head with her

We talked, she wanted to hear my story and I wanted to know
about her. I asked her what she thought about threatening guys
with her cane. She said she liked it because it gave her
authority. She said only three of the maids were assigned
special guests and she got paid almost double what she would
normally get. She told me that she was going to find a new
boyfriend who appreciated being caned.

When Maria left, I was locked into my room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part thirty-nine here

November 11, 2012

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C: cuddling, spanking, bondage and role-play
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 18:49:23 +0000
From: Autumn

I'm a 61 year old woman, since a few years on my own again after
a long and for the latter part most unfulfilling marriage of
which the last 5 years we slept separately.

Since 5 months I have a 'relationship' that stutters on a few
cylinders. We live about 500 miles apart, and he's been here
three times now. The problem (if that is the word) is that he
wants me to dominate. Dom/sub is something I'd never encountered
before, although I knew it existed.

My own sexual experience up till now had been pretty average:
groping, hardly any foreplay, and penetration. If I have to be
honest, 'frustrating and repetitive' would be an apt
description. He is becoming quite important to me. I'm not in
love, but I thoroughly enjoy his company, the banter, the
exchange of tastes in books, music, etc. He is growing on me. I
would love to keep seeing him for a long time to come. Although
it'll only be 12 times a year at the most that we'll meet up,
due to the distance, I think I can live with that, because the
times together are so fulfilling to me. I physically react to
him in a way I've never experienced before.

I'll get to the point. Although spanking, bondage, etc were
completely novel to me, I've engaged in those activities because
it thoroughly turns him on. Because I wanted to know what the
sensations were that I caused, I've been subjected to it as well
at my own request, and found it rather titillating and arousing.
But I only like it in a playful, soft, way. He likes it much
harder and longer.

I am not sure how to proceed now. I'd rather stick to living out
fantasies in and around the house, (although the odd naughty
private game in public is also part of my fantasies), but he
often talks about taking me to clubs for participation of third
parties. Although admittedly I can fantasise about that, I am
pretty sure that acting out those fantasies would result in a
nasty hangover for me. As you see, I am not staid in my
convictions. I am curious, and willing to explore, to indulge,
to indulge him, but up to a certain point. If what happens
crosses a line, it would then leave a taste in my mouth that
would be difficult to get rid of. I'm afraid it would ruin/spoil
things between us.

On the other hand - when I introduced him to the delights of
simple cuddling - something he had no experience with and was
initially not interested in - he was surprised that he liked it
so much. You see - we're both learning things from each other.

My question is - as he has had his fantasies for many years but -
as I gather - hardly had the opportunity to act them out, is it
possible that his fantasies became harder because of that? I
don't want to restrict him, but neither do I want to get into
territory that's uncomfortable for me.

In a Dom/sub relationship, is it 'allowed' to drop the role-play
every now and then? I mean - the way things are going thus far,
he comes up for 3 days at the most. I am happy to be Dominant
for a while; it is quite appealing. But I also have my own
desires, which definitely would involve snuggling up to each
other, cuddling. I have been without physical warmth for so many
years, and I crave it so much. Does this stand perpendicular to
Dom/sub? How can I fit that in without destroying/interrupting?

Sorry if I seem clumsy, but what is happening in my life now is
so bewildering, so exciting, so... dunno how to describe it. I
don't want to ruin it, but still want be able to find myself in
it. I do not believe I'm the only one who finds herself in this
position, but it's hardly a subject I can talk about with my
less adventurous friends.

Any suggestions or advice you can give me would be most



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Re: C: cuddling, spanking, bondage and role-play
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 17:03:38 +0000
From: Autumn

Thank you for posting my message, Christine.

I hope somebody can help me out. As I explained, the intervals
between his visits are so long, I don't want to ruin the
precious moments when he's with me.

In hope,

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Re: C: cuddling, spanking, bondage and role-play
Date: 21 Aug 2012 14:31:45 -0000
From: MsHourglass


I have been on this site for years. It is difficult to be
confident in what you want when this is all new to you, but the
heart of your answer is in what you said you like.

Why not tell him, the next time there is a visit, the only
activities that will happen are the ones you want, and you will
not be taking his requests for spanking or bondage etc - it will
not happen unless you wish it to. Since he would really like you
to take charge, do it in your own way.

If you want just to cuddle, do it, if you want him kneeling or
cleaning the kitchen floor, tell him. He cannot or should not
have it both ways, you in charge but doing what he wants.

Also, maybe less so when you are in your 60s, but tell him there
will be no sex unless he does everything you say, and maybe just
orgasms for you, see how his attitude improves.

Best wishes to you.

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Re: C: cuddling, spanking, bondage and role-play
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 20:01:29 +0100
From: Autumn

Thank you so much for that reply, Ms Hourglass.

Although my query was submitted quite a few months ago, it is
still very much valid. You really helped me here.


with grateful thanks.


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Re: C: cuddling, spanking, bondage and role-play
Date: 2 Nov 2012 21:05:50 -0000
From: Susan


You have done really well to start exploring this. Hopefully,
as time goes by you will see what the benefits are to you and to
start wanting his submission for your pleasure and satisfaction.

I too enjoy a cuddle - when I want it

I generally, but not always like a cuddle after I have made him
give me an orgasm with oral sex. (I do not wish for a cuddle
beforehand as I enjoy foot worship for foreplay.) I simply tell
him to come and lay along side me afterwards and then allow him
to put his arms around me. He seems to find this very

Last thing at night I allow him to get on the bed (not in it)
beside me and we have a little chat and then I initiate the
cuddle. When I am ready, I simply tell him to go to bed - I
prefer to sleep by myself. Again he seems happy to be allowed
this intimacy.

I suspect that he may enjoy the cuddle more if you make it plain
that he is very privileged to be allowed to serve you in that
way. Make sure that he does not behave in a disrespectful way
(your decision as to what is disrespectful) and that you decide
when the service is to end. In other words use the cuddle as an
extension of his service and you will both get what you want.
You will not be dropping the Dom sub role, you will simply be
using it to get what you want.

The Dom sub role is about you getting what you want. He will
find it a lot more satisfying if he understands that you are
always seeking what you want in the way that you want it and
that you are not interested in doing it the way he wants unless
by some small chance that happens to be the way you want.

Let him understand that if you do smack him, have him over your
knee, cane him etc it is because that is what you want either
because the action itself gives you pleasure or because you are
going to punish him for some failure on his part.

As you are the dominant there is no question of him taking you
to clubs, you will be the one who takes him anywhere you may
wish to go, he is simply allowed to accompany you.

Do not feel pressurised into doing something you are
uncomfortable with. He may have a fantasy of being seen in
public as a submissive but that is his fantasy not yours (at
this time). It may be interesting for you to explore this
verbally with him as part of your teasing and denial, you might
explore how he views it, whether he reacts to the idea because
it is humiliating, whether it is because he is proud of you as
his dominant and wants to show you off.

He is incredibly fortunate that you are willing to explore this,
there are thousands of men out there who would give their eye
teeth to be in his position.

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C: I am unproven as a sub
From: Suzanne
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 12:13:25 -0500

Help please, I am new to all this. I am in a one month
relationship that is still in the online stage. I have never
been in a D/s relationship before. The guy seems very genuine
and explains much to me. He has been pleased with my progress
and told me he would increase the level of control over me. He
has been very good about educating me and patient with me.

One of the things he had asked me to do was write to him about
some particular sexual experiences I've had. I didn't have time.
He expressed his displeasure over that yesterday and spoke to me
sharply. It hurt my feelings because I felt like we were growing
so close and he had just said the day before that we are gaining
trust in each other every day and it shows. And that I had
pleased him.

Well I did not react well to him speaking sharply to me first
thing in the morning. And I asked him not to growl. I wasn't
insolent but I complained and I gave excuses about why I had not
completed my writing assignment.

I know he is just tightening the screws as he promised he would.
I am unproven as a sub. He says his job is to slowly educate me
till one or both of us knows this life is not for me - or I
wonder where it has been all my life.

He hasn't written to me since snapping at me. I finished my
writing assignment and I have written apologies and that his
silence seems to be my punishment, that I accept and deserve it
and am trying to learn from it.

It just would be so very nice if I had anyone I could talk to
about this path and the relationship.

I found your blog to be the most helpful one I've read so far.
Is there a way to subscribe to it via email?

Thanks so much.


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Re: C: I am unproven as a sub
Date: 2 Nov 2012 21:35:25 -0000
From: Susan

I think, that if at all possible, you should arrange a vanilla
meeting with this man. Make sure it is in a public place and
that before you do it you have things like his private address,
home telephone number, car registration. Make sure you have a
safety call to a friend lined up and that you make that call and
that if he/she does not get the call they know these same
contact details.

When you have met him in person you can make a better judgement
as to how genuine he is and whether he is the one you want to be
in a relationship with.

In my opinion, I find that some men are only interested in
wanking material and you are being asked to provide that for

For your other bits, yes, some men will use silence as a

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C: Introduction - Domestic Discipline
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 02:48:07 -0000
From: "David R"

Ms Christine and everyone,

Let me begin by saying hello to everyone. My name is David and
my wonderful wife and I have been involved with Domestic
Discipline for a number of years.

My goal here is to meet others who share the same interests.

Hopefully share experiences and ideas.

Look forward to meeting you.

David R

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Re: C: Introduction - Domestic Discipline
From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 11:13:26 +0100

Hello and welcome David,

"David" wrote:

>My name is David

Snap. That's my name too.

>and my wonderful wife and I have been involved with Domestic
>Discipline for a number of years.

That's a major interest for us too. My wonderful partner,
Christine, and I could be described similarly.

>My goal here is to meet others who share the same interests.
>Hopefully share experiences and ideas.

As you can tell by the group name "DOMestic" - you've come to
the right place, although people seem to have dried up on
sharing here recently.

Maybe you can start the ball rolling again by telling us a bit
more about what Domestic Discipline is to you and your wife.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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Re: C: Introduction - Domestic Discipline
Date: 2 Oct 2012 18:51:29 -0000
From: David R

For both my wife and I, it's been a journey of learning about
each other. When we first began exploring BDSM. We didn't really
have much information or experience. So it was more about
playing and doing roleplay scenarios.

Before there was such a term as Domestic Discipline. I knew that
was the kind of relationship I was wanting.

My wife enjoyed the power she had over me. Enjoyed the personal
servitude and power to address behaviors and actions she deemed

Then came the Disciplinary Wives Club which changed our whole
approach to what we had been doing up to that point. Since then,
my life has changed in many ways. I am held to a fairly strict
standard of behavior.

I refer to my wife as, Ma'am! And I suffer real consequences
when I misbehave or disobey her. Corporal punishment, cornertime
and humiliation are tools along with enemas, mouthsoaping and
bondage that are used in our household to enforce her authority.

I love it! Everything about it. And when I'm restrained on the
bed getting my behind blistered. Despite the pain, I know that
in the end. I would rather be there than not.

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Re: C: Introduction - Domestic Discipline
Date: 2 Nov 2012 21:23:41 -0000
From: Susan

Isn't it lovely, boys don't like the pain, don't want the pain
(well some of them) but would rather have the pain and know that
their wives are getting what they want than not be in D/s

Personally, I do the punishing because it makes a difference to
his behaviour and gets rid of my feelings of being upset and
disappointed with him. I would rather not do it but if it needs
doing then I try to do it so it only has to be done once for
that offence. I would consider I had really failed if I had to
do it more than once.

But I do like having him over my knee. That is how we start off
most mornings (when he is here) and that is what happens soon
after he gets here. Puts us both in our proper positions, a
proper frame of mind. For me that is Domestic Discipline.

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C: domestic humiliation and paddling
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 06:54:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: David R

We go through periods where every day. I spend 45 minutes

secured to the bed with a very wet diaper tightly taped around my


secured to the bed

Once that is done, the restraints are put on.

I am spanked as soon as the restraints are in place. Then my wife
will start the timer. And typically I will be spanked
sporadically during the 45 minutes depending on what my wife has
going on.

a diaper on my<br />

Before the restraints come off and I am allowed to shower. I
usually get the harder spanking. It is in fact a diaper on my

We aren't into AB stuff! The diaper thing is about humiliation
and creating my sub space.

This photo was of me getting ready to put my face in it.

getting ready to put my face in it

When my face is in a diaper. I am required to sniff it non stop
keeping my face down. Especially while being spanked.

Ms Christine, here is another photo too illustrate what I mean.
Feel free to post the photos.

pa is boss as everyone knows but what ma says always goes

Thank you for your understanding.


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Re: C: Birdlocked male chastity belt in silicone
Date: 3 Mar 2012 19:35:06 -0000
From: Mike J

I've got several chastity devices, CB-2000, CB-3000, CB-6000,
and Curve, but Birdlocked is the only one I can't fit. I bought
the biggest size, this is not a boast, but even with lots of
lube, the cockring bit is just too small. It feels good and I'm
sure it would be very comfortable to wear but again...

I can't get it on!

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Re: C: Do Mistresses ever TAKE a "vanilla" male?
Date: 28 Jan 2012 10:15:59 -0000
From: Strong and Sweet MN

I adore strong submissive men, they are hard to find.

Let's face it, we are all a little quirky here. I embrace those
unique qualities in myself, and in the submissive men I am
attracted to.

Vanilla is a nice articulation. I have no interest in leather,
it doesn't enhance my best features:). The qualities of a
submissive man does:) He helps bring out my softer side.

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Poem: My Heart Grows Ever Fonder
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 04:44:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Song

Re: The Heart
Grows Fonder

Hello David and Christine,

I thought you might be interested in this poem.

Several years ago, I came across your wonderful poem "The Heart
Grows Fonder
", David, and it resonated so profoundly with me
that I penned a response. I have used this in several online
profiles about myself on bdsm websites... anyway, I've always
had it at the back of my mind to send it to you - to share with
you the inspiration you've inadvertently sparked by writing such
a fantastic poem! And I truly adore your poem!

Just as an aside, I am a lifestyle Domme, poet, writer and
singer from New Zealand. Pleased to meet you! You can find me on
the website "Fetlife" under the name "Song".

My Heart Grows Ever Fonder.

Me above, you below,
beneath my leather glove,
as we move sinuously to the sweet harmony,
of each moan and sigh
deliciously coaxed,
for my amusement, for my pleasure.

In service to me, your purpose is clear,
your lips and tongue my tools.

Your body my canvas of willing flesh;
splayed in such ceremonious dedication.

I carve on your bones my name,
an eternal incision of love.

My cruel and tender attentions; your privilege.

My reward, your absolute surrender.

My hands: hard, unyielding upon you.

My heart throbbing with gratitude,
as I urge you to rapturous degradation,
yet deny you absolution at my altar
- till I have reached my final end,
as you kneel reverently, chaste to all but me.

My ecstasy mirrored in your eyes;
my joyous truth, owning the man I love.


(link to poem by david)

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Re: Poem: My Heart Grows Ever Fonder
Date: 6 Aug 2012 20:19:45 -0000
From: MissScarlett

I really love this poem, it's just wonderful.
I'm Miss Scarlett, I live in the Netherlands

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Re: C: electric with anticipation of being zapped
Date: 11 Jan 2012 04:26:30 -0000
From: Madame Pontellier

A more accessible option for wife and husband that want the
thrill of her having a remote control on your cock, without
actually having to worry about permanently damaging his
reproductive organs, try a remote control vibrating cock ring.
Turn it upside down, and it WILL get his attention.

I wrote more about the safer cock shock collar here:-

madamepontellier.com - the safe electric cock ring

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Re: C: femdom community for over 60s
Date: 7 Oct 2012 21:37:37 -0000
From: quitodoux

Hallo Bullawk4,

thank you for keeping your eyes open for me.

I live in Berlin, which is a very liberal city with a gay Lord
Mayor, who has a chance to be elected for a third term. You can
find all kind of kinky people here who are not hiding but coming
out. Munches and clubs for all types of lifestyle bdsm are
booming. Like probably everywhere in this world there are many
more male subs than lifestyle Dominant Ladies. And there seems
to be not a single one over 60 interested in a sub over 70.

As I am fluent in English and French and have a reasonable
command of Spanish, I have tried it also in international
forums. Also, I have no obvious handicap.

Strange world or do I make some basic mistakes in my search in
the FemDom community?

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C: Governance from Madame Fem Dom compendium
Date: 26 Apr 2012 14:27:27 -0000
From: rfrub

I guess some of us here will be quite interested in vintage
FemDom literature. Here is one that's on Ebay..

"GOVERNANCE No 5 from Madame! FEM DOM compendium."

Quick web searching revealed little more about the title. Some
erotica is quite simply rare, not very much was printed in the
first place. Does anyone know more about this title?

The Undergrowth of Literature book is useful for this older
material. I also see how much Shiny magazines can now fetch as
the age of print passes away.

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Re: C: Hood Reviews - FemDom rubber fetish reality
Date: 27 Feb 2012 22:42:59 -0000
From: Fuller

Very sad to hear Denber have gone downhill since it's been taken
over recently. I used to enjoy their products very much, but i
won't wait 6 weeks for a delivery, and they won't deal with the
public any longer.

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Re: C: nuked begins a new relationship
From: nuked
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 02:57:58 -0700

Happy New Years to all,

On 22 May 2011 slave darryl Ducharme nuked_potatoes wrote:

>wonderful new relationship -snip- Mary

Mary and i had a falling out... i swear i did everything i
could... was like owning a boat, more and more and more money
poof down the drain and nothing coming from it - not her or i
going ahead, more like enabling... was nice though - lasted a

HEY! Ms Sabre - is it You from Texas?


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Re: C: nuked begins a new relationship
Date: 2 Nov 2012 21:16:13 -0000
From: Susan

Sorry it did not work out darryl, At least you had a year but
maybe next time.

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P: Denial the fantasy and the reality
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 17:56:55 +0100 (BST)
From: Paul Carter

I am a 49 year old male based in the uk. I have become
fascinated by the prospect of being denied but sometimes
allowed, hopefully, release. I gather this is a common fantasy.

I suppose my ideal fantasy would be to serve a couple of good
looking twenty something goddesses being locked in a chastity
device and each of them to have a key. I would do all their
housework and garden duties, sweating and toiling all day for
their benefit. Maybe at the end of a day one or the other would
unlock me so I could self relieve. More often I would be mocked
and dismissed to spend another night building up my tension
until one or the other showed mercy.

The fantasy is not going to happen as I am in a loving vanilla
relationship but, due to circumstances, now celibate.

Would it appeal to any lady readers to email me from time to
time to deny and allow me to masturbate at their say so? I would
find this very exciting.

Possibly it would amuse some lady to exercise distance control
in this way. Possibly a girl with a male partner sub to
demonstrate to him her power across the world.

If I were to receive communication I would always reply
respectfully. I am happy for DOMestic to publish to my email

One final point I would never wish to offend any lady readers
and hopefully I have put my request in a polite manner,

thank you


email address info

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Re: P: Denial the fantasy and the reality
Date: 25 Jun 2012 18:59:00 -0000
From: jboy2386

Paul Carter wrote:

>Would it appeal to any lady readers to email me from time to
>time to deny and allow me to masturbate at their say so?

Hi Paul,

Good luck with finding someone. However you have to realize that
an email tease and denial might not be all it's cracked up to be
in your mind.

Being denied by a woman you can see everyday, catching an
exciting glimpse of her body, but being told you wont be getting
any. Playing t&d games is all intense fun. Being alone, I bet
you anything you like, you jerk off at the first email and feel
guilty from then on.

Somehow remote doesn't quite work - for me anyway.

There are some on-line jerk off control programs that make you
edge and then do humiliating things before they let you squirt.
Maybe one of those might help.

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Re: P: fag pig dog bitch - online or phone slave
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 04:16:14 -0000
From: "skunk" aka starfox27588

slave in nc

pig looking to become a slave to any owner out there either in
real life or online.

willing to do almost anything?


email address info

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Re: P: fag pig dog bitch - online or phone slave
Date: 10 Oct 2012 19:17:16 -0000
From: Sissy Boitcj

I am a little dicked white sissy bitch seeking to serve blacks.
This fag loves to suck the black dick


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S: Dress Code - Chapter 1
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2012 08:36:44 -0800 (PST)
From: Shoekisser

Dress Code

Chapter 1

"Employee must keep legs cleanly shaven and remove all
unnecessary body hair. The following articles of clothing are
mandatory: skirt and blouse or dress, bra, panties, garter belt,
hose, and heels. No slacks, trousers, or any article of male
clothing will be permitted. Hair style, makeup, nails, and
jewellery will be appropriate for professional business attire.
Wigs are not permitted. Employee's supervisor will be the sole
judge of compliance with this contract, and may inspect employee
at any time to determine compliance."

I re-read this paragraph 3 times, and then moved on to the next
high-lighted section.

"Failure to comply with any portion of this dress code will be
grounds for immediate termination with loss of all compensation
and benefits. In addition, in case of termination, employee
shall owe the company an amount equal to one year's salary."

The last high-lighted section read, "Section 4 shall apply to
all employees."

I checked and found that section 4 was the above dress code, the
first high-lighted paragraph. At the bottom of the page, also
high-lighted, was my signature.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How did I get myself into this mess? Let me try to explain. I
had spent years in a dead end job with no chance for
advancement, no hope for more money, and no challenge. Over the
last year, I had been sending out resumes, all of which were
ignored. Thus, when I received a request for an interview, I was

The interviewer was a very attractive woman who was favorably
impressed with my qualifications. I felt the job description had
been written with my experience in mind. In addition, I met a
number of beautiful and well-dressed women employees, all of
whom were very friendly.

Then the interviewer offered me a job at a salary roughly double
my existing one. When she handed me a multi-page employment
contract, I had confirmed that the salary figure on the first
page was the same as she had mentioned, quickly scanned the
rest, and signed.

We agreed on a start date that would give me time to notify my
employer, and I left, practically skipping.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Prior to my start date, I had my best suit cleaned and pressed,
shined my shoes, and even bought a very expensive tie. When I
arrived, the receptionist smiled until I told her my name. She
then scowled, turned her back, and made a phone call. After
that, she ignored me.

Obviously she was having a bad day, so I turned my attention to
the other lovelies who were within view. Same reaction. The few
I was able to make eye contact with, gave me dirty looks and
turned their faces away.

Finally, I saw a door open and my interviewer standing in it.
She looked me up and down for 30 seconds, then snapped, "Come
with me..." and disappeared through the doorway.

I followed her into a hallway and then into a conference room.
She slapped a file down on the table, snapped, "Read this!" and

I sat and read the employment contract. Finally, she returned.

"Have you read it?"


"Do you understand it?"


"Including the part about the dress code?"

"Well, I don't understand the relevance. It's all about women's
clothes, and doesn't apply to me."

"It applies to all employees, as stated near the end."

"You certainly don't expect me......"

She interrupted, "I certainly do expect you to comply, the same
as any other employee. This company started 50 years ago, with
all female employees, and the dress code has been in effect
since then. It has been very effective in eliminating any
tendency for sloppy or inappropriate attire. The company is not
going to modify the dress code just because you are male. To do
so would open us to charges of sexual discrimination.

I didn't know how to respond to this, so I kept quiet.

"Now that we have established the relevancy, would you say you
are complying with it?"

"No, of course......"

She interrupted again to ask her assistant, who had entered the
room without me being aware of it, "Amy, do you think he is
complying with the corporate dress code?"

Amy looked me up and down with entirely too much interest,
licked her lips, and said, "Not even close."

"Then, it's unanimous, you are not in compliance, and are
subject to immediate dismissal. You have a decision to make. You
can either agree to comply here and now, or write a check for
one year's salary, and leave."

"I don't have that kind of money."

"That's your problem. Which is it going to be?

I thought for a moment, saw no alternative to going along with
their crazy idea, at least for now until I figured a way out of
this and said, "OK, I'll do it."

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Re: S: Dress Code - Chapter 1
Date: 15 May 2012 07:33:06 -0000
From: debra

i love the story please continue it... but i'm bald and would
need a wig

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Re: S: Dress Code - Chapter 1
Date: 3 Jul 2012 13:33:24 -0000
From: Ms.Marcia

debra wrote:

>"but i'm bald and would need a wig"

Really dear. I don't see why.

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S: Jim's Story - part thirty-seven
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2012 20:34:01 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-seven


I was having a meeting with Carmen and two of the programmers
about our web site. I stood behind my desk and my guests sat. I
suppressed a yawn.

Carmen said: "Did you sleep well last night?"

I said: "Yes thank you, Miss Carmen."

I didn't want to discuss last night. We were discussing
debugging techniques. We received reports that our page didn't
work sometimes. I listed some things that could be done, that
should have been done, but I wouldn't point that out. It was
accepted and the meeting was ended.

Carmen said: "Did I cause you to stand in the corner all night?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I tried to remove any feeling from the

Carmen said: "Are you being pouty?"

I said: "No ma'am, not at all."

Carmen said: "Betty is your governess; maybe I'll give her a

I said: "Miss Carmen, I didn't raise the subject, I understood
why I was punished, and I'm not pouting."

Carmen said: "You're afraid of Betty?"

I said: "I guess I am Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "I saw how you bolted upstairs when she told you to

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "What do you want to say?"

I said: "I realized how angry everyone was with me when I
brought dinner back last night."

Carmen said: "They weren't mad at you; we had an argument about
whether you should be here or not. Betty said that if you have
to clean monitors and toilets that you're not needed here and
that she has plenty of toilets for you to clean. Sarah said that
you're needed here but Peggy wants you to be humiliated. I was
on the fence; like today's meeting we need you. But I agree with
Betty, your time is valuable."

I described to Carmen what Betty's regimen was like. I said:
"She wants me to get her permission for anything I do."

Carmen said: "So do I."

I said: "I'm not resisting, but do I have to get permission to
go to the bathroom?"

Carmen said: "YES."

I assumed Carmen was joking: I said: "And the other extreme, I
can't do nice things like serve appetizers or buy surprises."

Carmen said: "You can't make those decisions; you need your
mistress to decide and give you permission."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I knew arguing would lead to more trouble
for me.

Carmen said: "Betty and I will work on you together. Will you
like that?"

I said: "Miss Carmen, I like everything you do."

Carmen said: "Betty and Peggy are having lunch and I was

I said: "Miss Carmen, I would like to look into some of the
backup problems we discussed, May I?"

Carmen said: "Yes but don't forget your chores."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

I didn't want to think about what Peggy and Betty and Carmen
would discuss. I focused on cleaning toilets. There is more to
it than just elbow grease but the point of it all was to
humiliate me. I realize I was thinking bad thoughts that lead to
bad attitude and then bad behavior. I couldn't help it.

While I was back on my backup problems, Sally called and said
Peggy would see me right now and to hurry. I did.

Sally uncharacteristically led me right in to see Peggy. Peggy
said: "Have your ladies boxed you in?"

I was amazed how insightful she was. I said: "It feels that way
Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "You may tell me your point of view, speak freely."

I said: "To put it simply I can't surprise you if I have to ask
permission, what are surprises - sometimes it's a present, or an
invention, which may come from hunches and whims."

Peggy said: "That was very elegant, what are you going to do
about it?"

I said: "I will try to satisfy Miss Carmen and Miss Betty."

Peggy said: "I think you make an important point. I won't forget

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Peggy said: "We are finished."

I curtsied and left.

I curtsied to Sally. Sally said: "I want to talk with you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sally said: "I suddenly have a lot of power over you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sally said: "I want you to tell me why you like Carmen better
than me."

I said: "Miss Sally I like you very much."

Sally said: "You didn't answer my question."

I said: "I spend lots of time with Miss Carmen because Miss
Peggy assigned me to work for her, ma'am."

Sally said: "Maybe if I whipped you, you would like me more."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but before you do that perhaps I might be of
service to you."

Sally said: "How?"

I said: "May I come back to you in a few hours?"

Sally said: "I want you back here in two hours."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I asked Carmen for a meeting in my office. She came. I stood and
she sat. We closed the door. I said: "Miss Carmen I would like
to speak with you as an associate instead of as a slave."

Carmen said: "Okay, but if I tell you to stop you have to stop
and if I don't like it I'll call Betty."

I said: "Thank you ma'am. Sally just asked me why I like you
better then her. I thought you might assign me to clean her
toilet, and let her report her satisfaction to you."

Carmen said: "What will Peggy think?"

I said: "Evidently Sally has been on to Peggy and she empowered
Sally - for which I was whipped and spent a night standing;
present it to Peggy as Sally wants more and this is an idea,
ma'am; one last thing is that I have to get back to Sally in
less than two hours."

Carmen said: "I'll think about it. Sally is your problem and you
may no longer talk to me as an associate."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

About an hour later Carmen came to my office again and said:
"Peggy said that was a wonderful idea and said I was very
sensitive to the situation."

Carmen closed the door and came around my desk and hugged me.
Carmen said: "The caning and standing all night was because
Sally is in to you, you poor boy."

I said: "Miss Carmen you should visit Sally and make the

Carmen said: "You're right but I have the feeling that you're
doing things without my prior permission and I told Betty I
would report that to her."

I said: "Miss Carmen, I wish you could forgive me for acting
without permission if it benefits you."

Carmen said: "Then you can do anything you want."

I said: "And as long as it benefits you I think that's good,
because if I didn't then all that benefit would disappear. I
bear all the risk, if I do something without prior approval and
it doesn't benefit you I expect to be punished."

Carmen said: "Why can't you get permission?"

I said: "Because I couldn't have said to Sally that I have to
get permission to comfort you please wait, could I miss Carmen?"

Carmen said: "No you couldn't, but I decide if it benefits me
and if it doesn't work out I'll call Betty, I can see you're
afraid of her."

I said: "Yes ma'am;"

I think I have Carmen's permission to do whatever benefits her
without permission.

After lunch Carmen sat in one of the chairs in my office. She
said: "You may perform sweet acts without prior approval, what
are they talking about."

I asked: "What happened Miss Carmen?"

"Peggy, Betty and I were in a meeting and you came up. Peggy
said: 'You are an exceptional person and have many gifts to
give. Not Betty, not me and not herself, could anticipate what
those gifts will be. So while I support you keeping him on a
short lease, you should let him give you his gifts.' Betty
seemed to understand. I had no idea what she was talking about."

I said: "What she meant is that you should let me do extra
things without getting upset just because they're extra."

Carmen said: "You can do whatever you want?"

I said: "No ma'am because if you or Betty aren't pleased by what
I did I'm still subject to your discipline. But what Peggy said
was that if you are pleased then just accept it."

"Okay, get back to work." Then Carmen left.

Peggy came through, not because she was my friend but she wants
solutions to problems and improvements to procedures that I
might provide.

I got to work on an unauthorized project, the browser problem: I
downloaded Firefox, Opera and Safari and installed them. I
viewed our web in each. It was apparent that the page painted
normally only in Internet Explorer. I called the developer of
our Integrated Development Environment and they knew of the
problem. They told me how to download a fix. I did. It worked. I
reported the problem and its solution to Carmen.

Carmen came to my office and sat down. She said: "Did you just
give me a sweet gift?"

"I had a hunch it was a bug in our IDE rather than in our page,
it was easy to check out but it was only a hunch."

Carmen said: "I want an account of all the details."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen returned to my office: "I talked to Betty and you're
checked out until 6:30, so clean the toilets and I'll buy you a

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

It's exhilarating to fix a software bug, especially when a dear
audience watches, especially Carmen.

I cleaned the toilet with lots of energy. I realized one of the
problems is there is no convenient place to throw paper towels
on one end of the toilet. That's why there is so often paper on
the floor. Everything was clean and shone when Carmen came in. I
of course ended up on my knees.

Carmen said: "You negotiated a compromise from Peggy and Betty,
I want to know how you did it?"

I said: "Peggy asked and I got on my knees with Betty and asked
her. The question was do you want sweet gifts? And they said

Carmen said: "I really don't understand why you don't just get a

I said: "Miss Carmen, I cannot explain it but I love being under
your direction and I love what Betty is doing, but I felt that I
could not let them lose my gifts."

Carmen said: "I think you're crazy."

"I can't help myself."

"Address me properly, that came out automatically, sometimes I
feel funny taking advantage of you."

"Sorry Miss Carmen, on the contrary I feel I'm using you."

Carmen said: "We are each other's proteges."

I said: "Among my favorite memories is the week I spent with

Carmen said: "Again you failed to address me properly, do you
want me to tell Betty?"

"Please no Miss Carmen."

"Let's move to one of those high tables so you can stand, you're
not supposed to be sitting in my presence."

"Yes ma'am."

"I sometimes dream of taking you home and whipping you until you
pass out."

"Why Miss Carmen?"

"Because you become such a dedicated loving baby."

"I'm dedicated to you now."

"What does your wife think of Betty taking you over?"

"I don't know. This whole relationship has been strange being
handed around, speaking of that, what happened with you and

Carmen laughed: "I have handed you to Sally. Every morning after
you clean downstairs, you will clean Sally and Peggy's toilet.
Then whenever Sally feels it needs cleaning she will call you.
She will give you a list of personal products to keep in the
cabinet, and if she is not satisfied, she may cane you herself."

"Thank you Miss Carmen."

"Did I hear criticism from you?"

"No ma'am, I can imagine how difficult that agreement was for

"At first I was anxious about Sally, but then we talked and
discussed you, we became friends."

"I guess I should be scared."

"You definitely are going to get more canings in front of the

"Please be sure Peggy is invited."


"Because I think she will make sure I'm not too abused."

"Peggy is the one who told me to enforce time limits and order
you to clean the toilets."

"I sort of knew that but I think you've been pretty amazing the
way you've carried it all out."

I got a hug.

I said: "She's not my friend but I'm one of her employees and
one of yours, I heard the concern in your voice about the excess
caning I might receive."

Carmen laughed, "If you get excess caning its going to be
because I want to give it to you and not anyone else telling me

I said: "I love you Miss Carmen."

Carmen and I talked non stop while she drove me home. I got the
feeling she likes me and is comfortable working with me in our
weird circumstance.

I went to Betty's room and kissed her feet while waiting for her
to recognize me.

Betty said: "Tell me what is going on at work and what you did
with Carmen."

I explained about Sally, my new chores, and our discussion about
sweet gifts.

Betty said: "Try to explain to me why I should allow you to give
me sweet gifts."

I said: "When asked like that, the simple answer is that you
won't get them otherwise, I mean no disrespect Miss Betty."

Betty said: "Explain it to me."

I said: "If I decide to buy you a present or do something sweet
for you and you like it, you accept it. If you don't like it
then I did something without getting approval. The risk is all

Betty said: "Why would you take such a risk?"

I said: "Because I want to delight you every way I can."

Betty said: "What if I liked it and still beat you."

I said: "Miss Betty I am completely in your hands."

Betty said: "Let's see what happens. You know my methods, and I
don't make exceptions, but I may allow sweet gifts if I like

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "You have chores to do."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty set me up on a schedule so if I'm working on the schedule
I have Betty's permission to be doing it. Between work and
taking care of the house, there was almost no time that was not
scheduled. So life settled into chores. There was no time for
all the dalliances with the ladies that I so loved and I didn't
get punished very often.

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Re: S: Jim's Story - part thirty-seven
Date: 4 Feb 2012 23:42:05 -0000
From: Madame Pontellier

I love following this story. It seems so mundane, no real
whipping, bondage or other overtly femdom scenes, but the way
the ladies treat Jim as such a casual piece of property really
pushes my buttons.

It reminds me of some stories about femdom that @ted_subby has
written recently

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