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The Vacation - Part Three

Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Three - phase two


Rosita was as good as her word. She knew how to do everything,
and she made it seem easy. On the second day in the afternoon,
Sonia showed up and I shampooed her and gave her a trim. Rosita
told me exactly what to do. Later Marta came in and got the
same, then Marta's sister who wanted a cut and a curl. Rosita
was there the whole time telling me what to do.

By the third day I was doing friends and family of the hotel and
I was the busiest person in the room. I found out later it was
because I cost 5 pesos for doing anything. I think the shampoo
costs more than that, but the traffic livened up the place. A
girls' school class showed up and several of the ladies helped.

By the fourth day I was shampooing real clients, I spoke good
English and I was up on where the restaurants were and the
better clubs and the latest movies. The days moved fast.

On Friday the lovely Carol came for a cut. I shampooed her and I
wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss her but I'm a
coward. Rosita advised and I was pleased to realize she told me
to do what I was going to do. Nevertheless I thanked Miss

Whoever cut Carol before cut off too much, her hair is naturally
curly and I didn't shorten it anywhere, just evened it out and
let it form bangs and curl out at the ends. Carol liked it.

On Saturday I boxed up the whipping block I built the week
before to post it. When I realized the address I was sending it
to I got the strongest signal I was going to go home eventually,
I was sending it to Lisa.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

More beatings

On Sunday I got my third beating. I was doing Carol's laundry
and she caught me sniffing her panties. I didn't realize she
would be upset. Of course I didn't mean to let her know, but she
walked in on me doing it.

Carol said: "You may not masturbate and that is a masturbatory
behavior. This is a case of disobedience and you will suffer for

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I vacillated between thinking I was stupid for doing it and then
stupid for getting caught.

That evening when I was fastened over the hammock Carol asked if
I wanted to say anything.

I said: "Miss Carol, I'm not disobedient but just stupid."

Carol laughed and said: "This remedies both conditions."

My next utterance was a scream, but I managed to count and thank
her for the next twenty-five.

I got the wet towel and then later the collar and I expected the
same as before but Carol attached the chain with enough slack so
I could stand, not move much but stand on the bottoms of my
feet, the things for which I was grateful then.

Carol took the stool and came back and handcuffed my hands
behind my back. The door closed and the lights went out.

Time went very slowly, I came to realize I was going to be there
all night and tried to sleep. I guess I dozed because I was
startled when the light came on and I was handcuffed to the bed
in the slave's quarters.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the way to work in Carol's car on Monday she asked me if she
could trust me to do her laundry without abusing her underwear.

I said: "Miss Carol the short answer is yes you can. I revere
you so much that I would never do something you told me not to."

Carol said: "You're saying you didn't know I didn't want you to
sniff my panties."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I didn't know."

Carol said, "Then perhaps you are stupid, perhaps all men are."

I thought there was nothing to say.

Many of the magazines in the salon had how to articles and I
made notes. Rosita gave me customers who wanted radical changes
to their hair style. I found them pictures in magazines and
showed them how some styles affect certain facial shapes and
half the time they selected one of those styles and they looked
good and were happy. I discovered how satisfying it was when a
customer smiled at her face in the mirror after I cut her hair.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Rosita said I could work there as long as I wanted to. I told
her it was up to Carol. But in fact I wanted to go home to Lisa.
I wondered how long I was going to be here but I knew I wasn't
allowed to ask.

I wasn't allowed to say I'm hungry or thirsty because it showed
I was only thinking of myself. I guess it worked because I made
certain to fix breakfast and dinner for Carol. If she didn't get
breakfast, I didn't. I know she got food whenever and wherever
she wanted it, but Marta and Rosita didn't consider me a person.
So they just didn't think about it. They went to lunch and left
me working. And I didn't have entitlements such as leaving and
grabbing a byte.

On the following Friday Lisa came for a hair cut. I asked her
what she wanted and she said to suggest something. I spent
nearly half an hour showing her pictures, she demanded I make a
recommendation. I offered a trim. She said no. She wanted a new
style that I would pick.

I guess she knew how strong all the obedience training was so I
picked a style. I showed Rosita. Rosita looked at Lisa, then
back at the picture in the style book; she raised strands of
Lisa's hair and said maybe.

Of course I was scared. But under Rosita's direction it worked
and Lisa smiled at herself in the mirror and I got a hug which I
could return before she left.

In the debriefing I told Carol how I had deferred to her when
Rosita discussed how long I was going to be there. Carol only
said that was the right thing to do.

I guess I'll find out next week.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Saturday morning Carol announced it was spring cleaning for the
condo. She made a list of all the things that would get major
cleaning. She was going to read the newspaper and go shopping
while I did the work.

I emptied the refrigerator and defrosted the freezer. Of course
I removed everything and either put it into coolers Carol had or
wrapped it in newspaper to keep it cool.

I then scrubbed the oven, then the microwave, then I had to mop
the floor because I'd made a mess. I did the windows inside and
out and then stopped and fixed a sandwich. Carol came home and
caught me eating a sandwich.

Carol said: "I leave you to do work and I see that you're not

I said: "Miss Carol, I finished defrosting and cleaning the
refrigerator, the oven and the microwave, I mopped the floor and
did the windows, I'm halfway through the bathroom. I got hungry
and stopped for a few minutes."

Carol said: "You sound like one of our employees, you're a
slave. You work unless I tell you to stop. I don't remember
telling you to stop. This is a clear act of disobedience. I
think we have to start over with phase one."

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Carol."

Carol said: "Go stand in the corner next to the television,

I left half a sandwich on the kitchen table and I felt this was
so unfair and suddenly I realized how wrong I was thinking. This
time it really brought it down on me. Why should it be different
here than it was with Marta, I never said Marta, I'm going for
lunch. Why did I think I could do it here?

Carol said: "What did you do with the newspaper?"

I said: "Miss Carol I wrapped the food in it while I was
defrosting the refrigerator to keep it cold. Then I threw it

Carol said: "Destroying my newspaper adds to disobedience and it
will take all day to adequately punish you."

I struggled to stand absolutely still. I knew beyond any doubt
that I was going to get a beating.

Carol said: "Another element to your crime is the loss of work
you owe me for today."

Carol said: "I expect an answer when I talk to you."

I said: "Perhaps Miss Carol I could work the rest of the day and
I could serve the punishment during the evening and the night."

Carol said: "I will give you a postponement until after dinner,
then your punishment will start and not end until tomorrow."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

I finished the bathroom. Then I did Carol's bedroom. I removed
everything from the walk-in closet. I dusted the shelves and
vacuumed the carpet and put everything back. I washed the
baseboards in all the rooms.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I fixed and served dinner. I hoped Carol would be happy with the
work I had done or the food or the wine. But she seemed remote.
Before I took her plate she said: "You won't get dinner

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and threw her leftovers into the trash. I
cleaned the kitchen.

Before I finished Carol returned to the kitchen wearing a shiny
green teddy and the strap was in her hand. I finished just at
that moment. She looked so beautiful and desirable.

I moved the ottoman into position and took my position. Carol
fastened my arms and legs.

Carol said: "We will have two whippings, ten strokes for
destroying my newspaper and twenty strokes for disobedience. You
are a slave here and not a guest in my house. I'm going to try
to impress that on you. You will receive ten strokes and then
stand on your toes for an hour and then receive twenty strokes
and stand all night. Before we start tell me you understand the
difference between a slave and a guest."

I said: "Miss Carol a slave like me has to do what you tell him.
He has no entitlements. A guest expects to be treated graciously
and expects to be fed and made comfortable."

Carol said: "That's exactly right, so what possessed you?"

I said: "I didn't think ma'am."

Carol said: "The stroke doesn't count unless you receive it

Carol focused the strokes on my behind and I had difficulty not

When it was over the collar was placed on my scrotum and Carol
dragged the chain up so I was standing on the very tip of my
toes and she fastened it. She then handcuffed me so I couldn't
use my hands.

When she closed the door I tried to stand on one foot to nurse
the other one and that sort of worked but it increased the
strain on my neck. This was a horrible torture. By the end of
the hour I was almost hopping from one foot to the other, the
pain in each was excruciating, my penis felt like it was going
to be pulled out. I don't know how I lasted an hour.

Carol released the chain but to do it she yanked up and I
thought I was being castrated.

I was taken to the hassock and fastened, the collar and chain

Carol said: "Wait a minute; I have to use the toilet."

I waited many minutes, maybe fifteen or twenty.

I saw her go into the kitchen and pour some wine. She looked
beautiful and in some perverse way I was ready to receive a
monster beating. Her teddy outlined her pussy and in the back
the cloth disappeared between her cheeks. She's wore black high
heeled slippers.

Carol said: "Count the strokes or you will get extra." And pain
exploded in my upper thighs and successively in all regions of
my butt and thighs.

Because of the pain I became delirious or I moved around or
something but I got twenty four strokes.

Carol left enough slack in the chain so I could stand but I was
uncomfortable, I was held standing erect by the collar, I
couldn't change from one foot to the other without causing
strain on my crotch. I didn't think I could stay this way all
night but I didn't dare to call out or complain.

I screwed up but this is disproportionate punishment.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke hearing Carol move
about, but she wasn't releasing me. I needed to pee, I was
starving, I suppressed an urge to start jumping up and down and

The lights went on and Carol unlocked the door and came in with
the step stool.

She unfastened the chain then she unlocked the handcuffs. I was
so relieved to be free I forgot the rage that had filled me
minutes ago.

I said; "Thank you Miss Carol."

Carol said: "If I told you at 6:00 am to scrub the floor and
returned at 10:00 pm what would I be expecting you to be doing?"

I said: "I would be scrubbing the floor ma'am."

Carol said: "What if you got hungry?"

I said: "I would be scrubbing the floor, ma'am."

Carol said: "It's a simple question of obedience."

I said: "Miss Carol, I desperately need the toilet."

Carol said: "Go ahead and then come to the kitchen."

I returned to the kitchen with the collar on and chain. Carol
removed the collar and said: "I want you to remove the contents
of the drawers in the cabinets in here, and clean the drawers
and put them back."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I could see that Carol had fixed herself breakfast. The coffee
pot was almost full of coffee. She didn't offer me any. This was
another chance for me to show Carol I understood that I can't
help myself to food or stop working. So I focused on the

Carol was in and out of the kitchen, I guess to make sure I
didn't grab any coffee.

Carol fixed herself some lunch while I was working on one of the
drawers. I wasn't offered anything.

Carol said: "I want you to assist me in the bathroom."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and followed her.

I knelt and unbuttoned her slacks and pulled them down and I saw
that her panties had blood soaked through and I saw it had
gotten on the slacks.

Carol said: "I want you to clean me up and then soak my clothes
and get the blood out."

I moistened a wash cloth and wiped the blood off her thighs, I
found some pads, and I got her clean panties and slacks. I said:
"Thank you Miss Carol."

Carol said: "Why are you thanking me?"

I said: "You let me serve you in such a private situation."

Carol said: "I let you do that because it's nasty and it's
humiliating for you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was almost finished with the drawers when Carol said: "When
you finish the drawers remove the contents of the cabinets and
dust and cleanup any spills. And put the contents back.

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And no mention of food.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


When I was almost finished with the cabinets Carol said: "When
you finish prepare dinner because I'm hungry. Remember you may
not eat anything."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Of course I wouldn't do anything to disobey this lady. I served
her dinner and stood waiting on her. When she was finished she
mashed the food and scraped it onto the floor.

Carol said: "You will eat that, when you're done, make sure the
floor is clean. If you want more you can eat anything you want."

I said: "Thank you ma'am;" and knelt and ate and licked the
floor clean. Of course I mopped it. And I drank lots of water. I
cleaned the kitchen and then I said: "How can I please Miss

Carol said: "You can get some cream and rub it into my feet and
I will talk to you."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and got the cream. I also got a little
electric heater I saw earlier and I got some towels.

Carol said: "Why did you get the heater and the towels?"

I said: "So you won't have to put your bare feet on the floor
and so your feet won't get cold, ma'am."

Carol said: "Aren't you afraid that I might think you are not
doing what I told you?"

I said: "I see Miss Carol's point. I am at your mercy ma'am." By
then I had her shoes off and her feet on the towel and the
heater was at work. I should have figured out a way to warm the
cream. I wanted to kiss her toes but I respected the punishments
she meted out.

Carol said: "As a practical matter a good slave would bring
towels and a heater without being told. But the point of my
training is that you do exactly what I order you to do. You know
well the consequences of my deciding that you have disobeyed me.
I think I have been too lax with you. I let you sleep in my
room, I let you complete room cleaning after a little more than
two weeks. I think a week in the laundry will make you less risk

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I thought my "lax" treatment was over, Carol fastened me to the
bed in the slaves room. My only regret was not undressing her.
I'd like to have spent one night not being handcuffed or
fastened to a bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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