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Dress Code - Chapter 2

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 08:36:44 -0800 (PST)
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Dress Code
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Chapter 2

They both smiled for the first time today, and the interviewer
said, "Take off your coat and drop it in there", indicating a
waste basket.

"Wait a minute. I just had this suit cleaned and pressed."

"Don't waste any more time. Just do as you're told."

Feeling like a little kid in school, being scolded by a teacher,
I reluctantly complied.

"Take off that ugly tie."

"Hey, that's a brand new tie, and very expensive."

"Obviously, you have no fashion sense. Well, we'll see if we
can't change that."

The tie went in after the coat.

"Can I undress him?"

"OK, but don't get carried away."

Amy unbuttoned my shirt, rubbing her hands on my chest in the
process. She pulled out the tail and slipped it off. My tee
shirt followed, with more caressing of my chest. She then knelt
and instructed me to lift first one foot and then the other, so
she could remove my shoes and socks. While still on her
knees,she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, with more
contact with my crotch than was necessary. Finally, she hooked
her thumbs inside my shorts, preparing to pull them off.

"Just the pants. Leave his underwear on for now."

Amy looked disappointed, but did as instructed. She produced a
tape measure and measured from the floor to my crotch, which
again got nudged.

"What are you doing? He's not going to wear pants."

"But in-seam measurements are so much fun." she replied. "I do
need to get an idea of skirt length.", and measured from my knee
to my crotch.

Nudge. She arose and measured around my waist and chest.

Interviewer interrupted with, "Come with me."

I followed her into a bathroom where she instructed me to apply
shaving cream to my legs. I had just gotten started when Amy
entered and took over. Again the backs of her hands kept
"accidentally" contacting my crotch. She shaved my legs, then
proceeded to do the same with my chest, arms, and armpits.

While I was rinsing the soap off and drying, Amy left and
returned with a box.

"Put your arms out in front."

When I did, she slipped a lacy white bra on me and fastened it.
Then a matching garter belt. White hose were rolled on my legs
and attached. She then knelt and slipped a pair of black patent
three inch heels on my feet. Amazingly, they fit. She must have
measured my shoes. She told me to walk to the conference room
and back while they watched.

"The walk needs some work. Don't stand like that. Place your
feet like this," putting one foot in front of the other with the
heel near the arch.

While I was concentrating on trying to get my feet right, I felt
Amy behind me doing something to my waist. Snip snip and my
undershorts fell away. Amy scooped them up and said, "I'm going
to have these framed and hung in my office as the last symbol of
his masculinity."

She did, and they were a painful reminder to me every time I
went into her office. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Well, he needs some panties to comply with the dress code."
"We missed some hair," looking at my crotch. "Can I shave him?"

"Down, girl. There's plenty of time for that later."

Matching white lace panties appeared, and I was made to step
into them, so Amy could pull them up. After they were in place
she didn't settle for any "accidental" nudges. She grabbed my
crotch and squeezed.

"What do you have in your panties, girl?"

A white lacy blouse went on me and was buttoned up the back,
followed by a tight black skirt that just covered my knees.

"Incidentally, these clothes aren't free. You can pay for them
through payroll deduction. We insist on only the best, so they
aren't cheap."

I was then made to follow them out into the hall to an elevator
and down to the lobby to a beauty parlor. Seated in a chair, my
eyebrows were plucked, and make-up applied. Sometime during
this, I felt a sharp pain in each ear-lobe, and pierced earrings
were installed. I also got a manicure complete with red nail

I was then taken back to the office, and re-introduced to all
the employees. All of the scowls were gone and they now liked my
appearance, and many complimented me.

At quitting time my male clothing had disappeared, so I had no
choice but to go home as is.

As I was walking up the walk carrying my heels, I met my
landlady. She greeted me with, "Well, It's Cinderella home from
the ball," and laughter.

About a week later, the landlady again met me coming home. This
time she didn't laugh when she saw me. "I don't know what's
going on, but it has to stop. I'm getting complaints about your
appearance from other tenants. Either start dressing normally or
find another place to live."

Dress Code - Chapter 3

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