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Jim's Story - part forty-two

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 00:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part here

part forty-two

Choosing the program.

There is more to office work than kneeling down for feminine
supervisors like Miss Sally and Miss Carmen, and going beneath
their skirts to to worship. Peggy had seven hair salon deals for
me to analyze.

My phone rang and it was Sally and she said she had a box for
me. It turned out to be two file boxes and a luggage dolly. I
wheeled it to my office. I began examining the contents.

I started on the folder in the front. There were three years of
tax returns, and monthly statements for perhaps three years,
pictures, and copies of advertising galleys. I didn't see any
summaries. I read and summarized the information, I realized it
would take about twelve to fourteen hours to summarize all seven
folders for Peggy.

It was time for my last toilet cleaning. It looked like I left
it earlier. I cleaned the clean mirror.

In a way I thought I might miss this chore. I reported to Carmen
and she was surprised how quickly I had done it. I said I
thought it was because of the lack of traffic from early
afternoon to later afternoon. Carmen let me get back to work. I
reviewed my notes from the class so I could summarize the
financials to fit the models.

My pretty wife came into my office, I curtsied and said: "Hello
Miss Sarah." She dropped her briefcase on one of my visitors'
chairs and walked toward the elevators. Despite the silent
treatment, there was no doubt that I was to follow.

I don't know what I did, but I grabbed the briefcase and hurried
after her. Because of our relationship I've never gotten this
silent treatment, she knows she can say anything and I have
limited options to say anything back. But from experience I know
how much trouble I can get into if I say anything.

Sarah had the car keys and handed them to me and I clicked the
car unlocked and put Sarah in the back seat and I put her
briefcase on the floor in the front and drove us home.

On the way Sarah finally said: "After dinner when you're in the
stocks you can tell me about what you and Sally did today."

I was stunned - Didn't she know I had done this for six or seven
women and many times for Carmen? Evidently she didn't. And
bringing all that up is not what I want to do.

I thought - did Sally coerce me? - Yes she certainly did, at
least implicitly, because she is going to prescribe the caning I
will receive. I was scared. Really the painful caning she was
going to give me was not the problem. After the revelations from
my trip only a few days ago to this in the office, it's
obviously very upsetting to her.

Does she even know what I have done for Betty? Oh my....

I resolved not to volunteer information. I can't resist
answering Sarah's questions. I have the sick feeling that this
is a crisis. It never occurred to me that Sarah didn't know what
has been happening with Carmen, the other staff and Peggy's
friend and Betty. She will think of me as some kind of tramp or
what Betty called me, a whore. Sarah will throw me out. And it's
all my fault.

I'll fix a truly great dinner, I'll make cocktails, and a super
dessert. I'll find a great wine. I'll brew the coffee so it will
be ready after dinner. What else can I do?

I thought the cocktails were doing their job, because Kathleen,
Betty and Sarah were talking and laughing. The last time I
cooked tonight's dinner they told me never to cook it again
because they couldn't stop eating it.

Baking a cake doesn't just make dessert, but it makes the whole
house smell delicious. I announced dinner and Betty said: "We're
getting a special dinner because Jim is going to get a caning

Kathleen said: "He hopes to soften us up."

I don't get away with anything with these women. They are so
powerful and I'm so pathetic. How did I get into so much

I served coffee and amazingly I had the ingredients for
Strawberry Shortcake. Betty and Kathleen were happy and talking
but Sarah was grim. I wanted to cry.

Sarah said: "Hurry and clean the kitchen. Then I want you in the

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am Miss Sarah."

While I was cleaning the kitchen the thought came to me that if
I blamed Sally then Sarah would ask Peggy to do something about
her and Peggy would tell Sarah what a whore I am.

I finished and went into the family room and curtsied three
times and Sarah said: "Remove all your clothes and put yourself
into the stocks."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I curtsied three times again.

I thought maybe she'll just come in here and cane me; then I
decided she would question me and I would say I attacked Sally,
then I imagined she already knew everything and would get even
angrier because I stalled confessing myself. Then I started
over. As they say making me wait like this allows the coward to
die a thousand deaths.

Maybe I should just run away before I'm fastened. It was getting
dark outside so I've been waiting over an hour, maybe over
ninety minutes.

Sarah finally arrived. She must have refreshed her perfume
because I could smell her even before she opened the door.
Without a word she fastened the stocks. Running away was no
longer an option.

Sarah said: "What do you have to say for yourself?"

I said: "Miss Sarah I am so sorry, I love you exclusively and I
would never do anything that might hurt you."

Sarah said: "Betty explained what they have been doing with you
and I think it's disgusting. I would like to cane everybody
involved including Peggy, but you're here and you're getting it

I said: "Thank you Miss Sarah."

She turned off the light and closed the door.

My thought was that if she gagged me I could just get the
beating, I wouldn't have to do anything.

Maybe it was another hour and Sarah returned applied a gag and
laid on about thirty-five strokes. She didn't dry my tears, she
didn't remove the gag, she just turned off the light and left.

A long hour later Kathleen removed my gag and let me blow my
nose. She said "that was a very good dinner."

I said: "How is Sarah, Miss Kathleen?"

Kathleen said: "She's crying and Betty is comforting her."

I said: "May I go to her, ma'am."

Kathleen said: "No, Sarah said you have to stay here forever,
that way she knows you're not with some other woman."

Kathleen said: "Don't look so horrified, she will probably
release you in the morning."

I said: "Thank you Miss Kathleen."

The lights went out and my wife has found out everything.

I wasn't released until 10:30 and it was a good thing because I
had been needing to use the bathroom for hours. Betty said:
"Hurry and dress you have to be at the office by 11:00."

I don't know how it happened but my wife and Peggy came to an
agreement and I of course suffered but that was expected.

I was only five minutes late. Carmen and Sally were waiting.
Carmen said: "You're getting extra for making us wait."

I said: "Yes ma'am. Have you seen my wife?"

Carmen said: "She will pin you down while I cane you."

I undressed and Carmen examined my behind and said: "Wow, she
really let you have it."

Carmen said: "You may not talk, bend over the table with your
arms outstretched."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I wanted to die from embarrassment.

Then the staff arrived and they were chatty and happy. Then
Peggy and Sarah arrived. Peggy started talking and everyone got

Peggy said: "Thank you all for keeping an eye on Jim. He is here
to pay the penalties for not showing us the respect we deserve.
In spite of our efforts to supervise him, he has misbehaved and
from now on he is restricted to his office. If you have business
with him, please visit him there. He is still required to
address us respectfully. Sally what punishment has Jim earned?"

Sally said: "We have three instances of failure to address us
with respect and keeping us waiting for five minutes. That's a
total of seventeen strokes."

Peggy said: "We will hand the proceedings to the very capable

Carmen said: "Sarah has volunteered to hold Jim down."

Carmen and Sally helped Sarah climb onto the table.

Carmen was unsympathetic to the beaten state of my behind.
Fortunately it was very dark and private under Sarah's skirt,
and nobody heard me crying from the pain. Carmen discovered my
thighs and lashed me there as well.

Peggy thanked everyone for coming and asked them to keep up
reporting on me. Carmen and Sally helped Sarah off the table.

Carmen said: "Stand up and face the wall, don't move and no

I was still sniffling, but I tried not to move. These women rule

Sarah said: "Jim pull your pants up and come with me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sarah said: "We're going to your office. Betty told me that you
did all these things because you were coerced. I don't want to
coerce you; I want to give you choices."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" because I didn't know what she was talking

I was behind my stand-up desk and Sarah was sitting in one of
the visitor's chairs. Carmen came in with chains and padlocks.

Sarah said: "My first choice is to take you home and not let you
out of my or mom's sight. But Peggy and I talked and we decided
that I could have the same control if I chain you to your desk.
What's your choice?"

I said: "My choice is to do what you want, Miss Sarah."

Sarah said: "Here is the program, in the morning when we get
here you will be chained to your desk, if you need to go to the
bathroom you can phone me and ask or you can wear rubber pants.
When we go home I will release you. You will pack your lunch.
For two weeks it will be two slices of white bread. Does this
sound good to you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "No one is coercing you?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Carmen watched all this.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At work I'm chained to my desk for whatever hours my wife works.
Sarah padlocks my ankle to the chain attached to my desk when we
arrive (Actually I do it, Sarah has the only key and she makes
sure it's secure).

She says if there is a fire, and if she is in a good mood toward
me, she will come down and release me.

I have to call her if I have to go to the toilet but often she
is in a conference or out and I have to wait. Then I have to
wait until she leaves to be released.

The chain has been shortened. At first I could walk all the way
around my desk, now I can only walk the width of my desk.

At home Kathleen makes sure I do the chores pretty much how
Betty organized them.

I love my job and my little family. There is nothing else to
tell. I'm subject to strict supervision at work and at home. I'm
occasionally caned at work for forgetting to address someone
respectfully or punished at home usually for laziness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Excellent story, Randolphus, and written in such a way as to be
very realistic.

Some of the procedures Jim was required to do motivated me to
such an extent that I have mentioned them to my wife. She would
not take the time to read your story, but was interested in what
I had to say, and pleased that I have suggested additional ways
to serve her and do more chores for her. Thank you.

I hope that you can continue as Betty's new job in Washington
leaves a big question mark in my mind, and perhaps the minds of



I've finally come to the end of this story... if Jim's still
hanging around, I'd like to say that I've very much enjoyed the
tale and the characters... watching as Jim delved deeper and
deeper into submission and control by the Women in his life was

Thanks for sharing this adventure!

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