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December 19, 2012

Mistress Helena - part 2

Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:19:19 +0000 (GMT)
From: Steve Dane

Mistress Helena - part 2
read part one here

Mistress gently rubbed the cane against my penis tip, the two
other guys in the pen were jealous, each man craving her

"You are all useless pigs understand?"

"Yes mistress," we answered in unison.

"You two lick boots now."

The other guys fell to their knees and pushed their faces
against the bars of the pen and were just able to lick mistress'
boots. Mistress spat on their downturned heads.

"You like feel of cane on cock pig Steven?"

"Yes mistress."

She laughed and instead of rubbing drew the cane back six inches
and hit my penis.

"I do what I like not what you like," and struck me again.

"Of course mistress."

Helena pulled away and reached for the keys and unlocked the
doors of the holding pens.

"I show you what happen if cum with no permission."

We four followed her outside. Round the back of the shed was the
guy who Matt had taken out. Matt was standing over him with arms
folded. The guy was kneeling in front of a shallow trench we had
all previously helped dig.

Mistress walked up behind him and talked quietly to him. "You
cum when I say and not at any other time. Punish time now pig,
you not make mistake again." A light drizzle was now falling on
the gloomy scene and Helena spoke again. "In hole pig."

He started to protest but Matt chimed in. "You heard her!!"

Sobbing the helpless slave lay on his back on the earth floor.
"Please no."

Matt told us to drag a heavy wooden door and lay it on top of
him. We heaved it into place and stood back in horror. The slave
was instructed to shove his cock and balls through a small cut
out in the door and Helena knelt on the door. Matt handed her a
red rubber cock ring, and she slid it round his cock and balls
so that they could not go back to his side of the door.

It was very cruel. Helena stood up and walked back and forth the
length of the door. The guy was rock hard again! Has anyone ever
been so helpless?

"Now we put rocks on door so you not get out and we leave you,
how long? Hour, day, two days, don't know."

The guy's cock was twitching, with excitement, and Helena still
standing dribbled spit onto its head. One simple word was heard
"rocks", and we knew want we had to do.

We instantly piled half a dozen slabs on the door. He had cum
without her permission, a serious offence, we all knew that. And
Helena led us back to the yard.

We stood in a line with hands on head in the now steady rain.
Matt had climbed into the jeep ready to go. All four of us had
hard erections.

"I go now. Leave him in there. You are all horrible pigs I have
no respect for you. I hate you, you only fit for punishment and
give money. When you have more tribute you send text I tell you
when punish again." And with that she turned away, she then
wheeled around and pointed her cane. "Hands on head, no talking,
kneel thirty minutes then leave."

We sank obediently and watched her glorious figure climb into
the car.

The headlights came on and there we were, four men, naked shaved
cocks and balls with hard-ons kneeling in the rain.

We could see Helena and Matt talking in the jeep, smiling
laughing. What were they saying, maybe that it was a good first
day at the farm? Maybe just laughing at how pathetic we were.
Matt lit a cigarette and Helena leaned over and kissed him on
the cheek. It was painful to watch.

The car turned around and we watched its tail lights disappear.
The light was starting to fail, no one spoke. Each man was alone
with his thoughts.

I felt an immense gratitude to Mistress, such respect. She does
have the right to do what she likes to us.

The rain got heavier but nobody moved. We would not disobey an
instruction from her. Even if she could not check up on us we
were simply so excited by actually obeying her. A deep desire to
obey that only men like us can understand.

After about forty-five minutes one guy stood up and we followed.
We had no shame about our excitement, it had been the first time
I had seen another guy all hard. But we walked about as if it
was normal. We stood in turn waiting for the shower. Rinsing the
mud and soothing the caning stripes from our bodies. We towelled
down with the coarse blankets. Nobody spoke, we slowly dressed,
I remember even putting a tie on and straightening it! Was I the
same man who had been humiliated... Now going back into the
normal world?

Silent, occasionally we met the glance of each other, and I felt
a brotherhood with my fellow slaves.

The cries of the man in the box could be heard, common humanity
would have led us to release him, but we would not disobey
Mistress Helena, he offended her and now he would pay the price.
She and Matt would come back and release him at a time of their
choosing and that was right and just. Till then. He would lie in
the dark in the damp ground with his hard cock exposed above the
level of the door.

We each got into our cars and like a small procession we drove
away down the cart track....

To be continued...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(I am pretty lucky in that my girlfriend Kathryn will play a
dominant role with me from time to time, not all the time!
Writing stuff like this and letting her read it is a great way
to introduce new play themes. Much better than saying I'd love
it if you would do this and that. I'd love some feedback from
all readers, but especially the ladies!)


December 17, 2012

Mistress Helena

Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 20:43:52 +0000 (GMT)
From: Steve Dane

Please consider my humble account for publication.

Mistress Helena - part one

I have been serving Czech mistress Helena for the last year at
her apartment which she shares with her boyfriend Matt. It is
such a privilege to serve and contribute to her expensive
lifestyle which she richly deserves. I have gone as frequently
as my income has allowed.

Recently she decided to not entertain at home and bought a set
of small farm buildings in a private location. One to one
sessions are to become very rare and she wishes to house and
train about 4 or 5 slaves at once, allowing for overnight
confinement. Multiple training saves her time and rightly
increases her earnings potential.

Over the last month I have been employed working on the
buildings under Matt's supervision, along with a few other

We have fitted an outside shower and have fitted iron gates in
one of the sheds to act as cells. In the yard are now concrete
blocks each of which have chains for metal collars and cock
restraints. There are fixation points everywhere, crude metal
hoops hammered into joists and beams.

One small office space has been created for Helena and Matt's
personal comfortable use but everywhere else is rough and ready.
There is a scattering of straw in the cells and a coarse
blanket, but that is all.

How I would have loved to work under Helena's direct supervision
but Matt kept us hard at labour and just the knowledge that we
were helping Helena achieve her goal was so exciting and

On my first training visit I arrived as instructed one hour
before her and stripped in the shed before kneeling in the yard
and fitting a steel collar around my balls chained to the
concrete block, there were four others there and we were already
helpless. Tribute had been paid online already.

Matt and Helena arrived in their jeep and Matt was dressed in
tight black tee shirt and jeans. He is muscular and how we all
wish we were him. To live with and have the affection of
Mistress is something pigs like us can never have.

Mistress Helena stepped out, blonde straight hair high
cheekbones, graceful neck. She just does not have to try. Bright
red lipstick and black blouse with a short black miniskirt
elegant and cruel in her spiked stiletto ankle boots.

Matt unloaded a carpet bag from the jeep and we guessed it was
her whips and sticks. Sure enough she produced a school cane and
bade us kneel with our heads touching the earth and our hands on
the backs of our heads. Five guys with stiff cocks about to
receive a thrashing.

She told us we were pigs and vermin and she despised us. I grew
harder at her cruel words and was the first to receive the cane.

"Name?!!" She bellowed.

"Steven Mistress" I grunted, my face pressed against the earth.

"Beg forgiveness for your existence pig Steven."

"Please mistress I am so sorry to be here in your presence, it
is such an honour to serve you I am sorry mistress."

Her reply was cruel and swift... the cane swished through the
air and made me gasp. The glory and honour of a beating hardened
me more and a number of stripes were added to my rear.

She thrashed and thrashed me, far harder than I had received
before. I think the sense of power over five slaves had even got
to her.

Finally when she had finished Matt threw a bucket of cold water
over me.

Each of the slaves was punished in turn. Then Mistress told Matt
to unlock the cock collars. We were led into one if the pens
where three of us were locked in behind the iron gates. Two
others were paraded before us and forced to kneel, stand, lie
down, stand up, kneel, over and over again.

"Time for Mistress to have a laugh" she said, and Matt roughly
tied their wrists behind their backs with cable ties.

Mistress Helena told them to lie down and she told Matt to light
the candles. She stood over each slave in turn, allowing them to
see up her skirt before dribbling spluttering hot wax over their

"Such stupid pigs!" she laughed. "Paying for this you are so
pathetic," she kicked them in the legs and body before spitting
on each of their faces several times.

One of the guys came involuntarily over his stomach and she
smiled and dragged the other guy over to lick up the mess from
his stomach. He was forced to swallow the cum and then caned
again before she kicked him into the corner with her spiked
heels digging in to his body. He lay there but clearly stiff and
excited by this humiliation.

She told Matt to take the other guy outside and "put him in the

We stood in awe before her so beautiful and dominant presence, I
was told to push my cock through the gate between the bars and
she stroked it up and down with her cane.....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.... click here


December 10, 2012

The Vacation - Part Eight

Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Eight

Now it Works

When Lisa left, Carol told me what we needed. Carol drove
because I no longer had a car and we bought the material at a
local hardware store. In the store Carol had a poodle collar in
her hand and was eyeing me and I stood far enough away so she
wouldn't measure it up against my crotch.

Carol said: "You have to fasten the chain to the collar; it's
easy if you have tools."

I have tools and we fastened it. Then we put a hook in the wall
at about eight feet above the floor. We even bought a folding
step stool just for this room.

Carol put the collar on me and pulled on the chain until I was
under the hook and then she pulled and urged me to get taller
and kept urging and pulling on the chain and then she hooked it.

Carol said: "Where do you keep the handcuffs?"

I had completely forgotten the horror of this torture.

Carol said: "Do you want some more strap, answer me when I talk
to you."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carol, my mind isn't working. I think
they are in the middle drawer on the left side of the sideboard
in the dining room."

A few minutes later I was handcuffed and left alone. I replayed
in my mind all the events that led me to this spot. I asked
myself what I should have done differently.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa was rubbing her hand over my red butt telling me that the
keys to the handcuffs are missing and she's worried because she
wanted a bath before lunch.

I said: "If you get this chain and collar off me I'll help you
look for it."

She said: "You can't help if you're handcuffed and Carol said
you need ten minutes more."

I said: "Pull the drawer out where Carol got the handcuffs and
see if you can see anything."

A minute or so went by, Lisa said: "That's where it was, stuck
in the back of the drawer. But you have to stay here for seven
more minutes."

I said: "Thank you Miss Lisa."

I started thinking. I put myself here and I wondered if I was
crazy. Can I annul the transfer of money based on temporary
insanity? I don't even have enough money to take a bus to see an
attorney. Both of my calf muscles have cramped, my penis was
stretched to the limit and could be damaged..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Carol climbed the step stool and yanked the chain off the hook.
She unlocked my handcuffs. She said: "Harry we have only made a
down payment. You have to learn that just because Lisa isn't
more physically aggressive, you can't break rules whenever you
feel like it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "You better start fixing lunch we're having company."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I fixed a Quiche and a salad with greens, mushrooms and
couscous. I also served all the Rhine wine the ladies wanted.
They ate it all and almost finished the bottle I was serving.
They left nothing for me to eat.

I cleaned the kitchen and asked the ladies if I could get

Carol sent me to the small bedroom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

additional eavesdropping.......

Carol said: "Gladys lives nearby, are you sure you haven't met?"

Gladys said: "You play tennis at the community center? I think
I've seen you there."

Lisa said: "Yes I do recognize you."

Gladys said: "Harry seems very obedient, is that your work

Carol said: "I helped, but he is very intelligent and willing
and Lisa did and is doing the hard stuff."

Gladys said: "Has he done any hair?"

Carol said: "Yes he was in one of my classes and worked for
about a week for a very experienced person. He did my hair and
Lisa's and he takes care of us."

Gladys said: "Would he like to work?"

Carol said: "Lisa decided he would."

Gladys said: "I see, that IS impressive."

Carol said: "Harry has been receiving some catch-up strapping
this morning. Lisa doesn't like to hurt him, and since I'm here
he got a working over this morning and it would have been worse
but you were coming over."

Gladys said: "Can I meet him and talk to him?"

Carol said: "Of course, there is a room here that is sort of a
punishment room for him. He's waiting there or he can come back

Gladys said: "I would love to see the room."

Three ladies entered the little bedroom. I was leaning against
the far wall from the door.

Carol said: "Stand up straight. Mrs. Jones will ask you some

I said: "Yes ma'am.

Mrs. Jones was taller than Lisa and was dressed very elegantly.
She looked like a lady who owned a beauty salon. She may have
been fifty but exuded youthfulness because of her enthusiasm.

Mrs. Jones said: "You have some experience with hair?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Mrs. Jones said: "Would you like to work at my salon?"

I said: "It's up to Miss Lisa ma'am."

Carol said: "Take your shirt and trousers off."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and took them off.

I was wearing the leggings and I knew this was going to be very
unpleasant for me.

Mrs. Jones immediately rubbed my ass, and said: "Is he getting
more this afternoon?"

Carol said: "Yes and more tomorrow."

Mrs. Jones said: "This is a lovely whipping horse."

Carol said: "Harry built it."

Mrs. Jones said: "I'll have him build one for the salon. Can I
fit him into it?"

Lisa said: "Go ahead; I was going to do it in a few minutes."

Mrs. Jones was wearing an attractive perfume I inhaled while she
fastened me to the horse.

The three ladies left and I couldn't eavesdrop because I was
tied down.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It turned out that I went to work for Mrs. Jones both at her
hair salon and in her house. That was all outrageous because
Lisa wanted the same amount of time with me as before.

I never heard the conversation where it must have been decided
that Mrs. Jones became responsible for my whippings.

Mrs. Jones came for coffee and 'while she was there' the Harry
book came out and it seemed I needed to be whipped. That was
repeated almost weekly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I told Lisa that I was struggling.

Lisa fastened me to whipping horse and sat in the chair and
said: "Tell me what's troubling you Harry."

I said: "There is too much for me to do, and who is Mrs. Jones
that she beats me mercilessly on a regular basis?"

Lisa said: "I will review your schedule, but remember you're my
slave and working you hard, very hard is what I'm supposed to
do. And if you didn't screw up so much you wouldn't get whipped
so much. I'm going to leave you here until dinner time to think
about what we discussed."

While I was serving Lisa dinner, she said: "Gladys whips you
because of notes I make in the Harry book. I will tell you when
I make a note so you'll know why you are going to be whipped."

I said: "Thank you ma'am;" but she didn't say I was going to get
fewer whippings.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On Friday night Mrs. Jones was invited to dinner.

Lisa said: "Gladys and I have been talking about the fact that
we share you but you spend more time with her than with me.
Gladys will move in with us, that way you can serve her more but
you'll be here and there will be a whole house you won't have to
care for. But Gladys will require you to move her stuff here and
get rid of what she doesn't want."

My relationship with Mrs. Jones was like the one I had with
Rosita. She knew everything about hair. And again like with
Rosita I was treated as a non-person. I swept and mopped, and
cleaned the windows and mirrors. All the other hair dressers
used me as the 'boy' to do errands and chores.

One morning there was a discussion about my not driving. It
proved that I was a lower caste of human, but they were
irritated because it limited my usefulness. And Mrs. Jones did
nothing to steer their attitudes, in fact if any disagreement
came to her attention, I would lose. She would threaten pulling
my pants down and talk of giving me a whipping. Yet she had a
mother hen attitude toward me with the customers, explaining
just what I needed to do and frequently told me how she hated
whipping me, but did it for my own good and I would be happier
in the long run.

I learned that Lisa's musings in the Harry book was what caused
me so much pain. Example: "Last night Harry undressed me and he
showed no interest."

Mrs. Jones interpreted that as requiring ten strokes with her

I got that kind of information by asking Mrs. Jones which of the
entries caused the whipping I was about to receive. Rule 19
forbids me to look at the book because it has Lisa's private

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally I said: "Miss Lisa, I am your slave, but am I also Mrs.
Jones's slave?"

Lisa said: "Of course not, you are mine 100%. I just told Gladys
she could use you and I told you to respect her, why are you

I said: "Since I'm your slave, maybe you can specify how much
punishment I deserve instead of letting Mrs. Jones interpret
your thoughts."

Lisa said: "Okay."

That night while I was undressing Lisa, I said: "May I kiss your

Lisa said: "Yes, but you don't have to ask."

Kissing certain parts of Lisa's body seemed to be a non-
threatening way to proposition her. Almost everything else was
forbidden by some rule. For example if I simply ask if we could
have sex, we may, but if she didn't want to I would have
violated the rule against propositioning her when she wasn't in
the mood.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gladys and Lisa were going to see a movie everyone was talking
about. I asked Lisa if I could go with them.

Lisa got furious that I don't consider her feelings when I ask
for things so she put me in the spanking horse and she and
Gladys went to see the movie. When they got back I heard the
bell that calls me but I could not go to her.

Then Lisa came into the small bedroom and she said: "It was your
fault I put you here, I can't remember everything, it's your job
to keep me organized." She released me, and I was cramped and
bent over for a few minutes. Lisa was alarmed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A few nights later Lisa asked me to unload the chair she bought.
It was a nice dining room chair with arms.

Lisa said: "Put it in the small bedroom. This will be your time
out chair. I want you to add ways to secure you there."

My loving goddess bought me a chair so I wouldn't get a cramp
when I'm being punished.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since I rode to and from work everyday I ended up with lots of
time with Mrs. Jones. I learned her history. She and her husband
had always been in the hair salon business and he was an
entrepreneur who at one time had eight shops. They sold their
small chain to a national organization for enough money to
retire. Then her husband got sick and died suddenly. For a year
she traveled around the US and Europe and found it boring. She
opened up a beauty salon.

The 'girls' got all the fees and tips but they paid Mrs. Jones
rent to occupy one of the stalls. She said the business breaks
even most months and the rent went up when I arrived and that is
why the 'girls' at first resented me but they are happy with
what I do.

This explained to me why they considered me their 'boy'.

I asked Mrs. Jones how she got into fem-dom. She said her
husband was into it and she met Carol and tried to do what Carol
was doing.

She said: "I tried it at a hotel in the US and it's not
practical. Carol was right to do it in Mexico."

We talked a lot about the business and how the business model
was that Mrs. Jones was renting stalls and the operators were
paying her rent. The place was called US Girls. Since I was a
slave in Mrs. Jones eyes we couldn't plan together but I made

The operators had their clients and not many new clients walked
in. The operators didn't show up when they didn't have anything
scheduled so most of the time the place looked deserted. I
suggested making the operators chip in a small amount and use it
for business development, mainly advertising.

I suggested making the girls pay a percentage instead of a fixed

I suggested we have a common scheduling activity and have an
answering service.

I suggested we schedule using the internet, and much more.

Some ideas were accepted, some were converted to a different

The business exploded. I didn't even know but Lisa had invested
$50K in US Girls. Mrs. Jones credited some of the success to my
ideas and she told Lisa. Most days there were seventeen women
doing hair for most of the day.

Lisa and Mrs. Jones have walled me in.

I asked Lisa if ever I would not be a slave.

Lisa said: "Harry you are my slave for the rest of your life. If
I throw you out you will starve. No matter where you go, your
earnings are mine. My lawyer said a contract like the one you
signed went to court. The husband signed over his future
earnings to his wife and the wife won. So you better keep me

I asked Mrs. Jones whether since I was doing so many other
things for the salon such as working with the ad agencies,
maintaining and improving the web site with the scheduling
program, doing the books and payroll and I had almost twenty
clients, could we get a cleaning service so I wouldn't have to
do it.

She said: "Of course not. I can't afford you thinking you're
important. And I think you have to clean better because I saw
smudges on some of the mirrors and I saw dust under my phone
when I moved it."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About a month after that, I had the opportunity to give Mrs.
Jones a massage. (Lisa said to do it.) Normally I massage
between twenty and forty minutes depending on the mood of my
subject (usually Lisa).

Mrs. Jones got more and more relaxed and this went on for over
an hour and I didn't stop for another fifteen minutes; and then
partly because my back was hurting and she had become as limp as
a rag doll. I covered her and brought her some coffee.

I propped her up and handed her the coffee. Mrs. Jones said:
"That was very nice Harry. That was the first time in my life I
had a massage. It's very sweet you bringing me coffee. It would
be nice if you brought me coffee at work."

Of course I brought coffee for Mrs. Jones every day from then
on. The ritual was that I would bring the coffee and she would
find a reason to ignore me, like reading a letter, or searching
for something and other activities for a few minutes. (She
didn't have a computer then.)

When she finally recognized me she questioned me about what I
was going to do that day, or how the business was going, even
though we rode in to work together in her car.

I got a tray and put the coffee on it and a folder that had the
previous day's receipts, and the month and year to date results
with comparisons to the prior period and my calendar page. All
that information came out of the accounting program we were

I was a junior manager presenting the enterprise's performance
to the president. I did this for several weeks; at times I had
to get her a second cup. It was the really first time she was
exposed to our accounting system and the information it

Then one day she told me to get quotes for a cleaning service
because I was doing too many things, but on the other hand, she
never offered me to sit in one of the chairs around her desk
even though the presentations sometimes took over an hour.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

One day Mrs. Jones said: "Harry sometimes you remind me of my
Joe. But Joe liked to tell me what to do. You will never be in
that situation. I tell you what to do."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and recalled the thrashing she gave me a
few evenings before.

Mrs. Jones has great technical knowledge about hair care and she
has been in the business a whole lifetime. That is sufficient
reason to respect her, but the threat of her switch makes a
compelling reason.

One of the hairdressers noticed that the more I worshipped her
the worse she treated me. But she treats me the way she would
treat her husband if she could do it again.

Mrs. Jones impressed me when she walked around and visited my
clients, I introduced her as the owner and it was always instant
friendship and almost always she noticed something about my
client's hair that we could improve on. And six weeks later she
may be walking around and see the same client, she remembered
the clients name, the hair issue and they talked to each other
as if they had met every day.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa and Gladys are great friends. They go out together to the
movies and restaurants and except on very rare occasions I'm not
even allowed to fix dinner for myself, instead there is
something special Lisa or Mrs. Jones assign me to do that is
more important than me eating.

I learned the hard way to act delighted....

Five or six months ago, I dressed Lisa to go out with Gladys to
a new restaurant. Lisa said I might come along and I was very
excited. We were gathered in the hall.

Mrs. Jones said: "Harry, my mattress needs turning and while
you're doing that would you vacuum under the bed, and my closet
is getting dusty will you vacuum in there too, you may have to
take the shoes and stuff out."

I said: "Miss Lisa said I could come with you tonight."

Lisa said: "Harry that was before I knew Gladys had something
for you to do."

I said: "Miss Lisa, may I eat something?"

Mrs. Jones said: "I think you better get started with the work
because I can't go to bed until you get done."

I was disappointed and I resignedly said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa yelled at me: "Harry I want you in the small bedroom, now!"

Lisa fastened me to the whipping bench.

Lisa said: "Do you know what just happened?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, and I'm so sorry."

Lisa said: "Explain what happened?"

I said: "I was so disappointed that I wasn't going with you that
I forgot what a great privilege it would have been to clean Mrs.
Jones' room."

Lisa said: "You said that very well, I'll think about what to do
to you."

I said: "Thank you Miss Lisa."

The light went out the door closed and I heard the ladies
leaving. I remember Lisa going crazy and locking me in the
outhouse for nearly two days. I had no idea what she will do

A couple of hours later the light went on and without any
warning Mrs. Jones started beating me with her switch. She was
yelling at me that I'm ungrateful for all the things Lisa gives
me then whack whack with the switch and more abuse about I'm a
cry baby because I was begging her to stop and I was beginning
to literally cry.

Lisa entered the room and said: "Gladys use the belt, I think he
respects that more. Make sure he counts the strokes. Give him

I sucked in my breath. I couldn't believe what she sentenced me
to. On top of the thin cuts made by the switch the strap seemed
to penetrate under the skin, I screamed and whimpered and
managed to count but Mrs. Jones was implacable, about not
screaming, she said I could cry only, not scream and beg. I got
over 30 because I couldn't help screaming and begging.

All the while I saw Lisa standing in front of me being so
beautiful. She was wearing a short black skirt and high heels. I
was suffering for her.

When the terrible strap finally stopped I sobbed for a whole

Lisa said: "What have you to say to Gladys?"

I said: "Thank you for the beating Mrs. Jones."

Gladys draped the strap in front of me, she said: "Kiss it."

I did, I will do whatever these ladies tell me, I will be very
happy to do what these ladies tell me I kept repeating.

Lisa said: "You have to undress me and hang up my dress;" and
she released me from the bench.

While I was at Lisa's feet taking off her shoes, I sort of lost
it and said: "I will never disappoint you again Miss Lisa. I
will always be your slave."

Lisa said: "Good, but your punishment is not over."

I got her bathrobe and put it on her and her slippers and we
went downstairs and Lisa put the collar on me and pulled the
chain up so tight that I could only move a few inches to the
left or right.

Lisa said: "Try to sleep, I expect you to work tomorrow. You
exist to serve me"

I said: "Yes ma'am Miss Lisa;"

I did somehow sleep and in the morning I was released so I could
help my goddess get dressed and to fix breakfast.

Now I realize I don't get to go out with Lisa and Mrs. Jones, I
understand that if they ask me to do something I have to gladly
do it. If they don't think to tell me to have dinner I don't get
any dinner.

So is all this terrible?

It may seem abusive. But I wouldn't change anything.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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December 8, 2012

The Vacation - Part Seven

Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Seven

Visitation Rights

I answered the door. I greeted Carol: "Hello Miss Carol, it's
very good to see you."

Carol said: "It's good to see you Harry; I've come to visit with

I said: "Yes ma'am, please come in she's expecting you."

I seated Carol and went to get Lisa, yelling is not allowed.

Lisa said: "Hello Carol, would you like a drink?"

Carol said: "Cold white wine would be nice."

Lisa said: "Get that for both of us."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I brought two glasses and a bottle of cold Chardonnay in a wine
cooler and poured.

Lisa said: "Harry leave the bottle and go back to work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The following is a transcript of what I overheard and if Lisa or
Carol learned of its existence I would suffer great pain and
possibly worse.

Carol said: "You've made good progress."

Lisa said: "I followed your suggestion about the driving and
Harry doesn't have a car and no longer drives."

Carol said: "That's makes it easier for you to keep tabs on him.
But I would have let him drive for your convenience. Do you
still shop with him?"

Lisa said: "I think he took that harder than the driving, but I
shop without him."

Carol said: "Good, he is your slave, not your partner. You don't
do things together, he does things for you."

Lisa said: "Harry is resolved to me seeing other men. There are
so many things out there I want to try. But I think it inspires
Harry to try harder. Of course he never goes out."

Carol said: "Of course he's resolved to it, he doesn't have a
choice; I think this place looks great, does he have a lot to

Lisa said: "That's the problem. He's done everything. Taking
care of me only takes up a couple of hours a day, his other
chores, keeping the house clean, the yard mown, the pool cleaned
and the laundry and cooking seems to only take another couple of
hours. I punished him for loafing around last week. He's so well
behaved he didn't talk back and ask me what he should have been
doing. I wouldn't have known what to say."

Carol said: "An acquaintance of mine is looking for a hair care
worker not far from here. The hours are flexible and the
supervision would be thorough."

Lisa said: "I keep him penniless so he will depend on me."

Carol said: "The pay, including the tips would come to you."

Lisa said: "Perhaps that would be good. He has too much time on
his hands and he hasn't been out of the house for weeks. I don't
allow newspapers or television. He uses the computer to pay
bills and order things for the house and me. He's not allowed to
browse the internet, but I suspect he gets news there."

Carol said: "Can we have a meeting with her and discuss

Lisa said: "Why don't we have her come here and she can see
Harry and even talk to him if she wants to."

Carol said: "I'll set it up, is lunch for tomorrow okay?"

Lisa said: "Harry keeps my calendar;" Lisa rang a bell....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The bell rings all over the house and from several places I can
see the location of the person ringing. In this case I knew and
rushed there.

I said: "Yes ma'am?"

Lisa said: "Am I available for lunch tomorrow?"

I said: "You have tennis at Greentree at eleven and then nothing
else until evening tomorrow, ma'am."

Lisa said: "That was all; you may go back to work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "What is he working on?"

Lisa said: "He is moving me out of the master bedroom into the
second bedroom because he is going to paint the master bedroom.
I wanted a different color. Actually I wanted Harry to have
something to do."

Carol said: "If you can spare him, I'd like to use him for a

Lisa said: "Harry is going to get me ready for going out tonight
and afterward you may use him as you like - I'm leaving at six-
thirty so he's all yours from then on. My gosh I've been so
rude, Carol, we have a guest room and it's yours and I would be
thrilled if you stayed with us;" Lisa rang the bell again.

I raced back downstairs and said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "Is the guest room ready, Carol is considering
staying with us."

I said: "Yes, I dusted and made sure it was ready when you said
Miss Carol was coming."

Lisa said: "He's nearly rolled out the red carpet."

Carol said: "Thank you very much. Both of you are sweet people."

Lisa said: "You will serve Carol tonight as she requests. I
don't want to hear any complaints."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "We're finished, back to work."

I said: "Thank you Miss Lisa, may I fix dinner for Miss Carol?"

Lisa said: "You will be under Carol's control so ask her."

I said: "Miss Carol, I can fix dinner in thirty minutes after
you ask me to if that is your desire."

I was soon waved away and returned to my duties.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa said: "My big regret this evening is that I'm missing
Harry's cooking."

Carol said: "He is a wonderful guy."

Lisa said: "I don't know what you have in mind but I would be
happy to leave the key with you."

Carol said: "I hadn't considered that."

Lisa said: "Would you like it in case?"

Carol said: "Why not, the idea is exciting."

Lisa said: "Tell me what happens so I can make him confess his

Carol said: "Won't he know you're in on it if I have the key?"

Lisa said: "Two keys came with it and I made a third. One key is
in a safe deposit box my lawyer will open if something happens
to me in case Harry is locked up then. I misplaced the other key
and I sometimes think Harry found it."

Carol said: "Why is that?"

Lisa said: "He does everything for me, I couldn't live without
him, but he doesn't seem to lust enough. I told him he could try
to seduce me all he wants, but he seems not to want. I think he

Carol said: "Why don't you forbid it?"

Lisa said: "You think that would stop him from doing it?"

Carol said: "If he is, I think it would. He was very obedient
from the beginning. He said himself he wasn't disobedient, he
was stupid. If you tell him not to do something I think he won't
no matter what it is."

Lisa said: "We have a book of rules, I'll tell him to add it."

Carol said: "The other thing is tell him he's falling behind on
seducing you. I guarantee he will respond big time to that. You
can couch it in threats like you'll get it elsewhere or you will
punish him if your needs aren't taken care of."

Lisa said: "Thank you Carol, I'll do both things."

There was silence but I heard movement, I think Lisa gave Carol
the key.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa said: "I have to start getting ready:" she pressed the

For the third time I ran downstairs and walked into the ladies
and said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "Make sure Carol is moved in, unpack her and put her
things into drawers then come upstairs and get me ready."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I said to Carol: "May I get your
suitcase from your car Miss Carol?"

Carol handed me her car keys.

I imagined some other guy folding Carol's laundry as I put it
into the drawers in our guest room. I was so infatuated with
her, it's hard imagining I was just one of a stream of guys. But
I still love her and it will be thrilling to serve her.

I remember when I was a teenager and I spent hours and hours
tuning and preening my first car. I now feel that way about
Lisa. I love trimming her hair, rubbing cream on her, selecting
clothes, filing her nails, giving her massages, talking to her
about her clothes and shoes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa said: "I'm thinking of asking Carol to go through the Harry
book and administer your punishments."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "You have no feelings about that."

I said: "You have total authority over me, if you want someone
else to beat me how can I object?"

Lisa said: "I think you should get on your knees and eat me. We
don't have much time so hurry up."

I didn't even say yes ma'am. I tried to be slow but Lisa seemed
to have some urgency and I could tell from her movements that
she was coming fast.

She flopped back onto the bed and sighed. She said: "Enough
playing, get me ready."

I said: "Yes ma'am:" But she was the one who ordered sex.

After she got dressed she looked so beautiful I couldn't help
saying: "Please take me with you."

Lisa said: "I can't because I promised you to Carol. And it
breaks my heart to leave you and when you ask like that it makes
it worse and I've warned you. But I'm adding it to the Harry
book. If I suffer, you suffer too."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I fixed one of my special dinners that Lisa always raved about
for Carol. She liked it a lot, and hardly left any for me. There
was only what was left on her plate which I ate while Carol

I asked Carol if she wanted anything else, she said: "No, hurry
up and clean up in here then I want a massage and a bath."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She stayed and watched me clean up.

I said: "Miss Carol, for the same money I offer trimming your
hair and doing your nails."

Carol smiled at my humor and said: "I'll take those services

I remembered how I feared Carol when I was living with her. It
seemed so long ago. Now she seemed like a sweet old friend. But
I remembered our roles and behaved very respectfully.

While I was massaging her she said: "You don't massage breasts?"

I didn't answer but I began by circling them with my fingers
causing my hand to slide under, then I cradled each one in both
hands and covered them with my fingers and applied very slight
pressure and I know it's not massage but I did every lascivious
thing I could think of short of kissing them.

I heard her breathing change. I took the risk of putting my hand
high between her legs and massaging her thigh there. I kept
bumping my hand against her pussy and then moving away. Finally
her hand grabbed my hand when it got close. I looked at Carol
and her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and panting
quietly. I petted her for more than thirty minutes.

In the bathtub Carol said: "There is oil under my breasts, make
sure you wash it all away."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and risked using my bare hands and touching
her breasts with my hands for the second time in a few hours.

I repeated the breast massage with soapy water instead of oil
and it excited her. She wanted me to dry her.

I said: "Put on this robe and I'll trim your hair."

She said: "No. I want you in my bed now."

I didn't know her plans but I kicked off my sandals and jumped
into bed. To my amazement Carol did have the key to my chastity

Carol took hold of my member and placed it into herself and she
was on top of me. All I can say is that I knew this lady took a
long time to come so to delay I considered her hair hadn't been
cut in a long time, but I could use the plant sprayer to wet her
hair again and trim it even. It has a nice curl, then I realized
her boobs were brushing against my skin and the black abyss
loomed. To hold back for her my mind went to what to fix for
breakfast and I heard her make quiet grunting noises and I
looked at her and I saw her eyes become hooded and felt her
contraction and I fell into the abyss.

I cuddled her for several hours and slept part of that time.

A thought came to my mind that my mistress will be coming home
soon. I eased myself out of bed. I found the pieces to the
chastity device and placed it back on me.

I went to our bedroom and warmed Lisa's side. Lisa arrived
shortly after and before I could fall asleep again and I
undressed her and tucked her in.

Lisa was a little chatty: "Did Carol enjoy her time with you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I hope so."

Lisa said: "Did you enjoy your time with Carol?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "Tell me about it."

I said: "Miss Lisa I'm very tired."

Lisa said: "Would you like to spend the night on the spanking

I said: "No ma'am."

Lisa said: "I realize you're a stupid boy, so let me explain
that I'm your mistress and if I ask you to tell me about
something, you have to."

I said: "Miss Lisa, I gave Miss Carol a nice massage and she
liked it and she had a key to unlock my penis, and we had sex;"
I thought Lisa was going to explode.

Lisa said: "Did you enjoy it?"

I said: "Yes ma'am because I saw the key was attached to the
necklace you wear it on and I didn't think Miss Carol tore it
off your neck, so I thought you sanctioned it."

Lisa said: "You may go to sleep. I will write about this in the
Harry book. It's the second item tonight."

I knew I was in trouble, but what did I expect. I ate the
forbidden fruit that my goddess put in front of me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the morning I served breakfast to my favorite ladies. Lisa
was still nursing coffee but I had removed the plates.

Lisa said: "Bring both books."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa opened the Lisa Rules book and pointed out something on a
page to Carol.

She said: "Harry what is Rule 26?"

I said: "Rule 26 says it's insensitive and hurtful to you if I
ask for something that you have to deny and that I will try not
to do that. You call that the no begging rule."

Lisa said: "Did you do that last night?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I did and I'm very sorry."

Lisa said: "What is rule 6?"

I said: "Rule 6 says I will never have sex with anyone except

Lisa said: "You broke two rules last night, and you haven't been
punished enough for countless violations this past year. I have
asked Carol to assist me and we will go through all the
violations in the Harry book and get you caught up."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "Take two chairs to the small bedroom and then come
back here and clean up; then after you've cleaned up come back
to the small bedroom."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

When I got to the small bedroom Carol and Lisa were sitting in
the chairs. Carol had the Harry book and was reading.

Lisa said: "I have been remiss in giving you the beatings you
earned. Carol is going to help out. I'm going to sit here and
watch. While I'm at tennis, you will under Carol's instructions
set up the chain to keep you standing on your tip-toes. So get
over the spanking rack."

Carol said: "I estimate that there are 200 to 300 strokes that
are due you. And I think you should receive every one of them, I
think we should have a program of accumulating interest. But we
have limitations. You have to fix lunch today and get Lisa ready
for going out tonight. This morning we will do 25 and you will
have to receive each one in the manner I taught you or you'll
get more. Is all that understood?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

The beating was worse than I imagined it. It's a good thing our
house is in the center of its own acre because I screamed and
cried. Carol never beat me this hard and this long before. I
think I got thirty strokes for my first 25.

Lisa and Carol chatted for a while, I was hyperventilating and
hiccupping and they ignored me. Then they left the room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa unlocked the straps holding me to the horse and said:
"Hurry up I have to go to tennis and you have to get me ready."

I didn't think I could move but I did. I found the tennis gear
Lisa likes to wear and helped her put it on. She is so lovely.

She hugged and kissed me and said: "You poor baby, I can't whip
you like that, I can't bring myself to hurt you, but you
shouldn't do all those bad things."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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December 6, 2012

The Vacation - Part Six

Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Six


There were months when Lisa had not one complaint, and I wasn't

When I dressed Lisa, I always offered her clothes to wear so she
didn't have to think about it (she asked me to do that). But
almost always she thought about it and we would have discussions
about her clothes and what she liked and I developed a strong
bond with her about our mutual interest.

She has a perfect body and everything looked good. My favorites
were the clothes that revealed her magnificent shape. Lisa also
liked clothes that hid her shape.

Once when I offered a pretty revealing dress she said: "I don't
need that, the only person I want to seduce is here."

Our major common interest is her clothes, shoes and jewelry. We
spend hours shopping, I used to bring home clothes for her to
try on and approve, and I took lots back.

That ended when Lisa decided we would save money if I sold my
car and cancelled my liability insurance, which made it illegal
for me to drive in California. Now Lisa and I have to go
together, sometimes we have lunch and just walk around and
window shop.

Selling the car was more about Lisa's control than economics.
Lisa wanted me more focused on her and the car eliminated any
means of distraction.

The nearest supermarket was ten miles away over hilly mountain
roads. Lisa would drop me at the supermarket and I would shop
and wait for her. I no longer even had a cell phone so I waited
for Lisa as much as ninety minutes. I always shopped as quickly
as I could because Lisa was outraged if she had to wait for me.
Lisa sometimes made me call a taxi to take me and the groceries

Lisa is not cruel, in spite of my fantasies which I shared with
her, cruelty has not really materialized, but she has become
inconsiderate. I think Carol is coaching her and expecting
consideration is an entitlement that has been taken away.

Lisa wanted to go shopping and I was looking forward to going
with her. I helped get her ready and when she was all dressed
she said: "Harry dear, I want you to clean the grout in the
tiles while I'm gone."

I said: "Miss Lisa, I didn't know it needed cleaning, I examined
it last week when I mopped the floor." I was trying to say that
I needed to be informed. Lisa has a low threshold for my

Lisa said: "I saw it was discolored by the entry, and I think
you should do the whole floor since I won't be coming back until
long after lunch."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I didn't know that."

Lisa said: "Make sure you do under the furniture too, especially
under the refrigerator and washing machine and dryer."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

This is one of those situations where I'm being tested. If Lisa
says clean grout in the morning, when she gets back I should be
cleaning grout.

I have knee pads for this kind of work and a grout brush. We
have the whole first floor, including the kitchen and the
laundry room in tile. After cleaning the grout the floor has to
be mopped again. It was very hard work.

Lisa returned about 3:00 and she looked lovely as always, I was
filthy and sweaty from the hard labor.

Lisa said: "Don't let me interrupt you. I'm going to try on the
clothes I bought."

This was one of the things we used to do together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We have a locked mailbox at the curb and Lisa has a key and I
don't. Lisa opens all the mail including the bills. I have a
credit card that is in Lisa's name and she has several others
that I don't have access to.

Bill paying takes about fifteen minutes a week for all except
the credit card I use because Lisa audits that one. I'm always
prepared to explain every single charge and I keep the receipts
from the grocery store for example so I can explain what the
item consisted of. Lisa wants to know every detail. I also use
that card for mail order and whenever I need to pay workmen who
come to the house.

I do the cooking and Lisa likes fresh fruit and berries and
melons and they are somewhat expensive. There really isn't a
problem but the fact that I exercise my discretion requires
Lisa's suspicious investigation. I automatically pay her other
credit cards without discussion.

On this particular day the discussion was that I bought wine and
she could not account for several bottles and there was the
suspicion that I stashed it somewhere and drank it.

Finally everything is accounted for, but a little hostility
crept in between the accuser and the accused.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I set the table for dinner and didn't have a knife because it
was in the dishwasher which was running. Then I forgot about it.

Lisa sat down for dinner and said: "Harry I don't have a knife."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Lisa, I'll bring you one."

Lisa said: "That is unacceptable to me. You weren't paying
attention. I own you Harry, that means your time is mine. I want
you to make sure I know what you are doing and that I approve
what you're doing. Your thoughts are mine. I don't know what you
were thinking but you should have been thinking of me. The food
you eat is mine. The heat that keeps you warm is mine. I'm going
to show you what your life would be like if I took away the
things I give you. Get the handcuffs."

I brought the handcuffs and Lisa handcuffed my hands behind my
back and took my arm and led me outside to the outhouse we still
have in the back yard. The door was padlocked because it was out
of use for a long time. Lisa had a key and she unlocked the door
and pushed me inside.

I heard her close the padlock and I checked the door was locked.
I presumed Lisa would let me out in a couple of hours at the

It gets pretty cold in the hills above LA at night and I
shivered. I woke when the sun lit my cell. I had spent the night
there. The sun warmed the un-insulated structure and it became
uncomfortably warm and bad smelling. I was so bored, had Lisa
forgotten me? I was hungry and thirsty and I was bored.

Then it got dark. I tried to assume a fetal position on the
disgusting floor to preserve my warmth. I woke when the sun came
up again. I wondered if Lisa was going to let me die here.

I stretched out lying on my back with my feet vertical up
against the wall. I heard movement and then I heard the padlock
being unlocked. It was Lisa. She led me back to the house.

Lisa said: "Whose house is this?"

I said: "It's Miss Lisa's."

Lisa said: "Whose food is in it?"

I said: "It's Miss Lisa's."

Lisa said: "Who owns you?"

I said: "I'm Miss Lisa's."

Lisa unlocked the handcuffs and said: "Go make my bed."

I made Lisa's bed and picked up clothes she left on the floor
and cleaned the sink and the mirror.

I returned to where Lisa was sitting and I curled up at her
feet. Our relationship had changed: Lisa had been my wife and
lover and now I was her slave. Nothing would be the same again.

Lisa said: "Carol said it would take a year for you to realize
the situation you're in and maybe another year to cope with it.
She said people don't understand what it is to be a slave. Even
her program doesn't make you feel the impact that living it
does. You can't go back Harry. I'm not going to release you from
the contract. It's not all so terrible. I want to be incredibly
generous to you and I want you to appreciate that generosity. In
exchange I want you to constantly think of things that you can
do for me and ways you can make my life easier and less
stressful. If I don't get that - you tasted what will happen.
You may think you were punished for forgetting a knife, but it
was about changing a mind-set behind that."

I said: "Yes Miss Lisa, I understand;" What set her off was my
defensiveness while she was auditing me. It was my effort to
save water and electricity that motivated me to fill the
dishwasher so I ran out of utensils and thinking of that ahead
of Lisa. But Lisa is telling me that I can't take her keeping me
for granted. I hadn't realized how precarious my life was.

Lisa said: "Would you like to bathe me."

I said: "Very much, ma'am."

Lisa said: "Carol will visit tomorrow. You will show her every
courtesy but you will not express any familiarity beyond that
which is due to the fact she was one of your teachers."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I wondered why she was coming but I didn't
dare ask.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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December 4, 2012

The Vacation - Part Five

Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Five - Home to Lisa

In the Taxi to the Airport:

Lisa said: "Have you enjoyed yourself?"

I said: "Actually I learned what hell is like. I worked harder
than I have ever worked and suffered at every turn."

Lisa said: "Why didn't you leave?"

I said: "I thought you wouldn't let me leave."

Lisa said: "How could I have stopped you?"

I said: "I thought you set this up and would have been upset if
I didn't complete it."

Lisa said: "Why would I be upset and compel you to do something
you didn't want to do?"

I said: "I thought you cared a lot about me doing this."

Lisa said: "I spent $25,000 but I did it because I knew you
wanted to."

I said: "I can see where I would have caused you to think that.
But this reality as I said was very difficult for me. You saw
what I went through this morning."

Lisa said: "My big question for you, am I Lisa or Miss Lisa,
when we get home will you wear the chastity device?"

I said: "Do I have to answer that now?"

Lisa said: "No sweetheart, you can take all the time you want
and you don't even have to answer ever, if you don't want."

I said: "I just want to hold you forever. Maybe give you that
bath I owe you."

Lisa said: "This program didn't happen because you didn't give
me a bath once on our vacation. That was just a symbolic
behavior that was hard to take. I had contact with Carol before
we left L.A."

I said: "I love you and sitting close and holding you makes me a
happy person."

Lisa said: "I love you too. So you really went through the
program because you thought I wanted you to?"

I said: "Yes. On the one hand I would climb the highest mountain
and swim the deepest river to find you; on the other hand I'm
willing to do anything for you. Without you my life wouldn't
mean anything. And no matter how bad it got, I said to myself,
my Lisa put me here because she loves me."

Lisa said: "Carol said it was up to me now, would you be willing
to commit to that?"

I said: "You mean Lisa and Miss Lisa?"

Lisa said: "Do you want me to decide?"

I said: "Yes, but can we postpone the decision moment until a
few days after we get home."

Lisa said: "Of course sweetheart."

We had first class aisle seats across from each other and we
couldn't discuss much. I became a little tipsy, I had a glass of
red wine, two beers, and a liquor. I had been deprived of such
drinks but made to serve them for five weeks so Lisa drove the
car to our house from the airport.

I said: "Lisa what have you been doing with yourself."

Lisa said: "I went to bars and night clubs. I've met people."

I said: "Do you want to continue doing that?"

Lisa said: "I thought you might like this life style."

I said: "Let's say I do and let's hear what if I don't?"

Lisa said: "I like it and don't want to give it up."

I said: "If I learned anything in five weeks it is that I will
like it. Even if it's walking on hot coals if you're there."

Lisa said: "I might not always want to take you."

I said: "Will I be able to go out without you."

Lisa said: "I wouldn't allow that."

I said: "So you would like to have all rights and privileges and
I have none?"

Lisa said: "Yes."

I said: "It seems that you have decided."

Lisa said: "Don't be upset. Nothing is decided. You only heard
my preference. Let's go home and celebrate your return for a few
days and discuss this after that."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At home at last.

We celebrated in bed. We had 2 days of as much sex as we had the
previous 2 years.

On Monday Lisa said: "If you address me please say Miss Lisa."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "That's my other name. We received a package, it's in
the garage. I want you to bring it in and put it into the
smaller downstairs bedroom. And unpack it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

The package was the whipping horse that Carol had me build. I
carried the packaging to the recycle bin and told Lisa I had
done it.

Lisa said: "Now let's lock up your penis, pull down your pants."

I said: "But Miss Lisa I thought we were going to discuss this."

Lisa said: "I said pull your pants down, remember the last time
you disobeyed me?"

Lisa had changed so much. I was fascinated so I went along and
pulled my pants down and Lisa locked my penis in the cage.

Lisa said; "Come with me Harry."

We went to the small bedroom where the horse was.

Lisa said: "Strip and get over the bench."

Lisa fastened my hands and feet.

Lisa said: "When I tell you do something you say 'yes ma'am' and
do it right away. Is that understood?"

I said "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "I'm going to think about our relationship. You're
probably going to get a beating."

Lisa left and closed the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It became dark outside so I had been lying there for hours.

Lisa returned and moved a chair in front of me.

Lisa said: "I want to be in charge."

Lisa was made up; she had on a black dress, stockings and high
heels. I was fastened down and cramped from being there so long,
I had to pee, and I was hungry.

I said: "Miss Lisa, I'm at your mercy."

Lisa said: "You have asked me for this as long as I can
remember. I'm offering it to you."

I said: "Tell me more."

Lisa said: "In simple terms, you will cook, clean, do laundry,
take care of the house and yard and pool and the cars, I want
you to be my secretary and my maid. If I tell you to do
something you have to do it. You have no rights to sex but you
can try to seduce me. And I have no obligations. It won't be as
bad as your past five weeks because I will give you wide
latitude to get the work done. Of course I won't tolerate the
work not being done or done poorly."

I said: "If I say 'yes ma'am' do I get released?"

Lisa said: "I want everything in my name, including the house
and all its contents and the cars, you will have nothing."

I said: "What if you tire of me?"

Lisa said: "That's your problem."

I said: "If I transfer everything to you and you walk away, what
will I do?"

Lisa said: "If you want to be my slave, then I have to have the
power to be your mistress. You will have to convince me every
day to keep you. You will have to do what I tell you. You will
have no power over me."

Lisa decided: "I'm going to release you, and I want the house
cleaned, the laundry done and I want you dressed in your leg
warmer outfit. I'm going out and you can sulk or you can get to
work. You can fix yourself whatever food you can find. If you
want to agree to the terms, I want the work done and you warming
my side of the bed when I get home otherwise sleep in the guest

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day we visited Lisa's lawyer.

Lisa left the office being a very rich lady and I left being a
very poor man.

Lisa said: "Cheer up Harry, I'm not planning on leaving you.
Remember what Carol said. You have to obey me, it's not about
you, and you will take an interest in all of my affairs. Carol
said you can come for a refresher course any time. But I want to
make some additional rules and I want you to write them down for
our reference. What I'm thinking right now is I'm taking you
home to work by yourself and I don't want you to have any
alcohol at any time except when I offer it to you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "I'm never happy with the clothes I buy; I probably
spend too much money too. I want you to go through my closets
and drawers and learn what clothes I have and decide what I need
and get it for me. I'm including shoes. This is very important
to me."

Lisa continued: "I'm going out tonight and I want you to find
clothes for me to wear and I want you to plan on preparing me. I
want you to trim my hair; I want a manicure and pedicure, a
massage and a bath. When I drop you off I want you to change
into leg warmers and get to work. I'm going to have lunch with
the attorney who prepared the papers at her country club."

I said: "Yes ma'am what kind of place are you going to tonight?"

Lisa said, "I guess it will be mostly bars."

I said: "So it would be casual wear?"

Lisa said: "Yes, but I want it to be stylish and sexy."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" because I really did have to obey her if I
didn't want to end up homeless - but why do I have to make my
wife look sexy to go bar hopping?

I found a composition book and wrote LISA RULES on the cover and
wrote inside: The date, Rule 1: Harry may not drink alcoholic
beverages unless Lisa offers it.

I took some notebook paper and went to our bedroom and started
on Lisa's closet and made categories and listed everything I
found in a category. For example dress is a category, skirt is a
category and I described each item including color and size.
Lisa had a lot of clothes in different sizes.

For size guidance I examined the clothes she had been wearing
from the laundry and assembled a collection of sizes for
dresses, skirts, blouses/shirts, panties, bras, and shoes.
Nearly half her clothes in the closet were the clearly now of
the wrong size, and even some shoes.

I put all the information into a spreadsheet and printed only
the items that were the correct size in one set, and the items
that were not in another. I moved all the wrong sized clothes to
an unused closet including the shoes.

I separated the clothes into dressy and casual. There wasn't a
lot, but enough to make lots of combinations. I went on the
internet and searched for casual clothes and saw lots of
pictures of models dressed head to foot and I assembled several
outfits from the palette of Lisa's clothes. I printed some of
the pictures that I thought were sexy.

Lisa looked at the pictures and what I had done in her closet. I
could see she was pleased. She was so pleased we had sex. (Or
was it because I made her a rich independent woman today?)

Lisa said: "Okay Harry, get up and get moving. Get me a nice
glass of cold wine and get yourself some coffee and you can do
my fingers and toes."

I really wanted to nap but I didn't want to consider the
consequences of disobeying Lisa.

The coffee helped. Carol's schools hadn't taught me enough but I
thought there were better ways to learn stuff than to return

I enjoyed doing Lisa's nails and toes.

I cuddled up next to her and talked of projects we were going to
do and trips we might take to places we hadn't been.

On my knees doing her toes it was a different matter because I
looked straight at her sex and even though we had just had sex I
was stimulated.

I now think I'm a good masseuse because so many people have said
so, but the most important person was purring under my stroking.
Lisa is very partial to stroking where her spine goes into her
skull. I almost felt like I was petting her.

Lisa was smiling while I was washing her because she saw how her
body excited me, I trimmed her wet hair. She put on an outfit I
selected that was similar to what the model wore in one of the
pictures I printed out. She was satisfied.

Lisa said: "While you're shopping for clothes for me, buy
yourself a couple of different color leg warmers and tee shirts,
also a coordinated garter belt."

I cooked dinner and served it to Lisa. Lisa made me eat her
leftovers just like Carol who probably inspired her.

Lisa said: "If you get cold you can put on the pink girdle, but
nothing else."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "Did you start a book of rules?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and showed her the LISA RULES book.

Lisa said: "Find another book like this and label it HARRY."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "I'm going to put notes in that book, and reminders,
like if I need to punish you but I can't do it right away.
Tonight I will be late getting back. I want you sleeping on my
side of the bed to make it warm. I'm going to wake you up and
you will undress me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Life didn't change much. Lisa partied and actually exercised and
played tennis more than before when I encouraged her to be more
physical. I paid bills and managed Lisa's investments. The
passwords on the accounts didn't change. The household chores
were manageable.

Lisa was jealous of her perks. We had a plumbing back up and I
called a rooter company who unclogged a pipe beyond my short
snakes. The charge was nominal, less than a gown or shoes for

Lisa said: "Was it an emergency that you couldn't call me?"

I said: "No ma'am I just didn't think you cared about plumbing
matters and I wanted it to be working before you got back."

Lisa said: "Harry I'm not doubting your reasons but I'm in
charge here and if we have to hire outside persons you have to
get my approval. I want you over the spanking bench and I will
make sure this won't happen again."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but I wondered what she would have done if
she got home and the toilet didn't work.

She let me wait around in an uncomfortable position, I guess
this adds to the agony plus I decided it was a small thing and
she wouldn't be too upset then experience told me when she got
so righteous about one side of an ambiguous situation I would
really suffer. I learned to not say anything and take the

She came in and said: "You can fix dinner because I'm hungry. I
wrote about this situation in the Harry book and you'll get your

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa got real tender and held my head in her hands: "I love you
Harry and I know you meant well, but you just can't go around me
and do things."

I said: "Yes ma'am I won't hire anyone without your permission."

Lisa said: "Except in an emergency or if you can't get hold of

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "You can get up now."

I said: "Thank you Miss Lisa."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

read part six here

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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December 3, 2012

cruelly Cuckolding the male

From: "David" at Ms-Christine.com
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 09:06:52 +0000


I've always found the idea that a woman enjoys making her hubby
watch her while she enjoys pleasing another man exciting. It's
also the idea that such cruelty helps to arouse her sexually and
so bring her to a more enjoyable climax that I love.

It's odd how few Cuckolding fictional stories we've had since the
last one was posted back in 2009.

Episode 90 of the prisoner seems to be the first one we've filed
in this cuckolding fiction category since then.

Perhaps authors of fiction are not as excited by Cuckolding as
some of the readers of this list have been in their non fiction
posts at:-


Personally I've always found such cruelty in cuckolding the male
exciting, especially when the author suggests that it excites
the woman, which is why I enjoyed the recent Prisoner episode.

David at Ms-Christine.com

You can read my own article "why" at:-

December 2, 2012

The Vacation - Part Four

Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2012 04:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Four - no laxity


After I fixed and served breakfast Carol told me not to wear the
girdle but to wear these underpants made for incontinent people
because Alyssa who runs the laundry doesn't necessarily allow
bathroom breaks.

Carol said: "You don't want to disobey Alyssa because she likes
to cane the workers I supply her. She is tyrannical."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Carol escorted me to the laundry and in a small office
introduced me to Alyssa, who was in my opinion unattractive. She
had long black hair that fell down her shoulders. She was plump
and short. She sort of glared at me.

Alyssa said: "What's his name?"

Carol said: "He's Harry."

Alyssa said: "Harry stand in that corner until I'm ready for

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Alyssa said: "Can I have him all day?"

Carol said: "Yes and tomorrow too."

Carol left and I continued to stand in the corner.

Alyssa said: "Your job is to move washed linen to the dryers.
When a dryer finishes you will empty it into these large
hampers. Then you will sort the contents of the hampers. Your
job will be to fold the towels. The most important thing is to
make sure that if a washer is finished and a dryer is available,
the linens are moved. I will watch you, if you loaf or screw up
you will be whipped."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was amazed how much work I had to do. The wash was very heavy
and had to be lifted up to go into the dryer. It sounded
confusing but it was straight forward. When a dryer stopped I
emptied it. I then paid attention if a washer finished then I
would move the wash. If no washer then I would sort the contents
removed from the dryer. Then I would fold towels until a dryer
stopped and it started over. I didn't know if there was a folded
towel quota but I did as many as I could.

I sweated continuously from when I started. No water was offered
and as Carol predicted no toilet was offered.

Alyssa came by and said: "Your shift is over, you worked for ten
hours. Follow me."

I was hoping for water, food and a restroom. I got a cell.
Amazingly a small room enclosed by wire fencing. When the door
closed it couldn't be opened from the inside.

Alyssa said to stand still and I stood at attention not moving.
Evidently Carol was called and she arrived within about fifteen

Carol let me use the toilet before we left and I found a
drinking fountain and got permission to use it.

Carol said: "Alyssa said you did a good job, but Rosita wants
you and is becoming demanding."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "I think the laundry is much better for you than the
hair salon. Your wife will expect that if she tells you to do
laundry and leaves you, when she returns you will be doing
laundry. She paid me money to train you to be a slave."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I thought it was our money not just

I hadn't thought beyond getting out of here, now I wondered how
Lisa might have changed.

Carol is deciding what she will do with me tomorrow and is not
asking my opinion or preferences.

Alyssa gave no encouragement and just said your shift is over.

Working with Rosita was such a joy in learning and camaraderie.
Even though in the salon I was treated as an object. I didn't
get breaks, I had to do all the sweeping up, washing the windows
and the mirrors, and all the ladies demanded that I clean their
work areas right away.

Carol sent me to make dinner before changing clothes.

I actually liked waiting on Carol. She let me eat her leftovers
and I felt connected to her.

Carol said: "Marta said you were very obedient and you take very
good care of me."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Carol said: "You really only did one disobedient thing and maybe
it was only because you're a stupid male."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I actually got it. I have no entitlements,
not even in the hair salon.

Carol said she wanted a bath and I gathered the candles and
music and bubble bath.

Carol said: "Change your clothing and come back and take me to
the bath."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I changed as quickly as possible.

I helped Carol out of her clothes and my breathing began to be
irregular. She was so gorgeous.

She let me wash her with a wash cloth.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had to visit the laundry two more times. Alyssa would stand
close to me and watch me work and then leave without a word. I
had to pee into the incontinence pants I was wearing. Nobody
seemed to notice.

I explained to Carol what had happened and she let me clean
myself up and shower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The next day I was working in the massage studio. I folded

Colleen said she was going to show me how to do Swedish massage.
She explained that understanding anatomy was important and gave
me a book which I could read some other time but now I had to
prepare the tables with pads and sheets and I had to sweep and
clean the showers and toilets.

Colleen said I could do this every morning. I tried to express

In the afternoon, again no one offered me food or water; I was
shown how to do a massage - lots of information about the oil,
the direction of massage, where the muscles were and so on.

One of the staff employees came for a five peso massage and he
got me. I found it very relaxing massaging him. I pressed the
right amount to feel the muscles pressing back. I 'walked' his
spine with my fingers and he gave a little shudder and what was
funny was I felt electricity in my fingers.

The employee said it was a good massage and he was limping but
he could walk perfectly now. That was all it took. Everybody
decided I was a healer. Of course I wasn't but I gave massages
until 7:00 PM.

The next day there was a line outside the massage studio. Even
though I had become the star massager, I still had to mop the
floors, lay the sheets on the massage tables and clean the
mirrors and the toilets and showers. I worked twelve hours

Carol heard about it after the second day. She said I could give
her a massage at her home but I won't be doing massages any

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I got the space heater and turned up the temperature and
stripped the goddess and massaged away. I kept oil between her
and my hands so I never touched her in the places my hands went
I told her.

Then I bathed her to wash away the oil. One of my best days.

The next morning Carol said she had had a sore area on her hip
which went away because of my massage. I had no idea. I said it
was my privilege to massage her whenever I was permitted.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I was going to the Glamour Spa. Of course I was allowed to mop,
clean the mirrors and the toilets and sinks. Eva said that I
could work at removing polish and cleaning nails to get started.

Like doing hair it was important to connect with the client and
most of them spoke English. I asked them about Cancun, what they
saw, where they went and so on. Not a bad job.

Eva kept a close watch on what I was doing. I filed the ladies
nails so they made a smooth curve. The lady clients have a towel
to drape over their laps while I'm doing their toes, but I found
the views very stimulating.

My chastity device kept my member from expanding and it was
uncomfortable so I tried to avoid looking.

By the second day I was applying the base coat and by the end of
the day I was doing the whole job for clients. I learned that I
still cost only five pesos, so I had lots of clients.

On the third day my first client was Carol, and I joked that she
could afford more than five pesos and she said that she wanted a
French style and it had cost eight pesos. It takes longer
because you have to wait for a fourth coat to dry.

The best way to do nails is to line up about eight ladies who
want the same thing and start at one end and remove and clean
then the base coat, by the time the eight person has been done,
the first is dry. But that's not how it's done. There is lots of
chatter. In a hair salon the client can read and not engage the
operator but the client can't do much while her hands and toes
have wet polish but sit and talk. And in fact that's what I
learned - doing nails was how to get ladies to talk.

I did Carol's fingers and toes almost every day from then on.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was Saturday and I was serving breakfast to Carol. I had no
idea what the plans were for me.

Carol said: "After breakfast I want the house cleaned and the
laundry done. We will have a guest for lunch."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I did all the work and it was still early.

Carol said: "I'll give you extra time to prepare a special

I said: "Thank you ma'am;" but I had no idea what to prepare.
Something like instinct said to saute onions. Of course the
whole house started to smell like cooking. I prepared steak and
potatoes and a salad. I found some red wine and I set the table
for Carol and her guest.

The guest was Lisa. I nearly died with embarrassment over my

Carol said: "Harry I told Lisa how well trained you have become.
I expect you to demonstrate that to her. If you please me then I
will let you serve lunch. Otherwise Lisa will get a
demonstration of how much you like to stand on tiptoe."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I realized I was defeated.

I went to Lisa and hugged and she hugged back and we kissed

I said: "Would Miss Lisa like to have lunch?"

Lisa said: "I would love to have lunch."

Carol said: "Harry is wearing the outfit I told you about. I
like it for several reasons. It makes boys docile when they are
exposed, and if I wish to discipline there are no clothes to

Lisa said: "I like him this way."

Carol said: "You may serve us now Harry."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Harry cleans and cooks and does the laundry
including the ironing. Since he is a slave he has no rights or
privileges. I decide if and when he eats. I decide where and how
long he sleeps, what he wears, and of course what he does. After
lunch he will be yours. You should decide to keep him as he is
or bestow on him some rights and privileges."

Lisa said: "What does Harry want?"

Carol said: "I have been training Harry to not want, it's what
you want."

Lisa said: "Is that right Harry?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa said: "I'll take him how he is now. No rights and no

Carol said: "From that situation you can change whatever you

Lisa said: "Show me how Harry stands on tiptoe."

Carol said: "Go to your room."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and went. I felt I was losing but I didn't
know what to do so I just went.

I faced the wall for about 10 minutes when Lisa and Carol came
into the room. Carol put the collar with the chain on me and
Lisa handcuffed my hands behind my back.

Carol tugged on the chain until I couldn't raise myself anymore
and fastened the chain.

Carol said: "We're going to have some more wine and chat." The
door was closed.

Mercifully the door opened after about fifteen minutes.

Carol said: "This was about the same time as the punishment for
talking after you told him not to."

Lisa said: "Is that all?"

Carol said: "No, but that was the first time he experienced it,
he's composed because he has experienced much longer stays. Also
he got whipped."

Lisa said: "Can I see that too?"

Carol said: "Lisa wants a whipping demonstration. Get the strap
and move the ottoman into position and lie across it."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" It's not true that you get used to
whippings. Taking out the strap was making me hyperventilate. My
stomach felt empty and hollow. I went to such lengths to avoid
getting strapped and now for no reason I was going to get it.

Carol said: "I only gave him twelve strokes then, but he's
toughened up so let's give him twenty."

I could hear Carol inhale and strain, before I felt the flame
across my thighs. I counted and thanked in spite of the torment.

Carol said: "The first time he had trouble counting the strokes
and got extra ones."

Carol unlocked the handcuffs and said: "Show us how you can
stand in the corner without moving, but first pour us some more

I said: "Yes ma'am." I poured and went into the corner.

Carol said: "You will have to remove the device on his penis
before you go to the airport and customs. Pack it in his

Lisa said: "I'll do that."

Carol said: "I'm sending his outfit with him."

Lisa said: "Are you sure he can't wear it."

Both ladies laughed.

Carol said: "He also has a pink girdle he wears periodically."

Lisa said: "I'll have him model it for me."

Carol said: "I have a new client next weekend and I will be
alone this week."

Lisa said: "How many clients do you do a year?"

Carol said: "The time it takes varies by the client. Harry is
the fastest I've done so far and it took five weeks. I think my
average is eight weeks and I had one take twelve weeks. So I do
one after another and it works out to six or seven per year on

Lisa said: "Why was Harry so fast?"

Carol said: "Because he's smart and had a clear vision of what
we're doing."

Lisa said: "I think we need to start leaving. Has Harry done all
the chores you need done?"

Carol said: "Harry, have you cleaned the kitchen?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Carol said: "Clean the kitchen and check everywhere, if there is
anything left undone I will tell Lisa."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I cleaned the kitchen and looked everywhere and collected some

I said: "I'm done with the kitchen and I've inspected the rest
of the house. Miss Carol."

Carol said: "You may start packing. Use the bathroom because
Lisa will remove the device from your penis but you will have to
wear the girdle and have Lisa supervise you if you need to use
the toilet until you get home."

I removed the leggings and garter and found the underclothes I
wore when I first met Carol and put them on. The leggings went
into my suitcase.

Lisa unlocked the chastity device by bending over so the key on
the necklace she wore fit into the lock. She gave me the pieces
and said: "Prepare a story if they search your bag at the
airport and ask what it is."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Lisa watched me pull on the pink girdle and then my pants.

I didn't know how to say bye to Carol, and Lisa standing next to
her made it more difficult. I gave Carol a hug and said: "I'll
never forget you."

To my surprise Carol hugged me too and she gave me a big kiss."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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December 1, 2012

January to December 2012 update

From: "Christine at DOMestic" MsChristine.com
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 17:33:09 -0000


I've now completed and uploaded the January to December 2012
update to the members only web site. There are 26 story
episodes, a poem, advice for beginners, electrical play,
punishment and other discussions in this update.

Supporters of DOMestic can see the latest at


and access or search all of the last 16 years of DOMestic.

If you don't have a password you can search many months and
years of DOMestic using the search box at...


Christine at u4ds.com

You can support DOMestic at

December 1st 2012

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harsh regime run by German ladies

From: Boz 4444
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 09:55:02 +0000


If you or any of the DOMestic readers could answer my question I
would appreciate it. I am a great fan of Victor Bruno and see
that you have some of his books as well.

The one titled "German Reform School" ends with the two main
lady characters being transferred from a Female German Reform
School to a Male Reform School.

I have yet to find that edition and wondered if Mr Bruno ever
got around to writing it. A harsh regime run by German ladies
would be wonderful to read about.


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