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The Prisoner - Chapter 89

From: Boz 4444
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The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 89

The previous episode, Chapter 88, is at:-

The next morning he breakfasted alone, but in truth had little
appetite knowing that he had an appointment at ten am with the
Assessor. His wife told him nothing about the Assessor or what
he would need to do, she simply packed a small bag and handed it
to him along with the address and told him not to be late.

He drove himself in one of his less conspicuous cars and having
parked, walked up to the average looking house on a large modern
estate. It was nine forty five when he knocked on the front

There was a long pause, then it was opened by a heavily built
but attractive lady in her mid-forties wearing a skirt and tight
white blouse over an ample bosom. She looked him up and down and
asked one question:


For some reason her attitude made James immediately nervous but
he managed to stammer out: "J.j.james Hough Madam."

She stared at him. "I believe your appointment is for ten
o'clock?" To which he agreed by nodding his head. "Then report
at exactly that time... and not a second early or late Hough."
...and the door was slammed in his face.

He realised that this had not been a good start. He wandered
aimlessly round the estate until it was just before the allotted
time and then walked up and knocked again. There was no response
so he knocked again. Panic was now setting in so he knocked for
the third time and much louder.

The same lady opened the door and told him to get inside. Once
the door was closed she turned on him in irritation taking the
bag out of his hand. "When I say ten o'clock, that is the time I
mean... and as for your hammering on my door in such an insolent
way... You have made a very bad start to your assessment Hough
and I can only hope that this is not a true indication of your
level of ability and respect. Follow me!"

She led the way into a small room that was obviously her office.
Telling him to stand at attention on the door side of a large
desk she took her seat, placed the bag on the surface in front
of her and sat staring at him in a way that made him feel
distinctly uncomfortable.

She placed a pair of half rimmed glasses on her nose, opened the
bag and took out a file. He was concerned to see his photograph
on the cover and guessed that it contained details on his life.
She slowly read the sheets inside the cover, with just the odd
glance in his direction and a snapped instruction to "stop

Without looking up she spoke "I see you had to be beaten last
night, what was that for?"

Blushing with embarrassment James told her that it had been his
weekly routine beating but he had also had a strapping for
failing to clean the housekeepers underwear properly.

She looked up over the top of her glasses. "Don't lie to me
James, ten of those strokes were because you failed to remind
your wife that you were due a beating, is that not true?"

James mumbled an agreement.

She looked up. "Well, so far today you have failed to obey my
order on the reporting time, been insolent to me in the way you
hammered on the door and now you have chosen to lie when I asked
a question. I have rarely had a boy here who has made such an
appalling start to an assessment day. You are well below the
acceptable standard so, if I were you, I would try to
demonstrate that these lapses were not indicative of your real
behaviour, unless you want me to report that you are in urgent
need of corrective training?"

James was beginning to feel like a young boy up before the
headmistress. His instinct was to rebel in some way but the
thought, never far from his mind, that his wife could not only
reduce him to penury but also have him committed to jail,
obliged him to obey this woman and accept whatever she chose to
dish out. He knew that he would have to endure this process of
assessment and just hope it wouldn't be too protracted or
unpleasant. He therefore simply agreed that he did not want such
a report to be made.

"My name, by the way, is Mrs Cordell but you will address me as
'Madam'. Before starting your assessment You will be medically
examined by a nurse who happens to be a friend of mine. She
lives in a house opposite this one, number 26, just cross the
road and knock... gently... on her door. I will see you on your
return and we can then get started. And take this with you," she
said opening his bag and handing him a small envelope that was

The house, similar to Mrs Cordell's was indeed opposite and
James soon found himself knocking... gently... on the door.
There was no delay this time and the door was opened by a lady
dressed in a full starchy nurse's uniform from her head dress
down to her sensible shoes. She was in her late forties with
short greying hair and a bored expression on her rather lined

"You must be Hough," she said. "Well, let's get on with it as I
am more than busy today. Go upstairs and into the room on the
left and wait there. Read and obey the instructions on the back
of the door and leave that envelope on the table."

James did as she had instructed and found a large room with a
medical bench and assorted medical equipment in trays on a
table. He placed the mysterious envelope with the equipment and
closed the door to read the notice.

There were two of them. The first headed "Females on Assessment"
which he ignored and the second concerned males:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Males on Assessment.

Males are to strip entirely and place their clothing in the
locker. They will then completely drink the glass of water on
the table. They will then stand on the small mat next to the
table with feet placed on the blue marked areas and hands on
head. Care should be taken to retain the penis in a flaccid
state at all times during the examination. No questions will be
asked by the male and every order by the Nurse will be instantly
obeyed without question. You should realise that the inspection
may be uncomfortable and embarrassing at times but there are to
be no complaints. You will also hold any position that the Nurse
requires without undue movement or attempts to obstruct her

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This was hardly comforting news but, as directed, he stripped
down to his restrainer, thankful that this device would prevent
any erection, drank the water, and took up the position. The
marks for his feet were certainly wide apart and he had some
difficulty in widening his legs far enough to comply.

The Nurse entered the room, glanced in his direction and
continued with a call on her mobile. It seemed that another
appointment had been made for thirty minutes time and that she
was irritated that it would overlap. She concluded the call by
telling the caller to tell the female to arrive on time and
expect a long wait.

The mention of a female was not overlooked by James.

Having replaced the mobile in a pocket in her blue uniform she
stood back and looked James over.

"We will start by taking off your device James, how long is it
since it has been off?"

James explained that it was only taken off on rare occasions for
cleansing and monthly for milking. It had been over a week since
it had last been removed.

The Nurse slipped on a pair of blue latex gloves, reached for
the envelope and opening it extracted the key that she needed.
It took a few seconds to removed all parts and deposit them in a
steel dish.

He now stood fully naked.

She lifted his penis, commented on its general redness and when
he flinched, it's obvious soreness. Then asked how it was

James described Mrs Brady's attentions to which the Nurse
remarked that it certainly looked cheesy and overdue for a
decent scrub.

She led him into the bathroom where there was a modern shower
cubicle and told him to get in, handing him a bar of soap.

"This is a power shower so you will find it very efficient. You
will soap yourself all over, particularly in the crotch area and
then stand whilst the soap is removed. Don't think of increasing
the temperature, it is set at maximum cold as this is not
intended to be a pleasant experience for you."

With that, she turned the lever to "Full" and as the icy jets
hit James, she closed the door and stood back.

It was unbelievably cold and powerful and took his breath away.
He rubbed the soap all over as quickly as he could and then
turned and twisted under the jets until the soap had been washed

The Nurse reached in and turned the shower off, but she was not
through with his ablutions. Taking the soap from the dish she
took hold of the wet, cold and flaccid penis and vigorously
rubbed the soap around the head, shaft and scrotum then told him
to stand with legs apart and hands on his head.

Taking the shower head from its socket she twisted the head to a
different setting and turned it on. There were now just three
small jets within a half inch circumference, but under an even
greater pressure. She held it just inches from his genitalia
and, moving it all around the entire region, blasted the soap

It was particularly painful when it hit his soft shrunken penis
which was blown sideways by the force of the jet. The Nurse
curtly told him to hold it firmly by the root which he did. The
jet was then directed at and around the glans, somehow he
managed to remain almost motionless until she was satisfied.

It wasn't over for him as he stood shivering with cold. Next he
was told to face away from her with his legs wide and reach
behind to pull his buttock cheeks wide apart.

The icy jet was then directed at the top of his anal cleft and
brought slowly downwards. It felt like three jagged icicles
especially when it reached his clenched anus where it remained
for several seconds before hitting the rear of his dangling
scrotum with full force. Even though the cold had contracted the
scrotal skin it still made them bounce painfully until the water
was at last turned off.

He was given a small towel to dry himself and she led the way
back to the other room where, still shivering and with aching
testes, he took his place back on the mat.

Holding a small flashlight in one hand and a tongue depressor in
the other the nurse gave his mouth and teeth a cursory
examination. Following that she used q-tips to check on the
cleanliness of both his nostrils and ears placing the soiled
ones in a steel jar. She then turned her attention to his
shrunken nipples, flicking them with her finger nails until they
became erect. Then she indicated to him that he was to climb up
on the examination bench.

Laying on his back he soon found his knees wide and in the
supports that pulled them back to a vertical position over his
hips in what would be an indecent display anywhere other than a
medical room. His body was lying at 45 degrees to the floor
giving him a good view of the surroundings. He glanced at his
cold penis which showed no signs of erection for which he felt
suitably grateful. Just then there was a knock on the front door
and with a snort of irritation the Nurse left the room.

James could hear a faint conversation and then footsteps on the
stairs which he assumed to be the return of the Nurse. To his
surprise a female entered the room and on seeing him stopped
dead and blushed furiously. She was in her mid twenties, tall,
slim with long fair hair and an exceedingly pretty face. A
subtle and expensive scent wafted around her as she stood in
what was obviously an expensive skirt and blouse looking
somewhat frightened.

She had obviously also been told what to do and read the notice
on the back of the door with a grimace. With one more glance at
James and a shrug of resignation she started to strip in front
of him.

She carefully removed her blouse then skirt and stood for a few
seconds in her designer underwear before slipping off the self
supporting stockings. She bent down facing away from James to
put them neatly away revealing her long tanned legs and bubble
shaped buttocks only partially covered by the small black

There were ugly fresh weals visible on her buttocks and further
heavy bruising evidencing a recent punishment. At least, thought
James, I'm not the only one who gets beaten.

Still facing away from him the pretty girl shyly removed her
brassiere then her panties to reveal even more weals. Having
placed the panties on a hook next to the females' notice she
blushingly turned round and took up the required position on the
mat. She had small upturned breasts with unusually long nipples.
She was unshaven around the pubic area.

James whispered "Who beat you? What for?"

She looked at him horrified shaking her head, but eventually
whispered back:

"My husband. Just before he brought me here, he said it would
show them what I can take. Last night it seemed that I was
supposed to have been insolent to one of his male friends and
the chap 'phoned my husband this morning to complain. I tried to
tell my husband that I hadn't, but I then had to take six with
the strap for insolence and eight hard ones with the cane for
lying about it."

Just then the door opened and the Nurse returned. She ignored
the girl who had braced herself into the required position and
walked towards James.

"If either of you feel in any way embarrassed you only have
yourselves to blame. You are both here to be assessed and there
were no requests on either of your files for any special
treatment or consideration. I don't normally examine with anyone
else present but as I am busy, I certainly have to today. It
might cause you both to be more sensible and not whine and
whimper as most of my patients seem to when things get
uncomfortable. We will start with you James."

With those words the nurse slipped on another fresh pair of
latex gloves and produced a steel inspection device that she
coated with lubricant. She then, to his surprise, transferred
more lubricant to his exposed anus causing him to shift a little
on his bench. Without any warning the speculum, as it could now
be seen to be, was roughly engaged into the opening and pushed
harshly fully in, making him gasp with shock. A ratchet device
was then operated and his anus stretched to a very uncomfortable

The nurse then moved to a nearby table and he found the pretty
female still in position with legs wide, to be looking at and
indeed... into his yawning anus.

He tried desperately to concentrate on something else, but the
combination of the speculum and the female proved too much and
he felt and saw the erection starting to swell his now warm
penis. By the time the nurse returned with a dish containing
some probes and a small light. He was fully erect.

"Did you read the notice of instruction?" she asked.

James agreed that he had.

"Then I will have to report this to Mrs Cordell as gross
disobedience so that she can deal with it," the nurse concluded.

The light was directed between the blades of the speculum and a
long cotton wool tipped probe was inserted to prod, poke and
scrape around the sensitive inner surfaces. Satisfied as to the
general cleanliness the speculum was abruptly removed and a
gloved finger inserted to feel and massage the prostate gland
for some time... with the nurse watching his face to note any
reaction. Eventually it was removed and the gloves changed.

His foreskin that had slid over the sore glans was snatched back
and his swollen penis examined in detail, right in front of the
embarrassed girl.

The nurse made no allowance for the tender areas and twisted and
squeezed as she checked all the folds and wrinkles before
transferring her attentions to his scrotal contents. The check
was thorough with her finger tips rolling and pressing around
the two bulbs and feeling for the connecting pipes.

James squirmed more in fear than actual pain and was told to
keep still and that if she wanted to hurt him she would press
harder... which she did to demonstrate, causing him to writhe
and grunt loudly.

The nurse moved up to his head and having made him open his
mouth to an uncomfortable degree, she then used a sharp dental
prodder and bright flashlight to examine all his teeth and gums,
using the probe to scrape and poke around the teeth and into the
tender gums, ignoring his obvious pain.

His ears were then examined with the scope device before she
took his blood pressure. Finally, with a stethoscope she
listened to his chest, both front and back.

Turning to the girl, the nurse instructed her to fetch two tall
glasses from the bathroom and when she did, told her to urinate
into the one she was holding. The girl looked in all directions
for some area that would afford her privacy but was told sharply
that the nurse had to see her do it as there was a requirement
for the liquid to be checked for drugs.

The nurse ordered James up from the bench and handed him the
other glass with the same instructions, adding that as they
would both have to urinate in full view of each other it should
reduce the embarrassment factor.

They stood facing each other with the empty glasses in their
hands. The female, blushing furiously bent her knees slightly,
placed her glass between her parted legs and with a look of
utter concentration tried to release her flow of urine.
Eventually, a small trickle came from her labia then a gush of
yellow liquid that soon filled the glass. From the look of
anguish on her face the embarrassment had changed to discomfort
as she tried to hold the flow back.

Just then, James managed to release, and soon filled his glass
leaving him with the same problem of holding back the rest of
his bladder.

The two samples were placed on a table for later analysis and
the nurse, having completed the paper-work for James told him to
get dressed and report back to Mrs Cordell. As he dressed the
girl was told to mount the examination bench as he had done and
a speculum was being inserted into her vagina.

His knock at the door was soon answered by Mrs Cordell. James
handed her the report and a container holding his restrainer
from the Nurse and followed her to the small office, taking up a
position at attention in front of her desk.

She sat down, opened the envelope and read the contents. It took
several minutes and her eyebrows were raised in surprise more
than once. Having placed the letter in a filing tray she looked
up at James and spoke:

"Well, Hough, not a good start to your Assessment. It seems that
you are fit enough but unable to obey simple rules and display
real respect for a female in authority. Your lack of self
control with your erections will have to be looked at as will
the continual use of that particular restrainer which may cause
some harm to your penis. I understand that it is somewhat
tender?"... James nodded in agreement.

"I will now start your Assessment. The purpose of this is to
determine the level of respect for ladies that you display, your
obedience to any order, request or suggestion, your acceptance
of any correction or discipline that might be ordered and your
overall level of subservience. You may find parts of this
humiliating and some parts certainly a little painful but just
remember that you are here to show me how well trained you are
in doing whatever I say or accepting whatever I might do to you.
I have two ladies here who will be assisting me. Their
identities will remain secret but you will obey them without
question... whatever they may require of you. Firstly, I will
give you the first of the tests in accepting pain. Come round
the side of my desk and hold out your right hand."

She stood and picked up a leather tawse. James stood in front of
her and raised his hand realising that she was about to lay on
an old fashioned Scottish school style punishment of presumably
the typical three on each hand. Having carefully moved his palm
and fingers into a position that she wanted, she raised the
tawse over her shoulder and brought it down in an arc to slash
into his presented palm.

"Youch" he exclaimed and instinctively drew his hand back to rub
it with his other. It hurt like hell but Mrs Cordell's face
remained impassive as she waited for him to reposition his hand
for the next lash. That came down and hurt even more. He had
just received the third when he presented his other hand almost
eager to change hands as the thought of another application of
split leather to the right palm was more than he could bear.

Mrs Cordell simply shrugged and started to lash that hand. Again
after three blistering strokes he held both hands protectively
under his opposite armpits.

James was glad that assault was over and didn't realise that Mrs
Cordell was simply testing his limits. She had intended to apply
at least five to each hand and her notes reflected his failure
to accept anywhere near that number. She sat down, motioned him
to the other side of the desk and wrote copious notes on to the
clip board.

She then delved into the bag he had brought and took out the
panties his wife made him wear for punishment on Fridays. She
wrinkled her nose in disgust then threw them at him telling him
to take them into the bathroom and wash them thoroughly.

When he returned with the wet item she ordered him to leave them
on the desk top and to strip naked in front of her. He found
this embarrassing and couldn't help it when his penis reacted by
starting to engorge again. Before it was too noticeable he was
told to put on the still wet panties because the lady volunteers
might not appreciate him being naked, and it was not their fault
that he had needed to wash them.

The fact that you could see nearly as much with the wet panties
on and the sheer cold discomfort of wearing them was not

"Now for your next test Hough. You will go into the room
opposite where a lady is waiting. She will tell you what she
requires and you will then carry out that instruction. I would
warn you that each of these tests is designed to assess your
obedience and for that reason they will be made as unpleasant as
possible for you. There is no requirement for the lady to shower
before your service, although she will most certainly want to do
so afterwards. The only comfort and enjoyment to be considered
is that of the lady and your aesthetic, olfactory or taste
senses will not be of any concern. She will be wearing a mask to
protect her identity and will submit a report to me afterwards
that will assess your respect, demeanour and compliance. Go now
and knock on the door."

Not knowing what to expect and why she had made a point that his
aesthetic, olfactory or taste senses were not to be considered
left him totally confused. He knocked on the door. A curt
female's voice told him to enter... which he did.

It was a small well lit room. There was a tall wooden stool on
which sat a large lady wearing a jogging suit and trainers. Her
head was covered in a black leather hood, out of which at the
back hung long lank dyed blonde hair. It only left her eyes ,
nostrils and mouth free so that her identity could not be even
guessed. At her feet was a small mat and she pointed to this
indicating that James was to kneel in front of her.

He found himself looking up at the heavily built woman wondering
what she had in store for him and knowing that as she was
covering up her identity it would almost certainly be something
unpleasant. She spoke:

"I have just come from a very hard session in the gym. It is
your duty to massage my feet so start by removing my trainers.
You will then do whatever I require."

From his kneeling position James unlaced each trainer then
slipped them off leaving them to the side. He was told to take
each one, place it over his face and inhale twice. The insides
of the rubber and canvas shoe certainly gave proof that her
workout had been to the point of heavy sweating. Both trainers
reeked of both fresh and stale foot sweat.

"Now remove my right sock and then I want you to clean my foot
with your tongue, taking particular care between my toes."

James started to lick the extended foot and tried to ignore the
smells of sweat and foot odour as best he could. By the time he
worked around to inserting his tongue between the damp toes it
felt sore and dry, but he knew that he must continue. And he did
continue with both feet until the lady appeared satisfied and
dismissed him with a casual wave of her hand.

Back at attention in front of Mrs Cordell, he awaited what next
she had in mind for him. It was, as she described it to him, in
the nature of an endurance test.

She pointed to a metal tray on the floor. It was almost covered
in dried peas. He was ordered to kneel upright on the peas with
his back straight and hands on his head.

The pain in his knees started immediately. It was a sharp
cutting sensation that had him bending at the waist as he tried
to accept it but he was soon ordered back to the fully upright
braced position that seemed to place even more weight on his
knee caps.

Mrs Cordell brought a chair and sat with her knees almost
touching his chest. She stared into his screwed up eyes watching
him closely as he absorbed the pain with just the occasional
glance at her wrist watch to check how long he had been on the
peas. She whispered that the longer he stood the pain, the
better would be his report and that anything under ten minutes
would be viewed as a failure.

She mentioned how the girls always seemed to be able to accept a
longer time and assured him that this was because males were
wimps when compared to females. James mused on whether in truth
this might be a consequence of their reduced weight or the extra
padding on the female kneecap.

It was 13 minutes before he gave up and without thinking rested
his hands on Mrs Cordell's knees to reduce the weight on his
knees. The sharp slap to his face came as a shock as she stood
with a furious look on her face.

"Don't you ever touch me without a direct order!" she snapped as
he took the weight on his hands lifting himself clear of the

She made no further comment but scribbled away on her report
form as James squatted down to pick the embedded peas from his
sore knees.

Having finished scribbling, she told him that he would now
undergo another assessment in the room where he had previously
been. He was reminded that the lady would be masked and that he
was to carry out anything... anything... that she ordered.

Just as he was leaving, the young female who had been on the
medical assessment arrived looking very flushed. She was
immediately told to stand to attention as Mrs Cordell read the
contents of the envelope that the girl, like James, had brought
from the nurse.

In the next room i was a different woman standing in front James
when he knelt, as ordered, on the mat. She was slimmer and
wearing a blouse and long black skirt with high heels and
stockings and James felt an immediate response to her femininity
in his groin. A similar hood to the one the other woman had worn
also hid her identity, perhaps making her less apprehensive
about ordering this male about. When she spoke she did so with a
soft cultured accent.

"Well James, I have been told that you need testing in providing
a personal service for a female. I will tell you exactly what
service I require and you will be assessed on the way you follow
those instructions, the effort you put into the task and the
degree of success that it achieves. I shall require you to
provide oral sex to me, cunnilingus if you prefer the term. You
will need to clean both my outer and inner labia before exciting
my clitoris and I expect your tongue to probe deep. It is to
your advantage that I have been looking forward to this for some
hours and so you will find me moist and receptive. It is equally
to your disadvantage that I do not climax easily from this type
of stimulation so you will need to work hard. Do you have any

James mumbled that he had none.

She then raised her skirt and told him to remove her panties.
James reached up and gently slid them down over her knees and
feet. He noted the dampness and scents of an aroused female as
she had promised, and his penis throbbed in response.

She then, holding her skirt high, walked over to a large well
padded armchair and sitting down raised each leg so that the
knees were splayed and resting on the arms. The room was well
lit and her extremely hirsute pudenda was spread before him. The
labia were only slightly parted and as he knelt between the
stretched apart thighs, he could again scent the musky smell
that he had noticed on the panties.

He had only performed this act on one female in his life and
that was his wife and only when she had ordered it. Despite his
arousal, he had always found the thought of this act unpleasant
but he knew that as with his wife, he had no choice if he were
to prevent some dire consequence being inflicted on him. He knew
that even if he tried really hard, anything other than a total
success would be bound to have its repercussions.

He approached the exposed lips with some caution then gently
reached out with the tip of his tongue to stroke it up and down
the crack. He immediately sensed a salty taste that increased as
his tongue slid between the labia to the extent that his face
was almost scratched by the coarse thatch of black pubic hair.
He continued to lick for some minutes before bringing his hands
forward then using them to spread the lips wide so that his
tongue could probe the wet and slippery depths with his nose
forced to inhale the strong musky odour.

Fighting his reluctance to have such a close contact he
assiduously licked both the outer and then the almost frilly
inner lips feeling the area respond to his touch by swelling
imperceptibly. With his tongue beginning to ache from the effort
he eventually moved up to the protruding, hooded clitoris first
licking then sucking the nub to full swollen prominence as the
thighs either side of his head flexed even wider to submit to
his attentions.

He tried everything he could think of to help her achieve the
climax that he needed to have, perhaps more than the woman
needed it. He licked, probed sucked swallowed, but there was no
happy ending to be found. After a few minutes the woman became
irritated then furious as she ordered him to return to Mrs
Cordell which he did.

Mrs Cordell told him to wait and went to the room herself. The
conversation was obviously short and when she returned the look
on her face indicated that James had failed. She however made no
comment but picked up an acrylic cane that was laying on a
shelf. She flexed it between her hands whilst staring at him.

"I note that you seem to have managed an erection even though
you have failed to satisfy the lady. I don't think it will be
erect for long."

She stood directly in front of him almost touching, took a deep
breath and continued:

"We move on. I am now going to use this cane to inflict pain. I
am not trying to punish you for your failure at this time, and I
accept that inflicting pain for no reason is a hard thing for
you to accept but it is necessary to assess how you react to
being deliberately hurt for no reason. You must hold position
during the infliction with absolutely no rubbing your buttocks
or trying to avoid the strokes. This is a very effective
implement for causing pain and you may rest assured that I will
lay it on with full force even though I understand from your
wife that you were relatively inexperienced with being beaten
until recent times. We will start with five strokes and then
that will be repeated after an event that you need not worry
about at present."

She was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was the female
looking more flustered and red in the face than before. James
could only guess that she had been to the foot woman, as he
thought of her, to demonstrate her licking abilities. She was
told to stand to one side and watch what was happening to James.

He was told to remove his still damp panties then place his legs
wide apart, bend over from the waist until his back was parallel
with the floor and clasp his hands behind his head. This was a
difficult position to hold without having to take the cane as

Mrs Cordell gave the metre long rod a few experimental swishes
that did nothing to calm James. He realised that the skin on his
buttocks would have been tighter if he had been made to bend
double, but even so, with his genitals dangling between his
spread limbs and his bruised skin feeling exposed and vulnerable
he knew that this would be hell for him. She stood to his left,
he heard her raise the cane and then the swish as it descended
to impact across his presented buttocks.

He had been caned by his wife, but never so painfully as this
expert laid it on. It felt like a hot wire had been dragged over
his skin and the pain did not reduce to any appreciable degree
before she raised the cane over her shoulder and brought it
whirring down for the second stroke... then the third... fourth
and final fifth. All were laid on to a thin band of two inches
across the centre of his buttocks... but he had managed to take
each unjustified stroke without breaking his position.

He was told to stand and saw the look of fear and horror on the
girl's face as he did so. He was then told to go down the
corridor to the bathroom and knock on the door.

As he left he heard the girl being told that she would now
undergo the same test and to position herself. He heard the
first stroke and following cry of pain as he knocked on the
bathroom door and was told to enter.

He was surprised to see the nurse who had carried out his
earlier medical assessment. This time she was wearing latex
gloves and a transparent plastic apron over her uniform.

"Welcome back James!" she said with a cold smile. "I have been
told to milk you so let's get it over with. Lean over the bath
with your hands on the far side and knees up against the edge.
Legs wide... wider. I can see that your penis is still looking
sore from that chastity device but it can't be helped if my
pumping hurts a little... my best advice is to concentrate on
ejaculating then the nasty business won't last too long."

She sat on the closed toilet seat, reached between his spread
legs and grasped his penis firmly with her right hand, then...,
suddenly snatched his foreskin back to expose the red raw area
behind his glans where the device had dug into his organ.

Before James had even a moment to collect his thoughts the harsh
pumping action started and her left hand came between his legs
to grasp, somewhat firmly, his dangling scrotal contents.

There came a knock at the door, and without breaking her rhythm
the nurse called out enter. In a mirror next to the bath James
could see it was the girl, naked, who had clearly come straight
from her caning. She was sobbing to herself but still keeping
her hand away from the soothing touch they would have had to her
throbbing wealed buttocks.

The nurse didn't need to ask her the reason for her visit,
knowing full well that she was there for the same treatment as
James. The girl glanced down at James's buttocks and exchanged
sympathetic glances with him in the mirror as the nurse stopped
pumping and withdrew her hands from between James's spread

"Since you are both here to have your sexual frustrations
released I don't see why I should have to do all the work. I
will position you both so that you can work on each other until
you achieve success. Naturally any failure to do so will be
regarded as disobedience and will probably attract a few more
welts on your backsides."

She soon had the girl, who's name was Emma, sitting on the
toilet with James at the present, then standing astride her
legs. The nurse instructed the pretty girl to grasp his penis in
her right hand and his scrotum in her left then to start
masturbating his erect and reddened organ making sure that any
product landed on her, and not on the wall behind her or the

James face was screwed up more in pain from his sore penis
rather than ecstasy from the girl's massage. More in the manner
of an engineer rather than a nurse the woman produced a bottle
of some sort of cream and liberally applied it to the shaft as
the girls hand slid the foreskin painfully back and forth.

It helped, and now James experienced both pain and pleasure as
Emma followed orders and pumped hard at the swollen red penis.
It took under a minute before the surge and inevitable
ejaculation came as he shot all over her breasts.

Neither were allowed to clean themselves before it was the girls
turn to orgasm. Emma, legs wide was stood, bent forward and
resting her hands on the toilet seat and James was kneeling
behind her with his face only inches from the cruel red and blue
weals that crossed her pale buttocks. His took some consolation
from noting that the girl had been caned every bit as severely
as himself.

The Nurse spoke:

"You know what to do James, right or left hand between her
legs... it's up to you... and give her a finger orgasm as
quickly as you can!"

He reached round her thigh with his left hand and gently prised
the vulval lips apart, then reached between her legs with the
right and introduced his fingers to her already swollen clitoral
area. Even his wife had commented favourably on his manual
dexterity and this girl was to be no exception in responding to
his touch. She soon started to sag at the knees then move her
hips in rhythm with his finger movements as she silently
clenched a few times and clearly reached her orgasm.

"James, you go back to Mrs Cordell and you Emma, clean yourself
up first and then follow him," ordered the nurse.

Mrs Cordell was waiting for them both. To the pairs' unease, she
held the acrylic cane arched threateningly between both hands.

"I will now repeat the five strokes of the cane which you will
both take without undue movement. I am well aware that your
buttocks are already somewhat sensitised and as these strokes
will be laid across the earlier ones it will be quite a
challenge for you to accept them, especially as they are being
inflicted for no reason other than I need to hurt you to assess
your obedience. You will be first girl so bend over as before
with your back parallel to the floor and legs wide apart."

She did and could be seen visibly trembling as Mrs Cordell took
up position. James could hardly believe that this woman was
about to thrash this defenceless girl purely to see how she
reacted... but she certainly did. All the strokes slashed
agonisingly down across the same band that the earlier ones had.
Despite her shrieks and violent shaking she managed to take them
and was allowed to change places with James.

He was mystified as to why she had not simply laid on all the
strokes in one beating. Why had he been milked half way through?
And why had the girl been sexually satisfied before taking the
second beating?

The thought as to whether this was part of the testing were soon
eclipsed by the pain of the first stroke. It was unbelievable
and seemed worse than the original ones. At the third he was
unable to control himself and his hands went to his rear to
protect and massage the area hoping to reduce the pain somewhat.
He realised his error and took his hands away but too late.

Instead of laying the cane on again and even adding more for the
lack of control, Mrs Cordell simply returned to her notes and
scribbled for several seconds.

He could not believe that the assessment was over... but it was.
Mrs Cordell told them both to dress, and in James case to ask
the nurse to refit his restrainer before they both returned to their
homes. She would be submitting a full report to their spouses
and would give no hint of how well either of them had done.

Something told James that in his case, things had not gone at
all well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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