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The Vacation - Part One

Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:11:05 -0500
From: randolphus

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part One - Cancun, Mexico

I have nagged my wife Lisa for over 20 years to become my
mistress. I bombarded her with books about fem-dom both about
the benefits and the techniques. I bought her a computer program
to help her get into it at her pace. I bought a paddle and a
strap and a riding crop and hand cuffs for her to use. I even
tried placing myself under her control.

None of it had any effect. If I begged she whipped me with the
riding crop before sex. So I would describe our relationship as
"normal" with me having fantasies and I thought our relationship
had good communications.

We were on vacation in a hotel in Cancun, Mexico. We were there
because there were numerous golf courses and also pleasant spas.
The warm seashore contrasted to the gloomy weather at home in
Los Angeles.

I had golfed from the time we had arrived and was hungry and
looking forward to a nice dinner and sex afterward. Lisa didn't
disappoint. Dinner was wonderful and the sex was very good. I
had to pet Lisa for a while but she came and I thought I could

Lisa said: "A bath would be nice."

I said: "It's late sweetheart but go ahead."

Lisa said: "Be a dear and fix it for me."

I said: "I'm so tired honey, can't it wait until morning?"

Lisa said: "You want to be my slave but I ask for a little thing
and you tell me you're tired?"

I said: "I'm sorry baby, I'm just so tired."

I fell asleep and I don't know if Lisa got her bath or not.

In the morning I woke with Lisa snuggled close and kissing and
touching. This was very nice and I reciprocated.

Lisa said: "I see you're not tired now."

I said: "I'm not, I feel great and I'm sorry about last night."

Lisa said: "Good, hurry up and get up, I have a surprise for

I got dressed. I said: "What's the surprise?"

Lisa handcuffed me to the doorknob on the door between the
toilet and the dressing area. I became excited by what Lisa was

Lisa said: "You've been asking me for this for a long time and
I'm going to give you your wish, perhaps it will make us both

I was lost for words, I said: "Thank you Lisa."

Lisa said: "I hope you'll thank me after this is over. There
won't be any more golf; I may not even see you for a while."

I said: "What's happening, why won't I see you?"

Lisa said: "Dear Harry. You may not ask any more questions, in
fact you may not talk at all beginning now. If you do I will
report it and I understand that you will be made to regret it."

I became alarmed. What was going on, I wondered.

Lisa said: "Yesterday while you were golfing, I got into a
conversation with the lady that cleans our room. She told me
about a program they have here that sounded attractive. It's a
training program. She introduced me to the manager, Carol who
said that they train you in useful skills and make a subtle
attitude adjustment. It sounded so good that I enrolled you."

"I know this is what you always wanted and Carol explained it to
me that what you talk about doing when you're sexually excited
is not what you do when you're not. She said she will change
your attitude."

"I'm going shopping for clothes and jewelry and then I'm going
to checkout the night life in town;" Lisa said.

I said: "Can't I go with you?"

Lisa said: "Harry. I told you no more questions and no talking."

Lisa was acting differently, her tone of voice was authoritative
and she had never told me not to talk before; and I didn't know
what to make of it, from my vantage point I watched her getting
ready and I realized I had never watched her put make-up on
before. I decided this was pretty hot and decided to play along.

Lisa left and I was still secured to the door. I started to
investigate getting loose but there seemed to be no way except
to break something like the door knob or even the whole door. I
was fastened by something that looked like a handcuff for 3
hands. Two cuffs held my hands behind me and the third one
connected by a short chain was closed around the door handle. So
I decided to wait.

It was hard to get comfortable; I ended up closing the door and
leaning back on it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was over an hour but it seemed a lot longer, a woman came in
and said: "You must be Harry; I'm pleased to meet you, please
call me Miss Carol."

I said: "Hello Miss Carol, I'm pleased to meet you."

Carol said: "Stand up straight."

I straightened up. I estimated she was as tall as I - about six
feet, she had curly blond hair which she wore short and had very
blue eyes. She was well proportioned but a little plump. Overall
she was attractive but she was not my style. I would guess she
was 35 to 40 years old. And she was not a Latina, I guessed from
the accent, or the lack of, and the blue eyes.

She sat on the chair Lisa had been using to put on her makeup; I
could see her thighs and thought she was attractive enough to
take to bed.

I wanted to be released from the door and she wasn't making any
moves to do that.

She said: "I understand that you wished to become your wife's
slave and it hasn't worked out. We have a program of skills
training and attitudes adjustments that will help make that
happen. Your wife has enrolled you in that program. What do you
have to say?"

I said: "Miss Carol, I would like to be released."

Carol said: "I will release you after I have interviewed you and
briefed you. You can expedite that by being responsive to my

I said: "It's true that I have asked Lisa to let me be her
slave. But it was a very private thing between her and me. I
don't like others, especially strangers to know about my kinks."

Carol said: "I can appreciate that. However the program doesn't
exactly address your feelings in that regard. You have to enter
the program voluntarily. Your wife put you here and you are in
restraints. I want you to overlook your shyness and realize that
this is what you want. In some ways you have no practical
choice. You have no money or wallet or passport and you're in
restraints. The program won't succeed unless you want it to."

They say the devil hides in the details and I had no idea what I
was getting into.

  • Fact 1 this was Lisa's doing,
  • Fact 2 yes I wanted to become Lisa's slave,
  • Fact 3 I was fastened to this damn door, and
  • Fact 4 Carol was sort of sexy,

So I said: "I want to be in this program."

Carol said: "That's excellent. Your training will include
domestic arts, cleaning motel rooms and working in our laundry,
you will be trained in our hair salon, and you will learn
massage and cosmetic arts in our spa. You will be taught to be
courteous and obedient. You will be effectively my slave and I
will hand you to others for training. Your training will be 7
days a week, there will be no time off. You will be closely
supervised. Attitude is the foundation of the training."

I said: "I will do my best."

Carol said: "I expect nothing less, repeat that and add at all

I said: "I will do my best at all times."

Carol said: "Repeat it and add Miss Carol"

I said: "I will do my best at all times, Miss Carol;" and I
blushed and became aroused.

Then Carol unlocked the chain holding me to the door and removed
the handcuffs. She told me to sit down in the chair she had been
sitting at.

She handed me a multi-page document and said: "Sign this on the
6 pages, then initial each page by the page number. It says that
you're requesting to be whipped and you will not hold us
responsible for injuring you and the fee is not refundable. It
says that you're applying for employment here and are
volunteering without pay for a trial."

I signed but I heard alarm bells going on in my mind.

Carol said: "Good, now stand where you were before."

I stood with my back to the door. Carol sat again in the chair;
she let her skirt show more of her thighs.

She said: "When I tell you to do something, you will acknowledge
it with yes madam or yes ma'am."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "You will do the same for all the people who instruct
you. You will address them as formally as you can, Mr. or Miss
or Mrs. surname or Mr. or Miss or Mrs. first name. They should
call you Harry, because you are the lowest in the hierarchy."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

"Your trainers will think you are trying to get a job and will
report to me every day. You will avoid unnecessary conversation.
Your story is that you were an accountant and were convicted of
fraud and just got out of prison. Every night you and I will
have a debriefing."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" It was coming too fast I thought.

Carol said: "You will learn to be totally obedient. This morning
your wife told you to stop talking and you didn't. Turn around
and face the door. Don't move until I come back and release you.
You are being disciplined for disobedience."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and faced the door.

It became very uncomfortable very quickly. I tried to hold still
but finally I shifted my weight. And I did that several more
times before Carol returned.

She said: "Turn around and kneel down in front of me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I was attracted to her bare knees and I
noticed her breasts.

Carol said: "Did you move?"

I said: "Yes ma'am but it was hardly at all."

Carol sad: "Why were you being punished?"

I said: "Because I disobeyed Lisa, ma'am."

Carol said: "Did you think I would overlook you disobeying me
while I was punishing you for disobeying?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Carol said: "Good, then we will deal with this later. This
morning you will work for Marta, you will do exactly what she
tells you and show her the respect a slave owes his mistress.
Marta thinks you want a job cleaning rooms, her evaluation of
your work will be exacting and if she has to correct what you're
doing or has to tell you the same thing twice you may be
punished. I expect you to note the incidents and report them to
me when we have our debriefing."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"Marta will give you the jobs she doesn't like doing. Of course
you won't complain and you will be glad to do it, is that

I said: "Yes ma'am; Miss Carol I haven't had anything to eat or
drink this morning."

I thought I would really like a cup of coffee.

Carol said: "I will tell Marta and she may give you something to
eat at your break. I will tell you something that we will work
on later, you will learn to stop wanting things, you will think
of your mistress's wants and how you can satisfy them. For
example you should be thinking of how you will serve Marta; but
we will get to that and this is your first day."

Carol gave me clothes to put on. There was a work outfit
consisting of a blue long sleeve shirt with the hotel's logo and
matching color denim jeans. The only unusual object was a panty
girdle. It was pink with lace around the legs. Without comment I
put it all on. The effect of the panty girdle is that I would
have to sit down to pee.

Carol said: "The girdle is to keep you from masturbating. It's
forbidden. Confirm that you understand that."

I said: "Masturbation is forbidden and I will not masturbate,
Miss Carol."

Carol called Marta's manager and learned where she was working.
I followed Carol into the elevator and we went to the fifth
floor, and then down a long hallway to where a cart with the
paraphernalia for cleaning rooms stood, and entered the room
through the open door.

Carol said in English: "I brought you a helper."

Marta answered in Spanish and the little I understood was:

Marta-"What does he do?"

Carol-"Whatever you want him to."

Marta in Spanish: "Can you speak Spanish?"

I said in bad Spanish: "A very little Miss Marta."

Carol said: "You will do exactly what Marta tells you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Say it and add diligently and with joy."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy, Miss Carol and Miss Marta:"

I knew she would make me repeat it with Miss Carol so I'd
cleverly anticipated, or so I'd thought.

Carol said: "Now you will repeat it exactly how I told you to."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy."

Carol said: "Now add Miss Carol."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy, Miss Carol."

Carol said: "Now replace me with Miss Marta."

I said: "I will do exactly what Miss Marta tells me diligently
and with joy, Miss Marta."

Marta said in Spanish: "He is a difficult one."

Carol said: "I brought him to the right person, he is learning

Marta laughed.

Marta was not pretty, she had black hair, dark eyes, she was
short and moderately plump. Her hair was folded into a bun on
her head. She had a loose blouse the same color as my shirt and
she wore jeans the same color. She was pretty when she laughed
but other times she looked concerned as if the world's problems
were hers.

Marta said: "Have you ever cleaned a toilet?"

I said: "No ma'am;" I saw Carol leave.

She told me 14 steps that I memorized with a mnemonic; I would
have liked to write it down.

Marta said: "Do this one now."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I could feel the tension and I knew that if I asked anything
about coffee or food I would get in trouble or if I asked about
how to do something it would be interpreted that I didn't pay
attention to the instructions or that I was disobedient.

I got to work. I was working on the third toilet when Marta told
me to also make the beds, she described the steps to remake a
bed for a resident guest and to strip and make the bed with
fresh linens for a new guest, except if the linen is soiled I
strip it, or if the guest has been staying for 7 days, then I
strip it. She had me repeat the instruction and was surprised
when I did.

I must have done 16 toilets and beds before we stopped for
lunch. We secured the cart and rode the elevator to the basement
to the employee's cafeteria. Cordon bleu would not have pleased
me more. There was a large variety and I was full before
sampling everything.

Marta had me take off her shoes and massage her feet. Of course
I did, and I was surprised no one turned to stare. Marta asked
me if I wanted to go to use the toilet. I said I did.

We went to the next room, and it was a move out, so Marta said I
could use the toilet before I cleaned it. Then she said I had to
leave the door open so she could watch.

Then she said: "I'm going to let you watch while I go."

I said: "Yes ma'am, thank you Miss Marta;" I wondered if this
was the "Joy" part.

Marta said: "Don't just stand there, kneel down here and
unbutton my pants and pull my panties off and get close."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but my voice was very hoarse.

Then we did about 45 rooms without interruption. My back hurt,
my arms were sore from exertion and I think one of the cleaning
agents was causing my eyes to burn.

Marta said: "You did good, I won't report anything to Carol."

I was ecstatic. I remarked to myself how strange it was to so
easily fall under the control of this tiny Latina.

I said: "Thank you Miss Marta, it has been my pleasure to work
for you."

Marta said: "I will handcuff you and lock you to this bar."

It was a handicap hold bar because there was an incline at the
point we were at in the basement.

I resolved myself to allowing that and let her fasten me.

I again waited for a long time, I was so tired.

Carol showed up and released me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Carol's house

She led me to her car and clicked it unlocked. I got in and
realized she was waiting for me to open her door for her. I
jumped out of the car and held her door. It was worth the effort
because I saw all the way up to her mid thigh as she got in.

I got back into the passenger seat and observed how her skirt
had ridden up and I saw the profile of her breasts and I
wondered how I hadn't realized how lovely she was.

Carol said: "Lisa told me that you're a good cook."

I said: "I like to cook but I only know how to prepare a few

Carol said: "One of the perks of my job is having a slave. You
will cook and of course clean up. You will clean my condo, and
do my laundry. As you learn skills I expect you to give me
manicures and pedicures and take care of my hair and help me
with makeup."

I said: "Yes ma'am, all of that will be my pleasure."

Carol said, "Tonight you will cook dinner and serve it and clean
up, then we will spend the rest of the evening punishing you for

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "There are 3 changes in attitude I work on.
Obedience is the first and it's simple you have to do what we
tell you to do. The second is humility, this is more subtle and
basically it's educating you to realize that the world is not
about you. The third is devotion where you take interest in your
wife's concerns, for example her clothes."

I considered that and once again wondered what I had gotten

Carol's condo was in fact a free standing unit in a gated
development. The furnishings were very tastefully done. The
colors were earth tones and green. There was a large room that
had a sofa and several matching chairs and a large ottoman. I
could see a dining room and as we walked through the house to
the adequate kitchen I saw a den with a giant TV.

Carol said: "Follow me to the slave's quarters."

Carol led me to a small room near the kitchen. I thought that
this was the pantry in a normal home. I saw my suitcase sitting
in a corner.

Carol said: "I have a special outfit for you;" She removed
several objects from a low cupboard. There were 4 pieces: 2
giant yellow leg-warmers with stirrups, a black garter belt and
a brown long sleeved T-shirt.

Carol said: "Put them on, do it quickly and fix dinner, I'm

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I tried to figure it out.

The leg-warmers were obvious, the garter held the leg-warmers
and I kept the girdle on.

Carol said: "Take off the girdle."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And removed it. I had to undo the garters
and do them back; all the time Carol watched. The problem from
my view point was that I was naked from the bottom of the shirt
to the top of the leg-warmers.

Then Carol produced a device that encased my penis in a block of
I guessed aluminum and Lucite; my entire penis was enclosed and
a ring around my balls held it in place.

Carol said: "Don't go through any metal detectors with that on."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Your wife has the only key. That will stay on until
she removes it, now go fix dinner."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I found ingredients to make spaghetti and a
salad and I hoped Carol would be happy.

Carol came into the kitchen and said: "Set the table for me,
serve the food and I would like some wine, you may not have any.
You may eat the leftovers. I would like you to clean my plate
after I've finished and use my utensils."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I realized how ridiculous I looked and then
eating her leftovers hammered humiliation deep into me. I was
being brainwashed.

The food was ready and I said: "Miss Carol dinner is ready."
I had the spaghetti with the sauce in a bowl and the salad in
another bowl, and a plate and a water and a wine glass on the
table. I tried to look like a restaurateur inviting a customer.

Carol said: "This is very nice, just as I want it. Please serve
me and then stand by while I eat in case I want something."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I stood serving her in silence, waiting for her next request.

The napkin on her lap fell to the carpet and I picked it up and
put it in her lap.

Standing there looking at her, made me think she was very

She emptied her wine glass and I offered her more.

She said: "No, I'm finished; you can eat what is on my plate on
the counter by the sink."

I took her plate and knife and fork and ate the spaghetti and
salad she left, she watched me do it.

Carol said: "You can eat whatever else you want and clean up in
here, hurry up."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I ate more spaghetti and cleaned the kitchen.

I said: "Miss Carol, may I write down the instructions Miss
Marta gave me today?"

Carol said: "Why do you want to do that?"

I said: "Because I may forget it by tomorrow and Miss Marta
would have to tell me again."

Carol said: "You can use the computer and printer."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carol;" I typed all the instructions I
had received. I was surprised at the clarity of my memory.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first whipping

Carol said:"Move the ottoman here, and lie over it.;" I did and
she fastened my feet and hands to hooks that I hadn't noticed.
Then all of a sudden I felt a burning in my behind that was
unlike any I had ever had.

Carol said: "When you are told to do something you will do it."
And she struck again.

I started begging her to stop, it was too hard, I couldn't

Then she struck again and I started moving around hoping to
mitigate the effect of the strokes.

Carol said: "I was planning to give you only 12 strokes, but you
have to receive them by counting and thanking me, there must be
no pleading or moving. If the stroke is not received correctly
it will not count. You may start counting at 1."

Another giant stroke followed worse than any of the others but I
managed to hold still and thank her. She dismissed my effort on
several more and I received a total of 17 or 18 strokes.

Carol said: "That was probably the least painful beating you
will receive from me. I will not permit any disobedience. What
will happen if you disobey an instruction?"

I said: "You will beat me, Miss Carol."

Carol said: "I will beat you harder, repeat that so you will

I said: "You will beat me harder, Miss Carol."

She said: "Now you will stand in the corner and not move for one
hour, we will see if you have learned anything from your
strapping;" And she released me from the handcuffs.

She said: "Stand next to the television so I can watch both it
and you."

At the same time I loved and feared Carol. I wanted her to love
me and not to be punishing me. I vowed to myself that I would do
exactly what she ordered.

It's hard to stand absolutely still, but I managed for what
seemed like a very long time.

Carol said: "Come into the bedroom, I'm going to let you undress
me and tuck me in."

I was ecstatic, I took off her shoes and asked her if I could
rub her feet, and she let me.

I removed her panty hose and her skirt and blouse and her
brassiere, we went into the toilet and I patted her dry, then I
stood while she removed her makeup. I wanted her so badly but I
was afraid to do anything that she hadn't told me to do.

I tucked her in and she told me to bring her handcuffs from a
drawer she pointed to. She handcuffed my hands behind my back
and said I could sleep on the floor next to her bed.

I lay there and for the first time I felt like a slave, I had
such passionate feelings and I was restrained and lying on the
floor frustrated.

I tried lying on my back but my thighs and ass were too sore
from the beating, the carpet seemed to prick the tender flesh
and it was hard with the handcuffs, so I slept on my stomach
wishing to make love to the goddess.

When I woke I realized during the night someone had put a
blanket on me. I didn't move because I didn't want to wake

Carol said: "Are you awake Harry."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carol said: "Fix me breakfast, I want fruit, eggs and coffee,
then come back here and assist me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I stood and she unlocked the handcuffs.

I fixed breakfast and I served it like at dinner, I poured water
and coffee and orange juice as she wanted it. Finally she told
me to eat what she left on her plate while standing at the

She let me help her get dressed. I was clumsy because I was
overwhelmed with her attractiveness and I had never before done
the things she was asking me to do. I helped her put on panty
hose and fastened her bra.

She put on makeup like I had watched Lisa do just yesterday.

Carol said: "Clean the kitchen, make my bed, clean the bathroom,
and vacuum, and hurry because we have to go to work but first I
want some more coffee."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And I did all of that in my ridiculous
uniform with my dick swinging to and fro with the weight hanging
on it while Carol read the newspaper and drank coffee.

I changed clothes and wondered about the girdle, but I put it
on, I didn't want another beating.

Carol secured me to the same bar I was tethered to yesterday. I
didn't wait long before Marta arrived. We started right away.

Marta said: "Do the mirrors and windows."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

In another room Marta said: "Bring me a glass of water."

I was cleaning a shower, but immediately stopped and filled a
glass with water and brought it to her.

She said: "I want ice in it, it's not cold."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and went to get ice.

When I returned with the ice Marta was sitting at the desk
reading a magazine a guest had left behind.

I got a coaster and a new glass and put the ice in it and then
the water and placed it on the desk next to Marta and resumed
cleaning the shower.

In another room while I was washing the floor in the bathroom,
Marta walked in on the wet floor and said: "I need to pee."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I knew the drill to unbutton her jeans and
pull her panties down, and I tried to tell myself that I was
getting my money's worth with the provocations Marta was

I had come to sympathize with the ladies who clean rooms. They
are overworked and under paid. It's a hard physical job and
sometimes pretty yucky. And I related to Marta because we were
together in this misery.

The real humiliation here was that my wife or I was paying for
me to be here. I definitely didn't want any more beatings so
Marta could have asked me to do back flips and I would have

As we continued I gave Marta a foot rub, I got a duster from the
cart for her, and did everything she asked. I lost count of how
many rooms we did. By the end of the day I was exhausted.

Marta fastened me to the same bar. She got to go home but I had
to wait about an hour. People passed me but didn't pay any

I was surprised how happy I was to see Carol. It wasn't just to
be released from the bar; I realized I was in love with her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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