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Dress Code - ChapterĀ 3

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 00:16:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Shoekisser

Dress Code
first part here

ChapterĀ 3

The next day I walked into my interviewer/supervisor's office to
tell her about my landlady, and ask for help. Before I could say
anything, she told me she needed to do a panty inspection, and
made me raise my skirt and turn around slowly.

"Very nice. You do that well. I think to save time I'm going to
make it mandatory that you do that every time you enter my
office. Now, what can I do to..... excuse me, for you?"

I told her what my landlady had said and asked if it would be
possible for me to wear male clothing to and from work and
change in the lobby men's room.

"Absolutely not. The dress code applies anywhere on company
property. You'll have to find another solution."

I realized later that she had slipped and referred to my
landlady by name. Did they know each other? Were they in

"Can I start wearing a wig so it's not so obvious that I'm a man
in women's clothing?"

"You're not ready to pass. Plus the dress code prohibits wigs."

I started to look for other living accommodation, but, even
though I had good references and wore male clothing, people took
one look at my plucked eyebrows and painted finger nails, and
discovered they didn't have a vacancy.

Then it happened. I got a 30 day notice to leave my apartment.

I again pleaded with my boss, but got nowhere.

Finally, a week before I was to be evicted, she called me in,
and, after the mandatory panty inspection, told me she might
have a solution.

"We have a 4 bedroom apartment here on the property. It was
originally intended for new hires from out of town until they
could find someplace else. Now we have a vacancy. I talked to
the other 3 tenants about you moving in. They were initially
reluctant to have a man living there, but when I told them the
dress code applies since its on company property, they decided
it would be OK. I think we can relax the hose and heels part
when you're not working, but you would have to dress as a woman
all the time you're in the apartment. To make sure you don't
cheat, no male clothing would be allowed, and I reserve the
right to inspect the apartment at any time. In addition, I must
insist you sign a 6 month lease. Would you agree to all that?"

"I don't see where I have a choice."

Thus, I started dressing full time.

One Friday at quitting time, She called me into her office. Amy
was sitting there, and observed the panty inspection.

"I like that. Can I make him do that every time we meet?"

"That might be a bit much, but I am going to allow you to
inspect his apartment for me. Go home with him now and make sure
he hasn't hidden any ugly male clothing."

Amy announced that she would drive.

When we arrived, she got a package out of the trunk and led me
into the apartment.

She did a quick inspection of my bedroom, then said, "OK, time
for panty inspection. Lift your skirt and slowly turn around
like you do for the boss."

After I had made one revolution, she stepped close, put her arms
around me and placed both hands on my pantied butt. "You have a
nice ass." Then her right hand slid around to the front.

In seconds I was hard. I hadn't touched or been touched by a
woman since I was forced into women's clothes.

"What is that bulge in your panties, you naughty girl? Panty
inspection includes the contents of the panties. Let's take them
off," and she slid my panties down to my ankles, and had me step
out of them.

"Now, I want you to return the favor...." and she lifted her

I knelt and removed her panties. At that point I was so horny I
almost raped her. She had to slow me down. If I hadn't been so
sex-starved, I would have been reluctant to have sex dressed as
I was. As it was, I proceeded in spite of my attire.

I soon discovered being dressed in woman's clothes added to the
intensity of my arousal. The orgasm was the best I'd ever had.

After a recovery period, she finished undressing me, and had me
undress her. By the time we both were down to bra, garter belt,
hose, and heels, I was ready to go again.

When I could no longer get it up, she had me eat her. I had my
face buried between her legs when I heard the door open and my
room-mates enter.

"I'm jealous. I want some of that," I heard one say.

So, I spent the rest of the evening eating them. Eventually they
all tired of that, but the parting shot was, "I think we just
started a regular Friday ritual."

Amy, who obviously was friendly with my roommates, suggested we
all go out to dinner. They all agreed, and decided, since I was
the new girl, I should pay.

Later, after we returned to the apartment, Amy picked up her
mysterious package, and disappeared into a bedroom.

After a few minutes, she returned wearing bra, panties, hose and
heels. What had changed was the strap-on dildo protruding from
her crotch.

"I think its time you learned a little more about sex as a
woman. Take your dress off. Leave everything else on."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I wrote those first three chapters some time ago. The story
needs to go on, but I haven't figured out where. I am suffering
from writer's block, but maybe publishing what I have will now
inspire me.


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