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Jim's Story - part thirty-nine

Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 05:51:03 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part here

part thirty-nine

School's out

All day I was thinking of Maria. Maria with the cane to whip her
assistants if they don't perform. Maria who feels better if she
whips them. Maria who is going to find a new boyfriend who
appreciates being caned.

I wondered how I would find a Maria. When Sarah and I married it
never occurred to me that there were Maria's out there. But I
had to pay attention to the class.

The class wasn't about doing hair, it was about the business of
hair salons. I thought it was incredibly interesting.

There were rules of thumb for everything; costs of improvements,
costs to advertise / new client, as a result the price of an
establishment is a function of the number of clients.

A realization came to me that Ms. Peggy wants to open hair
salons. Each lesson was accompanied with lots of notes and
documents, magazines, and even a flash drive with spreadsheets.
I wondered how I would ship it all back.

On the last day of class we all went out to lunch at a
restaurant that had a private room for us. One of the hair care
supply companies was hosting the lunch and gave us samples as
well as a delicious lunch and wine. Class was over after lunch.

I was tempted to visit Chicago for the afternoon, but I decided
to do the dutiful thing of returning to the hotel. I gave my
name at reception and the agent got an envelope and handed it to
me. I opened the envelope and the letter said:

"Hello Guest, you have unexpectedly arrived early. Sit in a seat
visible from the reception desk. You may not move or look
around. You will wait in that seat until someone gets you. You
will be watched. The management."

I said I was going to go with the program but this was
outrageous, before lunch I had just been treated like a VIP
businessman and now I'm totally objectified. Then I thought
again of the cost and trouble Betty had gone to and I sat in a
nice comfortable chair like the instructions said.

After a couple of hours it was Maria who found me. She was
wearing a pretty dress and a coat that was open. She looked like
a business woman. She said: "Wait here."

Maria talked to the reception agent and a few minutes later she
returned and said to come with her. She said: "I'm just coming
to work, you can wait for me in your room and I'll get you when
we're ready to work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She took me to my room and locked me in. I added my material
collection from the day to the stash from the previous days and
stretched out and relaxed. I was having a light doze when the
door opened and it was pretty Maria.

It had become my role to push the cart, I followed Maria.

During the second room, Maria said: "I have a surprise for you

I said: "What is it ma'am?"

Maria said: "You will have to wait until we're finished."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

It was eight-thirty in the evening when Maria said we're almost
finished, one room left. I cleaned the bathroom and when I
finished I came to help in the room. Maria was in panties and
bra and a bottle of champagne with two glasses sat on the
counter and nearby a key and condoms.

Maria said: "We will have to do this room again."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I hugged Maria and kissed her on the lips.
She kissed back and we got into the huge bed.

Maria unlocked my restrainer and it was the first time it was
out in almost two weeks. I ate her until she came, then I petted
her until she came, then she sat on top of my tool and we both
came, she sat on my face and came again. Then I bathed her and
found opportunities to kiss and caress.

Maria said: "Now I want to get the cane and supervise you
cleaning this room."

At that point cleaning one more room was no big deal, but Maria
found fault everywhere and threatened the worst imaginable
consequence. I cowered and repaired all the faults.

Maria decided I needed a whipping for generally sloppy work. I
was told to lie on the bed. Maria said that there were twelve
faults so I would get twelve strokes. She made me kiss the cane
and I counted the strokes. Happily it wasn't too hard. Maria let
me dress her and I straightened the room. Maria fastened my
restrainer back on me. I told her I thought she was excellent in
every way.

Maria took me downstairs and we said good bye and I was locked
into my room.

The next morning I woke up at five and cleaned and packed up.
The materials I received wouldn't fit into my suitcase but I got
it all into a large plastic bag.

Around 7:00 my door was open and the pretty lady led me back to
reception. One of the agents offered to send the materials to me
via UPS.

The same sweet helpful agent said: "You have to wait for Ms.
Adams next to her desk, there is no moving and you should look
down at her desk."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I stayed that way for about ninety minutes and Ms. Adams
arrived. She found the key to my restrainer and had me pull my
pants down and removed it. I packed the restrainer in my
suitcase. Ms. Adams said she will mail the key to Betty. Ms.
Adams gave me an evaluation form to fill out.

It asked:-

  • Was there adequate management? Answer 1-poor 5-excellent
  • Did your room meet your expectations? Answer 1-poor 5-excellent
  • Would you like to come again? Answer yes or no
  • Overall grade? Answer 1-poor 5-excellent

There were twenty questions about the food and the personnel; I
marked all five's and said I wanted to come again.

Ms. Adams said: "Wait for Kathy outside of my door."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I assumed Kathy was Ms. Dolan.

I guess I feel like an object being handed from one person to
another. I guess that's what Betty planned.

During the flight home I kept going over Maria. Every instinct
in me said to say nothing to Betty, Kathleen or Sarah. But I was
committed to not ever lying. But what will they do to me? I
feared. I knew that without lying there was no way not to
disclose my activities with Maria.

I decided to not lie but not to confess either. I simply won't
talk about it.

I was the last person off the plane because I had to wait for
Ms. Dolan. She escorted me off the plane and she and Betty
hugged while I stood by. Ms. Dolan and Betty led the way out of
the airport and I followed. I had to wait for my checked bag and
finally Betty came into the baggage area and she hugged me and
we kissed.

Finally my suitcase arrived and Betty and I walked to the
parking area. Betty asked me to drive and I did. She asked about
my trip. I told Betty that one part of me suffered mightily from
the unrelenting supervision and work. Another part of me stands
in amazement at the resourcefulness of my governess. And another
part of me is filled with love and appreciation.

Betty laughed and said: "I have already gotten a report from
Ethel and she said you were a perfect guest. The laundry
reported favorably and housekeeping said you did excellent work
and the administration said you were obedient."

I said: "Miss Betty I saw your hand-print everywhere and I will
never be able to thank you enough for the experience."

Betty said: "You didn't suffer?"

I said: "Of course I did, every day from 3:15 in the afternoon
until ten or 11 at night I was worked folding towels or cleaning
toilets, I was continually under the threat of strapping and
caning. Than I was locked in a dungeon, I had no privacy. But
part of me said this prison cell I was in cost more than a room
at the Ritz And I became more in love with you, I realized how
powerful and connected you are and you did all this for me."

Betty said: "What in the world can I do to you that you don't
come back and say you loved the experience?"

Miss Betty, "I didn't say I loved the experience, it was sort of
awful, but I saw your hand in all the afflictions and I felt
loved by you."

Betty sighed, and then we were quiet for a few miles. Betty
said: "How was your class, are you going to give me a new hair-

I said: "No ma'am, we didn't learn how to do hair, we learned
how to open a hair salon."

Betty said: "I misunderstood Peggy."

I said: "I hope Peggy didn't misunderstand the class, Miss

Betty said: "Sarah probably knows."

We arrived home and I carried my suitcase in and Betty fastened
the restrainer onto my penis. I hoped another key was around. I
said: "Ms. Adams said she will mail the key back to you."

Betty said: "Sarah has a key also."

Betty said: "I have several chores for you and I altered your
schedule until you're caught back up."

I was impressed and said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

She said: "Empty the rest of your suitcase and report to me in
my room."

I curtsied as she went upstairs and said: "Yes ma'am."

I wanted to see my wife but I didn't want to disobey
instructions. I didn't want to see Kathleen because she can read
my mind.

I was kissing Betty's feet. She said: "I want you to do three
chores. Empty all the trash cans and take out the trash, clean
the kitchen, and collect any laundry. When you're done report to

I said: "Yes ma'am; may I also clean spills and pick up trash I
see along the way."

Betty said: "I know you would do that anyway and I'm happy to
give you permission to do it."

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

My sweet goddesses made our house into a pig-sty. There were
dishes, food, trash and clothes everywhere, except in the trash
cans. It's a five bedroom six bath 4000 square foot house so it
took me over half an hour collecting everything. Then I cleaned
the kitchen and started a load in the laundry. And I hadn't
entered Sarah or Kathleen's bedrooms.

I reported back to Betty who was watching TV. I started kissing
her feet when she said: "Sarah wants you tonight. Don't keep her

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

I knocked on the door to Sarah's (our) bedroom, and then went
in. Sarah was watching TV. She was nude from the waist up. Her
dress was on the floor together with many other clothes and
shoes. I was on fire seeing her lovely breasts. I became frozen
with indecision. Should I stand and wait for recognition, should
I pick up clothing and straighten the room, and finally I
decided to stand and wait. I had made enough noise that I was
sure she knew I was there.

After a few minutes Sarah said: "Take off my shoes."

I thought that that was exactly where I wanted to start. I said:
"Yes ma'am."

I took off her shoes but she gave no other instructions. I
waited. I said: "May I get Miss Sarah a bathrobe?"

Sarah said: "Yes."

I helped her get it on. And then I waited for instructions.

Sarah said: "Clean up this mess."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I picked up the shoes, dresses, blouses, panties, bras and
pantyhose from the floor, under the bed and tangled in the
bedding. Most went into the chute to the laundry but some got
hung and the shoes went into the closet.

I went back to stand near Sarah awaiting instructions. After
another few minutes she turned off the TV and said I could take
her hose and panties off. I did and a slight scent wafted to me
and I was madly desirous of her. She got up and looked around,
the only clothes on the floor were her pantyhose and panties,
the bed was made, her room was back in order.

She took me to the bathroom and I knelt between her knees, she
peed and I patted her dry. She said: "You want to kiss me

I said: "Yes Miss Sarah."

Her hands took my head and I found myself eating my wife. I
wanted to touch her but I was afraid of doing it without
permission, I was even afraid to ask.

She said: "You can put your hands on me."

I took her ass in my hands and pulled her up so the angle was
perfect to eat her. She came violently and noisily. She let go
of my head. I asked if she wanted her robe.

She said: "Let's get into bed."

We did, but I didn't know what I was allowed to do.

Sarah said: "What are you waiting for?"

I started kissing her around her ears and then her neck. My
hands explored her boobs and tummy. I moved to kissing her on
the lips and she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled us
tight. I sensed she wasn't going to unlock me so I started
petting her, then she pushed my head down and I ate her for a
second time. We fell asleep cuddled together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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