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The Prisoner - Chapter 87

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 87

The previous episode, Chapter 86, is at:-

Jayne was no longer in any rush to start organising the details
of her husband's new life, now that his penis was securely
locked up and no doubt suffering. So she deliberately kept him
waiting for several nervous days while she made a point of
dressing attractively to heighten his arousal, frustration and
hopefully suffering.

During this time he had been denied access to the newly equipped
room but guessed that it would be a place of some discomfort for
him. Trying to forestall his first visit he tried to demonstrate
his new found servility to his wife at every occasion in the
desperate hope that he would be able to retain his life-style
without the need for any further punishment.

Unfortunately the chances of his wife changing her plans were
less than zero. Eventually the day came:

He was called into her office late Friday afternoon and told
that he would be receiving his first training session when they
got home that very night. There would be no conversation during
their evening meal and after he had cleared away he was to go to
his room, shower thoroughly and put on a pair of his wife's
knickers that she would leave on his bed. Then he was to wait
until he heard a bell summoning him down to the basement.

His appetite had largely vanished by the time he joined his now
silent and serious wife for their evening meal. He did as he had
been ordered, anxious not to make things worse for himself and
was soon sitting showered and ready. The second he heard the
bell he hurried down to the basement to find Jayne waiting
outside the door to what she would later call the punishment
room. She told him to enter.

The room was without windows and exceedingly well lit. The floor
covering was of light gray vinyl tiles and the walls and ceiling
a clinical white. There were various items of furniture that he
was starting to take in before he was told to stand on top of a
white cross in the middle of the room facing a comfortable
leather office chair in which Jayne moved to sit.

"When you enter this room James, that is where you will stand,
at attention, awaiting my orders. As you will only be sent to
this room to receive punishment, I would strongly suggest that
you do not, in any way, irritate me or fail to follow my orders
exactly. Otherwise you may well finish up with considerably more
punishment than you were originally scheduled to receive. Remove
my knickers and stand closer to me."

He placed the item on a nearby bench and moved forward. Jayne
reached out and grasped his plastic restrainer to examine it in
detail, asking how he had found it.

He just remembered how he should address his wife in the nick of

"It's very uncomfortable Madam and rather itchy as I can't clean
myself properly. It also gets very painful when I start to have
an erection. Would it be possible to remove it for a while?"

Jayne smiled coldly. "No chance! I fitted it so that it would be
uncomfortable to remind you constantly of your new lowly
position in this house and as for being painful... that is
entirely up to you to control your basic urges. Let me
demonstrate: Kneel on the floor in front of me with your knees
apart and hands behind your head."

She was dressed in a short skirt with bare legs and trainers on
her feet. A thin vest covered her upper body with thin shoulder
straps and a deeply dipping front that exposed the tops of her
breasts. From the way those breasts moved independently it was
obvious that she had left her supportive bra in the bedroom.
Slowly she placed her feet well apart so that the kneeling male
could not avoid seeing her bikini style panties, then leant
forward greatly improving the view of her breasts.

"Take a look at what you won't be allowed to touch from now
on... unless I give you specific permission. Everything will be
on my terms and any frustrations you experience will just have
to be endured... and from the look on your face your useless
penis is causing you some discomfort right now. Am I correct

"P.p.please Madam, I can't stop it trying to get bigger and the
spikes are digging in to me. It really hurts."

"That is something you will have to learn to endure until such
times as you learn not to have an erection with that device in
place. I could distract your mind like this..."

She reached for his nipples with the fingers of each hand and
squeezed them both with some force for several seconds.

"But on second thoughts"... she released them "I would much
prefer to see you squirm because of your lack of control. If you
think this is bad, imagine how you will feel when you have been
celibate for several months and I have you carrying out some
intimate service on me. I would imagine that you will really
suffer then."

She stood up and walked over to a rack on which she had hung all
of her new toys.

"Don't bother looking around right now, you will be spending a
fair part of your free time in this room as I gradually train
you into how I wish you to behave. For now, I am prepared to
overlook your many errors over the past few days and will simply
start you off with what will be your routine discipline that you
will undergo once every week. Naturally, any errors that you
have committed will need to be addressed after that routine
discipline... but you needn't worry your head about that right
now. Get yourself on top of that low bench."

James found himself kneeling on all fours on a low black leather
covered bench about three feet wide. He was told that this is
where he would receive any minor punishments that didn't require
him to be secured. He was to keep his legs slightly apart with
his head well down and back curved to thrust his buttocks as
high as possible. The smell of new leather filled his senses.

Jayne took a leather paddle from the rack and held it in front
of his face. It was four inches wide and six long and about a
quarter of an inch thick. It would hurt, but not excessively so
and would set an example of how things would be from now on.

She told him that he would take 20 strokes, then added
smilingly, on each buttock cheek. He was not to move unduly or
try to protect himself with his hands even though it would hurt

And it did. More than his only previous experience with the
hairbrush. Long before the final stroke his buttocks felt on
fire, but still his wife relentlessly brought the paddle down
over and over again until the full allocation of 40 strokes had
been laid on.

He was told to return to the position standing "at the present",
as she called it, in front of his wife's chair with his backside
burning from the assault. She took two items off the rack and
stood in front of him.

"Another form of discipline that you will have to get used to is
penance. I will subject you to some uncomfortable experience
that you will have to accept without complaint. Tonight it will
be your nipples."

She carefully opened the jaws on a nipple clamp and applied it
to his right nipple then repeated the procedure on his left. It
hurt, especially with the way he was obliged to keep his elbows
back which stretched the skin on his chest.

"You will remain in position until I tell you to move. In
exactly twenty minutes time I will remove the clamps, and at
that point it will hurt a lot more than it does at the moment as
the blood is allowed to return to your nipples. In the meantime
you have permission to look at my body."

She returned to her sprawling position in the chair where he
could see the outlines of both breasts and the stubby nipple
protrusions. Then she raised the short skirt and opened her legs
to display the crotch of her tight white panties. Despite the
pain from his buttocks and chest he could feel his penis
starting to react and soon felt the effects of the spikes in the
restrainer start to add to his pains.

He could not believe how quickly his ambition to remain with his
lifestyle had reduced him to the virtual status of a slave, but
he reasoned that this was a passing interest on his wife's part
and if he rode it out, after she'd had her bit of fun, she would
tire of this and everything would soon return to normal. From
the deliberate way his wife stroked her vulva through the crotch
of her panties and the way the dampness was soon visible a more
experienced male would have realised that this was no passing

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Weeks turned into months with an ever increasing severity by his
wife. It was true that she was genuinely reluctant to inflict
serious punishments with the cane, but from time to time she did
deem it necessary and when that time came he certainly felt it
to his very core.

She seemed to find ever more degrading ways of causing him to
give her sexual pleasures that he would have found repulsive in
his days as a free man but to avoid the more severe visits to
the room, he had no choice.

His enforced celibacy was becoming more and more of a problem to
him and he eventually was forced to beg for some release from
the cruel device, if only to clean his permanently sore member.
Jayne simply said she would think about it.

It took two days of thought before Jayne gave him her decision.
With him on his knees after the evening meal she informed him
that she had decided to allow him a cleaning and release session
once a month. He would return home at lunch-time on the date she
ordered and report to Mrs Brady who had offered to carry out
what they had both agreed would be a disgusting job.

Jayne said she hardly needed to remind him that Mrs Brady would
have complete control over him and that she had been
specifically briefed to make the experience as unpleasant as

Two days later he was summoned into his wife's work office first
thing in the morning and took up the usual position of attention
in front of her desk.

"Today you will drive home at lunch time and present yourself to
Mrs Brady who will deal with you as I mentioned. Just remember
to be polite and courteous to her as she is doing this as a
personal favour to me given that she has better and more
pleasant things to do with her time, such as cleaning the
toilets. I expect you back here to report on what happened at
precisely 2 pm."

James managed to sneak away a little early and was soon parked
outside the house. He nervously let himself in, half looking
forward to the relief he so badly needed but worried just how
unpleasant the cleaning lady would make it.

He went through to the kitchen and found Mrs Brady seated at the
table drinking coffee. She was dressed in a blue dress that
reached her neck over which she wore a plain white apron. Her
face looked freshly scrubbed and the greying hair recently
pulled tightly back into a bun. There was no trace of a smile on
the face and she remained seated looking inquisitively at him.

"Well, James, and why are you here at this time of the day?" she

James was confused, Surely she knew. He then realised that she
was going to drag this thing out to make it even more
humiliating for him by making him explain. Having no choice and
wishing to get things over as quickly as possible he stood at
attention and spoke:

"My wife has told me to report here to you Mrs Brady for
cleaning and... relief. I understand that she has spoken to you
about it."

"The things I have to do to keep this job!" she sniffed. "I
might as well tell you James that I took some convincing and
believe me I won't be going out of my way to make this in any
way enjoyable. You will be entirely under my control and you
will do whatever I tell you. Not only that but I will be doing
everything I can to get you to beg your wife not to have me do
this on a regular basis. Do you understand?"

James agreed that he did, having no choice in the matter. For
her part, Mrs Brady was more than a little amused at the chances
of having this arrogant young male in her grasp and hadn't
really taken much persuasion by Mrs Hough. She had always wanted
to get her own back on males after her miserable marriage... and
this could be her chance. She knew that the one way to guarantee
that she would be doing this on a regular basis was to make it
so awful that he would complain to his wife and beg to be let
off another session.

With the order to follow her she walked through to the old part
of the house where the original kitchen had been. The room was
bare with high windows and just a large scrubbed wooden table in
the middle. Numerous old fashioned kitchen utensils and
saucepans lined the wall. On one of the side tables stood an
anglepoise lamp ready to give added illumination should it be
required. Ominously, a large tray covered with a cloth lay on
the table.

"Right James, lets get this over with. Strip off all your
clothes and put them... neatly... on that chair."

He did as she ordered and soon stood naked in front of her in
the rather chilly room. She looked down at his crotch and,
reaching forward gripped the plastic covered penis.

"So this is the source of your problems is it? I won't ask why
it became necessary to confine you in this way but rest assured,
any semblance of a sexual presumption on your part will be
instantly reported for your wife to deal with. From the marks on
your backside I see that she has dealt with you recently. What
was that for?"

Blushing with embarrassment James told her that he had received
a routine beating followed by six with the light cane two nights
earlier. The cane was for failing to reply to a business email
promptly that his wife had sent him at work.

Letting go of the restrainer she put her hand in a pocket and
retrieved a small key. This she put in the lock and having
turned it removed the penis covers and then the circular base
that had been around his scrotum.

The feeling of freedom was immediate and James could not help
sighing with relief and stretching himself. Mrs Brady carefully
inspected the device and then reached forward again and grasped
the penis as it started to erect for the first time for some
weeks without causing itself pain. She led him towards the
anglepoise lamp and switched it on. His foreskin had been
retracted by the fit of the restrainer and he could feel the
heat as his sore and reddened member was illuminated.

Mrs Brady soon admitted that it certainly needed cleaning and
James expected that she would allow him to shower. Instead she
went to the cloth covered tray and returned with a toothbrush.

"I anticipated that I would need to do some housework on your
penis James so I obtained one of your wife's discarded
toothbrushes and some of her minty toothpaste. Between them they
should do the trick. Oh... and don't blame me but she does
prefer the toothbrushes with the harder bristles!"

She carefully squeezed a generous amount of green paste on the
brush and then proceeded to scrub and scrape around the
underside of the glans snapping at him to keep still as if he
were a twelve year old. Then, having loaded more of the
astringent paste, scrubbed the glans itself paying particular
attention to the opening at the tip.

Despite this pain, when she eventually stopped her cleaning, he
was still embarrassingly erect. Placing the toothbrush back on
the tray she proceeded to examine him in detail by gripping his
testes, one in each set of fingers. James flinched and squirmed
at this invasion of his body by the woman.

"Feeling a bit full are they?... even more sensitive than they
would normally be? Well, James, we will have to see if we can
empty them. I want you up on this table with your feet hanging
over the edge, on all fours and with your forehead pressing the
table, knees wide apart and backside up in the air."

James positioned himself feeling more humiliated than at any
other time in his life. Mrs Brady drew up a chair and sat
between his feet and reached up with a tissue to rub it up and
down his parted anal cleft.

"As the person who has had the disgusting job of washing your
underwear I am not in the least surprised to see that you seem
to be extremely careless with your personal hygiene. I have an
idea that I can change your attitude to that task and will be
discussing the problem with your wife. In the meantime, a little
energetic scrubbing on my part should overcome your

Once again the hard bristle brush was covered in paste but this
time she vigorously used it to scrub the cleft from the top to
where it reached his dangling scrotum. Extra toothpaste was
added when she reached his anus and the scrubbing became even
more intense to the point that the bristles penetrated the
centre leaving the sphincter stinging and sore.

Eventually she finished and sat back in the chair.

"Now James, comes the bit where I empty your tubes. I have had
some experience of a similar nature in that I was brought up on
a dairy farm and learned to hand milk the cows. I don't intend
to treat you with any greater respect than I did those lumbering
beasts. I realise that you may derive a little pleasure from
this, but if I have any moving around or reluctance to follow my
orders, this is what you will get..."

She reached forward and slapped the back of his scrotum with her
finger tips.

James, caught completely unawares nearly leapt off the table but
was soon back where Mrs Brady wanted him under penalty of
another such slap.

She then stood and took down a tarnished copper saucepan from
one of the racks placing it under his hanging genitals. She then
covered her right hand in some sort of grease from the tray,
reached between his spread legs, grasped his penis from behind
pulling it backwards to the vertical and, aiming it at the
saucepan, started a firm and insistent up and down motion.

It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. His testes still ached
from the warning slap, his anal region stung from the scrubbing
and toothpaste and his penis was still burning from the same
treatment, but with the insistent movement of Mrs Brady's large
hard hand, he did feel the stirrings of what had been denied for
so long.

When she changed to a more rapid pace with her slippery grip it
was soon over as the surge of relief came and went all too
quickly. Her positioning of the saucepan was accurate and she
slowly squeezed and pulled until he was fully spent into the

He was soon ordered off the table to briefly wash himself in the
cold water of the butler's sink and then, clothes back on, was
on his way back to work. Though he did not appreciate it at the
time, Mrs Brady was already making plans to see a lot more of
him and it would be something for him to look forward to with
dread rather than pleasurable anticipation.

That night Mrs Brady spoke to Jayne at length. She explained how
she had done as Jayne requested but felt that she should be
given more authority over the husband before he came for another
session. It was soon agreed that Mrs Brady should be allowed to
use one of the displayed wooden spoons that were in the kitchens
discipline James whenever, in Mrs Brady's opinion, it would
benefit him. She then went on to suggest some ways in which he
could be made a little more aware of his new status.

It was checking his underwear and remembering that it had been
her job to wash them that gave her the idea. Instead of her
being responsible for the intimate laundry in the house James
could be required to hand wash both his wife's and Mrs Brady's
intimate items in the sink in the room where he had been milked.
Additionally she had in mind several other tasks that could be
carried out there in the evenings such as the thorough cleaning
and polishing of their boots and shoes.

Naturally he would need to be naked when working and Mrs Brady
volunteered to be on hand to check on his progress and pick up
on any little errors. There were also what had been the
servants' toilets that needed cleaning. True, they were only
used by the lady joggers who were allowed to run in the grounds
of the house, but there was no reason why they shouldn't be as
pristine as the rest of the house.

It was soon agreed that his first such work session under Mrs
Brady would be the following night. He found that he was no
longer allowed to eat in the same room as his wife but had to
take his meal and eat in the kitchen. He was then summoned to
stand in front of his wife as she told him about the new
arrangement that had been made and that it would start that
night. She was going out that night to what she called a social
engagement so he was to go straight to Mrs Brady's rooms and
report for an evening of work under her guidance.

He soon found himself shown to the old kitchen where Mrs Brady
took a seat in one of the old wooden servants' chairs and
motioned for him to stand in front of her.

"As you have been told James, you will be under my control when
you are sent to work in this part of the house. I expect your
total obedience to any instruction I give you otherwise... you
will find that I have some considerable authority over you.
Tonight you will be busy carrying out some personal washing for
your wife and me. To make sure that you have the right frame of
mind, you will carry out all these household duties stripped
down to your restrainer. Place your clothes on the chair next to

Knowing that his wife was out, James could think of no way
around his present situation other than to do as this lady
ordered. He dare not risk displeasing his wife, because she had
the power to see him in court and processed by the justice
system for embezzlement. Anything would be better than becoming
a "Prisoner" nowadays - he had heard stories of how bad that
could be.

He soon stood, naked, at the attention with the device
embarrassingly hanging down between his legs. He was then told
to go to Mrs Brady's bedroom, search through her laundry basket
and bring all the knickers, the brassieres, stockings and
suspender belts down to be washed.

When he reached the small impersonal room her found the basket
in her adjacent bathroom. It was jammed packed with items and he
correctly surmised that she had planned this situation for some
time and had deliberately avoided doing any washing herself for
quite a while. He had to empty the basket on to the tiled floor
then sort the items into two piles, one to take away for washing
and the other to leave.

Her panties were hardly of a sexy nature but rather of the
fuller heavier type that would be more suitable for a female
engaged in heavy manual work. Each of the six pairs appeared to
have been worn for some time and a certain smell of dried sweat
and other secretions permeated the material. He then found the
bras of the heavy rigid support type and a dozen thick woollen
stockings with just one substantial suspender belt that had been
used to hold them up her legs.

He carefully replaced the other items in the basket and then
took the items to be washed downstairs to the waiting
housekeeper. He placed them next to the large sink where he also
found a packet of washing powder that had been placed for his
use. With Mrs Brady looking on he opened the tap and filled the
lower half of the sink with hot water into which he mixed some
powder... and started his humiliating task.

It was the panties that caused him most concern on account of
the reinforced gussets and the accumulation of stains in the
area. It took some time rubbing each pair between his fingers
and vigorous scrubbing with an old scrubbing brush until they
appeared clean. Having rinsed all the articles he hung them to
dry on the overhead drying rack and awaited his next order.

He was taken to the very rear of the building an into an old
fashioned Victorian toilet block. There were six wash sinks and
three toilets in cubicles, all with ornate wrought iron
decorations and brass fittings. The toilets themselves with
their wooden seats looked as if they hadn't been cleaned since
before the turn of the century, and the 20th century at that.

Mrs Brady told him that it would be his job to bring these
toilets up to a high standard over the next two weeks. He would
have to spend much of his free time cleaning and polishing,
starting with the white tiled walls and then moving on to the
seats and bowls. She would inspect his work every night and
wanted to see a daily improvement... or else. All this cleaning
work was to take second place to any other jobs that he might be
given. It was, in a way, a task to fill in any free time he had
in the house.

He was then taken back into the kitchen and told to collect his
wife's underwear for washing. He entered her room with some
nervousness even though she was out, and emptied her wash
basket. What a contrast with Mrs Brady's. The underwear was of
designer quality and style, and his restrainer was soon causing
him pain.

All his wife's panties were thong or near thong type with the
bra's lightweight and made from thinner materials. Her stockings
were all self supporting with no need for suspension devices.
Having collected them together he returned to the kitchen,
filled the bottom of the sink with soapy water and started to
wash them.

It took a much shorter time even though some panties showed
signs of staining and they soon joined the other items on the
drying rack. Just then Mrs Brady returned clutching a pair of
her own that she must have removed from the drying line.

"James! when I said I wanted this laundry cleaning I meant
exactly that. I did not mean that you were to do a thoroughly
slipshod and careless job of cleaning my underwear."

She folded the article so that the inside of the crotch was
fully displayed. It was still stained. James could not
understand how that could have happened given the effort he had
put into the washing and the checks he made before hanging them
up to dry.

"You may not be aware but your wife has given me powers of
punishment over you and your lack of attention and effort leaves
me with no option other than to exercise them this evening. I
will now inflict some discomfort that will make you a little
more attentive to my instructions in the future. I don't enjoy
doing this sort of thing, but given the stupidity of your
behaviour I intend to make it painful. Bring that small stool
over here to me."

James was totally mystified and well he might be. It had taken
Mrs Brady some minutes to retrieve her perfectly well washed
panties from the line, mark them suitably and have them ready to
show him as "evidence". An opportunity to hurt someone like
James doesn't come around too often... and she was determined to
make the most of it.

She soon had the near naked male standing on one foot next to
the stool with his other foot planted on the top with his leg
well out to one side. The inside of his thigh was parallel with
the floor and totally exposed.

"Your wife seems to prefer beating you on the buttocks so I will
leave those unmarked for her use."

She brought her hands from behind her back. In the right there
was an old wooden spoon that she had taken down from the rack.

"I think that this will get my point across to you. Shall we say
a dozen whacks James?.... on each thigh? Before I start I think
I will show you what hard scrubbing really is."

She picked up the old wooden scrubbing brush that was still wet
from his using it on the panties. Standing behind him she
reached over his extended leg and started to rub the wet stiff
bristles up and down his soft exposed flesh. It wasn't long
before the whole area was reddened and sore but still she
continued with her harsh scrubbing. Finally, she put the brush
down and, having poured some type of medicated cleaner on to a
small towel, she rubbed the area until it was stinging even more
and now had a shiny wet surface.

She then moved to stand in front of him, picked up the spoon,
raised her well muscled arm so that the spoon rested on her
right shoulder... and brought it down on to the red thigh with a
loud "slop".

The pain was instantaneous and sharp. The way in which an
innocent domestic item such as that could be used to hurt him
shocked as much as stung. It took some willpower to remain in
position especially when she was working on his upper thigh near
his scrotum, but he managed to accept the twelve strokes.

The whole humiliation process was then repeated for his other

Mrs Brady then told him that he could continue working in the
toilet area until 10pm after which he was to report to his wife
in her bedroom and if she still hadn't returned, to wait for her
outside that door. She then left.

He started on one of the tiled walls in the ladies toilet. By
standing on a low box he was able to wash and then dry the old
Victorian tiles to a good standard or what he hoped Mrs Brady
would consider a good standard. He took care to stand with his
legs wide as any contact between his thighs proved to be a sharp
reminder of her authority. Looking at his watch he realised that
it was time to report to his wife and went back into the main
house and up to her bedroom.

There was no reply to his knock so, as instructed, he waited
ready to spring to attention the moment he heard anyone.
Eventually he heard his wife return and after spending time
downstairs she appeared in the corridor looking strangely
flushed. Her eyes immediately locked on to his thighs and she
was soon demanding to know what had happened.

There was no sympathy and no concern. Rather she was irritated
that he had been unable to satisfy Mrs Brady's standards and
annoyed that she had needed to punish him. She made him stand
with his legs wide as she ran her nails up and down the
scratched and beaten area watching his facial reactions to the
additional pain.

"Remind me to add ten with the strap when you get your next
routine beating James. And if there is the slightest mark on my
underwear when you finally finish ironing it... I will make that
twenty. All I can say is that your failure tonight has shown me
how I will be unable to fully discipline you without some
professional assistance. You should know that I am sending you
to be assessed by a lady who specialises in advising owners of
males like you. You will be sent there next Saturday so I would
advise you to put some real thought into improving your attitude
and obedience before that date. I'm afraid I have to give the
lady total authority to inflict whatever she wishes on you so
just how difficult and unpleasant your visit to her is will be
entirely up to you."

James, exhausted for his evening of chores could hardly believe
his ears as he stood in stunned silence.

"Now get back to your room!" Jayne concluded.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

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