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February 1, 2016

sissy dominated by my wife

Date: 13 Jan 2016 20:33:23 -0800
From: ifallnlvez

I am a sissy husband completely dominated by my wife and we
would like to talk about my slavery and Her control!

October 2, 2012

Introduction - Domestic Discipline

Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 02:48:07 -0000
From: "David R"

Ms Christine and everyone,

Let me begin by saying hello to everyone. My name is David and my
wonderful wife and I have been involved with Domestic Discipline
for a number of years.

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August 26, 2011

Dom partner new to this lifestyle

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 08:24:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: kevin

Christine and David,

I hope you don't mind me posting my questions here. I have been
reading your blog for many years, and what a great blog it is.

I am now in a relationship where my partner is Dom (in fact i am
currently in a chastity device ) and i have shown her your

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June 10, 2011

Tease and Denial with Magic Wand

Date: 10 Jun 2011 04:11:02 -0000
From: slcfemdomcouple

A while ago I bought my wife a Hitachi Magic Wand. If you don't
have one ladies get one for yourself or men get one for your
S.O. I thought I'd post about a favorite activity that we have
been enjoying the past few years that I haven't seen mentioned
anywhere before.

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September 22, 2010

she loves to plug my penis and whip my glans

Date: 22 Sep 2010 11:42:18 -0000
From: Evadtayl

I loved blow jobs, but my girl hated the spunk in her mouth.
Then on one occasion she gave me a long blow job stopping as I
got to the edge, then she continued and I felt my spunk build up
and shoot with great force to immediately start a pulsing spasm
which went on and on subsiding to leave a dull pain in my groin.
She looked me in the eyes saying: "my that was good, no spunk in
my mouth and I could feel your spunk bursting to get out but I
will decide when to let it out."

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August 2, 2010

female led relationships and marriage

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 23:50:25 +0100 (BST)
From: Tom Chambers


I have just joined the group and am very pleased to be here. I
have long been interested in FLR would like to take my marriage
in the direction of a DOMestic inspired relationship.

I have some work to do in introducing my wife to the topics.

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January 5, 2010

male maid 24/7 dressed as female

Date: 5 Jan 2010 00:29:57 -0000
From: Fastdrop

I just received my membership recently and would like to say
hello to everyone.

A little about myself I have been married to my wife/Mistress
for 21 years, and about a year ago Mistress decided to take

I no longer work, as I am considered by Mistress as her wife and
maid 24/7. I perform all duties of the traditional wife, and now
wear female clothing full time.

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January 3, 2010

Shadowlady intro and blog

Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 15:07:22 +0100
From: Shadowlady

My chosen nick is Shadowlady. I am dominant. That does not mean
I am nasty, it does not mean I try to rule the universe. I live
my life the way that feels most natural to me and is right for
me. My boy and I are in a committed monogamous marriage. Our
relationship has a strong d/s component with cross-dressing,
fetish and chastity are our main points of interest.

My blog at:


is about me and the d/s part of my relationship. A blog about
and by a dominant lady living the real life, in the real world.

August 22, 2009

collared DOMestic old timer AtcherServis

From: PapaHertz
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 18:56:59 EDT

Hello from an old time member of DOMestic, as I recall it used
to be called.

I no sooner celebrated my 'collaring' by a Mistress I met on
DOMestic, who returned to 'claim' me after eight years away from
the BDSM scene, by giving her the correct addie to return to
this site than what do I see? Subbie games!

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July 21, 2009

Chastity, foot worship and the feeling of being gelded

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 14:06:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

Hi All,

It's been quite some time since I have posted here such that
maybe no one remembers me. My Wife/Mistress and I have enjoyed
almost ten years of lifestyle D/s. I bought her our first
chastity device for our wedding and we took D/s vows, after the
actual wedding, in private.

Chastity has long had a deep hold on me, but after trying so
many different devices my Mistress settled on her favorite as
the Club Fem mcd because she liked the spikes and the pain I had
to endure with every arousal.

She enjoys using me for oral and she has redefined what "sex" is
for me.

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July 4, 2009

willing lickslave - what next?

Date: 4 Jul 2009 21:07:54 -0000
From: judy

hi to this forum

i am seeking advice on my situation, i have myself a very
willing lickslave who has serviced me well, i also keep myself
two lovers who i see weekly and upon them leaving, i require the
use of my lickslave.

what i would like to know, where do i go from here? i enjoy what
i have now, do i pursue more as in rules for my lickslave to
follow or just keep things the way they are?

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July 1, 2009

zapped and padlocked balls - software resuscitated

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 23:22:37 +0000 (GMT)
From: tim spiers

Good Evening,

We purchased your training program more years ago than I wish to remember - about ten or twelve years ago.

We had massive fun with it and my wife really took it to heart and since that time we have led a domestic femdom relationship. I must stress that we are not "heavy breathing" fantasy type people and we live normal everyday lives except that when the time, mood and opportunity arise we switch into femdom mode. I posted some stuff to you years ago (see below) to tell you how we were getting on.


So - onto our present situation. This is a post from years ago, I think to you but if not, somewhat similar to my post to you......

Many years ago I saw a blue movie where a man crosses the local mafia boss. He gets taken to a warehouse, stripped naked and is chained to a wall with a padlock around his testicles.

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June 17, 2009

Real life Fem Dom

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 11:20:10 -0000
From: "MaitresseX"

I have been a member of the DOMestic Yahoo Group for many years.
I have found this list very helpful to me personally/my
relationship. Kudos to Ms. Christine and David.

I have been part of the "scene" for many years as well though
that was not satisfying to me. It is fun to go to fetish/bdsm
parties but it was not real and just role-play at that moment in
time. I have a 24/7 Ds relationship for five and a half years
and I also have slaves/submissives. The 24/7 relationship has
had it ups and downs and outside/real life challenges but I can
safely say that we are now on the right and positive path. Over
the years dominating my slave was very intense in the beginning
and then mixed until now. I am now combining the intensity with
consistent "sessions".

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June 9, 2009

When is it monogamy when is it poly?

Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 02:35:03 -0000
From: "grape"

I am in a committed Femdom marriage.

We are monogamous, but have flirted with a number of fantasies,
including her being pleasured by numerous sub males, her
participating with other Dommes using me and others, her using
anonymous cocks through a glory hole, me being humiliated by
being forced to perform or be performed on by other sub males (i
am totally straight, but the idea excites me from a deep
submission perspective).

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June 7, 2009

keeping sub hubby nude - chastity a start?

From: Ashley
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 20:38:47 EDT

my name is Ashley... married four years and getting into this
lifestyle... and of course some problems...

do you have any suggestions on making my sub hubby stay nude at

he is quite shy... and slowly learning... i know he needs to be
dominated.. but sometimes it's hard to get him to comply...

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December 30, 2008

wife naturally in charge

Date: 30 Dec 2008 23:03:15 -0000
From: jim

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to this site. Just thought I would see if our style
of life is close to anyone else's. My wife naturally is in
charge in our marriage. She holds the purse strings. She keeps
my one and only debit card, and a small amount of money locked
up in a small safe that I do not have any access to. I eat only
foods that she says I can eat. I do exercises on a daily basis
to lose weight(about 15 lbs). Do chores and cater to her needs
as she wants. I do have punishments, but not like some other
people on here. We also have written up a contract that I must

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July 13, 2008

Topping from the bottom a dead end

posted by: "jonnyboy54321"
posted on: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 20:48:24 -0000

Hi all,

i have been interested in this lifestyle for as long as i knew
what it was and perhaps unwittingly longer. i am recently
divorced from a strong lady who had some interest in it at the
beginning but it waned. i am now with a wonderful lady who is
almost the exact opposite and i couldn't be happier.

Originally when we tippy-toed around the idea she was of the tie
me up and spank me(her) mind-set, intrigued and eager to
explore. i have done some spanking and did a little with her but
it is soooo not me.

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February 28, 2008

Newbie/Intro - figuring out expectations and rules

posted by: "Ashen Spirit"
posted on: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 22:37:46 -0800

Hello everyone,

My name is Monica, but most online know me as Ashen, I have been
in a relationship for 8 years, living together for the past five.

We've been talking about bondage and the like for a while now,
playing with it lightly but now are looking to go further and
truly make it a part of our lifestyle, although we both admit
that we don't really know what we're doing. Thus joining the
group and talking to people. :)

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September 16, 2007

thanks for my best friend, lover and sub

posted by: Miss E
posted on: 16 Sep 2007 12:58:03 -0000

Dear Ms Christine,

I guess this is a re-introduction of sorts but also a thank you,
your site has been my internet dating agency, when no personals
were used. In this post it will become clear why.

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July 16, 2007


posted by: "paul smith" paulandlo@yahoo.co.uk
posted on: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 19:54:39 +0100 (BST)


We are a loving couple interested in roleplay games etc.

My Girl friend, Louise, is a very willing submissive. We play
with safe words (which I am glad to say have never been used).
We are both late twenties and this is her first relationship
with an element of of this sort of thing, although I have a
little more experience.

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July 13, 2007

mutual pleasure from Fem-Dom

posted by: Sissyrobin
posted on: 13 Jul 2007 21:35:37 -0000

Re: http://u4ds.us/2007/01/intro_and_seeking_fem_dom_ment.shtml

I have to agree with the Dommes point of view! Why should they
put themselves to all the bother of Dominating a Submissive, if
they don't get any pleasure out of it?

My Wife gets a lot of pleasure from watching me scrub the floors
with a toothbrush, She also has the advantage of having a
Permanent 24/7 Slave to do whatever She desires!

My pleasure comes from knowing that I'm getting my Wife excited!

March 18, 2007

My Submission. A slave's point of view

posted by: "Rob" leatherslave_us at yahoo
posted on: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 06:45:42 -0000

Due to an overwhelming response to my Domme's writings of her
intro and story, "The Beginning" about how our relationship
started and developed, I am here to add more to the story from
my point of view, with my feelings, and desires and how I feel
about my Domme.

On March 2, 2007 Mistress placed her first posting on this site
regarding me being placed in chastity and there was so much more
to the story that I failed to put in there, so I am going to add
a play by play account from my perspective from what my Domme
Miss Michele has written, I hope I don't confuse any of you and
hope you enjoy my writings.

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The Beginning - Part 2

posted by: "Michele Grounded_Shield"
posted on: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 23:17:51 -0700 (PDT)

Just wanted to say thank you to Christine and David for being
here and giving me/us a place to share our experience.

Miss Michele/Grounded Shield
Southern California


Part one is at:- http://u4ds.us/2007/03/the_beginning.shtml


The Beginning - Part 2

Anal Angel devirginizes her sub (March 6 2007)

I had thought about it several times before today. I love
pegging. To me, this is the ultimate submission for a straight
man. There's nothing like feeling a man tense up because of the
mental implications of taking it up the ass and then feeling him
relax as the physical feelings take him over. There's nothing
better than watching a man cum from anal pleasure... except the
words he says to describe how it felt for the first time.

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March 10, 2007

The Beginning

posted by: "Michele Grounded_Shield"
posted on: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 11:42:50 -0800 (PST)

Here is our story from the Domme point of view. I am requesting
that he posts his POV as a sub but it may take a little while.

Miss Michele/Grounded Shield
Southern California

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December 12, 2006

Estelle and her male slave marie ange

posted by: Esther Monnier (arlequinch at yahoo)
posted on: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 12:13:50 -0800 (PST)

Dear Ms Christine and DOMestic readers,

We are a Swiss couple. After sailing for 5 years and crossing
the atlantic, we will buy an R.V in U.S. to be free. We are
planing to travel during 2 or 3 years on the south and west
coast of the U.S. and Canada.

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October 14, 2006

what life is like?

posted by: Matt Hubbers
posted on: 14 Oct 2006 19:01:54 -0000

In an earlier letter "Re: C: dinosaurs in London?" Blog link:
http://tinyurl.com/m6ts2 you said you had a partner who is your
sissy girl who does your housework for you. I'm curious what
life is like in other fem-dominated service households. I'm
especially curious about dress, activities, rules and
privileges. What levels of comfort do the submissives have?

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September 1, 2006

new femdom on your list

posted by: shontal belanger "topdom007"
posted on: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 14:26:03 -0400 (EDT)


I discovered your site just yesterday and I kept avidly reading
some messages to find out more about the discussions that were
going on, many suggestions given that I found sometimes amusing,
sometimes helpful to comprehend better the submissive male lovers

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August 31, 2006

sissy with Dom wife

posted by: stevie
posted on: 31 Aug 2006 17:02:56 -0000

Just wanted to say hello and re-introduce myself. I was a member
some years back - before blogs - and I think it was a Yahoo

Anyway, I am stevie. I am 50 years old and married to a dom wife
who is 46. I think this is the right place for me. My wife is
dom in just about everything and it certainly is the right thing
for us.

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October 9, 1996

15 years of different loving

posted by: Leather (at> zephyr
posted on: 9 Oct 1996 18:11:14

Thanks to Mistress Christine and Her angel, David, for
presenting this platform. I have already established them as a
safe arena to share the Real Stuff. I'll start safe by spitting
out a brief intro.

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