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Real life Fem Dom

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 11:20:10 -0000
From: "MaitresseX"

I have been a member of the DOMestic Yahoo Group for many years.
I have found this list very helpful to me personally/my
relationship. Kudos to Ms. Christine and David.

I have been part of the "scene" for many years as well though
that was not satisfying to me. It is fun to go to fetish/bdsm
parties but it was not real and just role-play at that moment in
time. I have a 24/7 Ds relationship for five and a half years
and I also have slaves/submissives. The 24/7 relationship has
had it ups and downs and outside/real life challenges but I can
safely say that we are now on the right and positive path. Over
the years dominating my slave was very intense in the beginning
and then mixed until now. I am now combining the intensity with
consistent "sessions".

Recently I have bought 2 chastity devices for my slave; Birdlock
and CB 2000. This has seemed to help develop a proper mindset. I
have not used the CB 2000 yet; it seems bulky and the acrylic is
hard. The Birdlock is more pliable because the silicone is soft
but it fits tight around the balls and forces the balls/penis to
rise up in the pants which makes this devices obvious if he is
wearing tighter pants. I will give my opinion of the CB 2000 in
a future post.

I have just ordered the Fem Dom training manual 1 & 2 written by
Ms. Christine and the Prickteasing Manual and Games People Play
written by David
. I am looking forward to the time tested, sage
advice these manuals provide and to apply this in my 24/7

I have so much to share and write about. I have posted over the
years about this relationship on DOMestic and I will link to two
old posts to give more meaning to the current posts.

A Question regarding slavery

he is rethinking slavery

I would also like to share in future posts my experiences after I
read the training manuals.

[Password] [Books] [Fem Dom Software] [Victor Bruno] [Videos / Dvd]



The CB2000 did not work for my slave and myself. Due to his
large size, it kept breaking and cracking, so we had to return
it 4 different times.

I would not suggest this be used by a man who has a nice or
large size package.

My slave now wears a tube. It is wonderful, I am just so sorry
that they do not make them any more. The only problem he has had
is when he goes to court, he has to take it off, so that the
metal detector does not go off.

Hope this helps.


Ms. Irish owner of slave jimmie



I haven't quoted anything from your posting MaitresseX, but
I do have something to discuss privately concerning your post.
If you wouldn't mind, I wonder if you would contact me
privately? My Mistress knows and approves of this request, just
so you know.

Thank You


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