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she loves to plug my penis and whip my glans

Date: 22 Sep 2010 11:42:18 -0000
From: Evadtayl

I loved blow jobs, but my girl hated the spunk in her mouth.
Then on one occasion she gave me a long blow job stopping as I
got to the edge, then she continued and I felt my spunk build up
and shoot with great force to immediately start a pulsing spasm
which went on and on subsiding to leave a dull pain in my groin.
She looked me in the eyes saying: "my that was good, no spunk in
my mouth and I could feel your spunk bursting to get out but I
will decide when to let it out."

That was the start of her domination which over the years got us
into sounds penis plugs, whipping and many other forms of sex

She always stops my spunk when I shoot and loves to plug my
urethra for long periods, and also to play with sounds. I have
never had any serious problem despite the occasional bleed which
heals pretty quick.

She likes to put a leather glove on her left hand grasp my shaft
tight so my circumscribed glans bulges. Then with her right hand
using a small flogger whips my glans until it is cut and
bruised, which takes several weeks to heal.

She is always looking for new ideas to try out so any
suggestions would be welcomed.

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On occasions I have had three orgasms each one becoming more painful....

penis plug controlling ejaculation causes pain in crotch

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