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zapped and padlocked balls - software resuscitated

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 23:22:37 +0000 (GMT)
From: tim spiers

Good Evening,

We purchased your training program more years ago than I wish to remember - about ten or twelve years ago.

We had massive fun with it and my wife really took it to heart and since that time we have led a domestic femdom relationship. I must stress that we are not "heavy breathing" fantasy type people and we live normal everyday lives except that when the time, mood and opportunity arise we switch into femdom mode. I posted some stuff to you years ago (see below) to tell you how we were getting on.


So - onto our present situation. This is a post from years ago, I think to you but if not, somewhat similar to my post to you......

Many years ago I saw a blue movie where a man crosses the local mafia boss. He gets taken to a warehouse, stripped naked and is chained to a wall with a padlock around his testicles.

His girlfriend then has to look after the mafia boss and all his friends so the film was full of her having to please them all. Each night she would go to the warehouse to feed her boyfriend. The film closes with him released from the chain but still with the padlock around his testicles as he pulls up his trousers.

This was and still is a huge turn on for me.

For years I contemplated telling my wife about my fantasy of being locked up like that but always chickened out. I then wrote a letter to her telling her about it and bought a padlock hoping that one day I'd have the nerve to tell her.

I think I must have had the letter for at least two years. Then one Saturday evening we got blind stinking drunk and I gave it to her. The evening is a total blur but I can remember her reading the letter and shouting out repeatedly "Where is it, Where is it - Put it on - Put it on". So I did so. As I said the evening was a complete blur.

The next morning I woke up and realized what had happened. I reached down and - sure enough - there it was. I was terrified. I lay in bed wondering what she would say. I must have gone off to sleep again and when I woke up she had gone. I could hear her moving around downstairs. My worry was that either she was very pissed off or that she didn't remember.

I was very very nervous when she came into the bedroom with a cup of tea and a Nurothen. She was smiling so at least she wasn't annoyed but may be she didn't remember? I asked her, very carefully, if she remembered the previous evening.

All she said, very enigmatically was "Oh Yes".

I got up and waited for her to talk about it BUT she never said a word all day. When we went to bed in the evening she told me to lay on the bed while she inspected the situation. She tugged the lock about, tried to pull it off and squeeze my balls through the shackle.

After a bit she just said "You really can't get it off can you"

I said "Not at all"

And she said something like "Poor fool you"

The next morning I had to go to work and she had still said nothing. My original thinking was that if I was lucky the lock would go on for an evenings fun. It never occurred to me that it would stay on for days. I began to get worried that she'd never take it off.

I woke her up to say I was off to work and still she said nothing. Finally I reminded her that I was locked up and she said "So what"

SO - I went to work for the first time with a padlock around my testicles. It was, quite simply, awe inspiring! I was terrified all day and was certain people would know. I was also incredibly incredibly turned on.

We met for lunch and started a long - several days long - discussion about female domination although I hate that expression and much prefer 'a power exchange'

From that day on - several years ago - our lives have changed.

Since then our femdom life has gone up and down according to mood and opportunity.

Later on we got a "shock collar" a modified dog collar one which I posted about here....



This scared me rigid. I could be locked up with the padlock but that was it - my obedience determined how long it was on - but that was it! The shock collar, on the other hand, was a serious "attention getter"

I have attached an image of the padlock "locked on" if you want to use it. The longest I've been locked up to date is nineteen days

So, we have not used the program for about two years and tried to resuscitate a few days ago to (maybe) get some new ideas. But, like your recent post, it wouldn't work. What went wrong? Is it worth updating? Some of your files date back to 1997!

Please feel free to publish this on DOMestic if you wish but please let me know if it is worth upgrading your program



PS Remember those awesome stories from Bill?

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Hello Timmie,

I'll send the latest version now which David assures me will
solve your problems. Please let me know how you get on. Also
please let me know the operating system, browser version, and
anti virus you are running.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

The Fem Dom Training Software.
Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.



That was an incredibly speedy response. Many thanks.

And yes, it now works! I shall look into it and see what
differences there are. Why wouldn't the old version work?

For your information - we are now in femdom mode and I am now
locked up - my wife is a medic and on nights for the next three
nights and - yes - I have cut the grass!

Of all the sites on the web you seem to be the most genuine - it
would be lovely to see more "believable" stories about TRUE
domestic femdom experiences that I am so Bl--dy lucky to have.




Hello Timmie,

>Why wouldn't the old version work?

You didn't answer my questions on your operating system, browser
version, and anti virus - so my guess is that you are running XP
and IE8.

We test the program on all major browsers and operating systems,
but it seems that there is one configuration of AV, security
settings, and browser which cause the browser to lock local
files from running. This, David tells me is because IE8 on XP is
less than totally secure, so the fix from Microsoft is to lock
certain local files rather than fix the operating system.

Although we were unable to replicate the error on our own
version of Vista, David was able to install a particular AV
program on an XP system which reports suggested exacerbated the
issue, and then he managed to track down the bug in the XP OS
and IE8 browser combination and create a work-around which fixes
it. He was cursing and sighing for a few days in his office!

While I'm answering your questions, you also asked:-

>Remember those awesome stories from Bill?

Yes, indeed. And we are much saddened that Bill's artistic and
creative flow has ceased. (Where are you Bill? Still reading

Bill's stories are still available for members to read again at:-


>I have cut the grass!

Is that both indoor and outdoor?

>Of all the sites on the web you seem to be the most genuine

Thank you Timmie. I don't see a lot of other sites myself, but
those that I do see are often not to my taste.

>it would be lovely to see more "believable" stories about TRUE
>domestic femdom experiences that I am so Bl--dy lucky to have.

You've started the ball rolling (excuse any puns that may be
there) let's hope you keep it up (oops there I go again!) and
send in more of your experiences. If not, then let's hope that
others follow suit and, like you, tell us how they are doing Fem-
Dom at home.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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