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keeping sub hubby nude - chastity a start?

From: Ashley
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 20:38:47 EDT

my name is Ashley... married four years and getting into this
lifestyle... and of course some problems...

do you have any suggestions on making my sub hubby stay nude at

he is quite shy... and slowly learning... i know he needs to be
dominated.. but sometimes it's hard to get him to comply...

should i force him? if so, any suggestions?

i have recently put him in chastity and some results are

thank you,

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I think you answer the question yourself.

Yes force him to do what you want, that is what he wants, to be
dominated by you and for you to be in total control of him. To
grant or deny his pleasure for good behaviour.

Come on Lady take him by balls and be firm with him!


Ashley wrote:

>any suggestions on making my sub hubby stay nude at home?

Lockable shoes. Connect them with a chain or whatever and he
can't put any pants on.


I suggest you depilate him and begin hand training him i.e. male
milking and masturbation as rewards for submitting to your
desires, also use or instil fetishes in him eventually if


Dear Ashley

If You and he both agree that he has a need to be dominated i
suggest the best manner in which You will shift the direction
Y/you both are traveling, if keeping him naked is something You
desire, is to find out what excites his need for domination.
Strengthen that desire and need within him and he will more
likely follow Your direction and lead.



May I suggest, that to get him used to being naked full time,
try exposing him in front of your friends.

As a slave I was also shy, but when my master's friends and
sister in law were present, I was forced to remain naked, I was
able overcome my shyness. Master, like you, prefers/demands that
I be naked to help remind me I am her slave, and to let everyone
else know my status.

In the past year I have been able to overcome most of my shyness
and her friends seem to enjoy watching me serve my master.
Honestly I am able to focus a lot better on serving my master,
when I am not worrying about my clothing and my appearance.

Best regards,
A Naked Slave



Dear Miss Ashley,

Congratulations on embarking on the education of a happy male!

Here are a few suggestions which worked on me:

Confiscate his underwear. All of it. Reserve a pair or two for
your own use. Wear them around the house where he can see them.
Make him ask to borrow a pair on the extremely rare occasions
when he absolutely needs to wear them. Put a good price on his
borrowing them.

Make him undress and get naked the moment he walks through the
door. We installed clothing hooks for me but a cardboard
"locker" or laundry bag works too. Do not tolerate
"absentmindedness" on this issue. An additional week or ten days
of teased chastity works wonders to enforce this habit.

I heartily approve of depilation for all submissive partners.
Explain to hubbie that there is only room for one set of
"crowned" privates in your relationship and that set is yours.
Tell him that you find his bush to be smelly and unsanitary and
needs to be gone. Make it his responsibility to keep it that way
until you decide otherwise. Do not accept excuses like the gym
or the doctor's office. It's the twenty first century and males
can show their knees.

Best wishes,

Happy Hubbie


I was having a hard time getting my husband to be nude all the
time. He was afraid someone we knew would see him when they came
to the house.

I solved this by taking nude pictures of him, one very nice one
with his cock fully erect and other pictures of him sucking
cocks and getting his ass fucked.

I took enlarged prints to a frame shop, and had them
professionally framed and matted.

These now hang in our living room where anyone and every one
who come to visit see them. They are too large to ignore, and
too explicit to miss.

He is much better about being naked now.

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