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female led relationships and marriage

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 23:50:25 +0100 (BST)
From: Tom Chambers


I have just joined the group and am very pleased to be here. I
have long been interested in FLR would like to take my marriage
in the direction of a DOMestic inspired relationship.

I have some work to do in introducing my wife to the topics.

Thanks for providing a great service.


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The best advice I can give you is TO TAKE IT VERY SLOWLY.

Treat her to foot massages if she enjoys that? Also help her
more around the house. Take over the cooking etc. My slave
husband, we live a 24/7 does all the cooking. But being the nice
Mistress that I am, I try to help him around the house as much
as I can.

To explain further, I had a major stroke over 9 years ago, so
now I am not able to drive anymore. It was my choice, but also
out of fear (Yes, mistresses do have fear some times) that I
would not have the fast reflexes to not kill, hurt or injure
anyone else.

With sadistic affection!

Ms. Irish

p.s. ask yourself if you are seriously ready to step back and
allow her to take the lead so to speak.

I also think you should go back into the past of this list,
read, learn and then move forward slowly :)


Hello Ms Irish

Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. I have started on the
foot rubs. She enjoys receiving them and I enjoy giving them. So
fun for us both!

Your question about being ready to seriously step back and let
her take the lead is a good one - which I have thought a bit
about. As we all know, there is a big difference between fantasy
and reality - and for me the desire to be in charge is very
strong - unless I am in chastity, (strangely :-).

I will go back into the past of this list, as you suggest - and
will subscribe to membership shortly. If you have any
suggestions as to good postings please let me know. I did try
and introduce this subject a few years back and my wife thought
it was all a bit too kinky.

Congratulations on your partnership and lifestyle and thanks for
your help.


moderator note - see:- fear femdom procedures too kinky for my wife

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