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Mistress Helena

Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 20:43:52 +0000 (GMT)
From: Steve Dane

Please consider my humble account for publication.

Mistress Helena - part one

I have been serving Czech mistress Helena for the last year at
her apartment which she shares with her boyfriend Matt. It is
such a privilege to serve and contribute to her expensive
lifestyle which she richly deserves. I have gone as frequently
as my income has allowed.

Recently she decided to not entertain at home and bought a set
of small farm buildings in a private location. One to one
sessions are to become very rare and she wishes to house and
train about 4 or 5 slaves at once, allowing for overnight
confinement. Multiple training saves her time and rightly
increases her earnings potential.

Over the last month I have been employed working on the
buildings under Matt's supervision, along with a few other

We have fitted an outside shower and have fitted iron gates in
one of the sheds to act as cells. In the yard are now concrete
blocks each of which have chains for metal collars and cock
restraints. There are fixation points everywhere, crude metal
hoops hammered into joists and beams.

One small office space has been created for Helena and Matt's
personal comfortable use but everywhere else is rough and ready.
There is a scattering of straw in the cells and a coarse
blanket, but that is all.

How I would have loved to work under Helena's direct supervision
but Matt kept us hard at labour and just the knowledge that we
were helping Helena achieve her goal was so exciting and

On my first training visit I arrived as instructed one hour
before her and stripped in the shed before kneeling in the yard
and fitting a steel collar around my balls chained to the
concrete block, there were four others there and we were already
helpless. Tribute had been paid online already.

Matt and Helena arrived in their jeep and Matt was dressed in
tight black tee shirt and jeans. He is muscular and how we all
wish we were him. To live with and have the affection of
Mistress is something pigs like us can never have.

Mistress Helena stepped out, blonde straight hair high
cheekbones, graceful neck. She just does not have to try. Bright
red lipstick and black blouse with a short black miniskirt
elegant and cruel in her spiked stiletto ankle boots.

Matt unloaded a carpet bag from the jeep and we guessed it was
her whips and sticks. Sure enough she produced a school cane and
bade us kneel with our heads touching the earth and our hands on
the backs of our heads. Five guys with stiff cocks about to
receive a thrashing.

She told us we were pigs and vermin and she despised us. I grew
harder at her cruel words and was the first to receive the cane.

"Name?!!" She bellowed.

"Steven Mistress" I grunted, my face pressed against the earth.

"Beg forgiveness for your existence pig Steven."

"Please mistress I am so sorry to be here in your presence, it
is such an honour to serve you I am sorry mistress."

Her reply was cruel and swift... the cane swished through the
air and made me gasp. The glory and honour of a beating hardened
me more and a number of stripes were added to my rear.

She thrashed and thrashed me, far harder than I had received
before. I think the sense of power over five slaves had even got
to her.

Finally when she had finished Matt threw a bucket of cold water
over me.

Each of the slaves was punished in turn. Then Mistress told Matt
to unlock the cock collars. We were led into one if the pens
where three of us were locked in behind the iron gates. Two
others were paraded before us and forced to kneel, stand, lie
down, stand up, kneel, over and over again.

"Time for Mistress to have a laugh" she said, and Matt roughly
tied their wrists behind their backs with cable ties.

Mistress Helena told them to lie down and she told Matt to light
the candles. She stood over each slave in turn, allowing them to
see up her skirt before dribbling spluttering hot wax over their

"Such stupid pigs!" she laughed. "Paying for this you are so
pathetic," she kicked them in the legs and body before spitting
on each of their faces several times.

One of the guys came involuntarily over his stomach and she
smiled and dragged the other guy over to lick up the mess from
his stomach. He was forced to swallow the cum and then caned
again before she kicked him into the corner with her spiked
heels digging in to his body. He lay there but clearly stiff and
excited by this humiliation.

She told Matt to take the other guy outside and "put him in the

We stood in awe before her so beautiful and dominant presence, I
was told to push my cock through the gate between the bars and
she stroked it up and down with her cane.....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.... click here


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