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cruelly Cuckolding the male

From: "David" at Ms-Christine.com
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 09:06:52 +0000


I've always found the idea that a woman enjoys making her hubby
watch her while she enjoys pleasing another man exciting. It's
also the idea that such cruelty helps to arouse her sexually and
so bring her to a more enjoyable climax that I love.

It's odd how few Cuckolding fictional stories we've had since the
last one was posted back in 2009.

Episode 90 of the prisoner seems to be the first one we've filed
in this cuckolding fiction category since then.

Perhaps authors of fiction are not as excited by Cuckolding as
some of the readers of this list have been in their non fiction
posts at:-


Personally I've always found such cruelty in cuckolding the male
exciting, especially when the author suggests that it excites
the woman, which is why I enjoyed the recent Prisoner episode.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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I for one love the cuckolding stories. I wish my wife would
consider that, but I can't even convince her that my submissive
behavior can be used for her enjoyment.

David, I have been a member for quite some time, but have not
received any digests for a while. Has this changed to some other
format than the digests?

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