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January 20, 2013

Razors out!

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 05:27:04 -0800
From: Nikki Jones

A wankers corner instruction!

Hi Guys,

I guess if you are a reader of Christine's site you are turned
on by obeying women. That's good, that's nice but I guess for
many of you that's all you do. Read about it, and well... I can
guess. And that's really not good enough.

Maybe your girlfriend won't do it maybe you haven't got the guts
to ask her to dominate you. Well here's your one chance to get a
taste. Here's what you are gonna do. And you're gonna do it now,
not tonight not tomorrow, right now.

You are gonna create an email address just for this one purpose,
to email me. Then you are going to shave your balls with a
razor, careful guys, just your balls. Then you are going to
email me for your next instruction.

You are not to jerk off.

I wonder what your girlfriend will think when she feels those
nice smooth balls? Mmmm, she will like them! I promise

you might even get them licked now they're nice and smooth. Nice
and sexy and smooth.

Now go and do it, don't think about it just do it and wait for a
reply from me. You will get a reply. You've been told to do it
so do it,

Nikki (uk)

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