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Mistress Helena - part 2

Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:19:19 +0000 (GMT)
From: Steve Dane

Mistress Helena - part 2
read part one here

Mistress gently rubbed the cane against my penis tip, the two
other guys in the pen were jealous, each man craving her

"You are all useless pigs understand?"

"Yes mistress," we answered in unison.

"You two lick boots now."

The other guys fell to their knees and pushed their faces
against the bars of the pen and were just able to lick mistress'
boots. Mistress spat on their downturned heads.

"You like feel of cane on cock pig Steven?"

"Yes mistress."

She laughed and instead of rubbing drew the cane back six inches
and hit my penis.

"I do what I like not what you like," and struck me again.

"Of course mistress."

Helena pulled away and reached for the keys and unlocked the
doors of the holding pens.

"I show you what happen if cum with no permission."

We four followed her outside. Round the back of the shed was the
guy who Matt had taken out. Matt was standing over him with arms
folded. The guy was kneeling in front of a shallow trench we had
all previously helped dig.

Mistress walked up behind him and talked quietly to him. "You
cum when I say and not at any other time. Punish time now pig,
you not make mistake again." A light drizzle was now falling on
the gloomy scene and Helena spoke again. "In hole pig."

He started to protest but Matt chimed in. "You heard her!!"

Sobbing the helpless slave lay on his back on the earth floor.
"Please no."

Matt told us to drag a heavy wooden door and lay it on top of
him. We heaved it into place and stood back in horror. The slave
was instructed to shove his cock and balls through a small cut
out in the door and Helena knelt on the door. Matt handed her a
red rubber cock ring, and she slid it round his cock and balls
so that they could not go back to his side of the door.

It was very cruel. Helena stood up and walked back and forth the
length of the door. The guy was rock hard again! Has anyone ever
been so helpless?

"Now we put rocks on door so you not get out and we leave you,
how long? Hour, day, two days, don't know."

The guy's cock was twitching, with excitement, and Helena still
standing dribbled spit onto its head. One simple word was heard
"rocks", and we knew want we had to do.

We instantly piled half a dozen slabs on the door. He had cum
without her permission, a serious offence, we all knew that. And
Helena led us back to the yard.

We stood in a line with hands on head in the now steady rain.
Matt had climbed into the jeep ready to go. All four of us had
hard erections.

"I go now. Leave him in there. You are all horrible pigs I have
no respect for you. I hate you, you only fit for punishment and
give money. When you have more tribute you send text I tell you
when punish again." And with that she turned away, she then
wheeled around and pointed her cane. "Hands on head, no talking,
kneel thirty minutes then leave."

We sank obediently and watched her glorious figure climb into
the car.

The headlights came on and there we were, four men, naked shaved
cocks and balls with hard-ons kneeling in the rain.

We could see Helena and Matt talking in the jeep, smiling
laughing. What were they saying, maybe that it was a good first
day at the farm? Maybe just laughing at how pathetic we were.
Matt lit a cigarette and Helena leaned over and kissed him on
the cheek. It was painful to watch.

The car turned around and we watched its tail lights disappear.
The light was starting to fail, no one spoke. Each man was alone
with his thoughts.

I felt an immense gratitude to Mistress, such respect. She does
have the right to do what she likes to us.

The rain got heavier but nobody moved. We would not disobey an
instruction from her. Even if she could not check up on us we
were simply so excited by actually obeying her. A deep desire to
obey that only men like us can understand.

After about forty-five minutes one guy stood up and we followed.
We had no shame about our excitement, it had been the first time
I had seen another guy all hard. But we walked about as if it
was normal. We stood in turn waiting for the shower. Rinsing the
mud and soothing the caning stripes from our bodies. We towelled
down with the coarse blankets. Nobody spoke, we slowly dressed,
I remember even putting a tie on and straightening it! Was I the
same man who had been humiliated... Now going back into the
normal world?

Silent, occasionally we met the glance of each other, and I felt
a brotherhood with my fellow slaves.

The cries of the man in the box could be heard, common humanity
would have led us to release him, but we would not disobey
Mistress Helena, he offended her and now he would pay the price.
She and Matt would come back and release him at a time of their
choosing and that was right and just. Till then. He would lie in
the dark in the damp ground with his hard cock exposed above the
level of the door.

We each got into our cars and like a small procession we drove
away down the cart track....

To be continued...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(I am pretty lucky in that my girlfriend Kathryn will play a
dominant role with me from time to time, not all the time!
Writing stuff like this and letting her read it is a great way
to introduce new play themes. Much better than saying I'd love
it if you would do this and that. I'd love some feedback from
all readers, but especially the ladies!)


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