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March 22, 2023

using the humbler - cbt

Date: 2023-03-20 23:10
From: Andy the switch

Re: humbling question

My mistress is planning on getting a humbler but she wants me to learn
to put it on. Can I put it on loosely while my balls are in front, walk
to her with it sort of vertical then let her slide it between my legs
and straighten it once I am on my knees?

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October 18, 2019

humbling question

From: Miss Cindy
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 10:27:36 -0400

Hi Christine,

I've just searched for the humbler on the Domestic blog, hoping
for instructions and tips on how to use it.

I see from a post in the archives by you about international Fem
Dom day that you use a humbler on your submissive.

So perhaps you can advise me on how best to fit it to a boy with
a rather large ball sac that doesn't fit through the hole easily
even with both screws at maximum extension, so I have to open it
even further.

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July 2, 2014

Locking a shock collar in place

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 17:22:29 +0100


In "Shock collar fixing and locking" jay asked for:-

>"advice or images that would help me find a better way to fix
>the collar on my testicles"

Here is an image shot today with my smartphone of the FS700A
collar I purchased.


It is being held in David's hand, just as it came out of the box
and still in much the same condition that it arrived with it's
red canvas strap not showing much signs of wear.

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