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Locking a shock collar in place

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 17:22:29 +0100


In "Shock collar fixing and locking" jay asked for:-

>"advice or images that would help me find a better way to fix
>the collar on my testicles"

Here is an image shot today with my smartphone of the FS700A
collar I purchased.


It is being held in David's hand, just as it came out of the box
and still in much the same condition that it arrived with it's
red canvas strap not showing much signs of wear.

Jay also wrote that his Mistress only wants him to get out of
the device when she is ready to take it off.

That seems quite simple, providing you are not an escapologist
type submissive. Just attach a padlock to the standard strap,
going through the strap and buckle as shown in the following two


Being an escapologist, David could probably wriggle his balls
and penis out of such an arrangement, and when he is soft he
could probably get himself back into it again.


However, as David never lies to me, I find it quite simple to
ask him if he has remained in the device since I fitted it, and
he knows that it is more than his life's worth if I were to even
suspect that the answer might be negative.

So the padlock is, in our case, just symbolic of my desire that
he remain in it until I unlock it and release him.


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There is no better training device than a shock collar around a
man's testicles. I have my husband put one on when I want him to
work. The quality and attention to detail is unbelievable.

I use the "Lady Educator ET-300TS-L Mini". It is a waterproof
rechargeable puppy shock collar with a 1/2 mile range that can
only be turned off with the remote.

The shock collar has 100 levels of intensity. The highest I have
used is level 40, more than plenty to get his attention. It is
more expensive (around $199), but is good quality. Don't waste
your time with the cheap Chinese units.

I have used different shock collars over the past 5 years, and
this one works best. I instructed my husband to attach it to a
"Climax Metal 2C-150-A Aluminum Two-Piece Clamping Collar,
1-1/2" Bore". He ground the bottom flat, drilled two holes for
the contacts, and used electrical tape to secure it. When it is
bolted on, it's not coming off.

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