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humbling question

From: Miss Cindy
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 10:27:36 -0400

Hi Christine,

I've just searched for the humbler on the Domestic blog, hoping
for instructions and tips on how to use it.

I see from a post in the archives by you about international Fem
Dom day that you use a humbler on your submissive.

So perhaps you can advise me on how best to fit it to a boy with
a rather large ball sac that doesn't fit through the hole easily
even with both screws at maximum extension, so I have to open it
even further.

This then leaves me with what feels like a 3 handed operation to
complete, one holding his balls, one holding the humbler and one
trying to get the screw back through the hole to safely secure
his balls.

Then when I get one ball through, it sometimes slips back so
that when I start to tighten the humbler I find I've not got
both trapped, and have to start over.

The mood to play has then diminished quite a bit, as we are both
frustrated with my fumbling efforts.

Any suggestions you have for me would be gratefully received by
both of us. Thanks.

Miss Cindy and slave tom

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Hello Miss Cindy,

you wrote:

>I get one ball through, it sometimes slips back so that when I
>start to tighten the humbler I find I've not got both trapped,
>and have to start over.The mood to play has then diminished

Yes, I totally understand the problem. Try putting 2" packing
tape around the top of his ball sack, or perhaps the lace from
one of his trainers, so that his balls are in a neat little
package that is much easier to handle while you manipulate them
into the humbler.

I find packing tape around the top of his ball sack is better to
retain more flesh and avoid some of it getting pinched. Adhesive
tape can avoid the over-tightening that can happen with laces.
You don't want to cut off the blood supply.

My lazy way to solve the fitting problem and consequent mood
loss is to order my sub hubby to put on the humbler in another
room and then report to me in that lovely slightly bent over
position that it forces him into.

It's quite easy for a male to fit a humbler to himself in front
of his own body, just a little loosely, so that he can then move
the humbler through his legs to the rear position before
reporting to you for any further tightening that you might

Equally, you may find it easier to fit to him yourself in that
position and move it between his legs yourself. That is also
quite a dominant thing to do.

I often have David put it on in front of me, and then turn
around so that his back is towards me. I then have the fun of
roughly pulling the humbler back between his legs myself and
forcing him to bend over before ordering him to kneel on the

Men also make quite a good footrest. when restrained by a
humbler, or if that is not comfy just order him to kneel in a
corner while you relax watching TV or reading a book.

I love spending an evening watching a movie while David is stood
facing the wall waiting and able to serve me at a click of my
fingers to top up my glass of wine. A naked male slightly bent
over in a servile position with his genitals pulled back and
down turning him into a virtual eunuch makes an amusing
emasculated servant.

Sometimes I even treat him to seeing me dressed in the sexy
lingerie I know he loves as I recline on the sofa in my negligee
and stockings. Then I let him stand with his back to the wall
and in that slightly bent over position he can lust over what he
can't have.

sincerely, Christine

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My mistress is planning on getting a humbler but she wants me to learn to put it on.

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