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Version 3.

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What it is not...

  • it is NOT a book
  • it is NOT just a catalogue of ideas
  • it is NOT a fem dom manual
  • it is NOT designed to be printed out
  • it's graphics are NOT there for titillation
  • it is NOT a series of Email messages
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A Brief Description of a BIG Program

I am Christine and together with David my lifetime partner we have developed a computer program designed to help a wife get control of her husband. (or at least pretend to!)

In designing the software we started with all the best advice from our books. We then updated and added more.

By the time we finished breaking up the information into useful sections we had added at least as much again.

The software is designed to be run by a woman. Although from our past experience with our Fem Dom Manuals, we know that many men are excited by imagining that their wife might follow the instructions given. Despite the intent to make this software genuinely useful for women, many of the users are men.

The program concentrates on real life and domestic situations, not just going to scene clubs and events. When it talks about going out in the evenings, it is to the pub or the restaurant. The object is to integrate your 'role play' into everyday life. It is our experience that couples prefer to find ways to play at home.





Just a sample of our 'satisfied' customers!

"The training software I rec'd as a wedding gift from my boy/hubby is priceless! I highly recommend it.. it is worth every cent."

Empress Eva

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Dear Christine and david,

What a terrific CD on Female Dominance! I particularly enjoyed the way that it walks ladies through the different types of ideas to 'spice' up one's sex life. While we have played with Female Dominance for a while, this CD gave me great ideas to try out. It allowed me to understand why my partner wanted to play this way.

And, it's a lot more than 'beatings' or 'torture'. You've explored the whole idea of 'serving' and adoring a woman. In addition, when used correctly, I get so much more love, affection and consideration from my partner because his needs (as well as mine) are being met. I've even gained in self-confidence outside the bedroom because I feel attractive and cared for in a way that regular sex just didn't do.

To any lady trying to add spice to their sex life and improve their self-image - this is a MUST HAVE CD. While I didn't try every suggestion yet, there is plenty on this CD to give a lady months and months of ideas and enjoyment with her special partner.

Thanks for the great CD - Let me know when you come out with the next version!"

Casandra (GL)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"The material enclosed is first class. It has given me and Michael some new ideas which we will be trying out. One of the best sections I thought was on supervised wanking. At present Michael is sometimes allowed to wank in front of me but some of your methods of control are really ingenious.

I have (and am) learning a lot from your program and recommend it to everyone."

Patricia Paxston (Henley on Thames, London)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Want u folks to know the contents are the most excellent work on this subject I have ever seen (my wife hasn't seen as much yet, but really likes it already); it is probably the best out there!"

Stephen Fairburn (Ohio)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So far I have read a lot and am very impressed and getting ready to start a new day with a new attitude! Thank you sooooo much! This is exactly the kind of instruction that I have been looking for. Didn't have a clue as to what my husband meant by wanting me to dominate him. Thought is meant leather clad with whips and chains and stuff.

NOT! He just wants me to take control of my sexual pleasure and use him in any way that I want to get my satisfaction sexually. What a wonderful man! God help him now! ;) He has created a lusty monster! :)))))" Thanks a bunch!

Cheryl Anne Baker (NY)


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