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Mr Jones

Karin Stuart, Managing Director of Missco, takes her sexual harassment of Mr Jones to sadistic and erotic extremes. Office Roleplay, by Christine, based on an original video plot by David.

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Graphical Web Book US$25

Corporate Backlash

This story by Christine tells the story of Jack who was in the habit of using and abusing his secretaries until he recruited Alice!

Text US$ 12

Graphical Web Book US$20

The System/Educating Darren:-

a book of short stories by David and Christine. The title story was inspired by reading Eleanor's System in 'The Queen of the Grove. (Available from Skin Two). Also included is "Educating Darren" and a treatise on humbling the male using 'male milking' by Ms. Christine.

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Graphical Web Book US$20

In the Bank Manager's Cupboard.

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The Secret of the Black Room.

Brian learns to his cost that there is more to a weekend with his girl friend than he imagined. In the Schoolroom he learns the rules!
In this first book of short stories by Christine, the title story was written soon after David explained he was into Fem - Dom.

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Graphical Web Book US$35

The Bank Manager's Radio Controlled Slave.

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Frankly No.

Frank's wife Susan shows him that for her Fem Dom is all or nothing.

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Graphical Web Book US$20

Life Sentence

In the short title story Tom gets more than was coming to him when he attempted to burgle Carla and Flick. Includes two other short stories by Christine.

Text US$12

Graphical Web Book US$20

Harem - Karen and Susan,

This book skips back to the early life of Karen and Susan and shows what schoolgirl experiences led to their behaviour in the Domestic Discipline and Love Honour and Obey books. Then moves on to the formation of a Fem Dom Harem.

Text US$15

Graphical Web Book US$35

Women in Charge.

Written by 'John', a politician who cannot have the work published under his own name. John gifted this book to Christine. The book is presented as a diary and describes what it can be like to be married to a dominant woman. David edited and substantially added to this work.

Text US$15

Graphical Web Book US$20

The Countess and The Caretaker.

This recent book by Mistress Christine tells the story of the caretaker of an apartment building who is bewitched and bewildered by the seductive Countess. The Countess and her 'maid' are no ordinary tenants.

Text US$15

Graphical Web Book US$20

The Hierarchy.

A blockbuster and certainly David's longest work. Many readers have said this is the most exciting fem-dom story they have ever read. By David it expresses his fantasy ideal of life with me and my other men. You will truly have difficulty in distinguishing the fact from the fiction so cleverly is it woven.

Text US$24

Graphical Web Book US$35

Prickteasing & Games People Play by david,
and the Fem Dom Manuals parts one and two by Christine.

Peter X :-

78 illustrations of Fem dom for the rubber fetishist by Peter X.
Peter X., is also a private figure whose identity cannot be revealed, his unusual drawings have somewhat of a cult following.

Available as downloaded or printed illustrations US$15

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