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August 31, 2011

secret Devotional Sex society

Date: 31 Aug 2011 01:19:50 -0000
From: MichaelK

Devotional Sex is different from BDSM.

Devotional Sex works very well with a non-dominant women, and it
is focussed on sexual and sensual activities, not BDSM
activities. It is mild FemDom without humiliation, inflicting
pain, bondage and the other things that make up BDSM.

While this makes Devotional Sex very tame for those into BDSM,
it has the exciting benefit that many ordinary women may enjoy
being a Devotional Sex Princess.

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July 31, 2011

a Secret FemDom Society

Date: 31 Jul 2011 21:40:01 -0000
From: subiam

A (Secret) FemDom Society for the Benefit and Advancement of

Pardon the cross-reference but we have been having an on-
again/off-again discussion over on FetLife regarding "Secret
FemDom Societies". (see below) Now, I would like to start
exploring this idea with the members of DOMestic.

We have various FemDom, D/s, BDSM organizations but as far as I
know, we do not have a society like I am about to propose. The
closest may be ClubFEM but I haven't been able to figure out
their charter.

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