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a Secret FemDom Society

Date: 31 Jul 2011 21:40:01 -0000
From: subiam

A (Secret) FemDom Society for the Benefit and Advancement of

Pardon the cross-reference but we have been having an on-
again/off-again discussion over on FetLife regarding "Secret
FemDom Societies". (see below) Now, I would like to start
exploring this idea with the members of DOMestic.

We have various FemDom, D/s, BDSM organizations but as far as I
know, we do not have a society like I am about to propose. The
closest may be ClubFEM but I haven't been able to figure out
their charter.

The principal is simple. There are many, many men who identify
as submissive and who wish to serve one or more dominant women.
What if the women created a society in the style of the Masons
or Skull and Bones, whose membership and inner workings were
secret but all members worked to advance the causes, well-being
and status of one or more women or a cause they support?

The idea is that the women would meet and collectively set an
agenda and then task and direct the men to execute to that
agenda. Here are some off-the-cuff examples:

a local group could decide that they wanted to elect a society
member to a local school board, the women and men could then be
the basis of an immediate campaign staff.

another group might have a member who is trying to start a
business, the members could pool some money and tax the men to
help raise some seed funding. The men could also be put to work
doing the manual labor to remodel, provision and even help staff
the new business during its infancy.

on a state or national level, the organization could pick causes
or campaigns that the women felt were important such as a
women's health issue or a promising female (or female-
supportive) candidate, the women could pool their efforts and
direct the men to support the cause or campaign with both time
and money.

on an international level, the society could pick a cause each
year to which the men are expected to make a significant or on-
going contribution, e.g. Heifer International or the Fistula

As you can imagine, there are many, many ways this could work
but the basic model is the women set the agenda and the men do
the grunt work and help fund the operations.

Some men are collared/married/bound in some way to a woman,
while many are not. It would seem natural there would be a
hierarchy, if not a ladder, for the men within the organization
that was tied both to their relationship to a dominant female
member and to his contribution to the society over time.

For the women, I could imagine that the organizations start out
locally using a very simple charter and then each year the women
send representatives to state, national or international
gatherings where they refine their operations, charter new
chapters, and set state, national or international agendas for
the coming year. I could also see the women levying a monthly
tax on the men to fund basic operations, travel expenses, etc.

The women set the agenda and direct the work while the men who
serve or those who are petitioning to join the society, are
responsible for helping execute that agenda.

Just imagine what is possible if our women could tap the
unfocused energy of this vast array of submissive men around the
world who are at their disposal!

Note that I have not made any reference to any overt or implied
sexual acts. I'm not saying expression of sexual power is not
part of this organization - in fact, I would imagine it is very
much a sub-text and probably part of the secrecy compact and
certain rituals. However, sexual activity is not the primary
purpose of this society; it is, however, a means by which the
society preserves its secrecy and achieves its objectives.

So, members of DOMestic, I would love to hear what you think. If
you are a female, is it something you would find valuable and
worthwhile? If you are a male, would you petition for membership
and be willing to subject yourself to its direction?

Thank you for listening.

In male submission,

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What is my sexual preference?

It is total submisssion to a woman.


I would love to participate! For me the sexual part is key for
the rest. Thus considering, that it is what makes me want submit
to women. There could be many ways of achieving an active secret
society, to which we, men could gladly submit, for the joy and
purposes of our beloved FemDoms...

Actually, i always believed that well organized Women could
easily and without a shot, dominate the world, through the
sexual thirst and kinky desires of us inferior and primitive



Often the ideas for a secret FemDom society are pure male
fantasy, and it would be difficult to find even one women who
would want to take part.

Alternatively, if the ideas for a secret FemDom society are put
together by a BDSM Mistress, the result may well work, but it
will still be difficult to find other women who share the same
BDSM philosophy who also want to join.

If the typical BDSM type of secret FemDom society was really
viable then it would already exist (maybe it does, and we don't
know about it because it really is secret) or the Mistresses in
each city don't want to create such a society, and thus secret
FemDom societies will remain just fantasy.

I'm writing a website about a mild form of FemDom called
Devotional Sex. Following my ideas to their logical conclusion I
can see that one day Devotional Sex will create some real-life
secret FemDom societies.

Read "secret Devotional Sex society" to find out why I think




A lovely idea I've entertained myself quite some time! But there
must be a good reason why it doesn't exist! I guess we men,
especially when we submit, are too boring. Who wants to rule


What a wonderful idea and an interesting concept. Allow me
though to give you some advice. You can't start a secret society
by publicly stating that you want it to happen on the internet,
and asking for people to start it. If it is a secret society then
you should start by talking about this subject with people you
believe might join it.

Second thing is that you say "like Skull and Bones or Masons".

You name two societies that have been involved in conspiracy
stories which involve malicious behavior.

A pro-female society wouldn't be malicious. It would be good and
positive I think. So, I can see how a society like the one you
describe could work, but to have any importance and essence it
should be built on concrete and have a very well coordinated


It's a great idea, and i would want to join even though i don't
have much money or resources. The organization could move me
where i would be most useful.

If strong smart dominant Women did create such an organization i
hope that sometime in the future that we become a Female led
world, because the Female is superior to males.

If i could join, i would rather let the organization take total
control over me. Everything i do from then on would be in
service to the organization and the Women in charge. This would
give them direct control over my life from where i live to how i
earn money for them.

Take total control. Every thing i have and am will be Yours.


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