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April 27, 2022

Angelic Playtoy wants you to explore

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2022 07:59:34 +1000
From: Angelic Playtoy

What a lovely place to leave a message looking for others. I am
a male, a married male. You may call me Ziggy for now. I am very
imaginative and have a lot of potential to converse and submit
mentally online and via phone and email. I wish to explore that
long term with someone I like.

Without the chemistry of someone also liking me and wanting to
do this to me or with me, it will not work. Mind games, with a
basis in risky humiliation, exposure, training and obedience are
something I read about all the time. I quite enjoy the idea of
mailtimer games, joi, teamviewer etc when first playing or
getting to know each other, before going down the path of full
long term entrance into my mind and body.

I know this can be an amazing fun journey for both.. the pain
and suffering is something I crave and want you to explore.

Looking forward to seeing who is out there and what fun we can

email address info

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