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March 22, 2023

using the humbler - cbt

Date: 2023-03-20 23:10
From: Andy the switch

Re: humbling question

My mistress is planning on getting a humbler but she wants me to learn
to put it on. Can I put it on loosely while my balls are in front, walk
to her with it sort of vertical then let her slide it between my legs
and straighten it once I am on my knees?

She says she needs it mainly to flog my cock and she may use it to
force that appendage to stay in position while she does so. Would that
work or does it have to be to have me push the balls out to the rear. I
know it would do me good to stay in place, and am not sure how hard a
whipping of the balls I can handle.

She says in the humbler I will be able to take a long session.
Is that true?

Will I always have to stay completely bald down below for this device?

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