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My lovely kinky Carol in Manchester

Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 09:10:24 +0000
From: Salford Graham

Ms Christine,

I hope you will find this suitable for publishing on your blog.
I've been reading since you first started the DOMestic mailing
list back in the late 90s, so that would be well over twenty

In that time I've been a regular password holder, so I've read
lots of your stories, David's stories, and many others on the
member's site. From all I've read and the videos I bought of the
two of you I really envy your husband David, he's a very lucky
man. And I've now been lucky too!

Sadly, I've never found a marriage partner who I could share my
own sub dom fantasies with. In part, that's because I'm very
successful, and probably I never found the time to devote to an
intense relationship where I could share my secrets. Perhaps if
I had shared more I would have found someone and settled down as
my mother used to say.

However, recently after my retirement, I did find a lovely
mature woman who was open to kinky activities, she is very much
younger than me of course, and a real stunner. Out of my league
as I'm getting on a little. Many of your readers will be
surprised at how I finally managed to find someone special. It
was an escort review service which had some dominants near
to me in Manchester which let me find a lady to
come to my home, who shares my tastes.

I could have visited her, but I felt much happier in my
own home. I'll call my lady friend Carol for my little story,
not her real name, as she told me I could share this with your
readers but not to use her real name.

Carol and I chatted by phone text and email to arrange the big
day on the coming Wednesday night, nearly a whole week away when
we agreed the date and time. I have to say that I was surprised
how affordable the whole experience was, bearing in mind how
much I've spent on dates that didn't go anywhere.

I told Carol I was into chastity, humiliation and discipline and
we discussed my limits on that. But as I didn't have any
chastity devices, yet, she ordered my to look at her photos on
the escort site every day but not to cum if I masturbated. She
made me agree that on the Wednesday I would accept discipline
for disobedience and said she would be kind and offer me the
choice of riding crop, or cane.

"Well, which one?" her next message asked, before I realised I
had to say in email that I would agree to it before her visit.

"The cane" I replied.

"What do you say?"

"The cane please Mistress."

"Good boy..." It was just words on a screen but I felt like I
could hear the pleasure she was having in dominating me.

That Wednesday night was fantastic. Carol had me serve her
drinks and put a film on the dvd for her to watch. (yes dvd - I
told you I was getting on a bit).

She told me to strip naked. And as she relaxed I knelt at her
feet and just looked at her as she ordered. Her legs were
fantastic and the skirt was short enough for me to want to see
more. Carol adjusted her stockings on a couple of occasions,
(putting me in mind of David under the table in your video
Brought To Heel).

Eventually when Carol had enough of watching the film she
ordered me to masturbate, "Play with yourself..." was the simple
instruction which brooked no disobedience or hesitation. She
sounded just like you when you gave that order to David in

'Wow' I thought, had she watched all my favourite films. Would
she make me please her orally? Or watch her enjoy herself?

She pulled me towards her and gripped my head between her knees.
As she supervised she started to count the seconds....

"One... Wank boy.... Lets see how long you can last... Two....
If you can't make a full minute... Three... I'll have to cane
you to train you... Four...."

She must have heard me getting excited.

"Five.... No johnny on.... If you spurt catch it in your hand

I managed to ease back until she got to.

"Ten... enjoying the view creep."

(I groaned as I nearly spurted at that point, thinking of you
saying much the same to David in QW / Waters of the Queen)

"Fifteen.... If you spurt in your hand you'll have to lick up
your mess...."

(I groaned again thinking of you making David 'lick it all up'
in QW)

"Twenty.... Wank boy... One stroke of the cane for every second
under the minute...."

I was sure she didn't have a watch on her wrist so I doubt the
count was accurate.

"Twenty Five.... Ready to spurt and lick it up now?"

I didn't have much of a view with her knees tightly gripping my
ears which was just as well or I would certainly have cum
already. I slowed my pace trying to avoid ejaculating so soon,
and regretting not asking if I could put on a condom before the

"Thirty... Very good boy.... Only thirty with the cane... Time
to spurt now...." she gripped my hair and tipped my head back,
to ensure I would look up her skirt as her knees gripped me
tightly once more.

"Uhhhh...." I groaned about to spurt, so excited by the 'view'
and the knowledge she was trying to make me fail. I stopped
playing with myself altogether as there was no other way to
avoid punishment.

"Forty.... do you want to beg now slave?"

"Please Mistress, may I put on a condom to cum now?"

"Twenty short of a minute. Bend over the arm of the sofa, you
can have twenty strokes with the cane. Maybe next time you'll
last longer."

I had not been caned since I was a schoolboy so I made quite a
bit of noise begging and holding my sore buttocks after just one

"What a wimp..." Carol sneered.

I saw her panties coming down her thighs and watched her
stepping out of them as I recovered a little.

I saw her bunch them into her hand and then felt them inserted
into my mouth.

"Bite on those wanker. You've got nineteen love taps to go. I
don't want any noise!"

Love taps? That was not what it felt like!

It was hard not to cry out loudly, but the panties in my mouth
certainly helped.

After the caning was over she resumed her seat, rummaged in her
handbag and tossed a condom onto the floor beside me.

"Put that on and look up my skirt at my pussy...."

"Go on wank boy... Do it.... Show me what you like to do..."

Her legs parted "Imagine what it would be like to have some of
that... If you were a real man..."

I groaned in heaven now at the way she was humiliating me. My
dreams had come true.

"That's more than enough pussy for you. Kiss my feet as you get
the nasty business over with."

I hope your readers enjoyed reading about my experience with
Carol. I've had many more since and Carol is now a regular
visitor at my flat. I doubt the neighbours think I've scored and
have a lovely younger woman as a girlfriend. Maybe they think
I'm the lucky devil. But I heartily recommend the single men who
complain so regularly here that they can't find a dominant to
try an escort to find their own "Carol".
Just don't pinch mine :-)

All the best,

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