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my Goddess in the FemDom Society

From: kuntsucker
Date: Sat, 15 May 2021 23:59:06 -0400 (EDT)

Re: a Secret FemDom Society

woke up by my lovely evil sadistic beautiful Goddess of orgasm
denial and forced french kissing of your delicious ass. My face
is tied to a bench as you tie my cock and balls and cream them
with toothpaste.

Then you straddle my face while you're standing and I'm on my
back. You hear me begin to plea for mercy but you laugh and
stuff your silky soaked panties in my mouth and then you sit
your delicious ass right on my lips.

You rise long enough for me to notice you have a toothbrush in
your hand and you threaten me saying,

"kuntsukkker, if I don't feel your tongue digging out my asshole
then I'm going to brush the shaft of your cock all the way
around up and down until I feel your tongue I know you have a
long tongue kuntsukkker now French kiss my ass."

Then you laugh again because you know this is a game I can't
win. You know my tongue is pinned because I have a mouth full of
your sweet panties and as I feel your ass pressing down on my
face once more, you continue to laugh as you torture my cock
while I'm screaming into your ass which only vibrates you and
makes you more aroused.

This is how I pray as I pray to you my Goddess.

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As a sub that is on the receiving end like the guy here to his
goddess, I love this no win situation.

Guy you are so lucky I wish I was you.

Does she ever let you French kiss her ass? My lady loves when I
French Kiss her ass and Kiss her ass all over and I love the

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