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The Prisoner - Chapter 94

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane - Chapter 94

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Relieved, at least for now, to have survived the testicle
treatments James Hough found the long barrack block type hut to
which the prisoners had been allocated and where he presumed he
would be sleeping.

A long open room contained the institutional style beds, six on
each side and neatly made, with a cupboard and small wardrobe
next to each one. At the end was the toilet block with a row of
sinks and opposite them four open toilet cubicles and four open
shower stalls.

Next was a small windowless storeroom containing shelves full of
cleaning materials, toilet rolls and various brushes and general
cleaning equipment. A deep wash basin and drying rack was along
one wall. Strangely there was another bed in there crammed into
the small space. The floor throughout was highly polished and
the general state of the washbasins and toilets was clean and

He heard a sound of movement from the far end of the hut so
walked back past the beds until he found what looked like an
office door at the entrance end which he had missed. On it was a
sign "Wardress Office."

He knocked and heard a female voice saying "Enter!"

As he walked in he noticed an office desk in front of which
stood a short plump brunette, presumably one of the prisoners as
she was dressed in the obligatory uniform of shirt and short
skirt but with her skirt raised and her panties around her

Sitting behind the desk was a tall hatchet faced very slim lady
in her thirties dressed in a grey skirt and jacket with rank
badges on the shoulder over a grey shirt and blue tie. Her
uniform hat sat on the desk. Her name tag displayed the name
"Senior Officer Norton".

He was told to stand against the side wall and to keep quiet,
which he fully intended to do even without the order. The
Officer then continued to berate the female displaying her bare
buttocks which from the look of them had already been reddened
by some form of broad strap.

"Despite my earlier application of the strap you still failed to
tidy your bed space at the morning inspection girl, so you will
now have to feel it again. I am somewhat limited by the rules in
that I can only lay on three strokes at a time, but you will
find that I can do that several times a day if the mood so takes
me. While you are displaying your private areas I might as well
carry out a routine panty inspection... so take them off and let
me see them."

With a look of some horror at James the girl struggled out of
the tight white bikini panties and blushing deeply, placed them
on the desk top.

"I said girl, that I wanted to see them! You are well aware of
how to present panties so do so NOW!"

With even more blushes the girl picked up the garment and held
it up between her hands so that the crotch was tight and fully
exposed. Miss Norton leant over and peered at the material then
pointed to a small damp mark.

"Is that a sign of sexual activity slut?" the officer demanded,
knowing full well that it was not but glad of any chance to
further humiliate a defenceless girl.

It was in fact a barely discernible yellow stain but enough for
the girl to have failed the test anyway. She stutteringly tried
to excuse herself saying that she was in the toilet when Miss
Norton sent for her and had to rush but there was no
understanding or mercy to be had from that quarter, just a
simple but frightening entry of her name into a book labelled
"Daily Offence Reports."

"Urine stains on your panties girl are a sure sign of a slut.
Aren't they?" the officer taunted.

"Yes, Ma'am," the humiliated girl dutifully replied.

"That nastiness will no doubt be dealt with later but right now
you will receive a taste of the strap. Bend over so that you
grip the far side of my desk then spread your feet wide apart,"
she ordered.

She then indicated that James was to move out of the way to the
girl's rear to give her enough room for a good swing with her
right arm. The desk was a little lower than the girl's torso
resulting in her buttocks being high and spread. From where
James stood her cheeks were parted and it was obvious that
depilation of that personal area was not required by the rules.
Her face could just be seen and it was bright red with

The officer unhooked the strap from her waist belt and ran it
tenderly through the fingers of her left hand. She then brought
it up over her right shoulder and brought it down hard across
the middle of the girl's buttocks. The girl jumped and exhaled a
jerk of air, but held her position. The second and third struck
painfully home and the strap was then re-hooked to the officer's

"Get dressed and report back here in an hour for a little
reminder on how panties should be presented for inspection. I
may be only allowed to give you three strokes at a time but I
intend to apply that permission several times to get you warmed
up for tonight's punishment session."

Still blushing furiously towards James, the girl struggled into
her panties and departed, leaving him alone in front of the
desk. Miss Norton sat in the chair, leant back and eyed him
slowly up and down.

"Enjoy that did you Hough?" the officer asked with a sneer,
knowing full well she had deliberately placed James in a
position where he could see the girl's charms displayed.

"No Ma'am," he lied, hoping his arousal was not yet evident.

It was apparently not noticed by her, "I have been fully trained
in handling male prisoners Hough so don't get any ideas. I think
I have just demonstrated that I have both the authority and
intention of disciplining that young female and you will be next
across this desk if you put a foot or word out of place. You
have been allocated to me for a few hours until it is time to
eat so first I will show you where you will be sleeping."

James was relieved to be on the move and with danger reducing he
followed her out the door.

To James' concern he was to sleep in the bed crammed into the
store and drying room. For the basic toilet and shower needs he
would be allowed to use the female stalls when one was free, so
not only would he be subjected to living around females in
various states of dress or undress, he would also suffer the
humiliation, like them, of having not the slightest shred of
privacy when it came to his most basic needs.

Miss Norton then emphasised his relative status in that he was
junior to every female prisoner, could be ordered about by them
and would have to remain respectful and address them all as

She then told him that the group, with the exception of the girl
that he had just seen strapped, were out on a fitness run and
should be passing the area in which they were in just a couple
of minutes. He was to follow her outside and observe the event.
It was a cold day and not one on which James would have liked to
be enduring a cross country run.

As James accompanied her he concluded that Miss Norton must
enjoy having an audience for her cruelty to these girls.

Soon the eleven females appeared over a slight hill pounding
what seemed to be a perimeter road round the estate. James could
see that the females were stripped to a thin vest and short blue
skirt under which their panties could be seen. Short socks and
white trainers completed their running dress and from the way
the breasts were bouncing and swaying, no brassieres were
allowed for chest support. The nipples, made turgid by the cold,
were visibly pointing under the chafing vests.

Miss Norton, speaking against the ice cold wind that was
blowing, but with obvious glee told him that the distance was
one mile round the estate. The requirement was to run the route
seven times within a fifty minute time span if they wanted to
escape any punishment she informed him with a smile. Before the
run they had all been made to drink a pint of water and she was
now allowing them a comfort stop as they would probably need to
relieve themselves.

James expected that they would be allowed to visit the
accommodation block but was in for a surprise. The sweating and
steaming squad were called to a halt and made to form a line at
arm's length, facing Miss Norton and James.

"I appreciate that there is a male present so to reduce your
embarrassment you will keep your panties in place. On my command
you will squat with knees wide and skirt raised."


The breathless females all went down as ordered with several of
their already flushed faces becoming even brighter as their
spread panty crotches were displayed by their position with
their heels together supporting their buttocks and their knees
wide and high.

"On my command you will all release your bladders. Any prisoner
who does not will feel my strap."

The officer knew of course that this was far from reducing their
embarrassment, but could hardly have been designed to be more
humiliating for them. Being made to soil one's own underwear in
front of a man was far worse than urinating on the ground in
front of him.

"Release!" she ordered with a grin.

James realised this woman was an obvious sadist with a taste for
humiliating women.

The threat of the strap convinced even the most bodily shy girl
and with little hesitation, eleven clean panties displayed an
increasing damp patch followed by a healthy gush of steaming
yellow fluid that spread into a puddle beneath them and under
their trainers' rubber soles. The flow had hardly stopped before
they were ordered to their feet. They stood with legs together,
skirts still round their waist, and were all standing rigidly at
attention with the insides of their thighs glistening.

There would be no more resting. With one quick order from Miss
Norton the squad were off again steaming even more in the cold
wind. They had just 15 minutes left to complete the run without
feeling leather as she put it.

As they completed the next lap it was obvious to James that they
were all but exhausted, but the sight of Miss Norton unhitching
her strap seem to spur them on, and the pace visibly increased
even though they were now strung out as the fitter females drew

As they reappeared approaching where Miss Norton stood
effectively marking the finishing line the females were clearly
exhausted with a wide gap between each one. The first six
crossed the invisible line within the time scale allotted but
the rest did not and the last girl, a somewhat overweight
blonde, crossed the line with her breasts flopping wildly. Both
she and the others in the last five were lined up next to the
still wet patches that they had left when they relieved

It was a quick three with the strap but rather than having them
drop their panties she laid them on over the urine wet material
seemingly adding to the impact. The breathless girls accepted
the pain and indignity without complaint and the whole
breathless squad were then sent, with James to the accommodation

Miss Norton ordered them all into the toilet block to strip off
the damp and sweaty clothes. The vests, socks and panties were
hung on a drying frame that stood over a radiator in the store
room to dry. The shivering and naked females were then sent into
the showers with a queue forming as they each awaited their
turn. It seemed, from their acceptance of Hough's presence, that
they were well used to stripping in front of males.

Meanwhile James was told to place the trainers on the racks in
the room and then ensure that the showers were properly cleaned
after the girls had finished. The pairs of trainers each had an
individual smell and had obviously been continually used for
female exercise. He carefully and neatly placed them in the
racks noting the pair that was already there; presumably
belonging to the girl he had seen strapped earlier.

It was some time before the female prisoners had finished
showering and had removed themselves to their sleeping quarters.
James found the cleaning materials near his own bed space and
started cleaning down the soap scum and hair debris from the
white porcelain trays and tiled walls. Several girls came in to
use the toilets and to his surprise they simply sat there
watching him without any apparent embarrassment.

It took him some time to clean the showers and he worked until
Miss Norton paid a cursory visit telling him to get off for his
evening meal in the canteen with the now dressed females.

This was taken around a self-service queue and eaten in total
silence despite the absence of any staff. By nine o'clock they
all went back to the sleeping accommodation where he entered his
store cupboard cum bunk.

The radiator had almost dried the damp intimate clothing but the
odour of dried sweat and urine still permeated the room. James
was sensible enough to realise that this had been the sadistic
Miss Norton's intention so resolved to accept the problem and
soon fell into a deep sleep.

He was awakened by a loud bell ringing. All of the numerous wall
clocks told him that it was 6am and, following a rush for the
toilets he found he had to join the queue of females awaiting
the use of one of the open stalls.

He was soon dressed and lined up with the shivering girls in the
breakfast line. This was served by a large short surly female
civilian who clearly objected to being obliged to perform such a
service to a bunch of prisoners at such an early hour. James
made the mistake of causing the woman more annoyance by asking
for well-done bacon which she supplied but with a look of utter
fury on her round face.

The hours between seven and nine were filled by showering and
routine cleaning of the accommodation block.

Just before nine Miss Norton strode in and pinned a duty list to
a notice board which was soon scrutinised by the anxious
prisoners. When James could get near it he saw that next to his
name was listed ominously "Leather treatment shed".

Seeing he was somewhat perplexed, not to say worried, one of the
girls told him that it was one of the pleasanter and safer jobs
on offer where he would be employed oiling and preparing new
straps and devices for delivery to customers.

He soon found the wooden building and went in. He was met by a
red faced lady in her fifties who showed him to a work bench on
which lay numerous leather tawses, straps and cuffs. All awaited
oiling to make them flexible and more effective. In front of him
was a large pot of oil that he would use to feed the leather and
make it malleable.

The first tawse he picked up had come straight from the leather
worker. It consisted of a two foot long leather strap with a
carved grip at one end and a split the other extending a foot
into the material. It was clearly designed to hurt and made of a
thick type of hide nearly half an inch in depth. It felt heavy
and James could well imagine the force with which it would soon
be brought down on to some poor wretches' buttocks or thighs.
Because of its inherent flexibility the rough edges would leave
nasty ridges on sensitive skin.

There was a notice hanging over his work bench which said:

"Remember, the leather that you are working on could one day be
used on you!"

James needed no such exhortation and started work with a will
using a small cloth to soak up the oil and apply it liberally to
the hungry pale hide.

Other implements followed and James did his best to make all of
them humanely supple but soon realised that it would take days
to really achieve the desired flexibility.

There was a mid-morning coffee break for the staff but he was
ignored by them as they sat in a circle on comfortable stools as
he continued to rub and soak. Despite the lack of refreshment he
needed to relieve himself so left the bench and walked down the
corridor to the room labelled "Toilet".

He had just completed his release and was leaving when a young
girl appeared from an office opposite and demanded to know what
he was doing using a staff toilet.

He stood dutifully at attention in front of the young female and
apologised humbly remembering to address her as "Miss".

Apparently satisfied she warned him not to use the room in
future and walked off leaving him to return to his work bench.

Just before the lunch break he was visited at his bench by Miss
Ellis looking somewhat agitated. She gestured him to follow her
into an empty office and turned towards him looking less than

"James! I spent some time yesterday trying to explain how things
work here so that it would make life easier for you and you
already seemed to have collected a report on your attitude. Miss
Finch always reviews these complaints when they pop up on her
screen and she has messaged me that you are to be given a
'disciplinary'. It's the last thing I want to do but I have no
option other than to carry it out."

Shaken by the news, James asked who had complained but Miss
Ellis explained that anonymity was always maintained until the
lady herself wanted him to know. She also had no idea what he
had done to offend whoever she was. The complaint had been made
and the punishment would follow without any questions or
interference on anyone's part.

Becoming increasingly worried what was to happen to him he asked
what was meant by a 'disciplinary'.

She explained that it was intended to be a sharp shock to bring
anyone serving the organisation back into line quickly. It was a
formal application of the cane and was designed to both hurt and
humiliate rather more than the "playful taps" with the wardress
straps that he had already seen.

The recipient would not be told the reason or the identity of
the complainant but left to examine his or her memory of what
errors they may have committed in the recent days.

There were three grades and he was to receive a grade two which
would consist of between ten and fourteen strokes across the
thighs and/or buttocks. He would be naked and the event would
have to be witnessed by at least one other staff member.

She went on to say that she had seen from his records that he
had felt the cane before but he should be prepared for a really
painful session today that she would be unable to protect him
from in any way. Indeed, her job depended on her laying on the
cane in a way that would be more painful than any that most of
the staff would give. She had a reputation for strict discipline
and she couldn't risk going easy on him in any way, especially
in front of a witness and bearing in mind that he may well be
inspected afterwards.

Provided he took the cane without being restrained the number of
strokes would be just ten, but if he did not remain in position
and had to be strapped down this could be increased to fourteen.
She advised him that he would almost certainly be unable to take
ten without being secured so to ask for the twelve stroke option
where he would be strapped down and not able to make things
worse for himself. She told him that he had until he reported to
her for the caning at 2 p.m. to make his mind up.

"...and James, I won't like this any more than you will... but
it has to be done and done properly, and don't forget to bring
that Velcro strap that you were issued with."

Shaken and dreading the afternoon session and yet still
wondering what the purpose of the strap was, James went back to
his work bench and continued oiling and polishing the leather
products with his mind very much elsewhere.

Could even the cook or the young secretary have the power to
have him severely beaten for any minor mistake that he made? Was
it perhaps one of the girl prisoners who had complained? He had
been told that they were all superior to him in the hierarchy
but could anyone of them really have him thrashed on a whim?

He then realised that this form of anonymous complaint and
punishment would mean that he would be walking on eggshells for
the rest of his stay, forced to be humble and obedient to any
one of the staff, or prisoners, that he met.

Which was of course, the whole point of the system.

For obvious reasons he had little appetite for the mid-day meal
but certainly noticed the number of uniformed ladies sitting at
the top table who were constantly looking in his direction and
clearly discussing him.

It seems that there were regular visits from the Prison Training
Centre where all the new Warders and Wardresses were trained.
Miss Finch appreciated the commercial benefits of making all the
prisons' staff aware of her products for when they reach a
position such that one might have purchasing authority. It would
seem that no expense or effort was too much for these guests
when on the premises.

As the clock moved to 2 p.m., instead of returning to the work
bench he went, as Miss Ellis had directed, to a large gymnasium
type building some way from the factory buildings.

He entered and found a polished wooden floored and well lit room
with a contraption for securing hapless victims in the centre.
Around this were comfortable chairs that were already filled
with the young wardress group and several of the staff who had
elected to view the afternoon's entertainment... which was of
course, him.

Miss Ellis, dressed formally in short grey skirt, blouse and
knee boots acknowledged his arrival without a hint of
recognition pointing towards a spot for him to stand awaiting
her pleasure. She was in the process of describing the ethos
behind the 'disciplinary' and to James' horror was holding a
fearsome cane that was obviously to be used on him.

His confidence that he was only to receive twelve strokes and
that Miss Ellis was a basically kind person who would minimise
the level of pain was shattered.

What she hadn't told him was that the implement would be twin
plastic rods joined in a handle. It looked nearly four feet long
and each polypropylene rod was white and the thickness of an
index finger. She was demonstrating its flexibility by bending
it between her hands then swishing it through the air.

It was barbaric! Surely Miss Ellis would not use it on him?

"This is one of our newer and more effective products ladies.
When you have a prisoner who has been rendered somewhat inured
to the effects of the cane and has become what we would call a
hardened case, this implement will bring them sharply back to
reality and appreciative of just how much a punishment can hurt.
The candidate today is not a conventional prisoner but has been
sent here by his wife for advanced training in obedience. It may
amuse you to hear that the event is being sent via Skype for his
wife's benefit in the First Class departure lounge at Heathrow
where she is waiting to board her flight to the USA. Please feel
free to pass the cane around and examine its weight and

This they did and the loud whirring sounds they made by
practising their strokes did little to settle his nerves. He was
then approached by the mousy little nurse he had met before. She
ordered him to strip and then hand her the strap he held in his
hand. As this would be in full view of the afternoon audience
James found himself turning away to protect what was left of his

He was soon ordered to face the front and to stop slouching. She
moved closer to him and to his surprise grasped his genitalia
firmly in her left hand, encircling his penis and scrotum at
their root. The Velcro strap was then wrapped round close and
tightly to his body, trapping several pubic hairs painfully, and
pulled tight. This had the effect of making his rapidly
engorging penis and testes protrude indecently forward in front
of his lower stomach and exposing him to some amusement by the
assembled ladies.

"This cane is usually laid on with the recipients thighs well
spread," explained Miss Ellis. "This naturally displays both the
male and female genitalia rather prominently and certainly
humiliatingly. Naturally with the males, it makes the dangling
testes rather vulnerable to being caught by one of the cane
tips. I'm sure that none of us worries too much about causing
pain in that area but we certainly don't want to cause any
lasting damage so it is safer if they are strapped tightly out
of the way. Interestingly this male is undergoing a daily
scrotum slapping with a new testicle paddle that is under
development here in the factory so we don't want to conflict
with that assessment."

James was beginning to doubt the "kind" nature of Miss Ellis as
she continued....

"If you have all finished examining the double cane, we will
have him mount the frame and we can then carry out the
punishment as required. There is just one more formality: As you
have been told in training, a wardress inflicting a severe
caning is encouraged to do so naked from the waist up so that
her bare breasts emphasise the femininity of the punishment. I
will therefore strip to comply with this rule. This will be done
in full view of the male and I doubt that it will reduce his
disgusting display of an erection in any way, but the cane will
soon address that little problem."

A titter of amusement went round the room. It was clear that the
idea of deliberately arousing and then thrashing an erect male
until he was flaccid was an idea that was generally amusing to
sadistic women.

'Miss Ellis too?' James wondered.

Miss Ellis stood directly in front of James and slowly removed
her blouse exposing a frilly and feminine white brassiere that
was clearly offering much needed support to two large breasts,
she then reached behind her, unclipped the rear strap and,
leaning forward let the bra slip from her chest. She then stood
proudly displaying her breasts to the room as the nipples
reacted to the cool air and protruded enticingly. Her
intoxicating scent reached his nostrils and added to the
emotional respect that he seemed to be feeling for her.

James could not believe that this was happening to him. This
most kind and feminine of ladies, stripped to the waist with a
pair of the most delightfully perky breasts was about to inflict
considerable pain on him for no known reason. But what choice
did he have? His wife, apparently watching this by live relay
held the promise of financial ruin and probably a prison
sentence over him. He would have to accept whatever this
establishment wanted to do to him.

Ignoring his lascivious stare Miss Ellis asked him one last

"Hough, do you elect to receive ten strokes unrestrained with
the option of four more strokes for undue movement or do you
elect to take twelve strokes fully secured to the frame?"

He elected to be restrained, now thankful of Miss Ellis' earlier
advice on the subject as he could now appreciate the advice she
gave him that he would be unable to take the beating without
being strapped down.

He nervously mounted the frame by first kneeling on the wide
knee pads that forced his thighs apart then leaning forward to
place his lower arms in their places in line with the knees and
much lower. He was more than aware how this left his buttocks
high, tight and spread so that any female on the frame would
feel totally exposed and vulnerable. His constricted scrotum and
penis felt as if they were also vulnerable and he could but hope
that the strap was holding them well clear of the tips of the
canes arcs.

It was the nurse who secured the restraining straps around
wrists, elbows knees and ankles. Finally a broad leather strap
was pulled across his waist and as the nurse pulled it tight,
his stomach was held down on a raised support thrusting his
buttocks even more into prominence.

Miss Ellis spoke:

"Well ladies, as you can see the position is one of humiliation
as his genitalia and anus are fully exposed. I need hardly add
that in the case of a female under the cane, her breasts would
hang free and unsupported so that she kept nothing secret from
us. In the interests of the subject here and to prevent any
vocal outburst that would attract further punishment the Nurse
will now apply a mouth gag."

This she did. A soggy pad of some material that had been used on
countless females under punishment and kept soaked in a foul
antiseptic solution was pushed into his mouth and a retaining
strap secured behind his head. It was possible to breathe around
the gag but this only added to the terrible taste. It would
certainly muffle any sounds of protest that Miss Ellis was
clearly expecting.

Next the nurse picked up a small container from the floor in
front of him and, retrieved a dripping towel from it, walked to
his rear and wiped the running cloth soaked in cold disinfectant
liberally over his buttocks and thighs so that some fluid ran
down his anal cleft.

Miss Ellis then squatted down so that her naked and upturned
breasts were at his eye level.

"I will lay on these 12 strokes in batches, starting with two
batches of three with a minute or two between each batch to let
you feel the full level of the inevitable pain. During this time
I will position myself here in front of you so that you can
fully appreciate that it is a female who is inflicting the pain.
You will of course have no opportunity to avoid the strokes or
to give us ladies the benefit of your views. You are here to
suffer... and suffer Hough... you most certainly will. The Nurse
here will count the strokes and at the completion will let me
know if any of them failed, in her opinion, to be correctly
delivered. If this is the case, I will then repeat that... or
those... strokes."

She stood and picked up the cane that the nurse had just wiped
with the antiseptic. Standing to his left she lay the rods
across the centre of his already bruised and marked buttocks
noticing the twitch of anticipation they gave. She slowly raised
the rods to behind her right shoulder and then brought them
whirring down to slash into his waiting flesh. Without delay she
then brought it down two more times across the same area.

She then moved to his front and squatted down to watch his

The pain was far worse than any of the previous canings James
had undergone. His eyes were screwed shut as he was forced to
absorb it. As he opened them he could see the two breasts in
front of him and looking down between them he could see her
parted knees and beyond with a glimpse of her panties between
the stocking tops.

She was more than aware of where he was looking and seemed to be
tormenting him that such an attractive female had the authority
to inflict so much pain. She even smiled sympathetically at him
and held his chin for a brief fleeting moment before standing
once more.

Was her display a kindness or further cruelty? Either way it was
certainly deliberate.

It seemed much longer than the minute or two that she had
promised before the second batch were laid across his now
throbbing buttocks. Mercifully they fell clear of the first
three but as they struck his lower buttocks and the crease with
his thighs they were just as excruciatingly painful.

She again squatted in front of him and held his chin that was
dribbling the foul tasting antiseptic on to the floor. She must
know that his arousal had now gone, this male had been deflated
and defeated by her.

She stared into his eyes and whispered some words of

"Half way James, just two more sets to go... I know it hurts but
that's the way it has to be if you are to learn the lesson. I
will avoid the new wheals for the next three, but you will need
to be brave for the last ones as they will have to overlay the
wheals around the crease with your thighs. I'm afraid they will
hurt terribly as I won't take a break after three and I have no
choice other than to lay them on hard."

And she did... bringing all six strokes down with a full swing
of her arm.

James could not help himself from screaming into the gag as so
many females must have done during previous thrashings. Despite
the pain he could only think how fortunate it was that he had
elected to be secured as otherwise, he would be looking at even
more lashes with the double cane.

The cold antiseptic that the nurse generously applied to his
whealed and ridged buttocks came as a welcome relief until she
rubbed it into the abraded skin with some enthusiasm so that the
stinging added to the deep searing heat and throbbing. But at
least it was over, or at least, he thought it was.

It was the nurse who suggested that the ladies might like to
take a closer look at the effects of the punishment before their
victim was released from the frame. Several of them rubbed their
hands over the painful ridges and at least three used their
nails to scrape then pinch the wheals. Added to the scourging
effects of the liquid the nurse swabbed over the wheals it was
almost as if the cane was being laid on again. It was with some
relief that the nurse unfastened the restraining straps and
assisted James, unsteadily to his feet.

The assembled audience left chatting excitedly about the
efficacy of the double cane and James noticed Miss Ellis leading
a stunningly attractive and curvaceous girl prisoner by what
looked like a dog leash into an adjoining room.

As the door closed, he was left all alone to remove his genital
strap and dress in his flimsy kit. It seemed his ordeal was
over and he was not needed any longer.

He went to the door that he had seen Miss Ellis leave by and
listened there for a while. He could see nothing through the
keyhole but pressed his ear to it. He heard some rustling
noises. Perhaps clothing being removed? Eventually he heard what
sounded like Miss Ellis saying "kneel there, head between my
thighs and get to work, I'm going to enjoy this."

A glance at the clock reminded him that he was due to receive
the next trial scrotum slapping so he could loiter no longer. He
hurried back to the test centre now aware that there was much
more to Miss Ellis than he had realised.

The red haired woman handed him the padded swatter and a set of
instructions with a broad smile and told him that the inflicter
today would be Senior Officer Quinn and she would be waiting for
him in the accommodation block.

His heart sank at the mention of this lady's name. She was
Senior Officer Norton's partner and the one lady that he had
been warned about. He took some consolation that her powers of
punishment would be limited to the scrotum and steeled himself
to being as compliant as possible when he met her. With his
buttocks throbbing and stinging as they were he did not want to
receive even more pain on them this afternoon.

He entered the accommodation block and knocked on the wardress'
office door. A muffled female voice called out "Enter" and he
went in snapping to attention in front of the desk. Behind it
sat a plump short lady in her late twenties with fair hair in a
tight bun behind her unsmiling and plump face.

James reported:

"Hough Ma'am... reporting for Trial number 46."

"And what does that entail Hough?" she replied. Which left him
even more apprehensive.

"It requires applying a slapper to a male's scrotum Ma'am. I
have the trial details for your information." He handed her the
paperwork ... and the slapper which she examined carefully.

"I hear that you have just been given a 'disciplinary' Hough."
She casually remarked. "They laid it on properly I trust?"

James assured her that they had and when questioned further
admitted that it was still hurting. In an almost conciliatory
manner she then said that she had better check and bade him to
strip for inspection. Once again he found himself obliged to
remove all his clothes in front of a female that he didn't know,
but obediently did as she had told him.

Pushing her chair back from her side of the desk she instructed
him, now naked, to come round her side and stand facing the desk
in front of her. He was then told to spread his legs and lean
forward over the desk. She then pulled her chair forward which
placed her knees between his thighs so that her body was close
to his.

She placed both of her cold clammy hands on his rear, one on
each cheek. At first the cold flesh on flesh was welcome but she
soon started to examined the ridges and wheals with her nails
casing an unwanted resurgence of pain that made him twitch and
instinctively try to close his legs.

A few fierce slaps with her palms encouraged him to remain still
and accept her examination.

"What was the reason for this beating Hough?" she enquired.

"I don't know Ma'am he replied. I was told that I had no right
to know who had complained and that I would just have to accept

"Absolutely, she murmured, and I take it you would do anything
to avoid having another session tomorrow? Having the cane laid
over these wheals" and she emphasised each word with a vicious
pinch with her finger tips to an overlaid double wheal that
swelled prominently on both cheeks "would be really unpleasant
wouldn't it?"

Gasping with the pain James readily agreed. A cold hand reached
between his thighs and menacingly juggled his scrotum.

"I trust that the cane didn't strike these during the thrashing
Hough? I think they will be suffering enough with the trial
punishment they are about to receive from me."

He was then told to stand on the other side of the desk facing

"Well, Hough, I will let you into a little secret. I filed the
complaint about you so it was thanks to me that you have just
been thrashed. Please don't rack your brains as to why I should
do this. We both know that we have never met before this moment.
It was simply that I had my eye on you and thought our
relationship would get off to a better start if you felt my
authority first. Whether I am dealing with a male or female
prisoner I always feel that a hefty dose of discipline will put
them in the right and subservient frame of mind and that they
will be that little more obedient to whatever I require of them.
In your case I have decided that I will amuse myself with you
later this evening so while you are watching the hours tick away
to that time, just bear in mind that however uncomfortable your
buttocks may feel, they will be a whole lot more uncomfortable
if I decide that you should get another dose tomorrow. Do I make
myself clear boy?"

James nodded and mumbled his agreement.

"Now to the matter in hand. I personally prefer to have males
genitally punished by one of the nurses rather than a cursory
slapping but if the trial calls for that, that is what you will
receive. I want you to mount this desk on your knees and facing
away from me."

She again slid her chair back to accommodate him.

Drawing the chair back to the desk she corrected his position so
that his knees were well apart on the hard leather surface, his
head well down and back arched. He could feel his testes hanging
below him in a totally unprotected position. He again felt her
hand reach under him and juggle the scrotum contents with
increasing roughness until he started to buck and move his
thighs from side to side in protest.

"This will be your final warning to remain still while I examine
you boy!" She snapped grasping his scrotum with much greater
firmness than he would have liked. "It is my job to inflict a
little pain in this area and you will accept that pain without
undue movement. Just remember that I can easily ask the nurse to
give you a really hard session of real genital discipline. None
of the girls in the squad seem to enjoy it when they have to
place themselves in the nurse's hands and I doubt that you with
your somewhat exposed sensitive bits, will find it any more

She reached for the swatter and rested it on the rear of his
scrotum. He felt it move away knowing that the strike was
imminent. It still took him by surprise as his scrotal contents
were hit and bounced forward. It was painful to the extent that
his whole body started to move to protect his testes and his
hand left the desk edge. Just in time he got himself under
control and back in position.

Revelling in the power she had over her victim Miss Quinn
reminded him that he had another stroke to come and that now he
had felt the first, he would have to kneel there appreciating
how much the second one would hurt, but not daring to resist its
infliction in any way.

...and it did hurt, but he managed to hold position.

She allowed him to stand next to her and didn't question the
protective way he cupped his aching bulbs as she completed the
paper work that the trial required.

When he was again dressed in his flimsy clothing she had him at
attention in front of her and, looking intently at him, spoke.

"At exactly 8 p.m. this evening you will report to me in my
rooms. I will be subjecting you to a period of obedience
training which will require your total and immediate obedience
to any order that I may care to give you. Some orders may be to
carry out a rather personal service for me and whether or not
you find that pleasant or very unpleasant, you will immediately
and thoroughly carry out that order. It goes without saying that
I will have the right to impose any physical punishment that I
see fit and that I shall exercise that right with both severity
and frequency. You should also remember that I may also decide
to have you given another 'disciplinary' the following day
should you fail to impress me in any way. I would advise you to
spend the interim hours getting yourself in the right submissive
frame of mind that will minimise the need for me to hurt you
during the session."


James reported back to the workshop and found himself engaged on
packing various orders for the internet mail order section of
the firm. His mind was mainly on what would happen to him that
evening while trying to avoid drawing attention to himself with
his need to fidget on his hard stool to relieve the pain from
his recent thrashing. As each order was placed in the box he did
allow himself to speculate on who would be suffering with the
varied canes, paddles and straps, not to mention the vicious
nipple clamps and other items that he could only guess the use

Not every owner could afford the extent of implements that his
wife had ordered and some concentrated on just one item such as
a heavy weight plastic rod that by sneaking a look at the order
form, he read was to be used on a recalcitrant wife who really
needed something effective to correct her insolence.

The time passed all too slowly and with his appetite markedly
reduced, he was only able to peck at his dinner. He slowly made
his way to the wardress accommodation and arrived at the door
five minutes early. He spent the time trying to accept in his
mind that whatever Miss Quinn wanted, he would have to supply it
no matter how unattractive and appealing he might find her.

A woman somewhat bulky and plain in appearance would hardly
become more attractive when her outer uniform was removed but he
would have no option but to perform as she required if his
already bruised and aching buttocks were to be spared more

He thought it was a shame that the very attractive Miss Ellis
apparently preferred girls for her pleasure, as he would much
rather be knocking on her door.

At precisely 8 p.m. he knocked gently on the door and after a
few seconds it was opened. She stood there, still in uniform but
with the jacket undone revealing her well filled white uniform
shirt bulging over her skirt waistband and a tie. Wordlessly she
flicked her head in the direction of the corridor behind her to
indicate that he was to enter. He entered what seemed to be a
sitting room. To his amazement there was a female prisoner, bent
double, facing away from the door and with her feet wide apart,
skirt raised over her waist and panties on display.

Her buttocks were red and bruised as were her upper thighs and
she was whimpering quietly.

"I'm afraid that this young lady was not as well trained as I
thought," commented Miss Quinn. "I have had her report here to
assist me in your training tonight but she has dared to express
the opinion that she does not feel able to carry out that duty.
I find this surprising as I have invested some time in training
her in complying with my requirements over the past few days as
her buttocks no doubt show. She foolishly refused to carry out
many of the more personal duties that I required and paid the
price for disobedience receiving two 'disciplinary' canings plus
a little correction or two from myself before obeying my orders.
I will therefore have to clear up this little misunderstanding
on her part before we can continue. I will now require that you
lay on six with my strap across her backside to clear her mind
of such objections. I will require each of the strokes to be
laid on hard or I will simply give you the same punishment."

She handed James her personal strap which she unhitched from her
waist. He was surprised how thick it was and how heavy it felt
even for a Senior Wardress's item. He realised that it would
hurt this poor girl like hell... but what choice did he have?

To be continued:

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