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The Prisoner - Chapter 93

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The Prisoner - Chapter 93

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Mrs Eland excused herself and Miss Ellis motioned James to take
a seat. "Feeling a little nervous James?" she enquired with an
even broader smile.

James stuttered his reply remembering to address her as Ma'am.

"I think I had better explain what my duties are with you James"
she offered. "I am somewhat different to the other ladies that
you will meet in this establishment who have basically chosen to
be here because they enjoy having power over male and female
servants or prisoners. To some of my colleagues it's an
especially enjoyable career."

"To me it's just a job, a well paid job but a job none the less.
You will find me a little less starchy than the others and I
will only punish you when told to do so. I won't enjoy it any
more than you will, believe me. Having said that, as my job
depends on maintaining a reputation for strictness, you won't
find that I lay on any love taps... but more of that later."

"Miss Finch has appointed me to be the person you report to and
who will have to discipline you if you step out of line... which
I sincerely hope you won't. This means that any of the ladies
here can give you an on the spot beating with the straps they
carry, but if they think a more serious punishment is needed
they will put you on report to Miss Finch via their computer
terminals... she will then decide and let me know. I also have
to punish the female prisoners so I get plenty of practice. One
word of warning, many of the staff are reasonably fair, but do
watch out for the two wardresses, particularly the short plump
one. She is a real stickler for discipline and if she picks on
you... well... just try to avoid her."

For the first time in weeks James felt that he had found, if not
a friend, then someone who would at least allow him some
self-respect. Her next remark came therefore as rather a shock.

"I'm afraid James that I have to inspect and report on your
general condition so if you wouldn't mind, you will have to
completely strip for me. Do try not to be embarrassed and I will
try not to hurt you if I can avoid it. This will make a pleasant
change from my normal job of sticking my fingers up the girl's
bottoms to check for anything illicit."

Somewhat taken aback James stood and removed his newly acquired
T-shirt, shorts and trainers. Miss Ellis's raised eyebrows then
convinced him to remove his athletic support and stand nervously
completely naked in front of her desk.

Smiling at his obvious embarrassment she stood, walked around
the desk and sat on the front of it gently pushing him back a
little to make room for her. James was intently aware of the
glimpse of stocking top and even beyond that her position
afforded him. Did she realise he could see up her skirt?

"Let's start with checking those areas that we most often use to
apply our implements," she said reaching up and turning him
around to face away from her. "I have read your report and see
that you have been beaten fairly recently so let's see how your
skin and muscles have recovered, now bend over and spread your
legs for me please."

Looking back between his legs behind him he could see her parted
calves as she leant forward and ran her hands gently over his
still bruised and tender buttocks lifting then pulling them
apart to check the anal cleft. He winced at the pressure and
heard her gently apologise.

Next she had him stand facing her.

"I read that your Housekeeper elected to punish you on your
inner thighs James so please put your right leg on the chair at
right angles to your left... don't be shy.... My word she
certainly bruised you, it must have hurt terribly when she did
it, especially if your thighs were still bruised from the
previous application. I suppose you earned it so I won't waste
too much time on sympathising. Are they as tender as they look?"
she asked briskly rubbing the soft bruised inner thigh with her

By now, despite his best efforts his penis had risen and fully
hardened but instead of being annoyed she smiled and remarked
that it would make her inspection that much easier.

With both of his feet on the ground but with his legs wide she
leant forward from her position sitting on the desk and gently
held his member. Her blouse sagged at the front giving him a
disconcerting glimpse of her large breasts encased in a simple
white brassiere.

"According to the report you were made to wear a constricting
device on your penis that would hurt if you erected." She looked
up into his eyes not at all fazed by his obvious interest in her

James wondered if she was enjoying his gaze and his arousal...
"Yes Ma'am, but it made my penis extremely sore when I had worn
it for a week or so and it still hurt even when I wasn't

"Well James. These things are not designed for comfort and as
having an erection is in the nature of a personal problem, you
shouldn't expect too much sympathy, but I will examine the area
and see how things are."

Holding the root of his erect penis with her left hand she
slowly and sensuously pushed his foreskin fully back with her
right. She then ran her finger-tip gently around the sore and
inflamed area behind his glans where the chastity device his
wife had insisted upon had done its job.

"You realise that one of the products we make here are a variety
of penis restrictors, some are of the type that fits comfortably
and simply prevents an erection by constriction, others do it by
constriction and making it rather painful. You seem to have been
fitted with the latter type and it certainly seems to have done
its job. However, as your wife has not stipulated that we fit
any such device we had better get this treated."

She released him and leant back reached for her 'phone and
called someone that James gathered was the factory nurse. It
didn't take long before they were joined by a very young,
eighteen years old or so, slim mousy looking girl in glasses
dressed in a nurses uniform and carrying a stainless steel dish
covered in a green cloth which she placed on the desk.

Miss Sophie grasped his penis again pushing the foreskin
uncomfortably to the rear and showed the nurse what she thought
the problem was.

The nurse then took over the examination by pulling on a pair of
black latex gloves before uncovering the dish and selecting a
pair of small steel tongs. Not wishing to handle a servant
personally, she gripped his penis firmly and somewhat
uncomfortably half way down the shaft over the area where the
foreskin was stretched. She twisted the member in all directions
as she looked all around the glans at the inflamed area... and
pronounced her diagnosis:

"This irritation problem is one entirely of his own making in
continually trying to get a stiffy when restricted. We should
really let nature take its course, but if you insist I will
treat the problem."

With that she picked up a tube that when opened and squeezed on
to her finger smelt of some form of strong antiseptic. This she
vigorously rubbed around his glans whilst holding the tongs to
prevent movement.

It stung like hell and his erection was rapidly deflating, so
James was tempted to grasp the penis to try to remove it. His
movement was curtailed by the nurse snapping at him to put hands
hand on his head and to keep still!

She then asked Miss Ellis if she had checked the testicles and
his rectum for illicit items. Hearing that she had yet to do
that, they agreed that she might as well finish the inspection
as she was there. This news did little to comfort James as he
realised her idea of being thorough was likely to be more
painful than Miss Ellis's.

It was!

Having discarded the tongs but keeping James standing feet wide
apart and hands on head the young nurse gripped his scrotal area
with her gloved hands.

Miss Sophie remarked that he had been given testicle punishment
by his previous owner's staff so they did need checking.

The nurse then held his left testicle firmly with the
finger-tips of both hands as she felt its entire area through
the wrinkled protective covering of the scrotum. She was
thorough and as the pressure of the enquiring finger tips was
applied and released James was in constant movement of his hips
as he tried to accept the discomfort without complaint. Despite
his efforts his movement was not appreciated by the nurse who
clearly had no concerns for his comfort, only that she examined
him as she thought necessary.

The fingers moved to his right testicle and the pain and
humiliation of having to accept this young girl's actions
without complaint recommenced. This time his feet moved inwards
in protection but her warning glance was enough to cause him to
resume his splayed position.

He was hardly recompensed by looking at her from close quarters.
Unlike Miss Ellis she was rather flat chested and dowdy. She was
not, in any way, an object of sexual desire. Rather she was yet
another female in his life that he would have to submit to in
the hope of reducing any pain or humiliation.

She eventually finished handling his testes with a comment to
Miss Ellis that they appeared normal.

She then ordered him to turn around and bend over the large desk
with legs wide apart. As she spoke she was applying cream from
another tube to the fingers of her right hand. He was then told
to reach behind him and pull his buttock cheeks wide apart for
her inspection which, embarrassingly, he did.

There was no gentle entry by her probing fingers, this was a
simple cavity search and she showed no interest in being
anything but thorough.

Discomfort amounting to pain and humiliation at being subjected
to such a process did not concern her as she forced first one,
then two, then three fingers deep into his rectum and twisted
them in all directions feeling for any item that might be
secreted. It was little consolation to James that many of the
females would have been subjected to the same cruel fingers in
the same vulnerable orifice. Would Miss Ellis have been more

To make his humiliation even worse, she finished by rubbing his
prostate firmly for some time then checking his penis again for
any signs of leakage.

She ordered him back to the legs apart hands on head position
and with a few pleasantries to Miss Ellis, departed.

Miss Ellis motioned him to sit down, but before he could, she
handed him some kleenex to keep the lubrication off the seat.

"Sorry about that James" she said with a comforting smile. "It
just proves my point about keeping on the right side of the
staff here; believe it or not she went easy on you. She usually
reduces the new girls to tears when they arrive for their
week... and one would think that they are all fairly hardened by
already being in the correctional system. It always surprises me
how much pain and humiliation one young nurse can inflict when
carrying out a routine medical examination. Has the antiseptic
stopped stinging yet?"

James indicated that it hadn't, in fact it had made his penis
unbelievably sore.

Miss Ellis looked concerned and took him into her adjoining
toilet. As he stood, still embarrassingly naked by the sink, she
gently soaped his organ in warm water to remove the medical
cream and once again his penis started to engorge.

Seemingly unconcerned by his obvious arousal she then suggested
that he urinate to wash out any cream that had been forced into
his urethra. He was a more than little disappointed that her
tender ministrations to his organ ceased, but relieved when she
left him in privacy to carry out that act which would now be
difficult with an erection coming on strong..

The urination helped his arousal subside and on his return she
handed him more tissue to complete the public wiping of his
bottom then told him to get dressed which he did with some

She then told him that his next appointment would be in the
'Test and Development' section where the newer products were
field tested. As the only male in the place at present he would
be required to act as a guinea pig for any specifically male
items that were being assessed. She then said goodbye with the
whispered warning to keep his head down and nose clean.

Not appreciating how difficult both of those tasks would be, he
soon found his way to the Department and knocking on the door,

Inside it was laid out much like a laboratory with benches;
various test equipment and many computer screens. He was
approached by a middle aged lady with short dark hair and
wearing a white lab coat on which was her name tag "Mrs

"At last!" she remarked sarcastically... "We have a male subject
for our tests. Has the function of this department been fully
explained to you Hough?"

He said that it had not.

"We are here to field test the prototype implements and clothing
before they go into production. To do that we need human
volunteers such as yourself. It may seem a little unfair that we
will subject you to a degree of pain and embarrassment without
you actually offending in any way, but that is the way things
are here. We do try to spread the impact around all the subjects
we are allocated but, as you may have noticed, we have a dozen
female subjects to use but only one male at present. That means
that you will have to accept any trials that come up for male
subjects... but at least, as most punishment implements are
uni-sex, that will let you off much of the cane and strap

As Mrs Troughton was briefing James one of the female prisoners
marched in and reported to a female researcher at one of the

"Well, Hough, here is a demonstration of what I was telling you,
this female is here for..." she checked her computer screen...
"A trial of one of the many breast punishment devices that we
are designing. It seems that there is a demand for something
that can be used on a girls breasts without causing any harm but
will be an adequate punishment for any breast related offence
such as wearing an incorrect brassiere or one that is less than
spotless. It shouldn't take long so you can watch and learn."

She walked over to the open area in front of the bench where a
video camera had been set up by another researcher. The
prisoner, a tall girl in her mid-thirties was told to stand on a
spot in front of the camera and strip to the waist. She looked
around, taking in the presence of Hough and Mrs Troughton and
was clearly frightened by the idea that her breasts were about
to be hurt. She knew better than to delay the event and stripped
off her shirt and plain tight bra placing them on the bench and
revealing the reasons for selecting her for this particular

She was told to stand, feet apart with her hands clenched behind
her head so that her large pointed breasts were thrust forward
and the natural sagging of each large mammary was minimised. The
researcher, a much younger plump female with crinkly red hair
pulled back into an informal bunch, then briefed her as to what
was to happen:

"I am about to inflict five slaps of a new breast slapper on
each of your breasts. You will remain rigidly in position and
will in no way try to avoid the slaps or to impede my delivery.
It is designed to hurt you and you will simply accept that pain
without comment. If you fail to assist in this trial in any way
you will be placed on report to be dealt with in a formal
punishment. Do you understand?"

The wretched girl was now starting to shake slightly but managed
a respectful "Yes Ma'am".

The researcher went over to her bench and produced what looked
at first glance to be a thicker version of a fly swat made out
of flexible and light plastic. It was attached to a short
springy wooden handle. She stood in front of the prisoner,
raised her hand and brought the implement down across the upper
surface of the left breast with an audible slap. The surface
compressed then bounced and rippled back into shape.

The girl moved slightly and screwed her face as the pain peaked.

Her nipple and areola were much larger than the average and gave
each breast an almost impudent upturned look. The researcher
gently stroked the left nipple with the slapper and after a few
seconds the nipple reacted to the gentle chaffing and swelled to
its full size protruding by three quarters of an inch. She then
brought the slapper up and then down to impact on the super
sensitive area in a downward motion that compressed the areola
as it dragged down across the breast.

The girl nearly broke position, but with her teeth bared and
eyes screwed tight she managed to hold it.

By now the imprint of the first slap was apparent with a red
square on the upper surface. The slapper was then brought up
under the breast to impact the underside. This lifted the breast
especially the now throbbing nipple area.

The final two slaps were to either side of the increasingly
reddened globe making the breast swing against the chest.

To her credit, or perhaps to the credit of the level of fear
that she felt about further punishment, the girl remained in the
strained position. However her upper body was now visibly damp
and the faint scent of perspiration became noticeable to the
spectators. Her eyes were unnaturally wide as she scanned the
room in the vain hope that only one breast would need to be
experimented upon and that someone might intervene, but then
realised that the researcher was already positioning herself to
deal with the other one.

And she did, following the same sequence on what was a slightly
larger target with the girl clearly being right handed.

It was far from over. The breasts were videotaped in close up
with the researcher casually lifting and displaying them by
holding each nipple firmly in turn causing the subject pain that
had no purpose in the trial, but obviously gave her assailant
the pleasure of maintaining control of a prisoner just for the
sake of it.

Finally she was told to get dressed and when she nervously asked
if she could leave her now much too tight bra off, was told
curtly that she could not. She was then watched as she visibly
shook as she forced her reddened and sore breasts into their

Mrs Troughton then grasped James by the ear and cruelly pulled
him round the laboratory, head down, until they reached another
section. This was manned by a fair haired slim female in her
ubiquitous white coat but holding something that looked similar
to the breast slapper. This, however, was padded in what looked
like soft cotton material.

Looking up at James she smiled with pleasure. "At last" she
said, "A male for the Extended Testicle Slapping trials."

James heart fell through his stomach. Surely his most sensitive
area was not to be treated as the girl's breasts were? He could
well remember being hit there with the wet panties by Mrs Brady
and not only how much it had hurt but how humiliating it was and
how totally vulnerable it had made him feel.

His hopes of escape were dashed when Mrs Troughton said that she
had to be in a meeting and would leave the male with her for the
briefing and initial exposure. Still smiling the researcher said
that this trial had been long overdue as customer demand had
recently increased when it was known that the Correctional
Centres had officially approved of scrotal punishments under
certain circumstances. The testes were, after all the most
sensitive part of the male and to ignore them when it came to
inflicting effective punishment was ridiculous.

"I understand that you are available to me for some time so this
trial protocol is for one week but with a different lady
administering the treatment once every day to get a balanced
view of the effectiveness. It may be administered anywhere in
the centre, but always in the same format. I will lay on the
first dose now so remove your shorts and support please."

The word "please" came almost as a bigger surprise than the
order to undress, but James didn't hesitate. Having removed his
shorts he slipped down the support, glad at least to remove the
prickly inside from close contact with his genitalia. The
researcher told him to spread his legs for inspection... which
he did. Slipping on a blue latex glove she then reached forward
under his enlarging penis and gently cupped the scrotum and
spreading his testicles apart with her fingers. She then juggled
them up and down to assess their freedom of movement.

"The protocol requires the testicles to be hanging free, which
they certainly are. If you have any treatment on a cold day, or
perhaps where you are unduly frightened and the scrotum
contracts, you will have to ask the lady who deals with you to
apply a hot towel or similar to relax the muscle. It will be in
your own interests, as being hit on the testes when they are
constricted will be excessively painful."

Rather than reassure him as to the kindness and consideration he
was about to receive, the briefing convinced him that he would
be handled like the proverbial laboratory rat to comply with the
so called protocol.

The true feelings of his wife, towards him were becoming more
apparent every second that passed. She had forced him to be here
and he would have no option, as she well knew, other than to
accept this form of servitude or face the threatened criminal
proceedings that would ruin him.

He was snapped back to reality by the woman in charge ordering
him to stand in front of a chair that she had moved to... but
with his back to her. He was then told to bend over and support
himself with his hands on his knees. As if that wasn't
humiliating enough he then had to bend his knees outwards so
that he was, in effect, squatting. He could sense how his
scrotum was hanging well beneath his parted buttocks with the
testes swinging with every movement.

The red head then told him she would slap his testicles twice
with an interval of one minute between slaps. He was to remain
in position during the inflictions and until she told him to
stand. Any undue movement, and she would be the sole judge of
that, would result in an extra slap until he learned to obey.

She then added a remark, which seemed somewhat unnecessary to
James: "This will hurt!" before then adding "But no damage will
be caused!"

James realised that after being kept waiting in the position for
some minutes that she was deliberately adding to the punishment
by increasing his fear. A combination of the position and that
fear caused him to start trembling slightly. Suddenly the
implement touched his hanging bulbs, was removed then brought
back to make contact with a flicking motion that caused the
padded swat to hit both testes evenly and bounce them forward.

It was not a crippling pain but it hurt enough for him to really
dread the next slap and to have some difficulty in overcoming
his natural inclination to reach through his legs and hold his
lower scrotum protectively.

Somehow he managed to hold position and as the inevitable slap
struck home he resisted the temptation to rear up.

She kept him there for fully two minutes, then told him to
stand. She then told him about the rest of the trial: Every day
at around three pm in the afternoon he would hear his name
called over the PA system and then the name of the staff member
he had been allocated to. He was to collect the trials implement
from the laboratory along with the paperwork, take both to the
lady involved and hand them over so that she could carry out the
trial for that day. He would then be required to follow her
every instruction until she released him for other duties.

Unbelievably this meant that he would be getting his balls
painfully slapped every day for an indefinite period by a woman
he had only just met. He hoped, without too much confidence that
some would be easier on him than others, but from what he had
seen so far, knew that dream to be unlikely.

She told him that he should now report to the Wardresses who
were there to control the twelve female prisoners as they would
be in charge of him for the rest of the day.

To be continued:

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