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letting my slave wank more?

From: "Helen Ward"
Date: Fri, 04 May 2018 11:55:26 +0100

Ladies and "gentles",

I saw last year in the news here in the UK that men should
masturbate more if they want to reduce their risk of cancer.

I wonder, how many Mistresses saw that item in the news, and did
any change your policy on how often you allow your submissive
"gentle"-man to "spurt" as Christine calls it?

I've relented and let my slaveboy out of his chastity belt once
nearly every day for a supervised wank, which gets his average
up above the recommended 21 times a month.

Even though I lock him up again straight after the "nasty
business" is over with, the problem is that I find his attitude
seems more surly than it used to be when I kept him frustrated
and barely let him have relief once or twice a month.

Christine advocates "leaving him wanting more" as a general
policy in her materials, and I loved the cock slapping scenes in
her video, which I've done often prior to leaving him
frustrated. Great fun!

Strangely subbies seem to be motivated to please and do helpful
chores the less sex they get? Is that the experience of other

Do any Tops or Bottoms have suggestions on how I can give my
little wanker more spurts, and keep him motivated to please?

Thanks for your feedback,

*moderator found and provided this link to the story in The
Daily Mirror...


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What chance that the research was done by men? But getting real,
how many guys actually get to have sex 21 times a month?

Surely not many Mistresses are going to pander to subs by
letting them wank almost every day?

In my experience dominant women rather like the idea of keeping
their men in chastity belts. And what's the point of a chastity
belt if he gets to have that much supervised sex?



I guess you are talking about the "pee pee" movie?

As well as cock slapping, Christine also shows David what she
thinks of that "nasty business".

Why not let your slave jerk off, but only while you pee on him?

I think you'll find he is a lot less angsty after being treated
like a toilet, to quote Christine.


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