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DOMestic and DungeonNet are Go - again

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 08:14:55 +0000


Apologies to anyone who has seen server errors while trying to
use either the DOMestic blog or the DungeonNet search engine in
recent weeks.

One sub who I spoke to on the phone told me he and his Mistress
had encountered errors on the DungeonNet web site.

I had to laugh at his shock when I told him I was going to cane
David right away for those errors before I put him to work
fixing them. He seemed a bit taken aback at first, but then told
me I sounded just like Lady Penelope. (the English accent?)

Surely not the corporal punishment, as that's not the way I
remember the original "Thunderbirds are Go!" as a child.
(Lady Penelope has become more strict, see video above.)

I'm no Penelope, and David is no "Brains", he's much more like a
"Parker". But "DOMestic and DungeonNet are Go", again, properly
now, after many server errors have been fixed.

Lady Penelope has now had to punish "Parker" at lot, even if he
thought he was more like Brains! David may have had schoolboy
fantasies about a Lady Penelope type, but I doubt they included
her giving him multiple canings for not being "Brains"!

Every time I got an email or phone call telling me that
something else wasn't working, I summoned David for another
caning. (on more than one occasion calling him Parker as it
amused me)

The reason there were so many errors and so many caning sessions
is that David had arranged some behind the scenes operating
systems upgrades to make the web-server more secure. What he
didn't know was that in doing that he would make stuff go wrong
that he had not anticipated.

As it took him a lot longer to fix things than it should have
done, he's definitely no "Brains" which I also told him quite
forcefully during one session.

So if you do notice any errors on my web site, the DOMestic blog
or the DungeonNet search engine please email me and let me know.
Best by email as I don't often answer the phone, I usually leave
that to Parker unless he's tied up at the time, so you will not
be likely to hear my Lady Penelope phone voice :-)

David assures me that the errors are now over. Which is just as
well as my caning arm was getting tired! He'd better hope he's
right or he might need international rescue :-)

Christine at MsChristine.com

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