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training a sissy to deep throat

From: Michelle
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 13:09:49 -0400 (EDT)


My sissy, (couldn't find a better name), enjoys my 2" jelly
dildo up her/him so much that sissy is topping from the bottom.

I now want to train sissy to deep throat. When I was younger I
tried it myself but always choked.

Any hints on this subject will be gratefully received. sissy
doesn't know yet of my intention.


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Dear Michelle, you used the right word: train. It's all a
question of making your sissy get used to the dildo in his

I did this with my slave-husband and now he is very good
at it.

My "method" was just like an animal trainer of the circus:
praise and punishment. I started with the 2" deep one that's
mounted on the leather dildo/mouth plug; I told him he had to
fuck me this way, as I loved it... So he willingly let me strap
it over/into his mouth, and got used to it.

Then I progressed with the shortest one of my strap-on, making
him lick and gobble it and now, after only six months he's able
to do a proper blow-job on my thickest and longest one I mount
on my strap-on.

Obviously, I always encourage him in his work with sharp flicks
of my quirt!


Many thanks Helen for your reply.

I had one of those gags years ago, but sissy, (also my husband),
couldn't move her head fast enough for me to enjoy. I thought
about squatting above her, but again I was worried about sissy
choking and being sick. In the end I binned it. I've now ordered
a new one.

As to a position to try your advice could you let me know.

Your Praise and Punishment is what I call: carrot and stick. And
yes, it does work. I like to combine it in mind games. That way
sissy doesn't know the scale of 'Praise, or Punishment'.

Gets me so excited when I get home from work to see her in the
hall with skirt/dress around her waist and panties down on all
fours displaying her male clit, rosebud and love eggs. After all
this time I still get aroused - like a freshly caught wet
salmon. Love it!



You're welcome, Michelle. Always glad to share help and advice
to a lovely sister...

Regarding the mouth dildo, you should make a little survey among
the kinky sex shops and find the one that has the smallest mouth
plug: that will be easy to bear for her and to get used to it in
a rather short time.

Squatting over her face could be a problem the first times,
because you'd add the pressure of your lovely body's weight to
his mouth... I suggest for you to stay seated comfortably on
your armchair or bed's edge and she kneels, gliding towards
you...When she has learned the knack, you can add a pair of
leather reins to the rings of the strap, so to pull her closer
and harder inside your pussy...

I find it very arousing, too, when I come back home from work
and find my slaveboi (husband... lol) stark naked and heavily
shackled as I left him, with a chain long enough to permit him
going to the kitchen and prepare my dinner...

He'll eat in his bowl on the floor, and knows that after I
finished dinner, with a glass of Port wine and a fine slim
cigar, he'll be brought to the basement to taste my whip, for
any and every error he made...

I feel so good!

Your friend Helen


My girlfriend trained me to suck on her strap-on before she
would fuck my wet sissy cunt. I learned quickly as I wanted her
to slick my sissy pussy and slide up and down on her strap-on
wearing a garter belt and stockings.

To pleasure her she makes me lick her while she smothers my face
while I wear a dog collar and leash. I never thought I would
turn into such a sissy.


Hi Helen,

Been away at Aunties - an old school chum who likes Adult
Babies. I go there about once a month so she can play with
sissy, who always groans at the prospect at her role play. I get
to relax and managed to read Ms Christine's FemDom Manual I
downloaded. Wow!! This Lady needs to be made a Dame, or get an
OBE! Auntie only gets sporadic internet in the countryside, so I
had to print it out - loads of pages and ideas. I talked about
your suggestions with Auntie, and she agreed with your
suggestions about teaching sissy.

Haven't received the gag I purchased due to the Bank Holiday we
have here, but will keep it in its box until I'm ready to use it
- drives sissy mad not knowing what it is.

I love the idea of chains and will definitely measure up the
house. Chains are a strong mental and physical tie to reinforce
her connection to me. Thanks for the idea.

On the way back, sissy did moan about being a baby, so I'll
meter out, like you did, some suitable punishment... I do like
to bite and claw her beautiful bottom. (Over a long time while
she's strung up in the doorway.)

Sisterly love, Michelle xxx


How lovely, dear Michelle!

Auntie sounds like the right person to help you along in taming
the last resistances of your sissy. I'm pretty sure that the two
of you will soon have her in the proper state...lol

Remember that we have always to be like true animal trainers
and/or dungeon keepers, that is, merciless! Complaints, or
worse, rebellion must be corrected immediately with strict

I'll admit that with my husband, who's not a true sissy, I'm
often very harsh.

When he disobeys or tries to rebel, it's always the whip: the

And it's so lovely and arousing for me, to look into his adoring
eyes, when he's still hanging after punishment...His body
deliciously striped by my lash!

That's the moment when I strap on his mouth dildo and permit him
to approach me as a simple fuck toy. Of course, after a while
the parts are reversed and I put on my leather strap-on to fuck
his boi's pussy...lol

Kisses and hugs


OMG! Helen. sissy surprised me on xmas day. She deep throated
me! The training had worked. She got a punishment for not
telling me she'd been practising behind my back, but she does
like the 'cat' on her bottom. OK, it was not a large girth
dildo, but I was so proud of her.

Went out boxing day and got her a new summer dress in the sales.

Hopefully I can increase the girth.



I love to read stories of all these fortunate "sissys" that have
an understanding woman who encourage their boys to be (or play
the part for a period).

I have been dressing for so many years and I have
not been able to find a woman who truly accepts me for ME!

The search continues!

I'm very open and want to explore more of my feminine side. I am
fairly passable.



you wrote:

>The search continues!

Good luck with your search. It might help if you mentioned your
location, you never know your luck.

Also, try getting some practice in using a dildo for deep
throating and a dildo gag for pleasing a Mistress. Find
something suitable to penetrate for practice like a melon

Once your neck and mouth muscles are thoroughly trained you
might find advertising those skills here will interest a
Dominant. It can't hurt to practice anyway.

sincerely, Christine

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