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sub milked via tube to his mouth

From: Sandy
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 16:33:59 -0400 (EDT)

I would like my sub to always keep things clean and that
includes when he is milked. I do not want to be bothered with
his mess. I have some ideas on this and would like feedback.

They make something called a condom catheter and I thought of
using this during his milking session. I would want him to be
upside down and will milk him by the usual method, no orgasm, no
touching his cock at all, only with toys that we keep for him.
When he releases, it will run straight down the tube into his

I have not seen nor read of anyone doing this. Any suggestions
by anyone with experience this way?

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No one answered you. I haven't tried this but here is my 2

The condom catheter looks mean and fun, but the tube is short:

vitality medical clear self-adhering external catheter

While you are there check out the Incontinence Penile Clamp -
looks like it escaped from a medieval dungeon.

There's a devilish chemical solution instead.

If he's old enough to have an enlarged prostrate gland then
Flomax or similar treatment (commonly prescribed) renders his
squirting mute. Most men who take it then ejaculate into their
bladder. It is miserable and even for a subby you feel castrated

You could just ban squirting instead. :-)



jamesr1853 wrote:

>condom catheter looks mean and fun, but the tube is short

Thanks for the nice medical site link James. I see that the site
also has tubing and connectors at:-

vitality medical tubing

as I am sure most medical supply stores would. So it should be
relatively easy to lengthen the tube. But the problem seems to
me that when a male is milked the stuff is sticky and likely to
be slow to run down the tube. So the short tube pointed at his
face might be more instant fun than a long tube.

You can see me having similar fun pointing "percy" at David's
face and getting a bullseye as I make him "spurt" all over his
own face in my Waters of the Queen video at:-


I make David do a headstand so that he is upside down against a
wall with his head at floor level. I stand astride his head and
tease his genitals prior to making him squirt on his own face in
that position.

But if you do want to use a long tube, you could make him rinse
it with a little of his own urine after the milking is over to
get the nasty sticky stuff down into his mouth.

I didn't like James' medication idea so much. Apart from the
risks that are involved in chemical solutions, it wouldn't be
half as much fun having it all happen out of sight.

I'd much rather be able to see the result of his torment
squirting all over his face or running down the tube into his


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