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humiliated and photographed wearing girly clothes

Date: 11 Jun 2014 10:01:11 -0000
From: submissive2girls

Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me

A female friend of mine spoke to a mutual friend of ours who
loved to humiliate me. Apparently told her everything. I was
told to bring some girly clothes and spend the night with her.
This girl is more then half my age and dresses quite slutty.
When she saw what I brought to wear she laughed and said it
wasn't nearly slutty enough.

She ordered me to go through her bag and get a certain skirt
instead. I changed into it but it barely covered my cock which
was now getting hard because she had her back turned but took
off her bra and handed it to me to put on. As she did she fully
showed her breasts then turned away.

After struggling with the bra a bit I looked up to see her face
go red with laughter. She teased me for the longest time about
getting a hard on just because I was wearing girl's clothes.
She honestly laughed herself to tears and snapped a ton of pics.

Then when I thought I'd never been so embarrassed, she snapped
out the order to strip completely but keep the bra on.

I'm quite large and was totally hard as she looked me over and
helped herself to dozens of pics. The more I was humiliated,
the more she loved it. When I turned away she promised every one
of her friends would see the pics and I found out afterwards,
she meant it.

Just about a week ago I was told that I'll be given to this girl
again in a few days for a far more public humiliation. I can't
wait. I crave humiliation but am quite nervous.

Pics on request.

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Quite exciting until that bit about being given to the girl,
then it is very very exciting


love to hear more please

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