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The Hut - fantasy fiction

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 04:58:51 -0700
From: Paul Carter

Permit me to submit a variation from your usual content, a
female sub story. Pure fiction and all consensual characters.

The Hut - fantasy fiction

Julie's heart was pounding fast. It was her first visit to the
hut without her master. He was away on a golf holiday in
Florida. But if the young sub thought she was going to have an
easy time in his absence then she was very wrong. Matthew had
left explicit instructions with two of his dominant master
friends on how Julie was to be handled while away. Julie had
only just received the text message that morning and made her
way to the hut, squirrelled away in the English countryside.

About fifteen masters shared the hut and its facilities. It was
basic and crude but met their needs and protected their privacy.
Some masters ran two or three subs but Julie was Matthew's
single sub slave. At twenty four she was one of the younger subs
and the blonde had been trained up to a high standard within six
months and had brought much pleasure to the group. She worked in
an estate agents where no one guessed her private goings on.

Julie let herself in with her key. It was hot and dark, the sun
had been pounding down onto the tin roof and sides all day and
she was quickly perspiring. She flicked on the bare light and
pulled back the curtain to the sub changing cubicle. Undressing,
she slipped off her white office panties and pulled on a black
cotton thong and bra set. Drawing the curtain back she clipped
on her leather collar and attached the short chain and padlocked
her neck to the wall, only a master could release her now. She
flicked off the light and Julie foster waited nervously in the
hot dark cubicle....

The hut - part 2

Two cars pulled up and the masters let themselves in. Julie
desperately tried to recognise their laughing voices. Were they
masters she had served before? She wasn't sure. They slipped
their clothes off and one of them pulled her curtain back, she
looked at the black leather hooded master and involuntarily drew
back. His eyes were all she could see apart from his naked
muscular body. He had a hard on already and Julie new she would
be servicing it soon. He roughly checked her collar and chain,
any mistakes would have been punished, she new that.

He grunted and pulled her hair back forcing her chin up. His
voice was muffled by the hood. "So, slut you're Matthew's bitch!
A nice piece of ass! Lucky guy, not your lucky day Julie, not
your lucky day at all. Master away and you need disciplining
girl and disciplining hard. Matthew wants it done to keep you in
check and we are going to do it for him! Understand?" He roughly
shook and released his grip on her hair.

"Yes sir I fully understand."

He called back to his mate, "ready?"

The other guy was dragging out the pillory into the centre of
the floor. In the changing cubicle Julie's collar was unclipped
and her leash pulled down to his cock level. Without being asked
she closed her mouth round his shaft to please her new master.
Up and down the shaft she worked herself, she knew she was good
at it and she loved servicing her masters at the shed. He yanked
her up and led her to the other waiting man, she fell to her
knees and again took him in her mouth, he pulled her hair and
she rose to her feet, Julie was about to be locked in the

The hut - part 3

Julie had been in the pillory before but always in the presence
of her master. The two masked men were unknown but like all
masters must be obeyed and respected.

"Have you anything to say before your punishment girl?" the tall
one said.

"Please sir why am I being punished I haven't done anything

"Do you think you can break your master's rules while he is
away? Are you so stupid as to think he wouldn't have you
watched. We know you were out 'til after ten on Friday, you were
seen leaving a bar at 11.30, do you deny that?"

"It was only a few drinks with some girl friends I wanted just a
bit of fun just to see my friends, honestly..."

"Silence! Master decides who you see and when and you have
broken his rules, he is cross, very cross, it shows lack of
respect and now you must be taught respect again."

Two lousy drinks in a bar and now this.

One reached for the cane and held it before her eyes. "Kiss the
cane and repeat after me... 'I have done wrong and beg for
forgiveness, I do not deserve to be treated with such
understanding by my master. I am truly grateful for the
punishment and accept it as a means of correcting my bad
behaviour. I am grateful to the men who take the time and
trouble to punish me in the way they think fit and apologise to
them for taking their valuable time'...."

Julie was sobbing now she knew these men were experts and
wondered if she could bear the coming ordeal.

"I want total silence during your caning not a word not a
sound." He raised the cane and swished it against her rear, a
second and third followed and the second man smacked her with
his hand. Three stripes and a rosy hand print. The cane again
and five more times. And a final swish to finish off. Tears ran
down Julie's face but she managed not to make a noise.

"Good, you have taken the introductory strokes well slut, are
you truly sorry you broke the rules?"

"Yes sir I truly am sorry and thank you for the punishment I am
so grateful to you sir."

She remembered to thank her tormentor she had made that mistake
before, bad manners were never tolerated and could have led to
more trouble for her.

She was released from the pillory and allowed to rub her bottom
to take the sting away. Her thong had not protected her and her
gorgeous ass was a criss-cross pattern.

The shorter guy pushed her against the wall and faced her into
the corner. He slowly unhooked her bra and tossed it away.

"Going out with friends, who do you think you are?"

"No one sir, I'm sorry sir."

"I'm going to punish your tits do you understand?"

"Yes sir, thank you sir."

"Have you much experience?"

"Yes sir, master punishes my breasts for his pleasure sir."

"Good have you had the Thai tit stick?"

"I don't think so sir."

He grunted and produced a device made of wood about 18 inches
long. At each end was a screw clamp device, it was his favourite
and he enjoyed the expression on Julie's face when he turned
around. Involuntarily she covered her nipples with her hands.

"Now if you do that again I'm going to have to tie you up very
tight. So, hands on head now."

Julie obeyed while he clamped each nipple between two lengths of
wood. Slowly they were turned tighter and tighter. She squealed
and they were given an extra turn.

He kicked the door open and told her to run around the field
until he told her to stop. The men stood at the door of the hut
laughing while Julie ran around until exhausted... breasts

Then back in the hut for more!...

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