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Female cyber sub wanted

Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 07:59:36 -0700
From: Paul Carter

Having enjoyed several real life female subs I now find myself
without a trainee. I would very much like to engage in training
a cyber submissive by email. This would be extremely
personalised to the submissive involved and would commence only
after an initial exchange.

I think this may appeal to a master who may wish to correspond
with me about his wife or girlfriend submissive. They can be
discussed and tasks etc can be assigned. Simply the knowledge
that her master is in consultation with another and that her
fate is being decided by a stranger may appeal to both master
and sub alike.

I require no photo evidence from subs. Lone females may be
attracted by this form of submission as it is safe and secure. I
am looking for an intelligent interchange.

Respectful females may apply direct, masters if course I am
willing to exchange ideas, please apply to:-

palcart1@gmail.com email address info

And please publish my email. Thank you, Paul

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