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penis plug controlling ejaculation causes pain in crotch

Date: 5 Jun 2013 11:32:20 -0000
From: Ron

Re: penis plug urethral play

My wife has a fetish about controlling my ejaculation.

One of her favourites is to plug my urethra at the start of a
session then ride my hard shaft and have several orgasms. I will
feel my spunk build up then shoot to immediately start a pulsing
spasm which goes on and on gradually subsiding to leave a dull
pain in my crotch.

On occasions I have had three orgasms each one becoming more
painful. When she is ready she un-plugs my urethra and allows my
built up spunk to flow out.

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Hello Ron,

I think you last told us about how much fun your girlfriend was
having with plugging and whipping your penis back in September
2010 in the message she loves to plug my penis and whip my glans.

In that post you mentioned the dull pain in your groin but also
said you had lots of experience with sounds and penis plugs and
had not experienced any serious problems with this.

So, I'm not sure if this pain is something that is causing you
more concern now than it was then?

As David said in 2009 in the thread "Chastity Question, Is "Milking"
Just The Myth That I Think It Is?"

"I think that if you are in any doubt, you should ask your

A doctor recently said to me "if it hurts, stop." Pain is the
body's way of telling you something is wrong.

Obviously in bdsm the submissive or masochist often enjoys the
pain and suffering, but you still need to exercise some caution
and always understand what is causing any particular pain and
whether it is something that should cause you to modify your

It's possible that the dull pain or discomfort you are feeling is
being caused by a retrograde ejaculation. This is where your
ejaculate enters the bladder instead of immediately leaving the
body through the penis.

This problem is usually painless and can be harmless. Men with
this problem may notice cloudy urine after sexual intercourse
and there may be a slightly greater risk of infections.

As I explained in the thread "Prostate massage"....

"During ejaculation, contractions of the smooth muscle in the
prostate force the fluid out into the urethra where it mixes
with the rest of the seminal secretions and is carried to the
penis. Prior to ejaculation, ringlike muscles in the part of the
prostate closest to the bladder will tighten to prevent urine
from flowing and to insure that the ejaculate goes where it
should and thus does not pass into the bladder."

If plugging your penis during orgasm disrupts this process your
body may be complaining.

As Pietro wrote in the same "Chastity Question" thread....

"Ejaculation is an 'active' process, where muscles of the
prostate and seminal vesicles contract and the content is
expelled from the gland. This is supposed to avoid the build up
of some toxins inside the gland, and is believed to be the
reason for better prostate health in men with more frequent

and RobbyLuv72 said in "Chastity health problems"...

"Back pressure on the prostate when cumming and/or not cumming
frequently enough. Causes some of the ejaculate to wind up in
the bladder, which can start an infection. In men, a UTI
generally will involve the prostate as well."

So the advice given by "FlyBoy" in the thread "Prostate Problems"
is something that you should take to heart.

"There is an old rule of thumb; drink 8 glasses of water or 2
liters daily."

In that way the ejaculate that may be going into your bladder
has more urine to rinse it out, and reduce the likelihood of

As well as more water you may also want to consider drinking
some cranberry juice which is said to be very helpful in
lowering the frequency of such infections.


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