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The Puppy Play Pride Symbol

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 04:39:02 +0100

Hello quitodoux,

In "codifying kinkiness (for doggies)" you wrote:

>now i am an oldie and my type of kinkiness seems not to be
>very appreciated in the bdsm world
Welcome back, I remember you from the early days of DOMestic and your consistent interest in being a "doggy" although nowadays that is becoming known as "puppy play".

Puppies can be quite demanding creatures, so it can take a very
special bond between two people before a lady is prepared to
give the time and attention that a doggy demands.

>I wish i could show by a simple sign or code the identity of my

As an old hand you will of course know about the hanky code
system that goes back to the early days of bdsm. Wikipedia has a
colour chart here showing what the different colours mean.

I quote from Wikipedia:- "There is general agreement upon the
colours for more common practices, particularly those with an
intuitive relation between the colour and the practice, such as
yellow for urolagnia; brown for coprophilia; and black for SM,
but no absolute consensus for less common practices."

There and elsewhere on the web you will find that "Rust=Animal
roleplay" in the hanky code system.

But, even if you did find that the folk in your area understood
the old "handkerchief codes" the problem is that people may
interpret a rust coloured hanky as a desire to be either "a
cowboy or a horse" rather than a puppy for a lady.

Some fetish shops have cards listing the meanings of the colors
of the handkerchiefs. So you could visit some of your local
fetish shops in Germany and see if they are selling
handkerchiefs in various colors.

>Does anyone in the community know a system of categorisation by
>signs and codes

Yes. Some folk believe that dominants wear a leather band on the
left side, while submissives wear a leather band or symbol on
the right. But I've seen and experienced some confusion over
even that simple system. Dominants like myself don't like to be
restricted by rules and regulations about what we can wear and
how. :-)

>which would allow these FemDoms to see what i am and only
>those few, who are interested, would be able to show it?

Yes. There is what seems to me to be a perfect symbol for you
which has been released into the public domain by "Puppy Play

The symbol is in the form of a dog collar in black and gray
reminiscent of the hanky code for SM and bondage. Inside the
collar is a bone representing puppy play. The dog's bone is
white "to symbolize the innocence of the puppy head space."
Attached to the collar is a red BDSM Pride heart shaped dog tag
denoting the loving bond between puppies and their trainers.


"Puppy Play Pride" even offer a free 5mb art package download.
So I'd suggest you download the art and use it to get a T-shirt
printed with a big "Puppy Play Pride Symbol" and that may at
least give you something to talk about at the events or clubs
that you are attending (?) in Berlin.

>It is over 5 years back, since i posted here.

Don't leave it so long next time :-) And do let us all know if
you organise a T-Shirt and whether it results in any interesting

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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