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Prostate Massage Milking = Orgasm Denial?

Date: 8 Sep 2010 22:14:05 -0000
From: greg

I have been looking for information on prostatic massage milking
as a way for Mistress to deny orgasms to me.

From what i have read in different webs, if a male gets milked
through prostatic massage, he will still be horny and easily
aroused. However, he will not be able to orgasm for many hours
to a couple of days even if highly stimulated on his penis?

If it would be true, it would be just great, to be able to
perform as much as Mistress may want, without being able to
reach orgasm ever.

Is this true? Have any list members experienced this? or is it
just a myth?

greg (Costa Rica)


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In my experience it is true that the male will remain aroused
and lustful following a milking.

It is not true that he will be unable to orgasm normally for an
extended period of time following a milking.




In my experience....

I find that prostrate milking leaves me feeling like I had an
orgasm, you leak almost as heavy as one, but didn't have the
physical orgasm. Afterwards recovery is quick if not immediately
and I can stay hard for 20 minutes to 2 hours, and it takes a
while to have an orgasm afterwards.

Yes my wife loves it.


Thank you both so much for the info! i guess then that the ideal
moment to be milked, would be just before Mistress might want to
use my penis...

Still a fantastic option to give her maximum pleasure!


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