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C: slave penny's adventures
Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 18:52:32 +0000
From: penny slave

Hello Group,

I wish to relate to you some adventures that my Mistress has
planned for me tonight. To start let me preface by saying that
it has been a week since she allowed me release. As I write
this, my balls are swollen and hurting. If only I could stop
thinking about what's going to happen tonight!

Currently she is out shopping, and has said that if I get the
bathroom done, we MAY play games tonight. The game she has
planned requires me to stand up and entertain her by
masturbating while she relaxes with a glass of wine. If I hit
the bowl on the floor I will be rewarded.

The size of the bowl depends on her idea of my behavior over the
past week. It could be a mixing bowl, or it could be a dixie
cup. If I hit the bowl, I get to consume it mixed with some
wine. If I miss however, I must lick it off the floor. In
addition I will be beaten, and must spend the night in the

Although that excites me greatly, I'm sure it's very
uncomfortable, so I might wish to avoid it. I'd also like to
avoid the beating, as on Sunday I have 15 discipline strokes
(administered every week) and some punishment strokes scheduled.
A painful beating tonight will just make it worse tomorrow.

If anyone is interested, I will relate the events of tonight.

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Re: C: slave penny's adventures
From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 21:45:46 +0100

Hello slave penny,

you wrote:

>If anyone is interested, I will relate the events of tonight.

Sounds like fun. I'd like to read your account of the fun and
games. And the punishment and discipline too :-)


Download "Games People Play" by David.

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Re: C: slave penny's adventures
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 22:31:02 +0000
From: penny slave

results of slave penny's night...

Things played out slightly differently to what may have been

Mistress lamented the fact that after I came I would be useless
to her as a servant for a few days. She did not like to see me
in pain with swollen balls, however, because it decreases my
performance. She toyed with the idea of keeping me chaste for a
much longer time and using milking to help with the pressure.

I really don't know if I can obey her that long as we use the
honor system (as well as reduced opportunity for privacy) for

She asked me if I would still like to play the game, or put it

I replied that I wanted to play, expecting that I would end my
suffering that day immediately.

She said "then go in there and clean the bathroom".

My heart fell, but I poured her a glass of wine, and while I
cleaned the bathroom in record time, she watched tv.

When I returned, she pointed to the other glass and said:-
"There's your cup, go and use it, but somewhere else, the closet
or the corner. I'm not interested in watching."

I was a little shocked, was my behavior that bad that I would
have to hit this target.

My face must have shown it, because she said that I could hold
the wine glass in my hand. I took no time at all to fill the
bottom of the glass while kneeling at the foot of the bed. I
then got up and filled the glass with wine, took a small sip,
and as I had already cum, losing some of my submissive state, I
asked if I could pour the rest out.

Mistress had never really forced me to consume it before, so I
thought this would be the same. No such luck, "that's
disgusting. finish it" she replied. So I did.

Recently she has done well keeping me in my place. Before the
game would end when I came, but now she likes my submissive
attitude and works hard to keep me in my place.

As for the regular discipline session on Sunday, it did not
happen. Events at my vanilla job played out differently than
expected and I had to leave early in the morning, very early. I
asked if we could postpone this until Tuesday as the kids would
not be asleep before me.

Mistress agreed, but said "fine, but it will be double".

That makes it thirty strokes for regular discipline, plus an
unspecified number for:-

1) acting like an alpha male while we cuddled
2) leaving the toilet seat up
3) forgetting to run the dishwasher.

Mistress may achieve her goal of making me hurt the next day
after a beating.

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Re: C: dominant woman - only in a drunken stupor
From: "Darryl Ducharme"
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 21:27:10 -0600

Hello To David,

In your valid point, in reference to my observation "that there
is no such thing as a Dominant Woman", you used the analogy

That it was like taking a bottle of whiskey into my back yard
and digging for gold and not finding any after my bottle of
whiskey was gone, and then declaring there is no such thing as

That is clever and condescending. Which is not to say it is
undeserved from my posts of the past.

What i was referring to and what i believe, is that it is not
natural for a woman to be capable of, or turned on by,
humiliating men. Something happened to their dream, that is not
to say it is always a bad thing. However a Woman, i believe,
desires that same thing we all do, to feel needed and loved.

That feeling of power to control someone who commits and is
dedicated has made men hunt and gather to care for Women and
their family, through the ages.

In speaking of a femdom led relationship, an ideal male slave is
a Man, adjusted of course to the Woman in question.

The greatest gift my Father ever taught me was the fact; That i
take care of myself and by doing that i can take care of others.
That is a man's gift.

i'll write more on the subject, i am home now but i work like a
dog always trapped in some north american conditioning to be a
consumer, and i owe many responses.

humbly Yours

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Re: C: dominant woman - only in a drunken stupor
From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 22:19:11 +0100

Hello Darryl / nuked,

I'm glad that you now accept that there are "Dominant Women" and
I didn't mean to be condescending with my analogy, it was just
my attempt at humour. It is often easier to communicate a point
with a simple analogy, and humour often sweetens the pill.

I don't think you've said anything new in your latest post. I
think many of us had already understood your point that you
don't consider sado/masochism in Female Dominants to be natural
and that you consider the natural male/female roles to be
derived from the times when humans were all hunter gatherers.

The fact is that human society is no longer organised in
prehistoric ways. Things have moved on, for better or worse. But
I've no doubt that many view the desire to dominate and submit
to be both natural and derived in no small part from our animal

The idea that for women to enjoy sadism, means that "something
happened to their dream", may be true for a minority. But it
does not mean that it is true for all. I've known many women who
take pleasure in humiliating men, and I've no reason to believe
that "something happened to their dream". For many, finding a
male who likes to be humiliated is their dream come true.

Personally, I don't care whether my sexual sado masochistic
pleasure is viewed by others to be natural or not. It is quite
simply the way I am, and feels very pleasurable when I indulge
my sexual masochism.

Analogy mode on:- I don't think it's natural for humans to
travel at speeds in excess of a hundred miles an hour. But I
don't deny that many humans of both sexes get a lot of pleasure
from it.

David at Ms-Christine.com

You can read my own (now very old) article "why" at

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S: Jim's Story - part nineteen
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part nineteen - New Job

I resorted to the cook books to figure out what to fix for
dinner. The women keep me to a tight schedule and there is no
time for testing recipes and I'm still a novice and I fear
screwing up something complicated. I found dozen's of yummy
sounding recipes but more than five ingredients or six steps and
I move on. I gave up searching recipes.

In desperation I found a bottle of spaghetti sauce that said it
had lots of mushrooms in a light Alfredo sauce. I knew I had a
nice white wine. Problem solved. I can't do the chopping I see
on TV, but I can cut up lettuce and tomatoes.

I served the spaghetti fearing that they would complain about
spaghetti all the time. The ladies ate it all up. And they drank
several glasses of wine each. I licked the bowl and it tasted
pretty good.

Sarah said: "After you clean up, bring the leftover wine and
report to the family room."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I curtseyed.

I served wine to Sarah and Kathleen who were watching TV.

Sarah said: "Get the handcuffs and when you come back strip."

I was puzzled but relieved she didn't ask me to bring paddles or
canes. I said "Yes ma'am." And curtseyed twice.

Sarah handcuffed me and sent me to sit in the corner.

Sarah said: "Peggy who is the CEO of our company was very
impressed with Jim who advised her about our IT problems. She
wants Jim to come and help us." She addressed Katherine. And I
had not been invited to speak.

Then Sarah said: "What do you think Jim."

I said: "Its very gratifying that Miss Peggy liked me. I'm your
slave Miss Sarah."

Sarah said: "That's true, but do you think you can do the job."

I said: "I can do it easily, Peggy said she had a staff of six
people, that's much fewer people that I managed before, and I'm
familiar with the systems they're using."

Sarah said: "Do you want to?"

I said: "Miss Sarah, you and Miss Kathleen tell me what I want."

Sarah said: "That is the correct answer."

Sarah said: "Go upstairs and stand in the corner in the bedroom.
Mom and I will discuss this."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And curtseyed twice.

I waited a long time. I guess they had lots of wine to drink.
When Sarah came up, she seemed distracted. She undressed and as
an afterthought unlocked my handcuffs and told me to pick up her
clothes. Then as another afterthought she said I could get into
her bed.

I would have liked to know what they decided, but Sarah has
gotten so volatile that I was afraid I might get punished for
asking. I guess I'll be told if they want me to take the job and
I won't hear any more if they decide I won't take the job.

Sarah slid over and I ended up cuddling her. She said: "We're
going to have to figure out how you will get all your chores

It sounded like I would accept the job; one idea to have more
time for chores is to reduce the time in the stocks and corners.

I said: "When will I start, Miss Sarah?"

She said: "On Monday, we can go together."

I'm beginning to get butterflies, I have so many questions, but
I don't want to be tiresome. I miss my old Sarah whom I would be
able to question endlessly.

Sarah said: "I'm glad you're not peppering me with lots of
questions. I'm so confused and conflicted about this."

I said: "Yes ma'am." So she would know I was listening.

She said: "Mom thinks it's a bad idea. She thinks you will
become difficult. I agree but Peggy nearly insisted; and I had
told her you would do what I told you to. So I'm committed."

I would like to give her a kiss, but I'm not allowed activity
that might be interpreted as an overture. But I think the
interpretation has to do with her mood. I have to wait for a

She said: "You are so perfectly trained now, I love being with
you, I feel so safe."

I said: "Thank you Miss Sarah."

Sarah started touching me. First her hand went to my thighs,
then she brushed the penis corset. I'm almost holding my breath.
My arms are around her and my hands could cup her breasts, but
I'm waiting.

Sarah said: "Will you still be my slave when you're back at

I said: "I'm so grateful to be your slave. You never have to
worry. I would be the loser not you, Miss Sarah."

Sarah said: "Would my slave like to please his mistress?"

I said: "Always Miss Sarah."

She said: "If you don't I will use the cane."

I said: "Yes ma'am," as I felt my head being pushed down under
the blanket where my mouth found her pussy.

Sarah doesn't worry about the mess we make on the sheet because
no matter how spent or tired she becomes from sex, her slave
will clean it up. If there's wetness, the slave will sleep there
and she will sleep on the other side. So Sarah's worries and
concerns were pushed aside with some loving oral sex from her
(husband) slave.

Morning came and I raced to the kitchen, raced back up, and with
love pouring out of my heart I helped my mistress get dressed. I
put the panties on her that I had washed and ironed, and the
matching brassiere, and her panty hose. She is so beautiful, I
felt lucky to be able to touch her and breathe in her aromas.

I could see the glisten in her eye and the way she was
swallowing that I was arousing her with my ministrations. But we
both knew there was no time.

If she would start saying something I could reply, and I wanted
to tell her how much love I had for her. But I'm not allowed
"overtures." Plus the required curtsy and the "miss" and "ma'am"
make me feel inferior. She is the mistress and I'm her subject.

My winning (so far) formula for her breakfast was fruit (any
kind, peeled, sliced, etc) and yoghurt (any kind) and granola
(any kind). Sometimes there is multiples of everything to choose
from, sometimes not so much.

She always loved it. She always laid a compliment on me and
sometimes hugs and kisses too. The food is so trivial but I
tried hard to get more varieties of fresh fruits and more
varieties of granolas, I shopped at several markets. They say
happiness is in the little things.

She said, "This is amazing, Jim."

I said: "Thank you Miss Sarah."

Sarah said: "Are you happy Jim?"

I said: "As long as I can please you and Miss Kathleen I will be
happy, ma'am."

Sarah got up and hugged me. Then she started crying. I said:
"I'm sorry I made you cry Miss Sarah."

She sobbed: "You didn't make me cry. I will always love you."

We just stood and hugged.

She said: "I have to go, get my coat and my purse."

I put her purse on my shoulder and helped her put on her coat,
then handed her the purse, opened the door for her, curtseyed
and she was gone.

Kathleen had become my "manager" in the sense that I proposed
what I needed to do in the way of chores and she approved my
plan after she changed it a little. (There was a certain
bitchiness to it, like why does it take that long to wash the
mirrors, etc). So I was looking forward to work with her to
rearrange my chores schedule since I was going back to work. Of
course it was not my 'place' to bring up the matter.

I cleaned up after Sarah, and took coffee to Kathleen. She was
awake, waiting for me. Without words, I helped her out bed,
placed her slippers on her feet and wrapped her in her robe. I
knelt at the toilet while she sipped some coffee.

Her choices for breakfast were more involved suiting a short
order cook. She could choose from omelets to pancakes with
everything in between. She wanted Jim's egg mc'muffins and
coffee. I couldn't gage her mood yet. I stood very still while
she ate.

Kathleen said: "Sarah was very lucky choosing someone who can
cook like you."

I said: "Thank you Miss Kathleen." I'm glad I didn't burn the
English muffins. I thought.

Kathleen said: "What are we going to do when you go to work?"

I said: "I will do what you tell me to do Miss Kathleen."

Kathleen said: "There will be so much less time."

I said: "We will have to have priorities."

Kathleen said: "Clean up, then bring the book into the family
room." Then Kathleen left still in slippers and bathrobe only. I
curtseyed when she left.

I entered the family room and curtseyed and got the book. I
kneeled down in front of Kathleen and I kept my gaze down.

Kathleen said: "On the last page of the book, write the header

I did.

Kathleen said: "The first priority is discipline. Write it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

And then there was a long list below that; vacuuming, bathrooms,
windows, trash removal, shopping, laundry, hand washing and
ironing Kathleen's and Sarah's underwear, food preparation,
bills, and investments. We ended up with numbers by each item.
Discipline was still number one.

Kathleen said: "Next we have to make a schedule. There will be
things you do every day and some things once a week and so on."

Kathleen said: "Maybe we can schedule a punishment time. If
there is no cause, we can credit it to you. Every Friday night
after dinner we will devote the rest of the evening to

I made a note on another page. Pretty soon every evening was
filled with an activity. On Monday nights I washed the ladies'
underwear. On Tuesday nights I ironed them. On other nights
there were the usual housekeeper's chores. Of course, I made
dinner and cleaned the kitchen every night.

If I sound like I'm complaining, I'm really not. Kathleen is a
very good organizer and I actually appreciate what she has done.
But she expressed a concept that if I'm not doing a chore, I
should be presenting myself to her for punishment, to be applied
to pay off transgressions or to be banked for future ones. And
what was frightening me was she was toying with the idea of how
many demerits could be banked if she spent the weekends
punishing me.

But immediately she had to get dressed.

She said: "Let's get dressed." Meaning I should come and help
her get dressed.

I said: "Yes ma'am." And we went to her bedroom. She sat down in
her chair and motioned to kneel in front of her. She said, "I'm
going to reward you for not looking up. You may start by kissing
my toes; you may even suck on them. You're a sweet boy."

After a few minutes she said: "You may work your way up, slowly

I was in a certain frenzy sucking, licking and kissing her feet,
then her legs, she was completely naked except for the bathrobe,
and I wanted to kiss her whole body. When I was on her thighs
just above her knees, she took my head and guided me into her
pussy. By this time I was also aroused.

She squeezed her legs together and pulled my head further into
her, I almost suffocated but I didn't stop. She got really
excited; she lifted her self from the chair, writhed and
strained, I held her buttocks to hold on, finally she gasped and
relaxed back. My mouth and face had become glued to her by a
film of sweat, hers and mine. She relaxed her thighs and pushed
my head out of her pussy.

I inhaled deeply and I think she sighed.

I said: "Would Miss Kathleen care for a massage."

I had her lying on our massage table face down, a sheet over her
to keep her warm. I was kissing her extremities. I kissed her on
the backs of her legs, behind her knees, and I could tell she
was reacting to it. Then I rubbed in oil where I had been
kissing. This took a long time and she became very relaxed.

Then I bathed and dressed her, we didn't speak much; I guess we
were both thinking we would never have so much time alone again.
I found getting out her clothes and putting them on her was not
as stimulating as it had been only a month before. It was a
little tedious but I knew I would be punished for getting
anything wrong. So I paid attention.

I did the chores and it took a little longer than normal because
I was trying to be more thorough. In the future I wouldn't have
as much time, I vacuumed under furniture which I actually moved,
dusted in corners I had neglected, etc.

When I finished I reported to Kathleen. I curtseyed and said:
"I've completed the housekeeper chores, Miss Kathleen." I
remained standing.

She said: "You have taken longer than is necessary."

I said: "No ma'am, I was trying to do a more complete job."

She said: "You mean you weren't doing a complete job before?"

I said: "No ma'am, I have always done a complete job, but this
morning, I moved furniture, dusted the high corners and had to
get a step-stool, and all that took longer."

She said: "I think you were dawdling; get the book and kneel

I said: "Yes ma'am." I got the book and knelt down at her feet.
I no longer hoped for mercy from her or any consideration for
the wild sex we had.

She said: "Write down lackadaisical work ethic."

I'm a good speller so I did but it was ridiculous because I had
worked really hard. I only said: "Yes ma'am." I'm not allowed to

She said: "I have to make sure that you work hard at all times.
Take off your clothes and go to the stocks and wait for me."

I said: "Yes ma'am." Curtseyed and departed. This was so unfair.

I stripped and fastened my ankles, and bent over and waited. I
had to wait for a long time.

She finally came in and said: "Have you been moving around while
you were waiting for me?"

I said: "No ma'am, hardly at all."

She pounced: "So you admit it, you did move, you're trying to
avoid punishment and are willing to lie!"

I said "No ma'am."

She fastened the top frame and said: "For your laziness I'm
giving you twenty strokes with the cat, but for lying you're
getting thirty with the strap, because that is more serious."

This was so unjust, but I was fastened helpless in the stocks,
she was in a mood to beat me and complaining would only add
arguing to my litany.

She said: "When you are being punished, there is no movement and
no talking. I have told you that before. You are a stubborn boy
but after the strap you may reconsider your rebellious

She winds herself up into these messianic roles so that
sometimes she even convinces me that I need to be beaten. I've
learned that there is nothing I can do. Anything in my defense
gets used as evidence that either - my argument is just an
attempt to avoid punishment, or that I don't think my crime was
serious, or that I'm impugning her judgment.

The cat and the strap are fearsome instruments in their own
right, but what terrifies me is the attitude of the person
wielding the weapons. Both Sarah and Kathleen seem to convince
themselves that they have to beat me to prevent some awful
outcome. The reality is that I am much less lustful while
attending my ladies than I had been.

Kathleen fastened me nearly immobile, dressed like a strip
teaser, and then fondled my member which had become erect was
not evidence of lusting it was evidence of normalcy. But it
doesn't matter; I am going to be beaten because Kathleen wants
to. And I will thank her for each agonizing stroke. And
somewhere inside of me I'm happy with this arrangement. But that
won't make it hurt any less.

I had to wait a long time. I replayed all these thoughts and
hoped she would be gentle and thought that to be unlikely. I
hated screaming and crying and I was determined to bear it

When Kathleen finally came in I had just resolved to take it
quietly. The first stroke of the cat changed all of that. I
screamed in agony and managed to thank her and count just in
time for the next one. It really hurt in many spots on my butt
and thighs and I could hear her making grunting noises. Again I
got the "thank you" and count out just in time. It felt like
pins were being pressed into my ass. I had forgotten how many I
was going to get, but I didn't miss the counting. After twenty
she left. I could feel the points where the cat struck as if
they were bleeding. If I was really bleeding, would she continue
with the strapping? I wondered.

At almost that moment she came in and put the strap in my mouth
and said: "If you drop it I'll give you extra strokes." And she
left. I guess that was my answer.

My mouth was getting very tired. The strap was very heavy, and I
was afraid to drop it. I realized it hurt so much because it was
so heavy. Saliva kept running out of my mouth because I couldn't
close it and a puddle formed on the base of the stocks.

Kathleen entered and took the strap from my mouth and wiped the
saliva from it. I really wished for it to be over. Then thwack!
I was hoarse but I managed: "Thank you Miss Kathleen that was

If I could, I would have run away at that point. It hurt so much
and I couldn't stand it. I could hear Kathleen exert herself and
the thwack shook my immovable body and I managed a thank you
again. Very slowly this went on until I received thirty, and
once again I had completely lost it. I was sobbing and crying,
my eyes were filled with tears and my nose was running.
Kathleen's prescription for this was to leave me.

How can she be so mean? I helped her climax several times, I
gave her a massage, I bathed her and dressed her. And now she
has reduced me to a sniffling wreck. And left me here to suffer.

She finally came back with a towel and wiped my face.
She said: "Have you resolved to stop lusting?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

"Do you think lying is a smart policy?" She taunted.

I said: "No ma'am."

"Do you think the strap has cured you of lying?"

I said: "Yes ma'am"

I had painfully learned to be attentive to her taunts because
she could beat me more or just leave me if she felt like it. I
couldn't do anything about it; I was totally in her power.

She said: "I would like to leave you here for longer, but I'm
getting hungry, and you have to fix lunch for me." She released
the top frame and the strap around my waist. And she left me to
release the ankle straps.

I found her sitting in the dining room reading the newspaper. I
curtseyed and said: "What may I get for Miss Kathleen?" I wanted
to add ma'am, and get on my knees. I was so afraid and so
desirous of this woman that my mouth felt dry and my stomach
felt hollow.

Kathleen said: "I feel like a Philly cheese-steak sandwich, but
first I want a glass of red wine."

I said: "One moment ma'am." I curtseyed and rushed out. I came
back with the left over merlot wine in a large wine glass, about
200ml. It was going to take a while to prepare her lunch. I had
to peel potatoes, defrost some meat, etc.

I finally got it ready, served it and stood still with a towel
while she ate it. She said that she liked it. She left the
table. I curtseyed. Then I cleared the table and washed the
dishes, and cleaned the kitchen.

I went into the family room where Kathleen was sitting and
curtseyed and I said: "May I get Miss Kathleen coffee or a cold
drink, or more wine?"

She said: "Bring the handcuffs."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And curtseyed and hurried to get them.

I brought them back curtseyed and knelt down and offered them to

She said: "Strip off all your clothes."

There wasn't much, loafers, no socks, trousers and tee-shirt. It
was no accident, Kathleen had me stripping for punishment,
getting dressed and stripping again so often that she decreed no
socks, no underwear and no jewelry. Also I observed that if
clothes make the man then the lack of it un-makes the man.

She handcuffed my hands behind my back and told me to sit
against the sofa so we were facing each other.
She said: "Do you understand what we are doing here?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Tell me."

I said: "You and Sarah are indulging my sexual kinkiness. I am
not sure what you're getting in return. But I appreciate the
effort and the extraordinary expense in the case of Lucy and the
hair dressing class. I know it's all done because you love and
care for me. In return I'm trying to do as much for you as I
can. I love both you and Sarah beyond my ability to say."

She said: "Yes, you have it mostly right. What Sarah and I get
is a good man on our terms. You are very good, but in a certain
perverse way, the better you are, the harder it is for me to
oppress you adequately so you are our slave. Do you see that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I completely do. When you complement me for
cooking, I am pleased and forget that I didn't cook for my
pleasure. But I think the small things like the way I address
you and Sarah, and the curtsying and waiting on table while you
eat, has a very profound effect on our relationship."

She said: "Regardless of how talented and hard-working you are,
or even how good your attitude is, you must remain under our
very strict control. And the more you do and the more we
appreciate it, the more we have to punish you so that we will be
the dominant partner. That is my problem that I continually
struggle with. If I'm dependent on you then how can you be my

I said: "Yes ma'am, I understand that. I think you are a
remarkable person and I fear you, respect you and love you. That
mix might be called worship. There is no solution to the
problem. What you have done is what men like me dream of. I
suffer from the other side of the problem. How can I be
respected if I'm your slave?"

She then hugged me. We stayed that way a long time. I was
handcuffed so I couldn't hug back but I was also naked so it
made the hug a little sexy.

She said: "We talked a lot here." She then turned me around and
removed the handcuffs.

She said: "Bring me a glass of wine."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I curtseyed and went to get the wine.

I poured her a little extra in a big wine glass.
I returned, curtseyed and handed over the wine.

She said: "Stand in the corner there, so I can enjoy looking at
you. I will enjoy the wine with that view. Maybe I will lust
after your body, do you like the idea of that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I went to stand in the corner like a

I knew from experience I would stand here a long nearly
unbearable time. And I'm nervous that I might move and she is
staring at me. I know I won't get away with it without further

She said: "The other problem is that you are my daughter's
husband. What kind of depravity is it where a mother-in-law
seduces her son-in-law? What would Sarah say?"

I remember Sarah saying to her mom she could have me any way she
wanted. Facing the wall kind of suppressed my willingness to
intrude on Kathleen's thoughts. And I'm not willing to judge
others' behavior as deprave.

Kathleen said: "This is very good wine, where did you get it?"

I said: "It's a popular Merlot from the grocery store, Miss

She said: "Do you have any more?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, may I serve you some."

She said: "No, no more talking. I will get it."

Too bad, I hate standing here, I thought.

Kathleen started touching me, my buttocks, my corseted penis,
and my chest. I tried not to move, then she pressed her clothed
body against my naked one. She took my arm and led me from the
corner. We went into her bedroom.

She put the two-thirds full wine glass on her night table then
took a key and removed my penis corset.

She said: "Take off my pants and skirt."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I took off her panties, then I unbuttoned
her skirt, it fell and she stepped out of it. I expected to put
my face in her pussy but she pulled me up to her and we kissed.
Then she pushed me onto the bed and then got on top of me.

I immediately thought about what to cook for dinner to keep from
exploding inside of her. It had been more than a few weeks since
I'd had any stimulation. I tried to relax but stay attentive. I
knew that the wine made her slow in coming and I had to last at
least that long. She was so sexy. I had those conflicting
concerns. I would do anything for this goddess, but I mustn't
come, yet.

She was getting carried away, and I was holding her breasts,
moving up and down, and finally she shuddered, and I exploded on
her next stroke and she collapsed on top of me. I rubbed her
back and we ended up cuddling.

She said: "Let's go to the bathroom and you can clean me up."

I said: "Yes ma'am." But I didn't feel like it. I used some
moistened towels, and put her panties back on. Then she fondled
me a little and finally said, "let's lock you back up."

Not only did she put the penis corset back on, but I was
handcuffed, she put the collar on and fastened me to the hook.

She said: "Now I can relax and enjoy my wine knowing that you
can't get into any mischief."

She said: "You may imagine that you're an animal that has been
used and now you have been returned to your hitching post. You
are a valuable beast. I used you and now you are tethered. I'm
enjoying this wine, and I may take a nap."

I'm not in the mood right after sex, but she is describing our
relationship exactly. I have to stand here and suffer. In my
mind's eye, she is sitting up on her bed, she has on black
panties and garter belt and gray stockings. And she is watching

It was so quiet that I thought she had actually fallen asleep.
After what seemed like a very long time, Kathleen unsnapped me
from the hook, and led me by the snap to the chair, she pulled
me down over her lap.

She said: "Do you remember the first time I spanked you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "This will be much harder, and you will count and
thank me."

Before I could "yes ma'am" to her, a paddle exploded on my butt.

I managed to say: "Thank you Miss Kathleen that was one." The
next thwack came before I finished speaking, and I said: "Thank
you Miss Kathleen that was two."

She said: "No this is two." And then I got another Thwack. And
it continued that I was miss counting every other one, and even
consecutive ones. Finally I was at twenty but I probably got a
lot more. I was completely out of breath, and totally confused,
I was broken down.

Then she pulled me off her with the snap, and led me back to the
hook where she snapped me back onto the ring.
She said: "Think about how you will miss me."

Kathleen owns me. I worship her.

After a very long time, Kathleen removed the handcuffs and told
me to get dressed and get dinner ready.

I said: "Yes ma'am," and curtseyed. And got to work.

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