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Jim's Story - part twenty

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty - Monday morning back to work.

Peggy introduced me to the staff, six women. Three of them were
involved in the company web site, and the other three worked on
the IT help desk and the company's applications.

I felt it strange to address Peggy as Miss Peggy in front of my
staff. But nobody commented or thought it was odd. I had each
person into my office to explain what they were working on and
what problems they saw. That took the rest of the morning and
half the afternoon.

I ended up with about a dozen pages of notes and tried to form a
picture of the operation in my mind. To summarize, everybody was
doing their own thing. There was an "us against them" mentality
toward users and even the customers. One of the staff even
expressed hostility.

I asked for a meeting with Peggy, and got it at the end of the
day. I told her what I wanted to do, and estimated the cost and
time. She agreed. I told her I might fire one of the staff and
she said I couldn't do that. Then the conversation got weird.

Peggy said: "You work for them, you are here because of your
experience and expertise, I decided they needed your help."

I said: "Miss Peggy, how can I manage them if I can't fire

She said: "You may observe and recommend. I would like you to
address the programmers as Miss and acknowledge with yes madam,
no madam."

I was stunned, I said: "Yes ma'am." And I got up to leave.

Peggy said: "Sarah tells me you are trained to curtsy when you
come into my presence."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Peggy said: "Will you report to Sarah that you did not curtsy
when you came into my office. And I will be asking the
programmers if you have been addressing them correctly and
showing the respect you are trained for."

I was in a daze and said: "Yes ma'am." I hurried to the door
curtseyed and was about to leave.

Peggy said: "Come back."

I returned and curtseyed.

Peggy said: "You may continue to stand. Sarah told me you were
completely trained to be submissive to women and you were
comfortable with the concept. Do I sense that you are having a

I said: "What Sarah said was correct. But I consider the whole
scene to be a sexual kink of mine and I think it is presumptuous
and bordering on sexual predation to involve others, which is
one issue, the second is I don't know how to manage without the
authority to affect the outcomes I've taken responsibility for."

Peggy said: "Let me put your mind at ease, everyone here is
expecting the behavior Sarah has described, let me say it
differently, they are demanding it. Second, consider this a new
way of doing things. You have no authority; you are at the
bottom of the pecking order. Your effectiveness will depend on
your ability to lead and to persuade. Of course you will be held
accountable. Ridiculously unfair."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Peggy said: "Is that all you have to say?"

I said: "No ma'am, but I'm surprised and a little overwhelmed, I
understand what you said, and it's what I asked for at home. I
promise I will do the best I can. I have to make plans to get
the job done under different circumstances."

Peggy said: "Don't think the lack of respect you showed the
ladies will be ignored."

I said: "No ma'am."

Peggy said: "You may leave, tell Sarah what we discussed."

I said: "Thank you, Miss Peggy." I curtseyed at the door and
went out.

I waited for Sarah by the car in the parking garage. I don't
have keys. I was instructed to wait by the car. Sarah had said:
"That means that you are touching the car while you wait."

Are those six programmers in on this like Peggy said? Did Sarah
know? How will I lead these ladies, how can I make a functioning
group with an outward focus with no authority? Will they listen
to me or just laugh at me?

I waited probably an hour leaning on the car, dragging my hand
along the body as I walked around it. I knew I was probably in
trouble, but how could I know there was conspiracy going on.
Sarah never said anything, Peggy didn't give me direction, and I
stumbled into it.

Sarah handed me the keys and I unlocked the car, and opened the
back door for Sarah, then went around and got into the drivers
seat. After I backed out I told Sarah about the episode with

Sarah was totally unsympathetic. She said: "You have
disappointed me again. I guess I didn't cane you hard enough
after the party."

Her attitude was so unfair. I wasn't looking forward to the
beating I was going to get, but it was more disturbing that she
didn't see that she was one of the causes of me being totally

When we got home, I opened her car door, and she said: "Ask
Kathleen to gag you before you go into the kitchen."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I locked the car and gave the keys to Sarah and ran to open the
house door for her.

I found Kathleen in the family room and curtseyed. I said: "Miss
Sarah wants me to ask you for a gag before I enter the kitchen,
Miss Kathleen."

Kathleen said: "Kneel down and open your mouth, I'll find one
for you."

I knelt, and felt stupid opening my mouth and waiting. And I
waited a long time.

Finally Kathleen placed an especially foul tasting gag into my
mouth and fastened the straps behind my head. The foul taste
seemed to grow and I recognized the gag with holes in it. I
couldn't ask what it was I tasted.

Kathleen said: "Fix dinner, I'm getting hungry."

I couldn't talk, but I curtseyed and went into the kitchen and
fixed something. It's hard to be a chef, even for the novice I
was, when one's olfaction is contaminated by the substance
dripping out of my gag. I made something safe I forgot about,
but I served a seductively potent sweet wine.

The ladies didn't complain about dinner. Sarah said: "Clean the

Kathleen said: "You have laundry to do tonight."

Sarah said: "When you finish that go upstairs and stand in the

I curtseyed twice to the ladies.

I'm somewhat fetishy and washing Sarah's and Kathleen's
underwear is a little turn on, but washing Sarah's panties and
knowing she was going to beat me mercilessly made me feel very
much in the slave scene. I'm happy to be in this situation.
There were only about a dozen pieces so I finished hanging
everything to dry and went upstairs.

What continued to disturb me was that it would have taken only
one sentence to tell me what was expected. And of course I can't
say anything with the ball in my mouth.

I went upstairs to our bedroom and stood in the designated
corner and waited. Sarah finally came upstairs.

She said: "Undress me."

I took her clothes off, she was so beautiful but I could tell
from her set lip that she was angry at me. I put her pajamas
with the loose pants and shirt on her and got her a bathrobe.
Then I picked up her clothes and hung them or threw them into
the laundry.

I couldn't talk so I just curtseyed.

She told me to strip.

I took all my clothes off and folded them and put them on a
dresser since my closet was no longer here. Sarah got up and
pulled my arms behind me and handcuffed me. She led me over to
the chair and had me lie across it.

Sarah said: "You don't have to count; I will do it for you. You
can think how you embarrassed me again. I want to impress on you
that I will not suffer these humiliations alone. You will suffer
twice as much as I do." And she commences slashing me with a

It felt like my skin was being cut. The pain seemed to well up
after the stroke. I couldn't scream or protest because of the
gag. Did she know how much she was hurting me? I kept thinking
it would end. She would pause and move and then it resumed. I
have no idea how many strokes I got but it was too many. Then a
pause and she didn't resume. I just laid there in pain.

After a long while she took my arm and led me to the corner. She
said: "I want to see you standing there when I wake up. Don't
move; I still have the cane."

Actually I did move but I guess she was sleeping, I actually
fell asleep standing up and fell into the corner. I didn't know
that could happen. Normally I would confess I had moved but this
punishment was so unfair.

Sarah woke up and she said: "Did you move?"

It was a good thing I was gagged because I couldn't have lied.

Sarah said: "I forgot you're gagged, come here."

I did and Sarah removed the handcuffs and the gag.

She said: "Did you move after I told you not to."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "What warning did I give you?"

I said: "You said you still had the cane, Miss Sarah."

She said: "Hands behind your back." She handcuffed me. Then she
ordered me over the chair.

She said: "You may count and thank me; I think it's a bad idea
to disobey instructions during a punishment session."

She then thrashed me with the cane. I couldn't help but scream
out; it landed on the cuts from the night before. I managed to
say: "Thank you Miss Sarah, One."

Each one was so hard to take, I got ten.

Sarah said: "Get up."

She removed the handcuffs and said: "Dress me."

I felt so in love with this woman who brutalized me.

I found panties that I had recently washed and ironed and a
matching bra that I had ironed and brought it to her and helped
her on with it. I wanted so much to kiss and caress her but her
tight lips let me know she was still angry. I knew from
experience that anything might make matters worse for me so I
worked in silence. Normally I would get a rush of excitement
putting her pantyhose on her but I was just nervous.

She said: "Go make coffee and prepare my breakfast."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I curtseyed.

I didn't get any complaints about breakfast, and I drove us to
work in silence. I thought maybe I could get some guidance from

I asked for and got an appointment to see Peggy early.

I curtseyed on entering her office and stood, I said: "Miss
Peggy, thank you for our conversation last night. I have thought
about it and I'm going to enthusiastically change my methods. I
have only one question which is: what is the scope of the women
that this behavior applies to. Is it everyone in our company?"

Peggy said: "Good question, Jim. At the present time it will be
only the IT department and myself and my assistant. That may
change and I will let you know. Was Sarah hard on you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am and I think she is still angry with me."

Peggy said: "Sarah thinks you are the best trained man in the
world, and takes any lapses hard."

I said: "The last thing I want to do is disappoint her, but I
need guidance because my addressing an unsuspecting woman as
miss somebody or curtsying in front of her might cause a furor
worse than disappointment."

She said: "You are very right Jim"

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy" that was all I had.

She said: "You may leave. Remember my assistant Sally also
expects your respect."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy," and I curtseyed. I wondered if I
should walk out backwards. That would be too silly. I thanked
Miss Sally and curtseyed for her too.

I visited my six IT ladies. I visited each cubicle, curtseyed
and said: "Miss _ would you be available to discuss our role and
direction in the conference room later this morning about
11:30?" Then I curtseyed and left.

I was surprised when everyone accepted. It's very weird being
the boss but not.

In the conference room I stood up as soon as the first person
arrived. I gave my talk about our role and asked everyone to
participate and the discussion was very rich in ideas and
insights. Everyone agreed we needed the new software.

Then, I think it was Carmen, said: "Does your wife actually beat

I was overwhelmed with embarrassment. I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Do you like to get beaten?"

I wanted this discussion to end but I answered: "I very much
dislike getting beaten, but I want with all my being to be owned
by her, Miss Betty."

Carmen said: "Can we beat you?"

Everyone was so intent and looking at me. I said: "I suppose.
All of this is a new experience for me as I suspect it is for
you also."

Partly to change the subject, I said: "I would like permission
to fix up the computer wiring in your cubicles. I get here early
and leave late because I ride with Sarah so I will do it over
the next week or so."

Carmen said: "While you're doing that wash the monitors and
clean the keyboards."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I will."

I said: "I would like to adjourn this meeting."

No one objected, it had become so quiet, everyone was looking at
me. I was wondering if I should be curtsying as each one filed

I actually did Carmen one better, I replaced all the keyboards
and mice with new ones, and got everyone new very large lcd's. I
also replaced the spaghetti on the floors with neat tie-wrapped

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