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slave penny's adventures

Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 18:52:32 +0000
From: penny slave

Hello Group,

I wish to relate to you some adventures that my Mistress has
planned for me tonight. To start let me preface by saying that
it has been a week since she allowed me release. As I write
this, my balls are swollen and hurting. If only I could stop
thinking about what's going to happen tonight!

Currently she is out shopping, and has said that if I get the
bathroom done, we MAY play games tonight. The game she has
planned requires me to stand up and entertain her by
masturbating while she relaxes with a glass of wine. If I hit
the bowl on the floor I will be rewarded.

The size of the bowl depends on her idea of my behavior over the
past week. It could be a mixing bowl, or it could be a dixie
cup. If I hit the bowl, I get to consume it mixed with some
wine. If I miss however, I must lick it off the floor. In
addition I will be beaten, and must spend the night in the

Although that excites me greatly, I'm sure it's very
uncomfortable, so I might wish to avoid it. I'd also like to
avoid the beating, as on Sunday I have 15 discipline strokes
(administered every week) and some punishment strokes scheduled.
A painful beating tonight will just make it worse tomorrow.

If anyone is interested, I will relate the events of tonight.

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Hello slave penny,

you wrote:

>If anyone is interested, I will relate the events of tonight.

Sounds like fun. I'd like to read your account of the fun and
games. And the punishment and discipline too :-)


Download "Games People Play" by David at


results of slave penny's night...

Things played out slightly differently to what may have been

Mistress lamented the fact that after I came I would be useless
to her as a servant for a few days. She did not like to see me
in pain with swollen balls, however, because it decreases my
performance. She toyed with the idea of keeping me chaste for a
much longer time and using milking to help with the pressure.

I really don't know if I can obey her that long as we use the
honor system (as well as reduced opportunity for privacy) for

She asked me if I would still like to play the game, or put it

I replied that I wanted to play, expecting that I would end my
suffering that day immediately.

She said "then go in there and clean the bathroom".

My heart fell, but I poured her a glass of wine, and while I
cleaned the bathroom in record time, she watched tv.

When I returned, she pointed to the other glass and said:-
"There's your cup, go and use it, but somewhere else, the closet
or the corner. I'm not interested in watching."

I was a little shocked, was my behavior that bad that I would
have to hit this target.

My face must have shown it, because she said that I could hold
the wine glass in my hand. I took no time at all to fill the
bottom of the glass while kneeling at the foot of the bed. I
then got up and filled the glass with wine, took a small sip,
and as I had already cum, losing some of my submissive state, I
asked if I could pour the rest out.

Mistress had never really forced me to consume it before, so I
thought this would be the same. No such luck, "that's
disgusting. finish it" she replied. So I did.

Recently she has done well keeping me in my place. Before the
game would end when I came, but now she likes my submissive
attitude and works hard to keep me in my place.

As for the regular discipline session on Sunday, it did not
happen. Events at my vanilla job played out differently than
expected and I had to leave early in the morning, very early. I
asked if we could postpone this until Tuesday as the kids would
not be asleep before me.

Mistress agreed, but said "fine, but it will be double".

That makes it thirty strokes for regular discipline, plus an
unspecified number for:-

1) acting like an alpha male while we cuddled
2) leaving the toilet seat up
3) forgetting to run the dishwasher.

Mistress may achieve her goal of making me hurt the next day
after a beating.


Penny's punishment

We left off earlier with me facing 60 strokes due to a weakness
in my character.

Before we changed our relationship, I was a chronic masturbator.
I don't think my mistress actually knows the extent. Usually it
was an average of at least once a day. She then figured that
most of my bad behaviour was due to this. Now she decides when I
orgasm. If I behave poorly, or disrespectfully, I can give up
any hope of cumming.

Luckily so far she has decided to show pity on me about once a
week. This is a dramatic decrease from before. After about six
or seven days, I feel that I will do anything to cum, and she
takes advantage of it. Usually I have to complete some extra
chores, such as cleaning the floors on my hands and knees, to
earn my orgasm. This of course is no guarantee! The only real
guarantee is that she will get what she wants.

Getting back to the 60 strokes; the original number was thirty.
I asked permission to go into the closet, the only place I am
allowed to wank as she does not want to see it, when to my
amazement she agreed. "But the punishment is doubled."

Since I am a simple creature who can only think with his penis,
I readily agreed.

After I emerged from the closet, she gestured to the bed with
her paddle. I lay on the bed and awaited the first stroke. The
first thirty were the regular discipline strokes which are
designed to remind me of my place. These were delivered hard,
and I kept count. They were hard, but I was not prepared for the
punishment strokes which she applied full force...

I gasped, my head raised up and I managed to say "31" I managed
to take the rest without losing count.

After that I had to sleep on my stomach.

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