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The Best Chastity Device and the Reasons Why

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 13:09:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

As I recently posted, I have found a wonderfully designed and
extremely comfortable chastity device, far superior to any of
the plastic cages and probably the most comfortable cage in the
world for a number of reasons. I've received a number of
inquiries so I wanted to post this asap.
The cage I have on now is handmade from stainless steel. To be as comfortable as possible, a chastity device must be sized in a very specific way. Some experimenting has found that if it is too small and restrictive, it will be painful. But, strangely, if it permits the penis to get erect, it will also be painful. That is because the testicles get pulled and squeezed at the back ring from the forward force of the erection. (click pictures to enlarge)


We have found that there is a "zone" within which the wearer
will be EXTREMELY comfortable! This is just one of the secrets
to having the most comfortable chastity device. For anyone who
wants to be able to wear a cage 24/7, real comfort and ease of
wear are a must. This is a cage that can be worn indefinitely.

Additionally, there is no friction with polished stainless
steel, like there is with the plastic of a CB-2000 or related
cages. Plus it is far less bulky. My cage is undetectable under
clothing because of it's sleek design. Properly fitted, a
stainless steel cage can be worn for as long as your Keyholder
wants you to wear it. Mine feels the same today, over six weeks
into wearing it, as it did the day I put it on!

There is little to no pain when the penis is restricted properly
within the cage because there is no pulling or strain on the
balls. Cages that are either too small or too big are both
uncomfortable, but a properly sized cage will feel almost as if
there's nothing there!
It's true for the penis so is it any wonder that it's true for
penis cages too? Size DOES matter! :-)

I put my custom cage on six weeks ago yesterday (Monday) and it feels exactly the same today as it did the day I put it on. I can clean myself in it because it's a fairly open design and I can shave with it on if I pull the skin back and forth.

Of all the devices I have worn, from my first, a Remy tube, through the Miller line of CB-2000 and the Curve, the Exobelt
and several others, including a full-belt style one, NOTHING has
come close to being "24/7/365 comfortable" like this one is.

One more thing is, I almost never put any lubrication on like I
needed to do with the plastic cages because polished stainless
steel is so very smooth and friction-free. Mistress loves the
way it looks and she calls it my penis jewelry. before she
reminded me that I was not to bring the subject up again.

If it's OK with Ms. Christine and David, I would like to make
these available to any DOMestic readers who might be interested
in obtaining one. They take hours to make and are real works of
art! When you buy one, you're not just getting a cage, you're
getting an expert who knows from experience how to size your
cage properly to fit you correctly for the long term!

These cannot be compared to any of the mass produced plastic
cages on the market. These are hand made by a metal artist just
for you. Each takes hours to make. The images here show my
favorites. The cage type is a sleeker version of the CB-2000 but
is light years away as far as comfort, feel and sleekness. It is
$250.00, will never break and will last a thousand years. The
more enclosed one is the one I'm wearing right now.

Anyone near Los Angeles will be able to order and pick it up in
person if they wish to do so. If anyone has any questions,
please feel free to ask, either on the list or in private email.


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