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Mistress and her maid

From: sissy maid wendy
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 00:27:10 +0000

This is the start of a number of brief accounts of a long term
sissy maid serving his/her Mistress and owner. We have had
contact with one another for many years... starting off as sub
and professional - moving to friends and ultimately Mistress
(Madam) taking full ownership and collaring the sissy maid
around 18 months ago.

Madam is a slim very mature and attractive Lady in her late
fifties her sissy maid is 6 years younger.

At the time the sissy was formally collared the maid was taken
by Madam in full view of the witnesses. The maid is now the
property of Mistress. A more detailed account of that day will
be prepared in the future.

Hopefully these short few lines have helped place the notes and
stories which follow in perspective. The accounts will sometimes
be brief but they are true.


Wonderful visit - Part one - Mistress and her maid

So many things... maid was formally given new duties for the
house cleaning and to put in good order all the play rooms on
the ground floor, plus the floors in the hall and kitchen, plus
a check of the toilets. In new cleaning uniform of red apron
only and no other clothes - except slave collar - showing the
ownership by Madam.

Dungeons and one sissy room cleaned and inspected by Madam.

Then to full traditional uniform but no panties worn, allowing
full access by Madam to her property at any time.

maid confessed to having 6 orgasms without permission.

Punishment for the day included:- being sent to the sissy room,
to be bent over the side of the bed with the maid kneeling on
the floor. Skirt was raised for punishment of a warmed up
stroking of the bottom by Madam with the cane, followed by 6
firm strokes with the cane for achieving an orgasm on 6
occasions since last visit without permission - these were firm
stokes with the maid thanking Madam after each stroke, the maid
was reminded of what each stroke was for as the cane struck the
maid's bottom.

Following the inspection of the sissy room Madam found dust on
the legs of one of her favorite chairs - Madam then required the
slave maid to remain kneeling over the bed with skirt raised,
Madam returned to the sissy room with a short whip, similar to a
9 tails, the maid received 4 firm strokes of the whip, with the
maid accepting Madam's punishment.

The maid then kissed Madam's feet acknowledging her place and
his ownership.

The maid cleaned up and returned the cane and whip to their
place. The maid was comforted by Madam, in the lounge. Madam
quickly had her hands under the maid's skirt and played with the
sissy's clit, a cock she now owns, it's use and enjoyment by the
maid is hers and that of her close friend Mistress ____.

The maid was later taken to the front dungeon to have Madam sit
on a chair with the maid to sit legs apart across the Madam's
lap, facing the Madam, where the maid was caressed and held his
owner as she moved in a simulated lap fucking of the maid, with
the maid's bare bottom, clit and all rubbing against the
Mistress' leather clad legs. It was a reminder to the maid that
he was a slut in training and soon it would be time for Madam to
use her strap on - perhaps the next visit or another - Madam was
yet to decide when and where to take her maid.

After this, for a while Madam had the sissy maid stand in front
of Madam and raise his skirt.

Madam then took her sissy's clit in her hand and held it by the
base as she slapped the cock head, either in an upward or
sideways motion. The pain was felt by the sissy as Madam gave
her a further 6 hard slaps on her sissy clit head to remind him
the penis was Madam's property and that her orgasms were for
women's pleasure not the sissy's own from this day forward..

The pain felt by the maid was very different, but as his
reddening cock head showed there was pain - but the maid did not
move away but leant forward after each stroke of Madam's hand to
show he accepted willingly her right to punish.

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This is a very interesting account and quite exciting for a male
maid like me to read. There did however seem to be a lot of
sexual content in the relationship. When I serve my mistress
there is no sexual content it is housework, housework,
housework. I am her domestic and household drudge and the only
other activity in the relationship is when I am allowed to give
her a foot massage or when I am being punished for any lapses in
my work. I love being treated like that.


i expect different Mistresses have differing preferences and
uses for their maids. Part of my work includes some slut
training (as all sissies should have), and training in the
pleasure of other Mistresses and women in general.

I also no longer have the right to an orgasm without my owner's
approval - but you will find out more as i send the notes
through. Please also note the sissy does not always receive
intimate attention.

Mistress and her maid - Training continues (parts 2 & 3)



I love the idea of a maid. What I don't understand is how folks
afford to do that. Am i the only $$ challenged Domme around?


Ms. Vonne wrote:

>I don't understand is how folks afford to do

To my knowledge, and in my opinion, there need not be any money
changing hands. Sissy maids like me consider it a privilege and
an honour to serve. My quest now is simply to find a Mistress to
serve. (polite curtsy).


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