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cuckolding experiences

Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2009 10:28:16 -0600
From: jim in the mid cities

We enjoyed reading the cuckolding experiences of Chris Smith and
others over the past years. We have been trying for some time to
find a partner in the Dallas Fort Worth area for a marriage of

We have had a few experiences that have been very nice but have
not found that special someone yet. My celtic_belle has met a
few potential partners that she enjoyed. Usually I am allowed to
be at home when she has her guest with her.

We have an intercom that she leaves on so I can hear how well
her friend takes care of her. One of our rules now is that I am
not allowed to even try to satisfy her. She reserves her love-
making for her friends.

If anyone on this list has any ideas as to where She might find
a lover that would be interested in a long term relationship you
can contact us direct. She is in her 50's but looks younger. She
is dominant in our relationship and prefers a lover that can be
controlled, yet really gets off on being dominated in the
bedroom. She seems to like it when a lover takes control of me,

Looking forward to hearing from you.

jim in the mid cities


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