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2009-01-04 ( 9 edited messages )

C: quitting smoking and home made chastity belt
C: wife naturally in charge
C: cuckolding
Re: C: Femdom/FLR wedding Help! Need ideas x 2
Re: C: What would you do or how would you like to be treated x 3
P: Connecticut/Western Mass. Service-oriented slave seeks LTR

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C: quitting smoking and home made chastity belt
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 16:06:46 -0000
From: "j" - boyj

Hi all,

My wife has decided that i am going to quit smoking. So i have
made an excel spread sheet to help us along.. one stroke per
smoke first week, next week 2, and so on with the differences at
x2 (ie if i have 10 one day and 12 the next the difference would
multiply) i don't know if i can attach it in here but feel free
to ask me for it and i'll try to keep all posted as to the

On another note, does anyone on the list have any experience
with casting/molding silicone? or latex... but would prefer
silicone. It's for making my own cb style belt.... bought one
but it was a cheap knock off and broke after a month :(

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C: wife naturally in charge
Date: 30 Dec 2008 23:03:15 -0000
From: jim

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to this site. Just thought I would see if our style
of life is close to anyone else's. My wife naturally is in
charge in our marriage. She holds the purse strings. She keeps
my one and only debit card, and a small amount of money locked
up in a small safe that I do not have any access to. I eat only
foods that she says I can eat. I do exercises on a daily basis
to lose weight(about 15 lbs). Do chores and cater to her needs
as she wants. I do have punishments, but not like some other
people on here. We also have written up a contract that I must

We do not bring into the picture any of the hard core BDSM
stuff.... tied up, pain, total slavery... etc.

We've been married for 14 years, my wife is a very athletic
person (has a killer body for 35).... I am not the athletic
type..... like to watch though.

Well hope to hear from anyone from here... Will tell more about
our relationship at another time. Always open to suggestions.


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C: cuckolding
From: "chris smith"
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 10:02:47 -0000

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with you a cuckolding experience my
partner and I had a few weeks ago. My name is Chris and my
partner is Julie we are both aged 48 and from the UK. We have
just started out on a sub/Dom relationship, which is coming
along quite nicely.

One of my fantasies is to watch Julie having sex with other guys
whilst I have to watch. We joined a male escort service agency
and looked for a suitable guy to step into this role. His name
was Mark and we agreed to meet up with him in a hotel close to
where we live.

Julie and I were very nervous, but Mark really put us at ease
and we discussed how the evening would go and after a few drinks
went up to the hotel room. Julie ordered me to strip naked then
put my dog collar on and tied my hands up behind my back, then I
was told to kneel by the side of the bed and watch.

In no time at all they were both naked on the bed and having sex
in all different positions, both performing oral on each other,
and the moans and groans coming from Julie were really turning
me on.

At one point she was on all fours being taken from behind and
she looked at me and said, "get used to this slave, it will be
happening again." I was so aroused it was pain and pleasure all
rolled into one.

Mark came twice during the session, once over her face, and then
deep inside her. (we had already had a long discussion with Mark
over not using a condom and agreed it was safe).

Mark washed and dressed and said his goodbyes then Julie
staggered me by ordering that if I wanted to have sex with her,
I must first lick her clean, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed.
Needless to say, when I did enter her I came straight away and
Julie replied, "it's a good job I will be getting it elsewhere,
or I will never get a good fucking."

We both enjoyed this experience and have agreed that we would
like to continue with cuckolding as part of our relationship,
not everyone's sub/dom favourite but definitely ours.

Many thanks DOMestic for all that you do. We have learned a lot
from your website

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Re: C: Femdom/FLR wedding Help! Need ideas
Date: 28 Dec 2008 20:24:23 -0000
From: "O"

To answer Daniele's question first. I understand "FLR" to stand
for "Female Led Relationship"(please correct me if I am wrong!).

To "Frontrange" sub interested in a FLR wedding ceremony, I do
remember once reading about such a wedding in the internet, I
think it's a great way to start your married life!

Perhaps you should consider joining the new site "FetLife" and
post your request there also, bdsm information sharing is
primarily what the site is about, and you are sure to get some

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Re: C: Femdom/FLR wedding Help! Need ideas
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 09:07:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Michele Grounded_Shield

Dear frontrangesub:

You may contact me by email for information regarding an
officiant in the Denver, CO area.

Miss Michele


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Re: C: What would you do or how would you like to be treated
Date: 28 Dec 2008 20:36:19 -0000
From: "O"

Susan wrote:

>"Similarly I rejected the idea of beating him because I was
>not just generally angry and niggled (as I might be when I have
>come in from a frustrating day on the roads or round the
>shops). Part of our relationship is that he is my whipping boy.
>I was upset not angry."

My Mistress would have used the whip (and quite firmly) as a
reminder to be more careful and to show respect for her property
(irrespective of whether it was accidental or caused by

As he is your whipping boy, I would have thought that would be a
better reason to use the whip than because you have had a
frustrating day in the shops or on the road!

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Re: C: What would you do or how would you like to be treated
Date: 29 Dec 2008 08:44:37 -0000
From: MissE

For my boy, seeing me upset and not wanting to play with him is
the greatest punishment of all.

No physical punishment can come close to that.


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Re: C: What would you do or how would you like to be treated
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 10:57:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Tom Jones

Please allow me to respond as a submissive man who is a
"wannabe" who would love to be in a 24/7 Femdom relationship. I
think it is wonderful how you handled this, sharing feelings,
acknowledging the legitimacy and importance of each other's
feelings, comforting each other, etc.

However, as a submissive male, if it was me who broke the dish,
I would want to be (and expect to be) punished. Now, I would
want the punishment to "fit the crime," such as "You have 2
weeks to find an exact replacement for that broken glass. Once
you have found a suitable replacement, you may sit at my feet
and beg forgiveness for your clumsiness."

If your man is at all like me it would be relieving to be able
to atone for my mistake. It would reinforce my position of
submission and your position of authority to be scolded and told
what to do to make amends (even if this is exactly what I would
have done anyway).

For me, there is something about being treated as a man who must
be taught, lectured, scolded, directed, etc. that is powerfully
appealing. Also, for me, to be punished, take the punishment,
then be forgiven is a wonderful feeling.

Hope this helps.

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P: Connecticut/Western Mass. Service-oriented slave seeks LTR
From: Lshbck50
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 21:54:31 EST

Kind, sincere, male sub in northern Connecticut is seeking an
intelligent, discrete woman who would like to own her own slave.
Perhaps you are a busy woman in need of a slave to perform your
menial chores and be at your beck and call.

I would be available to serve you several days each month
performing whatever duties you assign. I am hoping to form a
long-term Mistress/slave relationship and friendship. I am
educated and respectful and simply enjoy serving at the feet of
a strong woman who knows she deserves her own slave. I would
also be available for vanilla activities (dinner, movies, etc)
if my new owner so chooses.


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